Trade: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Donald Trump is waging a trade war that hurts a lot of American workers. Maybe he would understand that if our heavy-handed documentaries about the global trading system were more informative.
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  • “He only backed down on the eleventh refusal” Well, Trump does do this a lot with women so...

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  • American people one way or another deserve this, let this be a lesson to all of you not to elect crazy maniac who knows nothing about politic.

    joko trijoko tri6 日 前
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  • Idiocracy anyone?

    MapleBallsMapleBalls10 日 前
  • Look Ma There's a Deathstar Pointed at Chicago sounds kinda like a song from Fall Out Boy

    Alecia SchlapsiAlecia Schlapsi12 日 前
  • All of the things he said are fake!If you really want to know the ture.You can get rumors here all day, you are not afraid to lose your face!

    Return to zeroReturn to zero12 日 前
  • Crystal Carswell still has three weeks to be attorney general

    Zoltan BokaZoltan Boka13 日 前
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    brent y josephbrent y joseph13 日 前
  • commenting from the future, coming back to look at all of these episodes make me so glad hes out of office now

    D AD A19 日 前
  • 0:33x.

    Nha ThuNha Thu19 日 前
  • John Oliver is the King of genius.

    Samuel LuethSamuel Lueth20 日 前
  • I wonder how long it took and how hard it was for John to forget the way he was brought up and say "aluminum" the American way

    travis303travis30321 日 前
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    Jazzy BeatJazzy Beat23 日 前
  • conservative voters should be forced to watch every episode of this show from 2017 -2020 and be forced to pass a test showing that they paid attention. They may not like alot of it, but at least we'd know they've been exposed to it. Hell maybe one of them may even laugh in a non sadistic way.

    Adam GAdam G23 日 前
  • The fact that his supporters never even realize most of the things he does affect them more than anyone they hate is mind boggling🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    MlamarMlamar24 日 前
  • Dwight Howard joke didn't age well

    HarryHarry25 日 前
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    jasmine dukesjasmine dukes26 日 前
  • lmao

    Forever QuarantinedForever Quarantined26 日 前
  • Hearing The Illusive Man talk about this trade stuff is almost nightmare fuel. (Head of Cerberus in Mass Effect Trilogy)

    Jdev GamingJdev Gaming26 日 前
  • John’s americanized. That pronunciation of aluminum. American!

    Gislaine LeeGislaine Leeヶ月 前
  • Lol. which is why Trump put the U.S. Economy in the best state it's ever been. But ... lol you have what you want. Let's see how Biden does. I look forward to the crying. ha ha ha ...

    ServiceProcessServiceProcessヶ月 前
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    simpson cornishsimpson cornishヶ月 前
  • Anyone else still confused even now as to why John didn’t raise the whole “Martin Sheehan being the narrator for that insane documentary”??

    Aoife CraddockAoife Craddockヶ月 前
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    Vritika BhatiaVritika Bhatiaヶ月 前
  • please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting..

    Saniya 666Saniya 666ヶ月 前
  • NGL, at 15:05, he legit looks like a few of my FO4 and DS3 create-a-characters. dying rn

    Trei ApplebyTrei Applebyヶ月 前
  • trump should have attended that ferris bueler economics class.

    Tino JTino Jヶ月 前
  • Globalism gets a bad rap, but it has lifted a billion people out of poverty. If the trade off for that is a few people in rust belt America are laid off, then so be it, because that trade off is well worth it.

    Roger BlakeRoger Blakeヶ月 前
  • "I can name 10 forms of trade" is something Michael Scott would say.

    Johnson JamseJohnson Jamseヶ月 前
  • Is that Martin Sheens voice in the documentary?

    William CondonWilliam Condonヶ月 前
  • We need a John Oliver in India

    NightowlerNightowlerヶ月 前
  • Congratulations America, you are being governed by someone with less understanding of economics, geopolitics or diplomacy than the average 9 year old!

    Nicholas ThomasNicholas Thomasヶ月 前
  • What an absolute joke this administration has been, clown show from top to bottom, the founding fathers would be absolutely fucking embarrassed that such idiocy could take place in their country

    JD MarshallJD Marshallヶ月 前
  • Let's be real here. The reason why Trump likes Navarro is simply because Navarros wild ideas allow him to abdicate responsibilty for a bad economy. "It's not me, it's the chinese that are destroying our economy."

