U.S. History: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver takes a look at how the history of race in America is taught in schools, how we can make those teachings more accurate, and why it’s in everyone's best interest to understand the most realistic version of the past.
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  • Whose here after arguably the second coup attempt in American history lol

    Jacob ZlotJacob Zlot2 時間 前
  • i'm from NC and legit never learned about the coup. I did know about tulsa before watchmen though so i guess that's something.

    Oinky the Class TraitorOinky the Class Traitor5 時間 前
  • Often inaccuracies in history occur when people wish to glorify themselves or their family, or when they wish to soften the blow of the atrocities their family committed. Depending on the situation, it makes sense to soften the blow; children can be too young to fully understand what happened. However, there comes a point when hard truth must be accepted, and you may need to prepare your child for that. Soften the blow not by pretending it wasn’t that bad, but rather by not going into detail until they’re ready. No eight year old should be told the horrors of the Holocaust, but they shouldn’t grow up thinking it never happened or that it was something “slightly inconvenient.”

    Hercule SatanHercule Satan6 時間 前
  • “The only coupe to take place on American soil” Yeah about that...

    Khop 126Khop 1267 時間 前
  • Hey John, I think that Coup D’etat fact is incorrect, as of January 6th

    ToXik GostyyToXik Gostyy16 時間 前
  • John please tlak about the European alt right rising this needs to be a dress and the ultranationalism

    RinnosempaiRinnosempai日 前
  • "the only coup d'etat ever to take place on American soil" Me in January 2021: 😬😬😬

    Sigma ScrubSigma Scrub日 前
  • 18:06 Well now we had the second. Or atleast an attempt.

    Matthias BelzerMatthias Belzer日 前
  • The only coup to ever take place on American soil...me sitting here in 2021 thinking oh boy, the only coup so far?! -_-

    Chad ColledgeChad Colledge日 前
  • I’m 12 years old and this year I learned about the 1619 project

    Eliza MulvihillEliza Mulvihill日 前
  • O has to read March for my race and comic books class and How to be anti racist for my black horror film class. I was in collage when I learned this shit, my brother was reading muas in 4th grade, but youre telling me I wasnt told about the red summer until I was old enough to drink?

    Turquoise SnowflakeTurquoise Snowflake2 日 前
  • This is why I think the AP US History curriculum should be used nationally

    JiJi2 日 前
  • an English barrister called Killian Garvey (Google me for proof). I’m convinced that John Oliver would make a great barrister based on his ability to communicate and argue

    Killian GarveyKillian Garvey2 日 前
  • “The worst day in America beats the best day in any other country”. That is some of the dumbest, self righteous, bullshit I have ever heard.

    Magnus B NielsenMagnus B Nielsen2 日 前
  • The Wilmington coup no longer only one

    Jack CraigJack Craig2 日 前
  • "The only coup on American soil" until now

    eheh2 日 前
  • Keep Speaking The Truth John Oliver Outside Of This 🙏 People can change themselves completely if they are honest with themselves open-minded willing to both learn & understand & finally being willing to take on the change ( This is spoken to any kinda racism from anyone & any race🤔🤗) God made us to all be in this thing called life together & to help each other along the journey of Life🤔🤔 Life is already hard enough by itself Why make it harder upon all of us by being against each other & working against each other🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤗 God's Blessings Grace Mercy Acceptance Forgiveness & Love Be Upon America & ALL OF US🤔🤔🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Antuan MackAntuan Mack2 日 前
  • The worst day in america mutilpe hundredsof thousand covid 19 cases. Other countries (Namely New Zealand, Fiji, Motenegro ect): That is sure as hell not our best day

    Theft ParrotTheft Parrot3 日 前
  • 18:07 Now "first ever"

    MagicDolphinMagicDolphin3 日 前
  • Also, the worst day in America is the best day in any other country, 😂😂😂😂 kiss my ass

    The Ultimate WealthThe Ultimate Wealth3 日 前
  • Its honestly sort of disgusting how much john thinks he has to stroke the ego’s of all the Americans watching to make them listen to him

    The Ultimate DocumentaryThe Ultimate Documentary3 日 前
  • 18:05 this is not true anymore. The 2nd was remarkably similar

    Dan SomethingDan Something3 日 前
  • Missliding History îs the reason PC people exist

    Rodica MoraruRodica Moraru3 日 前
  • The US of A. A stends for assholes ask any person who isn t an americam

    Rodica MoraruRodica Moraru3 日 前
  • I wander how history în Germany îs like

    Rodica MoraruRodica Moraru3 日 前
  • "The only coup on American soil." ... at time of recording

    ConspiracyTheoriesWithTeaConspiracyTheoriesWithTea3 日 前
  • 18:11 about that...

