Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.
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  • Hindsight is now 20-20, we know the damage

    Brian JoyceBrian Joyce5 時間 前
  • Can’t wait for Feb 14th johns gonna have a lot to talk about when he is back! Hah

    최나리최나리11 時間 前
  • damn i could listen to John Oliver yell at anyone/ country/ topic/ or turtle

    Hannah SmithHannah Smith13 時間 前
  • Dear John Oliver, please tell something about situation in Russia and Belarus. Trump crsis is kind of stabilized, so it wouldnt hurt, if, you guys turned your attention to what's happening in eastern Europe. Just one show... Please... You are European after all

    doro radodoro rado21 時間 前
  • John was spot on for what the Trump campaign's plan for the COVID Pandemic......and everything else in this video is scary af in highsight.....

    joeno MRCjoeno MRC日 前
  • Gosh this man called it way before Jan 6

    Farha ahmedFarha ahmed日 前
  • When "trumps vaccination distribution plan is probably a blank white board in Jared's office with 'plan?' written on it" If only we knew how close to true this was.

    Matt SanchezMatt Sanchez日 前
  • Fuck ... John Voight.

    alwaysxneveralwaysxnever日 前
  • Okay guys.. We have to do it... Barricade yourselves at home, wear masks, and don't go near anyone else.. Then we just have to wait for Covid-19 to take its course and give every last Trumpist a Darwin award.

    Hamster in ChiefHamster in Chief日 前
  • "Outgoing Trump officials can't share critical COVID vaccine distribution plans with the incoming Biden Team" Well that aged badly.

    MinchiMinchi日 前
  • If we can't throw Trump in prison after all this, we've failed as a nation.

    Infinity's DiceInfinity's Dice日 前
  • Where’s your mask

    Doug FosterDoug Foster日 前
  • I think your time off is over Mr. Oliver. We need #AmericasNaughtiestBitch.

    TriXie KatTriXie Kat日 前
  • Ok. John F Kennedy, a Democrat, was murdered. Donald J Trump, a Republican, is given a free pass. Anyone see a pattern here?

    bigdmac33bigdmac33日 前
  • John, I've rarely witnessed you as animated with barely suppressed anger. You speak for a LOT of people.

    bigdmac33bigdmac33日 前
  • I wonder what the Oliver crew will say about everything when they come back

    yacketyacket日 前
  • Goddam kinda profetic

    caosXIIIcaosXIII日 前
  • I'll probably never eat oreos again.

    Akash SinhaAkash Sinha日 前
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    Ryan McInnisRyan McInnis2 日 前
  • Wait, she was the one who voted, but she used her husbands name? Wtf is that about? Obviously the election was not fraudulent, but clearly that woman needs assistance in casting her vote lmao

    CamoLiveCamoLive2 日 前
    • @Stephen2462 That person needs a hit of reality

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
    • @CamoLive I did watch the video, that is why i know it to be true. 2. What. 3. I didn't like my own comment

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
    • @CamoLive No idea why you're going off on a silly tangent about incest. Traditionally speaking, the wife usually marries in to the husband's family, so she changes her last name accordingly.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462日 前
    • @Ilan Smolders 1. You obviously didn’t watch the video, so which one of us is a dense dimwit again? Oh that’s right the person who supports bröthers having babies with sïsters. 2. Why do you support incest? 3. You’re obviously the one who liked your own comment, don’t be so obvious about it next time.

      CamoLiveCamoLive日 前
    • no she didn't use her husbands name, you dimwit. Married women used to take their husbands last name. You are super dense

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
  • And as we have now found, Biden didn't have to coordinate with the T**** administration's plans on fighting COVID because that wasted sac of flesh didn't have a plan to begin with. Cheers...

    bazzer124bazzer1242 日 前
  • You saying oreo makes me want to eat oreo. No,the rats and used condoms did not deter my desire for oreo.

    AEGIS 21AEGIS 212 日 前
  • Do you think John Oliver would have made a good barrister? Arguing cases? I’m an English barrister and I can’t decide whether he’d make a great one

    Killian GarveyKillian Garvey2 日 前
    • My name is Killian Garvey, I only say this so you realise I’m not trolling ... I actually am an English barrister

      Killian GarveyKillian Garvey2 日 前
  • “What’s the downside in humoring him for this little bit of time?” I have 1 answer: January 6, 2021.

    EvanHCE13EvanHCE132 日 前
  • Dear John and the LWT Crew, please make an episode on this whole Russia situation around Aleksey Navalniy. I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to learn a lot of new information you guys can reach. Thank you.

