SLAPP Suits: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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After winning a legal battle involving a coal executive and a giant squirrel, John Oliver explains how SLAPP suits are designed to stifle public dissent.
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  • John Oliver is just another LEFTIST LOSER!!! Fucking Scumbag!

    djdrakkon3djdrakkon319 分 前
  • I

    paulbkkpaulbkk時間 前
  • Fabulous. Is there a Trump one!!???

    Cheryl KingCheryl King6 時間 前
  • He is dead now...

    Bekim HotiBekim Hoti15 時間 前
  • I have decided, as an act of personal insurance (and laziness), from now on define my moral decisions on what John Oliver have decided. I really trust his decision more than my own! Thats mental, but true.

    lizardfoglizardfog日 前
  • Yeah, JPworlds, send me to this steaming pile of garbage after a TimCast video. Because people who watch Tim's stuff definitely also like to watch a sellout comedian talk nonsense to them. Sure sure.

    Jesse SuttonJesse Sutton日 前
  • Everything was funny and entertaining until that horrible musical number started..... I know that he likes that kinda shit, but I loathe it. STOP musicals!!! It's not working!

    Renias vARenias vA日 前
  • The musical is still hilarious every time I see it.

    Steve AustinSteve Austin日 前
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    Helene Smothers HeleneHelene Smothers Helene日 前
  • Im just here for the musical and the #eatshitbob comments its fucking funny

    Three DucklingsThree Ducklings日 前
  • Fuck. That comedy ego via autocue is annoying.

    Mark RMark R日 前
  • 8:35 that face tho.

    jovy ulandayjovy ulanday日 前
  • SLAPP impeachment.

    errataxerratax2 日 前
  • SLAPP Impeachment

    P RP R2 日 前
  • I love that they focused in on the hand holding

    Rose HeartsRose Hearts2 日 前
  • Ok

    phaldeaphaldea3 日 前
  • Damn I love John Oliver!

    vicki harringtonvicki harrington3 日 前
  • Hoping that you are burning in Hell Bob.

    John ConnellJohn Connell3 日 前
    • his punishment is to watch this segment over and over

      WillWill日 前
  • Is there any doubt that John is officially the new queen of late night after this episode?

    Fred ThomasonFred Thomason3 日 前
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    Ker LozKer Loz3 日 前
  • I randomly decided to watch this episode, and it is SO strange to hear audience laughter after almost a year of "the void".

    Nohawkkid008Nohawkkid0084 日 前
    • Lol. Here i am 2 hrs later doing the same 😂

      angelfaye101angelfaye1013 日 前
  • Slap lawsuits are just so the rich can suppress free speech of the rest of the people. How the president of the US can openly brag about allowing more of them while being applauded by the same people who worship the first amendment is a perfect summary of American politics.

    Nicolay HovenNicolay Hoven4 日 前
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    Sanae LOUIZSanae LOUIZ4 日 前
  • Watching these older shows in 2021 and hearing the audience laugh.... it feels like a generation ago, when we gathered together in a group like that. Love the show, but now everything feels bittersweet and nostalgic. In a way.

    G. BorshovG. Borshov4 日 前
  • The song was worth the $200,000 lawsuit. The lawsuit died after two years, but this song and video will live forever.

    S LitvinS Litvin4 日 前
    • the topic died too 🤣🤣

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders3 日 前
  • When the lawsuit is not funny, comedy is the only defence.