    Kokoawsum421Kokoawsum4213 日 前
  • Wow, I thought January 6th 2021 was the ONLY coup that happened in America. I can't wait to learn of other successful white supremacist coups that happened.

    Jacob LorenzJacob Lorenz4 日 前
  • "The only coup to take place on American soil" The only coup in USA back then, I suppose.

    Antonius TyaswidyonoAntonius Tyaswidyono4 日 前
  • In india 6 th standards textbook ,to teach students how advertising works gave example of fairness cream.

    surajsuraj4 日 前
  • “The only coup to take place on American soil”...that didn’t age well.

    Chris SmithChris Smith4 日 前
  • It feels kind of strange to think about slavery in America, because most of my family are immigrants who came her in the mid to late 1800's so I find it hard to personally feel guilt about it, but at the same time I still will advocate for more transparency in our history books and push for the teaching of how white supremacy and slavery played a role in our history.

    PhoenixPhoenix5 日 前
  • Watching this in 2021 after Trump's failed KKKout

    Nolan FrancisNolan Francis5 日 前
  • 18:10 correction: the FIRST coup d’état to take place on American soil.

    Michael MaticMichael Matic5 日 前
  • 18:20 who would've thought that this statement would be rendered untrue only 6 months after he said it?

    madpenguinmadpenguin5 日 前
  • Recently the chapter on slavery was taken from the social studies book I really don't know why I mean it was gross and graphic but really. the thing about the south reminds me of a mw2 quote history is written by the victors and here we are thinking we had won.

    Jonna Higgins-FreeseJonna Higgins-Freese5 日 前
  • i thoroughly enjoy this piece. it helps me debate my VERY pro Trump "true patriot" coworker and conspiracy lover

    CheezSamuraiCheezSamurai5 日 前
  • It is only the only coup in American history won’t last.

    Tyler StoneTyler Stone5 日 前
  • "One of only two coup d'etat ever to take place on American soil" now. Fucking white supremacists.

    KedarOthortKedarOthort5 日 前
  • 18:06 that did not age well...

    alphoxalphox5 日 前
  • The Union and The Confederacy BOTH had slaves. How can you say that slavery was the main reason for the civil war? It really was State Rights. The History books might not get everything right, but that one they actually did. That's not to say that Slavery wasn't one of the reasons, but definitely not the main cause of the worst war in american history. There were, and still are, just as many racists in the Union as in the Confederacy. If you think the Union cared about freeing slaves as their number one priority then you're wanting to make it about race when it was not just about that. The Confederacy cared more about state rights being taken away from them than they did owning slaves. My family is Union and from the North. So I'm not saying this cause I'm some Southern Confederate believer. My brother spent many years reading and studying the Civil War and says himself that it was definitely not about slavery. That's just a small part of it.

    LunarmarieLunarmarie6 日 前
    • @CheezSamurai I watched it. My family was Union. My brother use to be a strong Union believer until doing more research on the topic and realizing that both sides were in the wrong during this war. We shouldn't have been fighting at all. They were fighting for State Rights and yes, one of those rights for the South was slavery. But some northern states didn't want to free their slaves either. And Abraham Lincoln did what he did for campaign support. Not entirely out of true belief in freedom. But it's a lovely campaign speech, isn't it? I'm just being practical about this topic. We all know the south had slaves and most were racists, but to act like the Union was not also racists and had slaves is my problem with everyone saying the civil war was to end slavery. The Union WON THE WAR. And the winners write history. And winners often write history to make themselves look even better. Union soldiers killed their own blood brothers on the Confederacy the exact same as Confederate soldiers killed brothers and family from the Union. BOTH sides were killing Americans. And that makes both sides wrong in this war. It's sickening. Especially to praise one over the other centuries later. We should remember this history in a neutral manner.