    Azamshoh YatimovAzamshoh Yatimov2 日 前
  • 12:20 John's suspicions, however hyperbolic, were (for all intents and purposes) right on the mark: There was _no_ vaccine distribution plan.

    Mark RabinowitzMark Rabinowitz2 日 前
  • If you’re somebody watching this from a while into the future (2030 Or beyond) search up: Jan. 6th, 2021 insurrection. That was the downside to humoring Trump and his supporters. The more you know (hope that’s still a thing otherwise that joke isn’t gonna make sense.)

    Eric PetryEric Petry2 日 前
  • Famous people and movie "stars" need to stick to their day jobs and not lecture others on politics.

    Lapis LazarusLapis Lazarus3 日 前
    • ... this is John Oliver’s job. Like, seriously, think before you post

      Maallos334 MiMaallos334 Mi3 日 前
  • “A single whiteboard in Jared’s office with ‘discover cure???’” Well it turns out, we didn’t even get that.

    Cu LinCu Lin3 日 前

    Tony ParksTony Parks3 日 前

    Tony ParksTony Parks3 日 前

  • Cause you believe CNN’s claims 🤣😂

    Rafael LagosRafael Lagos3 日 前
    • Cope harder, fascist

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
    • Biden is president my dude, get over it

      Prashant WasonPrashant Wason3 日 前
  • LOL biden didn't need to be nice to the covid guys under trump. Turns out they didn't HAVE a plan of distribution and Trump allowed vials of vaccine to spoil on shelves because he wanted to make sure only certain people got vaccine's first. Also yeah they humored him, and trump tried to have all of the republicans (and democrats) killed by a mob via a attack on the congress building.

    TheWinged HussarTheWinged Hussar3 日 前
  • america needs to: 1. gentrify the cities 2. kill all pets 3. reduce California taxes by half. 4. reform medicare and dental care. 5. tackle obesity, college tuition, and incarceration. 6. legalize class c drugs 7. give ubi to everyone. 8. deinstitutionalize the mentally ill. 9. also all american men should be bald no hair longer than 0.3 cm. 10. build infrastructure 11. reduce cost of day care 12. introduce gene drives.

    jarrod yukijarrod yuki3 日 前
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    Andrew kimAndrew kim3 日 前
  • Oh yeah... there was no pandemic plan to hand over...

    Hunter IsaacHunter Isaac3 日 前
  • "What is the downside of humoring him for this little bit of time?" Oof

    vogonp 42vogonp 423 日 前
  • A "gravy grave" sounds delicious. Time to update my last wishes.

    Major ShrimpMajor Shrimp3 日 前
  • Please!!! Let's all follow the "a late show" 's model and vow to never speak the last president's name again!!!! As an attention hungry troll, that is the worst thing we can do to him!!!! (Well, i mean criminal charges would be good too)...

    moon keymoon key4 日 前
  • It's always when he is done for the season is when shit really goes down

    Jail cat JonesJail cat Jones4 日 前
  • “What is the downside of humoring him for this little bit of time?” **January 6, 2021**

    Emperor PalpatineEmperor Palpatine4 日 前
  • The funny part is the plan John described of the corona task force of Trump is actually more than the real not existimg one

    Johannes FuchslugerJohannes Fuchsluger4 日 前
  • Mitch McConnell always sounds like a man with a Kentucky accent is speaking through a can with a string tied to it

    Tyler ParkerTyler Parker4 日 前
  • 111

    Success AmmoanimahSuccess Ammoanimah4 日 前
  • I don't want to jinx it, but this YT channel never has ads. I wonder why that is.

    Ninja ChannelNinja Channel4 日 前
    • because they are sponsored by paying customers

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
  • I hate the sound of tucker carlson’s voice.

    Jennifer GrielJennifer Griel4 日 前
    • everyone does

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
  • Hearing what I heard yesterday, it totally explains why they refused to share covid vaccine plans. They never had one. What a fucking joke man.

    Trevor JamesTrevor James4 日 前
  • Or maybe they built 39 forts but they all collpased or something till they got it right with the 40th one

    AsahamanaAsahamana4 日 前
  • I've watched this so many times the last couple months. Am I the only one that thinks Voight should also be impeached for insurrection . . . . . .. . . . 2 months before it actually happened? Wed the 20th was a great day, and we can't wait for you to come back on 2/14 Mr. Oliver !!!

    GNB 34GNB 344 日 前
  • 6:20 - Ok, that's almost as disturbing as I am. On the other hand, "Forty Fort" and "Gravey Grave", is the most fun I've had in minutes! Ah, and now at 13:00 we have Voidy Voight. As all stupid things should be voided off this wretched planet.