    BadHombreBadHombre4 日 前
  • ORIGINAL OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT BIDEN, VP HARRIS, SENATE MAJORITY LEADER SCHUMER, U.S. SUPREME CT - Proffered GIANT Patriotic ACTS to Become Globally Greatest in HISTORY//*,*ORIGINAL OPE ,** - * [Jan 6, 21, U-tube, 'in'] TIME TO stop 50-States Supreme-Courts operating under NO-FED-LAW; TIME FOR "UNITED AMERICA", "ONE STATE UNDER GOD", ONE LAW, MAJORITY VOTES, STATES-LAWS-FREE NEXT NATIONAL ELECTION. Enough Said - ** Preserve WESTERN CIVILIZATION, Last Called by 1940-Einstein letter to PRES. ROOSEVELT -DIE by GERMAN ATOM BOMB BASED ON MY BURNED THERE BOOKS, OR DO IT FIRST TO SURVIVE. INSTEAD, U.S. INVESTIGATED & INTIMIDATED HIM: DON'T ALLOW HIM TO AMERICA (Woman Patriot Co.) "EXTREME RADICAL". U.S. ATOMIC-BOMB delayed 5 YEARS to 1945. Millions gassed, murdered & killed fighting WW-II before Germany-Japan defeated, saved by Sachs-Szilard-Wigner-Teller-Feynman, etc. Somewhat same today by IRAN-YEMEN-IRAQ-SYRIA-HISBALLAH-HAMAS, Germany et al too -[***] 1st science retarded in Germany, like in 1000 yrs post HYPATIA, then No-Show, No Science, GOV-FUNDED, DARK ENERGY/DARK-MATTER, INSTEAD of NO-STALL-DANGER IN ANY COMMERCIAL JET TRANSPORT by low-cost Jet Engines Steering in all [MANDATED] THRUST-REVERSERS [US.PAT5,782,431, FAA-FUNDED, SUCCESSFULLY TESTED on B727 model, not yet by any B-737, etc.///

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or4 日 前
  • 5:48 Loughry as in law fry, like your career is toasted...

    Boomer AngBoomer Ang4 日 前
  • I wonder if Obama will let Biden ride Big Mike down Pennsylvania Avenue in the Inaugural Parade......

    Bob LoblawBob Loblaw4 日 前
  • Oh, I learned about him in school. He was the one that denied Hitler into art school.

    Solo HazardSolo Hazard4 日 前
  • his singing is better than mine

    Andrew WangAndrew Wang4 日 前
  • He looks like special effects make up gone wrong.

    canderiacanderia5 日 前
  • I love watching this now that Bob Murray will never be able to bully you or anyone ever again.

    Matt SMatt S5 日 前
  • Wenig Zeit Rothschild Chabad Nazis Auslöschen mit Militär Weltweit

    Heiko LarsHeiko Lars5 日 前
  • why is this f'n video on such high rotation? every fuckin' political video i watch, this one is always next. beyond annoying.

    AssDustAssDust5 日 前
  • Now, please somebody tell me if the legal counsel appearing in the song is in fact actually part of their legal team. This would bring it to the next level.

    Ulrik ElristanUlrik Elristan5 日 前
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    vlad vladichvlad vladich5 日 前
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    Alessio BummelsAlessio Bummels5 日 前
  • This had me in stitches one of my favorite episodes hands down😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    PoisonElves2k13PoisonElves2k135 日 前
  • This show is like 300% better without the "audience".

    BoydyBoydy5 日 前
    • there is an audience

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders3 日 前
  • im just gonna say, i hope i don't fuck up this much ever. lmao

    Alexander FranzenAlexander Franzen5 日 前
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    eye guesseye guess5 日 前
  • This is still the best thing ever!

    MaeTricksMaeTricks5 日 前
  • we need you to come back now

    johnson kingjohnson king6 日 前
  • I aspire to this level of petty.

    J GJ G6 日 前
  • It's so nice to watch this again. Screw you Bob Murray.

    Joseph SimkoJoseph Simko6 日 前
    • I just realized he's dead now. That's even better! Eat dirt Bob!

      Joseph SimkoJoseph Simko6 日 前
  • That one employee that write the on cheque has got his sweet revenge for the Zodiac Killer.

    Shinta ListyaShinta Listya6 日 前
  • The musical had me rolling

    Stephen AppletonStephen Appleton6 日 前
  • Aaaaaaand now he is dead.

    Luciano PrestesLuciano Prestes6 日 前
  • John Oliver better have a song for Donald Drumpf leaving the government and arrested.