      LunarmarieLunarmarie4 日 前
    • John Oliver also has a nice piece on The Confederacy too.....check it out

      CheezSamuraiCheezSamurai5 日 前
  • "The only coup d'etat ever to take place on American soil." JOHNNY-BOY, GET READY FOR 2021

    Declan Handley-ByrneDeclan Handley-Byrne6 日 前
  • Well, seems like Wilmington is no longer the only coup in u.s. history.

    Reda SouaidiReda Souaidi6 日 前
  • "History, when taught well, shows us how to improve the world. But history, when taught poorly, falsely claims there is nothing to improve." THIS should hang on the wall of every classroom in America.

    Geoff PritchardGeoff Pritchard6 日 前
  • Prime example of the word 'Denial'.

    Eric HaoEric Hao6 日 前
  • 18:22 Not anymore :)

    Koen BuffingKoen Buffing7 日 前
  • “The only coup to occur on American soil”.... lol

    Jefinn ChumasJefinn Chumas7 日 前
    • Trump attempted a coup but failed.

      Gamesman01Gamesman014 日 前
  • 18:07 it isn't the only Coup D'etat any more.

    arturo salasarturo salas7 日 前
  • Funny how the only (now two) coups on american soil were committed by white supremacists... This last one had BETTER not be forgotten in a hundred years or so

    Beryl MorganBeryl Morgan7 日 前
  • Why in the HELL have we, as Democrats, allowed school textbooks to be written in Texas for the entire country? Did any of you learn about the Reconstruction Era in high school? I can remember a couple of paragraphs that summarized it like "and then slavery was over, the end, racism solved." If you're like me, college was quite the eye-opener. Is it any wonder that people who aren't college-educated are living in a different country than the rest of us, and repeating a history they never learned about?

    Carolyn TalbotCarolyn Talbot7 日 前
  • Ha, the only cou on American soil Whose watching this after the Capitol Hill riot? 👇

    Taylor McShanTaylor McShan7 日 前
  • Explain to me what sets the cruelty of racism apart from the equally(if not more so) cruel and painful things that human beings have been doing throughout history(in all likelihood our prehistory as well) and why we need to fill the pages of our history with horror stories and why specifically those horror stories. They are in no way unique to American history. Most importantly why should I even bother to acknowledge such history from a time period writtem by people who barely lived past 27 years old? People that young are almost always some version of an idiot. We cant find solutions to cruelty in the past.

    SmokeStackSmokeStack7 日 前
  • Once people actually learn the objective facts of slavery, and how blacks have been maligned throughout US history, they may actually begin to understand why they are still crapped on today. Lack of generational wealth, discrimination from work and housing, and apathy from rich right wing white people and police makes it pretty hard to be successful in society..

    DaleDale8 日 前
  • I've never seen Tucker Carlson but he sounds like a real POS.

    DaleDale8 日 前
  • “The only coup on American soil” well, not anymore...

    A GA G8 日 前
    • Successful coup though

      Mandalore The bosssMandalore The bosss8 日 前
  • i genuinely do not understand why people get so worked up over protecting what their ancestors did. You dont know ur ancestors and they dont know you. They are as much a stranger to you as anyone else. Just fucking acknowledge what they did and learn from it, that way we all dont repeat history. People out here getting baited into defending horrible shit because they dont want their dead ancestors to feel bad or some shit.

    Hazzah KingHazzah King8 日 前
  • And five months later, we have ANOTHER coup that has taken place on American soil, again attempted by white supremacists.

    Megan FlyMegan Fly8 日 前
  • "the only coup on american soil" hits very different in 2021, huh

    A PA P8 日 前
  • That coup thing is now the first, but not only anymore. Curious how this one will be written in history

    Aweso MaxAweso Max8 日 前
  • As an Indian heritage Brit born UK ..history was how the Empire 'civilsed' India etc...BS when my grandfather told me his experience later older married a German and dual kid and race. I was impressed with Germany at all schools teaching NO Exuses we did this and look at the evidence !! RESPECT..I made him read colonial history and Nazi german...when upset at school learning about him...put your arm out as race half brown/white YOU WON WE WON now you are a German up to you to make sure that Nazi evil never happens again in germany .You are Germany now and English - Indian. Do not ever let others define you son

    Lion SinghLion Singh8 日 前
  • Add jan 2021 insurrection day

    gostate 2014gostate 20148 日 前
  • 18:07 not the only one anymore

    Liam BrooksLiam Brooks8 日 前
  • Starting at 18 minutes he starts talking about “the only coup on American soil” and that is why 2020 was actually a better year than 2021

  • This is a area problem.