    Metal Gaming WarriorMetal Gaming Warrior5 日 前
  • Lol jokes on Biden. Turns out Trump didn't have a plan for vaccine distribution

    Dilrajdeep SinghDilrajdeep Singh5 日 前
  • Hey, are you ever coming back!!??

    Tyg RahofTyg Rahof5 日 前
    • @Tyg Rahof cant disagree

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
    • @Ilan Smolders Finding subbed AND notifications are fickle at best on youtube

      Tyg RahofTyg Rahof日 前
    • i mean, if you were subbed

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
  • Awesome, Oliver will finally have to be original and make good jokes now

    cC ccC c5 日 前
    • he always does

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
  • “Gravey grave”

    Royal PlayzRoyal Playz5 日 前
  • Without the laughing he sounds like a fool

    M DM D5 日 前
    • without a profile picture, you ARE the fool

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
  • I live in Calcutta, West Bengal and I had no idea this egg yolk like turtle was found in our state.😂 Anyway it's so cute.

    Ayushi GhoshAyushi Ghosh5 日 前
  • Seems like it's a bad idea to have your break during winter. Because, you know, turns out a lot of important political shit happens in the winter. And I hear that coups happen too!

    imaloony8imaloony86 日 前
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    George TashjianGeorge Tashjian6 日 前
  • Just me that noticed how obviously that Jonh Voight is reading on a screen/cards?

    Vitor de OliveiraVitor de Oliveira6 日 前
    • no

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders6 日 前
  • This video has not aged well. We need you back information daddy

    Allysha HooperAllysha Hooper6 日 前
  • Paging from the future: It gets worse.

    Lizabeth HamptonLizabeth Hampton6 日 前
  • Please do a follow-up on your piece on Asylum! You said a lot of people who were detained while seeking asylum in the U.S. were waiting very anxiously to see how the presidential election turned out-I would love for you to check back in about that situation.

    Remme ASMRRemme ASMR6 日 前
  • only 410,000 death's on you're hands, drumpf, great job!

    JonesJones6 日 前
  • Hey, don’t insult my collection of dank memes.

    Adam RabAdam Rab6 日 前
    • he didn't

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders6 日 前
  • i want to eat yellow turtle

    Rap BotRap Bot6 日 前
  • It’s the day before bidens inauguration trump has left the White House and wished “the next administration” the best of luck and he’s on his way to mar a lago

    IaMz_CuRlZIaMz_CuRlZ6 日 前
  • Just saying... John Oliver took a season break and America went to shit... we need you john

    The Name Brand CompanyThe Name Brand Company6 日 前
  • I love how "Ezekiel" has a strike resemblance to Oliver X-D

    Sano BRSano BR6 日 前
  • This hits different after the coup

    Amanda RipleyAmanda Ripley6 日 前
  • "'What is the downside of humoring him for this little bit of time?’, A question that never ends well." Your foreshadowing is terrifying, John.

    Antonius TyaswidyonoAntonius Tyaswidyono7 日 前
  • He perfectly described his last two month.

    Cooster the DrummerCooster the Drummer7 日 前
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    Justin DongJustin Dong7 日 前
  • "Whats the downside of humorong him" oh boy... fun times at the capitol building, am i right?!

    RowinMarkovRowinMarkov7 日 前
  • Just watching your show tonight before Joe Biden takes Office how accurate your statements were and how many problems Trump has caused since you made this program well done for your predictions great show keep up the great work 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧

    Adrian DunnAdrian Dunn7 日 前
  • Tbh, I'm wondering what John Voight has seen. He may have misplaced faith in Trump, but I've seen recordings of Angelina Jolie that sure sound like she's talking about a satanic ritual. Idk.

    Mishap & MeMishap & Me7 日 前
  • this segment has aged hilariously

    Zachary AdkinsZachary Adkins7 日 前
  • Looking forward to your next episode, sir.

    Clifton O'QuinnClifton O'Quinn7 日 前
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    Samuel CasterSamuel Caster7 日 前
  • The way he says "mafia" cracks me up

    Rebecca MillsRebecca Mills7 日 前
  • Without an audience laughing he looks like a madman...

    goauld88goauld887 日 前
  • How much do you get payed for propaganda of liberal democracy?

    Carol SafirCarol Safir7 日 前
    • @Carol Safir why do you think liberal democracies are bad? What would you rather have?

      Prashant WasonPrashant Wason3 日 前
    • @Prashant Wason what do you think i mean?

      Carol SafirCarol Safir4 日 前
    • @Prashant Wason who knew

      Ivo VruschIvo Vrusch4 日 前
    • You mean to say liberal democracies are a bad thing?

