Season 7 Finale: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John gets a visit from a special friend, and gives 2020 the farewell it deserves.
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  • Brilliant.

    chris schris s3 分 前
  • I actually don't know who Adam Driver is... But I did Love this bit! Also, Thank God 2020 is OVER!!!!

    E. WoodE. Wood2 時間 前
  • Isn't this hypocritical from all the climate change complainers to be clapping to this. Oh well. People never fail to amaze me.

    Comic BoogerComic Booger3 時間 前
  • What a waste of money, I knew Justin Trudeau wrote the script...

    Alan CadieuxAlan Cadieux15 時間 前
  • Kudos for not blinking.

    pleakhousepleakhouse19 時間 前
  • The perfect ending.

    Km ScheidKm Scheid20 時間 前
  • I just want John on netflix for I can't really afford HBO. Please john. I can even dress like adam driver and abuse you in return.

    Hà TrầnHà Trần20 時間 前
  • awww so nice as an Austrian Person to hear the danube waltz which is composed by the Austrian Johann Strauss :) and is a clasic to dance to into the new year :)

    Caroline RichterCaroline Richter日 前
  • Heck yeah ! Fuck 2020!

    NizarNizar日 前
  • Not even a flinch with explosion. Like a BOSS....

    Mike MartinezMike Martinez日 前
  • Well at least 2021 is off to a good start.

    Utgarde KeepUtgarde Keep日 前
  • Imagine if they took the money it spent to make that explosion shot and donated to a worthy cause instead.

    Amanda PicardiAmanda Picardi日 前
    • Imagine getting a second car when you could have donated to worthy cause instead.

      MrMMrM日 前
    • Imagine spending money on a new PS4 game instead of donating to a worthy cause instead.

      MrMMrM日 前
  • That makes John sound like one of those fans... Well, actually, he probably is one of us. "Step on me [ insert fictional character's name here ]." "Choke me, daddy." "Punch me, my queen." (taken from... the internet... not my words but a lot of other peoples'.) Hahaha... loved that.

    Joyful SorrowJoyful Sorrow日 前
  • And from its ashes rose a new threat greater than any they had ever seen.

    Princess SunbuttPrincess Sunbutt日 前
  • Fun fact: the site of John blowing up 2020 was the same site that MTV's The Challenge used many months beforehand in CT's win of "Decode and Detonate".

    Ben ColeBen Cole日 前
  • I didnt know john oliver was a masochist

  • 8:00 The Quatermass Experiment theme! (Mars the Bringer of War!)😱😃😃😃

    Cameron MonaghanCameron Monaghan日 前
  • Interesting and well placed cinematography can really bring to life specific gags. I hope that, should the show continue to film without an audience, they utilize the freedom of not having restricted camera angles to change up the show a little and compensate for the lack of laughs by an audience.

    Thalia CharlesworthThalia Charlesworth日 前
  • The reason John Oliver is sitting at a desk while Adam Driver attacks him, is to hide his erection

    DEFEATED Yes, that Defeated, the 005 oneDEFEATED Yes, that Defeated, the 005 one日 前
  • Seeing that in January 2021 makes me peaceful... it’s so sad

    Abby GailAbby Gail日 前
  • For those in the comments talking about it being fake, he talks about it here and it was real

    ppleeatppleppleeatpple日 前
  • “They’re asking me if i’m gonna punch a hole in you like a Marriage Story wall”

    Lê QuânLê Quân日 前
  • it would have been classic 2020 if when he clicks the trigger nothing happened, then he starts walking back and boom.

    Greg KeaneGreg Keane日 前
  • Let's be fair, almost going to war with another country is actually a quite rare experience for the us. Usually they actually do go to war with that other country.

    KingQwertzlbrmpfKingQwertzlbrmpf日 前
  • Man, that was cathartic.

    kerlyenaikerlyenai日 前
  • John Oliver I love your show and I watch every single episode of it... fortunately America didn’t start a war with us Iranian at the beginning of 2020.

    Hadis JavaheriHadis Javaheri2 日 前
  • ...Janet? (Ifkyk)

    Ness NNess N2 日 前
  • Yeeeaah. The first episode of this season is going to be interesting.

    Son GohanSon Gohan2 日 前
  • 2020 was supposed to be our amazing future of flying cars and personal robots.

    xjohnny1000xjohnny10002 日 前
  • That was so unbelievably satisfying. Best show on TV.

    DaleDale2 日 前
  • That was so unbelievably satisfying. Best show on TV.

    DaleDale2 日 前
  • JOHN! Buddy! I don't if you're ready for 2021. Spoiler alert, shit is bad and we're only 15 days in FFS. Brace yourself my friend, this is a bumpy ass ride!

    Ettore NamiasEttore Namias2 日 前
  • you hollow boned, Mr. Bean cosplayer

    AstroMostra #AstrologíaAstroMostra #Astrología2 日 前
  • Okay, admittedly, I hadn't actually seen this earlier, but I was surprised I could still be surprised by this bit at the finale of last year. At least we know, no matter how bad 2021 gets, John can probably use the leftover savings of the budget HBO got from this whole blank void they used (Minus the Pringles Man thing, and the Marble League, of course - that presumably wasn't a savings on their end) to go even further at blowing up a year.