    Jay ObrienJay Obrien9 日 前
  • "History isn't over yet" Francis Fukuyama disliked that

    James WilleyJames Willey9 日 前
  • Please do india. They're killing journalists here. And burning rape victim bodies.

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav9 日 前
  • 18:22 *as of this recording

    Chris WitmerChris Witmer9 日 前
  • #JusticeForZaraKay #JusticeForZara #StandUpForZaraKay

    Aidan BensonAidan Benson10 日 前
  • Its sad for me to be able to say I live in the same Zip Code as that lady from the levittown clip

    RecklezzzHyenaRecklezzzHyena10 日 前
  • 18:02 no longer the only coup d'etat on US soil

    Benjamin RushtonBenjamin Rushton11 日 前
    • @Eric Schnautz I don't think they watched this video at all but people have drawn comparisons between the two events

      Benjamin RushtonBenjamin Rushton9 日 前
    • @Benjamin Rushton I feel like some people saw this video as a challenge to make some more disturbing history.

      Eric SchnautzEric Schnautz9 日 前
    • @Eric Schnautz Weird how it took only 5 months for it to be outdated, eh?

      Benjamin RushtonBenjamin Rushton9 日 前
    • Yeah that one made me think for a sec

      Eric SchnautzEric Schnautz9 日 前
  • 18:06 only American coup got unsuccessful sequel Jan 6 2021, as w/ most reboots it shouldn't have ever happened.

    trick willistrick willis11 日 前
  • as an american who has spent some time living in germany, i can say two things: 1) all germans ive met are far more aware of the holocaust, naziism, and neonaziism and have a realistic viewpoint than most americans have about the confederacy, white supremacy, genocide of natives, etc. 2) the worst day in america is NOT better than the best day anywhere else. im not even convinced the average day in america was better than the average day there

    Ben :jBen :j11 日 前
  • "the only coup on american soil" that didnt age well

    Ben :jBen :j11 日 前
    • Only successful coup.

      Dr. MaddDr. Madd7 日 前
  • "The only coup ever to take place..." Yeah, this video has not aged well!

    Dino hansenDino hansen11 日 前
  • In 4th or 5th grade I had to do the diary entry assignment and had just moved from a very inclusive area to a very racist one. It was mind blowing even at that age I knew that it was fucked up.

    Amanda SencenbaughAmanda Sencenbaugh11 日 前
  • Sadly, the long history of our society (and almost every society) is filled with a continuum of terrible violence. This story of violence existed in the Western Hemisphere before the arrival of Europeans. When Europeans arrived they brought with them weapons of greater power to kill, whether the killing was of game animals, of the tribal peoples who lived here, or people aligned with opposing European governments. The killing knew no boundaries. Warfare to control territory, to gain control over natural resources and to exclude anyone outside one's own group has been almost endless. Finding a way to peacefully occupy and share the planet equally has always been resisted. We need to face up to this history and to the fact that too little has changed. As a writer and teacher of our history, I believe there is a path we can follow to change the course of history. There are specific systemic reforms we can implement that will result in positive changes in our relations with one another as humans. Early in the 2000s I put this all together in a three-volume work of some 1,800 pages. I knew few would read this long work, but I felt compelled to detail our story, just in case. Since then, I have struggled to create a succinct presentation that makes the case. Several days ago I uploaded my latest effort to my personal JPworlds channel. I invite you to view and listen to this 25-minute video and post your comments, if any. Here is the link: jpworlds.info/up/bideo/anzQo9OBrIJ_kWQ Edward J. Dodson, Director School of Cooperative Individualism www.cooperative-individualism.org

    Edward DodsonEdward Dodson11 日 前
  • What the fuck?! Black people couldn't vote till the 1960s?

    MagimasterkarpMagimasterkarp12 日 前
  • What's wrong with The Help?