    KingQwertzlbrmpfKingQwertzlbrmpfヶ月 前
  • Can you imagine, how you have to feel as someone like Angela Merkel, which has spoken to most of the past and actual leaders of the G20 and even lots of leaders outside of the G20, and the simple concept of "You can't strike a single deal with Germany but have to do it with the EU" just is not understood by the god damn leader of the USA? xD

    OroberusOroberusヶ月 前
  • Rat bastard thought the world is a reality show

    Venkat ShastryVenkat Shastryヶ月 前
  • Does John joke about Mnuchin being hot bc they look so similar? Is that the joke?? 😂😂

    Kendall SessomsKendall Sessomsヶ月 前
    • Yes indeed, thats the joke, and I hope it continues

      JD MarshallJD Marshallヶ月 前
  • Thé road of the fair trade

    mathieu Eckenschwillermathieu Eckenschwillerヶ月 前
  • China didn't steal those jobs. The manufacturing was chosen by Amerikkkan companies for cheaper labour! Trump Ties, Ivanks handbags... ALL made in China.

    Global WarmhugsGlobal Warmhugsヶ月 前
  • Frankly, Angela Merkel's English is probably better than Trump's.

    Llewellyn VannoteLlewellyn Vannoteヶ月 前
  • And this is why I''m happy about everyone Biden is designating for his cabinet. Not 'cause I like them or want them, but Jebus Christ, they are adults with brains. We're finally clearing that low bar.

    Katie LuebckeKatie Luebckeヶ月 前
    • Trump dropped the bar for quality, intelligence, marurity, decency and responsibility into an abyss, Biden has the easiest role ever, don't be that idiot, dont let anyone that stupid near the presidency ever again

      JD MarshallJD Marshallヶ月 前
  • So did The Wharton School of Finance ever think about issuing a cease and desist order against Trump for defamation of character? 🤔

    Kellen CatherineKellen Catherineヶ月 前
  • LOL. USA is like Spain in the times 1600s just using gold (printed dollars) to buy the things you need without manufacturing that much at all. Trade deficit IS giving other countries money. in the countries where printing USDs is not an option it's a more obvious problem. You need to start learning how to play the game when you're behind, cause you soon will be, and free trade is survival of the trongest, it's only good when you're the strongest

    Galo MateoGalo Mateoヶ月 前
  • They also pissed off America when they dumped massive amounts of computer chips on the market. It drove down the prices in America. Some small amount of profits were lost for a select few, and nothing else. We got to purchase that stuff at lesser prices as a result. I think also, America sued China or filed some kind of trade dispute over that act.

    Gregory SGregory Sヶ月 前
  • can we just appreciate how honest that tweet at 1:59 is? Owe someone money? Stop talking to them, easy. So easy.

    DahDahヶ月 前
  • a protectionist trade policy can be good, when the american workers share in the benefits, and when the policies are applied intelligently and accompanied by state support to mitigate harm and to establish domestic industries. when it's applied by trump, it hurts workers here while only enriching the already wealthy, it doesn't do jack shit about the profiteering by foreign nationals because it is applied with no thought

    Linkin MacMorleLinkin MacMorleヶ月 前
  • 6:50 *Merkel does speak englisch* basically every german DOES. we got schools. duh

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchezヶ月 前
  • I LOVE TRADE! *thats why i BANNED ALL OF IT* ...

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchezヶ月 前
  • We are in a sad state when late night shows expose more ineptitude in our government that actual news.

    Rose FahmidaRose Fahmidaヶ月 前
  • Well apparently Trump has never heard of a duck

    Rosie HallRosie Hallヶ月 前
  • That documentary being narrated by The Illusive Man is at least really on brand.

    Jessamine HaakJessamine Haakヶ月 前
    • Mass effect reference

      Zack SmithZack Smithヶ月 前
  • Watching this in 2020 in the most fucked year. Covid. Biden won the election but Trump is saying its fraud. BUT DWIGHT WON A RING ON THE LAKERS AYYY

    BrandonBrandon2 ヶ月 前
  • this small handed orange buffon is so stupid he makes George W look like Einstein!!!

    evrn blueevrn blue2 ヶ月 前
  • And MEDICATION! Alota our meds come from China.

    mandy mooremandy moore2 ヶ月 前
  • 20:24 ow

    Ryan JapanRyan Japan2 ヶ月 前
  • I can't believe Trump doesn't know how pickles are made.