    Anthony FanchinAnthony Fanchin7 日 前
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    Laney HollidayLaney Holliday7 日 前
  • I find it amazing that is still on the internet big time in 2021. Keep up the great job, guys!

    MediaevalistMediaevalist7 日 前
  • lt. General Thomas McInerney: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop, seems that it has a lot of national security information exchanges between her and the chinese, so this will be enough to charge her, Biden and the whole swamp with treason!

  • lt. General Thomas McInerney: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop, seems that it has a lot of national security information exchanges between her and the chinese, so this will be enough to charge her, Biden and the whole swamp with treason!

  • He is gone! Good riddance!

    666xxxful666xxxful7 日 前
  • Absolutely brilliant!

    David CordesDavid Cordes7 日 前
  • This is gold!!!!!

    marian knitimarian kniti7 日 前
  • God the Scriptwriters are bloody creative

    WindDingsWindDings7 日 前
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    Matthew LominyMatthew Lominy7 日 前
  • Very sorry for what you went through. Seriously

    Brendalicia Turn's MusingsBrendalicia Turn's Musings7 日 前
  • I think Slapp suits are just for the rich - of course.

    Brendalicia Turn's MusingsBrendalicia Turn's Musings7 日 前
  • Bob Murray sued you in West Virginia and NEITHER of you are there? Woa.

    Brendalicia Turn's MusingsBrendalicia Turn's Musings7 日 前
  • Well, my life was cut to pieces (literally) by Right wing Trump mostly Evangelical weird people in the past 4 years and totally ruined me - literally. So if the right wing opened up the libel laws - I have not yet been able to sue their butts, and I have some PRETTY STRONG CASES like getting my Teaching job cut for religious reasons (stated to me), in a public school system (which devastated my life). Yep - they can sue - I'm being discriminated on the job right now due Disability discrimination - I'm going to have my job cut and won't be able to afford my rent - but do you think I can sue them? Of course not.

    Brendalicia Turn's MusingsBrendalicia Turn's Musings7 日 前
    • So if they opened up the libel laws - they need to do it for EVERYBODY and not just THEM.

      Brendalicia Turn's MusingsBrendalicia Turn's Musings7 日 前
  • Thank you John for the laugh. Not very funny times, but you just kill me! We need the laugh.

    Brendalicia Turn's MusingsBrendalicia Turn's Musings7 日 前
  • Perhaps the worst scam in US history is neoliberals’ Russia-gate. They lost to a TV host. Instead of reflection, they latched onto a moronic conspiracy theory for now five years. The Russia-gate hoax and Ukraine-impeachment “entertainment” was concocted by Obama/Hillary/Biden/Pelosi, Schumer, etc. and their intelligence and DNC executives on behalf of their Wall Street and military industry donors FREE Assange - our “freedom-loving” media is totally silent - ask yourself WHY !!

    Boris PetrovBoris Petrov7 日 前
  • Hey, all corporations are beholden to the shareholders by law. Nothing these people say is for the rank and file.

    doug ridgwaydoug ridgway7 日 前
  • E X T R A O R D I N A R Y !

    Daniel O. MattosinhoDaniel O. Mattosinho7 日 前
  • Someone must have caught that the squirrel is bear from bear in the big blue house right!!!! There is something so wonderful about that!

    Karen JainKaren Jain8 日 前
  • i know that he died a year ago so this is quite literally beating a dead horse but i just wanna add the following to the joke: bob murray? aint that the bitch who ate the apple and thus commited the original sin?

    defenseive kobradefenseive kobra8 日 前
  • seen it today for the first time. amazing!!! Thank you John Oliver.

    goununogoununo8 日 前
  • You have done it perfectly … everything is nice and sweet … i cant stop watching it … great job, well done … this is just awesome!

    oneclickaway23oneclickaway238 日 前
  • Joevid-19

    Richard RomanyshynRichard Romanyshyn8 日 前
  • Omg.