    Kool KidKool Kid12 日 前
  • @25:31 I don't understand why patriotism apparently now means blind jingoism for the country and incredible selfishness at the expense of all the other people living in it. Patriotism is supposed to be about loving your country and your fellow citizens and doing things to improve the lives of your fellow citizens and therefore the country as a hole, not just saluting the flag over and over again.

    Dec FairlightDec Fairlight12 日 前
  • 18:11 aged like fine milk.

    Dec FairlightDec Fairlight12 日 前
  • 8:18 wow what a bunch of ungrateful people, who on earth would be mad that they were ripped from their lives and shipped half way across the world in abhorrent conditions then separated from their families and mistreated by a bunch of legitimately evil sick freaks so some wealthy southern jackass can sit around all day off their hard work contributing a net negative to society and barely feeding them?

    Dec FairlightDec Fairlight12 日 前
  • Oh, man the only coup d'etat, that gave me chills

    Monn AguilarMonn Aguilar12 日 前
  • Idk what they teach in schools today but I'm 37 years old and I learned and easily came to the conclusion in school that the root cause of the Civil War was slavery. It baffles me how ignorant people are these days. Honestly its quite sad.

    Jeremie B.Jeremie B.12 日 前
  • “Only coup on American soil” *sighs in 2021*

    iStarLordiStarLord12 日 前
  • 18:00 Sorry to inform you but as of now, it is the first. The second happened on January 6, 2021. Both sad and pointless.

    The Batman Who LaughsThe Batman Who Laughs12 日 前
  • >the only coup on american soil Oof, that aged quickly.

    Alex FoxAlex Fox13 日 前
  • 18:06 well that didn’t age well

    Lev has a penisLev has a penis13 日 前
  • "... The only coup on American soil..." This video didn't age well, John

    Jennafer HuffstetlerJennafer Huffstetler14 日 前
  • The odd thing is that "American Exceptionalism" is also taught here in the Philippines. I recall my Philippine history text books heavily condemning Spanish colonial atrocities and Japanese war crimes but oddly paint the Americans as "givers of democracy" and "the ones who freed us from the chains of imperialism" when they waged a bloody war against the revolutionary government here and instituted harsh penalties.

    karl saint clairekarl saint claire14 日 前
  • I love this show!

    bastet lionessbastet lioness14 日 前
  • The reason we have history is to learn about what works and what doesn't. Black Wallstreet in Tuslas wealth derived in part because of land ownership. If you have land, you can leverage in exchange for capital. That knowledge can help not only black people but also white people. So covering it up is stupid. Never cover up history!

    William KarbalaWilliam Karbala14 日 前
  • Very good episode. You can also check out James W. Loewen’s ‘Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong’ (2008) 2018.

    Joe ButlerJoe Butler14 日 前
  • Now it's the first coup...

    Natalie NafeNatalie Nafe14 日 前
  • 18:06 the *ONLY* coup d'état Yea, about that...

    Davi Ernest PradiptaDavi Ernest Pradipta15 日 前
  • FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!! They act like the BLACKS have never done a fucking thing wrong... heres some HISTORY FOR YOU!!!!! When AFRICAN AMERICAN SLAVES were freed!! SOME of them then travelled to LIBERIA!! and guess what they did??? THATS RIGHT!!! They fucking ENSLAVED THE NATIVES!!!! I wonder if THAT HISTORY will be in this report????? WHAT DO U THINK??

    sheepthehacksheepthehack15 日 前
    • I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that what you’re saying is true. So because the African American Slaves did something wrong, does that make what white American did justified? I believe the message is that we have to learn from history and become better people.

      TimothyLloyd EcarmaTimothyLloyd Ecarma14 日 前
  • 18:00 "the only coup on American soil," huh? That didn't age well

    A form of matterA form of matter15 日 前
  • "the only coup on american soil" ehm...

    BeyPlanBeyPlan15 日 前
  • 18:07 not the only attempted coup now

    Iron Horse ProductionsIron Horse Productions16 日 前
  • 17:40 Since covid, I haven't shaved. Joke's on you. xD

    Nanyu BusnisNanyu Busnis16 日 前
  • John Oliver: Wilmington was the site of America's only coup d'état Me, a Canadian, after seeing Washington on January 6th 2021: Not anymore

    JustinJustin17 日 前