    Austin NortonAustin Norton2 ヶ月 前
  • 18:51 Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder in a nutshell

    Ryan JapanRyan Japan2 ヶ月 前
  • It is so good watching this when I know Trump is no longer going to be the president

    Ane HertzbergAne Hertzberg2 ヶ月 前
  • The world is happy that Joe Biden is president elect. 🙏

    azharitguyazharitguy2 ヶ月 前
  • He's gone😌

    Sizwe LetantaSizwe Letanta2 ヶ月 前
  • He was wrong about Dwight Howard. Doing pretty well

    kye Lawrencekye Lawrence2 ヶ月 前

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingers2 ヶ月 前
  • "Oh, we'll do a deal with Europe then."" NAILED IT

    Tyler WickerhamTyler Wickerham2 ヶ月 前
  • Well i guess the Dwight Howard joke didn't age well. 2020 CHAMPS!!!

    skeet cskeet c2 ヶ月 前
  • Sad to see the Illusive Man providing voice actors for shitty documentaries.

    cerdicthewolfcerdicthewolf2 ヶ月 前
  • 20:18 uuuuum. Korea isn't part of China...

    Hawkeye PierceHawkeye Pierce2 ヶ月 前
  • Navarro is disgusting.

    BillithekatBillithekat2 ヶ月 前
  • Martin Sheen how could you?!?!? West Wing is now ruined forever...

    Brian StewartBrian Stewart2 ヶ月 前
  • 3:44 did that guy in the news clip say iPad has a chip from Intel? 🤔😂

    Ivan SamokhinIvan Samokhin2 ヶ月 前
  • Fuck melainia

    Poo PooPoo Poo2 ヶ月 前
  • Free trades? Gifts? Master im confused Rewatch again And again Slow learner

    Christina NicholsonChristina Nicholson3 ヶ月 前
  • 6:53 *germans speak englisch, ALL OF THEM DO* ... not good, but they do. its part of basic school

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez3 ヶ月 前

    Krusty The AustralianKrusty The Australian3 ヶ月 前
  • Dear Mr Navarro, you are not the most whatever in the world. You are a laughing stock shithole country that everybody laughs at, loudly. Bangladesh can put your silly little USA into the ground at any time. Nobody is less organized, less structured, less capable and less rock hard solid. America has one of the most laughed at industrialization in the world. Your Chevrolets are Daewoos with a badge stuck to the front. Laughable.

    drstevenreydrstevenrey3 ヶ月 前
  • Trump economic style it's mob style 101

    D & TD & T3 ヶ月 前
  • Gotta applaud that graphics team tho

    Olivia SofieldOlivia Sofield3 ヶ月 前
  • Featuring a voice over by Martin Sheen, President Bartlet himself

    Nick MorganNick Morgan3 ヶ月 前
  • Intro to this episode is pretty funny considering Dwight hit a 3 last night at the end of the game and won a chip with the Lakers lol

    Luke StofanLuke Stofan3 ヶ月 前
  • Dwight Howard about to be a part of a championship team

    Chris GriffinChris Griffin3 ヶ月 前
  • 1

    Sherry PowellSherry Powell3 ヶ月 前
  • Invest in crypto and gold now

    Micheal FelixMicheal Felix3 ヶ月 前
    • Yeah they are really profitable RN

      Isabella FelixIsabella Felix3 ヶ月 前
  • 9:00 Why do I feel like someone has written fan fiction of this?

    GayrdianPurplePanda SkylerGayrdianPurplePanda Skyler3 ヶ月 前
  • I like to think Jared really does have all his decisions influenced by a quick Amazon search

    Joost Mag Het WetenJoost Mag Het Weten3 ヶ月 前
  • Lmao him reenacting the conversation between Merkel and Trump killed me

    EllielaeEllielae3 ヶ月 前
  • A lesson on international trade: Deficit = bad is wrong. Being able to trade means people get access to borrowing at lower interest and lending at higher interest than if they were stuck with the things in a closed economy (US being self-sufficient). Jonh's right though about the math being complex.

    emVirgoemVirgo3 ヶ月 前
  • Dave (or Steve as he is known) Mnuchin is an old as fuck potato, you look the same J.Ol. if John Cena can look 20 years younger, that means you guys fucked your life in some way bigtime. Evem old af Peter Navarro looks better than your bony ass and he looks like a third stage fucking cancer patient. :DDDD

    ozoraidaniozoraidani3 ヶ月 前
  • Who dosent have a BMW is the new let them eat cake

    Spitfire RAFSpitfire RAF3 ヶ月 前
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  • 13:42 Nothing Boy, son of Nowhere Man.

    August SchroederAugust Schroeder3 ヶ月 前