      Prashant WasonPrashant Wason6 日 前
    • Not nearly enough

      Ivo VruschIvo Vrusch6 日 前
  • John pretty much predicted the future and the riots. Hey John, what are the winning lottery numbers this week?

    Alan KwokAlan Kwok7 日 前
    • 133769420911

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders6 日 前
  • "about this cheddar cheese mistake" which one? the turtle or donald.

    ValkValk7 日 前
    • actually donals, the turtle is great.

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders6 日 前
  • God this aged well,especially the weimar republic part! But tomorrow is supposed to be the biden inauguration. Hope this comment ages well!

    DracoliatDracoliat7 日 前
  • This aged well.

    snakebarbersnakebarber7 日 前
  • I can't watch anything with Voight in it anymore. Disgusting and nauseating.

    Tom MartinTom Martin7 日 前
  • It's funny how people on the left, especially people who hate Trump, always have an insult or call the person a name when they are speaking about them. They get so emotionally invested, you'd think it was themselves or a loved one who was a part of the story. Watch as he gets angry and raising his voice. - Maybe LastWeekTonight will start discussing real topics & stories again. How about covering: Big Tech - The beginning of the end, 1st amendment. How the biggest tech companies in the world have made the first steps to setting a precedent in censorship. What they feel is a danger to people. If you can't beat'em, cheat'em. What should be illegal; how to take out your competition before they're your actual competition. It's illegal for banks, mortgage companies, real-estate, manufacturing & utility companies to monopolize the market. The Fucking USA, the only country in the entire world who HAD freedom of speech has made it's first steps towards communism. Congratulations I guess. It only took 200 years to to throw out our constitutional democracy. He always makes these claims about how people's story is full of bullshit, in the following weeks he'll get fact checked & shown his claims are exaggerated and/or false. It's a late night comedy show, but these are the reasons it stopped being funny -- Everyone is on the hate Trump train. It's all everyone focuses their show about. Remember 4 years ago when he was funny talked about a variety of topics. You don't have to be a Trump supporter to say everyone needs to move on. Find one show that doesn't center a portion of their show around Trump. You won't find one. - Once Biden is in office, do you think these shows are going to switch over and focusing on making jokes about our president who has the nuclear codes can't remember what day it is? How he spent months not showing himself, avoiding campaigning during his election campaigning even if it was online. Pelosi was openly discussing the 25th amendment. When that happens that will be a gold mind of jokes as when get the president people really voted for. - How she giggles at every topic that's brought up and every question she been asked ever since she was ask to be VP. Just go back and look. If you don't know the answer, laugh it off. - How the president can't remember anything and will be making dumb mistake and fumbling his words. Just check out the highlight reel of his campaign. - When everyone actually sees how much of a racist he really is in the video of him on the senate floor discussing his racist take on life. - His purvey smelling & inappropriate touching of little kids. - The open & recorded conversations he's had with Russia and other counties. Russia is recording them & giving them to the media. Talk about Russian collusion, these conversations are way before the last election. - Hunter's corrupt deals he's done while referencing his father and in some cases using him as leverage. - Hunter straight up crack use & being caught multiple times. Multiple times! It's crack, it's literally the most destructive drug, made for poorest of people, sold on every corner for the cheapest price and mixed with random stuff every time to stretching out the product & reducing the potency. Meth seems to be it' redneck counterpart. It's not exactly a gateway drug. What low life friends does a multi-millionaire dollar son of VP of USA hang out with? Hey, let's party tonight at the mansion! You bring the hookers, I'll bring the crack. Get busted multiple times and fails to keep it covered up. It's crack for fuck sake. - Like a moron on a crack bender, drops his laptop off to get repaired and just leaves it there after being called multiple times to pick it up. Now that daddy is president and it's in the FBI's hands, if a 3rd party doesn't have it, it's never going to see the light of day. Good thing it'd already on the internet, nothings been done yet. - Got legitimately caught banging his dead bother's widow, while dating a hooker that he impregnated. - Seriously, you can't make this shit up. He was discharge from the military with an other/general discharged, because you guessed it, he was caught with crack. I'll bet he didn't get caught just the one time. How many times do you this he pulled this card, do you know who my daddy is. When do you think the host of these late night "comedic" shows are going to start pulling for this pool of jokes. They've had years, but it just shows how limited the talent pool is when they all just copy past from every past from each other. FB & Twitter has lost something like $50 million in ad revenue since they've decided to band the 1st amendment. How many show are going to be cancelled.

    RykerRyker7 日 前
  • Trump 2024! Trump Jr 2028!