    ZT1STZT1ST2 日 前
  • Embrace yourself, 2021 is going to be just as bad.

    Roach DoggJRRoach DoggJR2 日 前
  • John you are missing out on a lot of good shit mate. Hurry back!

    Eddie BaezEddie Baez2 日 前
  • wish: "yes we do have Mr. bean"

    Enrique G. ZbindenEnrique G. Zbinden2 日 前
  • Oh John.. you’re in for a wild ride

    Emma VrijburgEmma Vrijburg2 日 前
  • 2020 didn’t finished, we are now on 2020.2

    TripleCincoTripleCinco3 日 前
  • Adam Driver and blowing up 2020 literally all i need in a single video

    Sara McCannSara McCann3 日 前
  • He’s going to have to do a mini-series to cover January, 2021....

    ccsbalccsbal3 日 前
    • True dat

      Robin JensenRobin Jensen日 前
  • i just realized they used “mars” from the planets in the lead up to the explosion. Cool.

    flowers bloomflowers bloom3 日 前
  • That was epic

    Bhaskar Jyoti NathBhaskar Jyoti Nath3 日 前
  • 4:45 Dan gurwich?

    matthew welkermatthew welker3 日 前
  • and when the world needed John Oliver the most, he vanished

    TaipolarTaipolar3 日 前
    • February can't come quick enough

      TaipolarTaipolar3 日 前
  • Is the music from 2001:Space Odyssey?

    Alexander ZacheshigrivaAlexander Zacheshigriva3 日 前
  • Even better the second time. This little strange man is quite the actor, I must say.

    Buzz KillingtonBuzz Killington3 日 前
  • Anyone else yell "thank god he's wearing pants" when he got out from behind the desk? No? Just me. Cool.

    Deanna SoltesDeanna Soltes3 日 前
  • Adam looks good in a beard

    joew 123joew 1233 日 前
  • That show was wickedly funny. Dang.

    Scott HarmonScott Harmon3 日 前
  • Okay, watching this on January 13, 2021 has a completely different feeling.

    Nathaniel SquiresNathaniel Squires3 日 前
  • Love the Truman Show-esque steps

    Abigail MartinAbigail Martin3 日 前
  • "Adam Driver is right. And hot. And massive. But mainly right"

    Álvaro GalianaÁlvaro Galiana3 日 前
  • Captain thy self: 'Unsupervised freedom Is too difficult for some They need the structure Of a full society and guns.' -Beercan de Borde Get on it, captain! Hilarious. Losers. 666. Medieval church society was highly structured and rule driven. One man carried many others. Never again! This is why the Holy Roman Empire gave up easily. They saw their chance to cut all that dead weight loose.

    Belial FrellonBelial Frellon4 日 前
  • cool explosion. but dat thumb. I went down the comments and did find anything about his weird thumb, is that a side effect of being hollowed boned.

    Juan CorreaJuan Correa4 日 前
  • John, since you've been gone I missed LWT so much that I took it upon myself to write an article covering the Covid-19 relief bill, in a way that I think you'd appreciate... But I couldn't talk about something like the coup, this is saved just for you. WE NEED YOU!

    Coral MizrachiCoral Mizrachi4 日 前
  • Next time can we do something more environmentally friendly!?

    Attila BlénesiAttila Blénesi4 日 前
  • Oh you poor sod. You really picked a poor time for the last episode of your show. There is some newsworthy shit going around in the capital...

    VelkanKiadorVelkanKiador4 日 前
  • Meat peaks, holy shit

    DecoySanchezDecoySanchez4 日 前
  • I have had my free 10 day trial of 2021 and do not wish to subscribe. Please forward 2022 to me.

    DM FraserDM Fraser4 日 前
  • Family Guy and Dragon Ball Z just called and want their episodes back.

    We Deserve BetterWe Deserve Better4 日 前
  • Nice i guess... movie special effect type explosion, small explosives with a bunch of fuel for visuals, big fireballs (Btw yes John, fire is hot) but to me? 2020 deserved more than a flashy deflagration, it deserved a gut shaking detonation (think myth busters concrete trucks). it needed to be pulverized.... 2021 isn't off to a good start so maybe it'll get the right send off.

    Vulvotron 009Vulvotron 0094 日 前
  • Today, I learned that John Oliver has legs.

    Sheldon YeeSheldon Yee4 日 前
  • It may be because I am so used to only seeing the top half of him, but I swear John Oliver's torso is longer than it should be, or maybe his trousers are too low down.. His legs don't look right, I'm not trying to bully in any way. Am I the only one to see this?

    AyelaAyela5 日 前
  • Captiol roit 2021... Nice way to start things

    Lil' XLil' X5 日 前
  • Ah yes, necessary pollution. Great though.

    Linda WadeLinda Wade5 日 前
  • The taboo sunflower unexpectedly murder because atm bioinformatically scrape below a abounding magician. crazy, thick octave

    celso manalocelso manalo5 日 前
  • I've been fooled by advertising - I was expecting the red door to lead to the Elizabeth Arden salon.