    Dan RanDan Ran8 日 前
  • Bob is dead. So I hope he eats shit in hell.

    chang jeffreychang jeffrey8 日 前
  • I love this guy. The best news satire on the planet earth! it will be hard to top this.

    tomite2001tomite20018 日 前
  • Is my is my mother goose club out.

    Lelan TanphucLelan Tanphuc8 日 前
  • If there was a show or youtube channel that did nothing but cover rich assholes doing slapp suits, I'd totally watch it.

    Ben ThornberryBen Thornberry8 日 前
  • That song is one of the greatest things ever produced on television!

    Marcus AryMarcus Ary8 日 前
  • He has the poster boy for american stupidity

    Scott HowellScott Howell8 日 前
  • Beautiful love u.

    Truongquynh UyenTruongquynh Uyen8 日 前
  • BEIJING BIDEN And All The Corrupt , Lying , Election Vote Stealing Liberal.Dems , NOW SOCIALIST ! HYPOCRITES !! .... ALL VOTE STEALING LIARS ! This IS JUST SO PATHETIC , STILL BEING LIED TO AT EVER TURN ! Yes , The Corrupt , Lying " VOTE STEALING " Liberal/Dems Got Away With STEALING THIS ELECTION AND GETTING PRES. TRUMP OUT ! With The Lying Bias COMPLICIT MSM Fake News And A Corrupted DC Swamp It Was A Difficult Task To FIGHT THESE SOCIALIST ! Our America Is Lost To These Liberal/Socialist ! SAD DAY FOR AMERICA

    PatPat8 日 前
  • I'd like to slap your suit you sexy plague doctor you ;)

    Informed ChoiceInformed Choice8 日 前
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    Joyce AndersondeJoyce Andersonde8 日 前
  • davie504 anyone?

    SinistroSinistro9 日 前
  • Sue me Murray you useless petty A-hole

    Hero JiroHero Jiro9 日 前
  • after 4 watches i must admit: this is epic. gimme one more darling …

    oneclickaway23oneclickaway239 日 前
  • Still fucking fantastic

    Woodrow SmithWoodrow Smith9 日 前
  • this is insane and brillant at the same time. love you all

    oneclickaway23oneclickaway239 日 前

    Thaddeus BuenaventuraThaddeus Buenaventura9 日 前
  • Genius! Went through the song twice just to hear the Schindler twist.

    Geoffrey RaleighGeoffrey Raleigh9 日 前
  • How could he dislike Tom Hanks! He’s a global treasure!

    Jack HenwoodJack Henwood9 日 前
  • time to fuck up BACK!

    Jean-Luc MartelJean-Luc Martel9 日 前
  • Last Week tonight’s lawyers are heroes

    Eléonore WalterEléonore Walter9 日 前
  • As a journalist, I reported on a false "men's seminar" actually run by radical feminists. The victims paid for tickets to discuss men's issues and instead were blindsided by sexist bigots. Naturally, they tried to sue me. These days, my state has an anti-SLAPP law that makes it extremely profitable to DEFEND a SLAPP suit, so I say, just try it again, ladies. Just try it.

    Scott AdlerScott Adler9 日 前
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    Joshua LeeJoshua Lee9 日 前
  • “Bob you’ve done it again, you clever little coal goblin” LOL, may that man never Rest In Peace.

    WizGabe2002WizGabe20029 日 前
  • Dr evil's dad

    logan madisonlogan madison9 日 前
  • John Oliver is the absolute best! So glad to hear that there is a great ending to this story; Robert Murray died on October 25th, 2020!! 😊 I’ll say it once more, ‘Fuck you, Bob!!’

    Luke ShiffletteLuke Shifflette9 日 前
  • I feel that John Oliver should do this for Trump

    Emerald GodlolEmerald Godlol9 日 前
    • You mean an "Eat Shit, Don!" musical?

      James BellefeuilleJames Bellefeuille8 日 前
  • I've seen actual musicals that weren't put on as well as that one my god

    Pat WPat W9 日 前