    Stephen JacksStephen Jacks7 日 前
    • lol nope, trump is done, finally, 5 long years

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders6 日 前
  • this was posted only two months ago how has it already managed ro age fantastically

    In The MoonlightIn The Moonlight8 日 前
  • So...Last Week Tonight isn't coming back until February 14, 2021? Because...nothing important enough going on to bother with? Seriously, you expect to be taken seriously (and you know you do), but you bail for THREE MONTHS during the biggest national multi-crisis in 20 years shy of a century? (That's WWII, for those of you who skipped out on history classes back in the day). All I can say is don't bother to come back if you're going to come back preaching. That ship has sailed.

    AbsentWithoutLeavingAbsentWithoutLeaving8 日 前
  • Funny they said humoring him would cause no harm and then we got the attempted coup

    dandeliondunmerdandeliondunmer8 日 前
  • If you see all this show from couple months ago! It. Give you and idea the everything was loading to jan 6!!!

    Carlos MoralesCarlos Morales8 日 前
  • He not working no more whit HBO right??

    Carlos MoralesCarlos Morales8 日 前
  • Had they gotten away with their insurrection (the Trumps, extended family, senators and Barr... ) they would have been heroes of the revolution, bet none of them feared for their lives if Trump's lynch mob got them... Trump has found the key, it's not tell the same often enough and people will believe it, it's get enough people to tell the same lies.. NO TRUTH NO JUSTICE NO UNITY. Why doesn't the Patriot Act give law enforcement special powers to protect the US and go after Trump, seems to me the threshold for reasonable grounds for suspicion is met.. Both foreign and domestic... It's time to roll out or repeal a meaningless PATRIOT Act: Preserving Life and Liberty... H. R. 3162. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES. October 24, 2001. Received AN ACT. To deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes. Photographer snaps notes of MyPillow CEO after visiting Trump The MyPillow guy should be investigated as potentially being one of Trump's conspirators to manipulate a bunch of morons into attacking the Capital... Can you imagine what would have happened and how fast it would have happened had any of the BLM protestors a few months ago during the Floyd protests come as armed and ready for a fight as Trump's lynch mob did? The cops would have cut them all down with assault rifles and they'd still be counting the bodies.. All those armed insurrectionists walkin' around all the state capitals should be contained by a wall of cops armed to the teeth, forced to surrender and charged with suspicion of terrorist activities, hunting down everyone connected to them like it was 9/11 again... Common sense is sound practical judgement concerning everyday matters, or a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge that is shared by nearly all people. (don't you wish that was even close true) The first type of common sense, good sense, can be described as "the knack for seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done". Wikipedia Reasonable grounds means information that establishes sufficient articulable facts that give a trained law enforcement or criminal investigative agency officer, investigator, or employee a reasonable basis to believe that a definable criminal activity or enterprise is, has been, or may be committed. Reasonable suspicion is a legal standard of proof in United States law that is less than probable cause, the legal standard for arrests and warrants, but more than an "inchoate and unparticularized suspicion or 'hunch'";[1] it must be based on "specific and articulable facts", "taken together with rational inferences from those facts",[2] and the suspicion must be associated with the specific individual.[3] If police additionally have reasonable suspicion that a person so detained is armed and dangerous, they may "frisk" the person for weapons, but not for contraband like drugs. However, if the police develop probable cause during a weapons frisk (by feeling something that could be a weapon or contraband, for example), they may then conduct a full search. Reasonable suspicion is evaluated using the "reasonable person" or "reasonable officer" standard,[4] in which said person in the same circumstances could reasonably suspect a person has been, is, or is about to be engaged in criminal activity; it depends upon the totality of circumstances, and can result from a combination of particular facts, even if each is individually innocuous. In United States criminal law, probable cause is the standard[1] by which police authorities have reason to obtain a warrant for the arrest of a suspected criminal or the issuing of a search warrant. It is also the standard by which grand juries issue criminal indictments. The principle behind the standard is to limit the power of authorities to perform random or abusive searches (unlawful search and seizure), and to promote lawful evidence gathering and procedural form during criminal arrest and prosecution. The standard also applies to personal or property searches.[2]

    derek fleggderek flegg8 日 前
  • This really stings in retrospect. Anyone who still sides with the republicans now is dangerous.

    Jennifer GrielJennifer Griel8 日 前
  • Looked up the fox News version of the republican who committed voter fraud. Conveniently, they fail to mention who he voted for.

    TyrannusLapisTyrannusLapis8 日 前
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    Carlos CundiffCarlos Cundiff8 日 前
  • We found out the harm in humouring him...

    Anthony FAnthony F8 日 前
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    Carlos CundiffCarlos Cundiff8 日 前