    Lesley AllerbyLesley Allerby5 日 前
  • Bet you didn’t expect so much material from the first 2 weeks of 2021 to kick of the show in February!

    JSK2909JSK29095 日 前
  • 3:28 Did I hear this right hollow boned Mr. bean cosplayer

    British EmpireBritish Empire5 日 前
    • Yep. A reference to Oliver taking over for Rowan Atkinson as Zazu in the remake of "The Lion King."

      Lisa KazmierLisa Kazmier17 時間 前
  • The idea of that every new year is the worst year ever is a testament to the childish immediatism and negativism and short attention spans of our era.

    ManoredManored5 日 前
  • Eric Munchel

    Bob SmithBob Smith5 日 前
  • Yes, that was a satisfying end.....twss

    BoarderGurlBoarderGurl5 日 前
  • January 2021: “oh you want better than 2020? Sure, I can do one better!” *Trump cultists raid capital* Everyone: “NO THATS NOT WHAT WE MEANT!!!”

    Carnivorous PianoCarnivorous Piano5 日 前
  • *What are you....?* ... "Six Feet of spankable birdmeat crammed into a suit?" Had me in stitches ^^

    Tim BlokTim Blok6 日 前
  • It's a shame he will probably return to a new blank void once the new season starts.

    Nanyu BusnisNanyu Busnis6 日 前
  • Asking on January 11th: Where the f*** are you? Shit hit the fan like it is August already.

    Julian MiebachJulian Miebach6 日 前
  • So a bit of an update for 2021.... it is currently day 10.... and it is shit already

    Newtonian LawNewtonian Law6 日 前
  • One more month until he’s back. I really thought it was this month :(

    oaxaca911oaxaca9116 日 前
  • They really did end like two months too soon

    Brendan ParkerBrendan Parker6 日 前
  • Man does like 20 shows a year and says "Done"

    Vanessa CrousVanessa Crous6 日 前
  • I swear there are Jewish people who have less holidays than John Oliver.

    Vanessa CrousVanessa Crous6 日 前
  • Adam Driver looks like a horse, and not a pretty one.

    DrukDruk6 日 前
  • well environmentally I am not really pro doing a small exposure for fun of it!! apart from all those materials that will go to waste even if you didn't leave them there and somehow manage to collect every single piece of them, there was emissions which is not really recommended to produce over nothing and also this kinda noise usually scares animals of that area which is bad for ecosystem, I believe you are logical and caring people to some extent. So I decided to share this with you. I hope you reconsider blowing up a real thing or at least doing it with a prior assessments and mitigation plans. Thank you

    Negar SharifiNegar Sharifi6 日 前
  • We need John Oliver now.

    SunnySydeRamsaySunnySydeRamsay6 日 前
  • is the explosion cgi?

    Blinded by the LightBlinded by the Light6 日 前
  • Yes he is... all of those things John... all of those things. My mom & I give high fives from the heart.

    Alexis AtkinsonAlexis Atkinson6 日 前
  • Quick question... does this also cover Jan 1-19 2021? #AskingForAConcernedFriend

    Patrick AllenPatrick Allen7 日 前
  • I don't wanna wait til Feb. We need you back John.

    zumbrella927zumbrella9277 日 前
  • Too bad you left for the months that are the most chaotic, John! Wish I could see your response to the insurgence along with all the other hosts. Can't wait for the next season!!!

    Isabel WatkinsIsabel Watkins7 日 前
  • John looks kinda like Mark Strong if Mark Strong was too ugly for 4K movies on 40-foot screens, but not quite ugly enough for 1080P TV on 50-inch screens.

    Lord OdysseusLord Odysseus7 日 前
  • Maybe we spoke a little too soon cause. 2020 might have had an infection that 2021 caught i hope to everything and anything that it gets vaccinated and antibiotics soon. Cause fuckity fuck fuck FUCK!!!!!

    sachahappy1sachahappy17 日 前
  • John Oliver for President

    Bayfire BuildsBayfire Builds7 日 前
  • 7:43 Oh John, you have no idea... Sincerly January 2021

    CarmenCarmen7 日 前
  • John Olliver cosplaying Janet in her void XD

    PsyvanaPsyvana7 日 前
  • 2020 - Get f%$ed.... 5 days into 2021 - Yep. it wasn't better. ...we're sorry 2020. Please come back!

    Barry NeilsonBarry Neilson7 日 前
  • wow, Well 2021 9 days in is pretty fucked

    TheKasartaTheKasarta7 日 前
  • Is anyone else watching this after the capitol got raided and thinking the next episode is gonna be fucking cray?

    Austin FarleyAustin Farley8 日 前
  • Does anyone know the music at 8:00?

    Samuel SquiresSamuel Squires8 日 前
    • Its from Gustav Holst's seven movement orchestral suite called "The Planets". The music used in the video at 8:00 is a sample of the first movement called "Mars, the Bringer of War".

      Andy0915Andy0915日 前
  • Somehow I knew this sendoff would be premature

    Jacob ThompsonJacob Thompson8 日 前