RNC 2020 & Kenosha: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses a week that saw the Republican National Convention, a horrific series of shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and a strike in professional sports -- three stories that are really one story, about race in America.
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  • Mr McCloskey claims people “protected criminals from honest citizens”. Which is true, because people protected him.

    Walt ZamalisWalt Zamalis11 時間 前
  • 15:08 Even ignoring the position of those athletes, can we all agree that Jared has no right to criticize anyone for “taking a day of” when his only job is to look like he is doing something important and then being pay for it, like a doll of a guy in a suit that you need to pay every month millions of dollars.

    Cristobal Macario Costero PalenciaCristobal Macario Costero Palencia12 時間 前
  • Dude: Talks about Covid in the past tense January 2021: Hello, we are now at 400,000 deaths

    Tyler AlmquistTyler Almquist16 時間 前
  • Honestly I am impressed there was no genocide yet. The red party seems to try and kill as many people as possible for decades now.

    IamMeIamMe日 前
  • Why does everyone in the Alt-Right think that everyone thinks like them? Not only is that stupidly wrong, but even IF everyone did think that, it wouldn’t make their ideas any less braindead.

    LankyLinkLankyLink日 前
  • I would legitimately like to see a 28 minute video on the corn tax. Hey, that gosh darn corn tax is really important! In fact, the corn tax is crucial to our agricultural system. Consider that corn is in everything. High fructose corn syrup is derived from corn. Corn is used as animal feed. Corn is subsidized by the government, so it’s easy to profit off of. So yeah, the “corn tax” would actually be a viable video. (Technically, it’s government subsidized, but hell, this corn business is wacky)

    Leftover LemonsLeftover Lemons2 日 前
  • Yeah, things have gotten worse. Hands for everyone seeing this after the terrorist attack on the capital

    Serene 117Serene 1174 日 前
  • Best came at January 6th

    Maciej StrMaciej Str4 日 前
  • how come the US constantly seems to have borderline civil war?! how come its always vote x or fear for your life and not. Hey the other side obviously wants to best for you but we dont think they are doing it right and here is why. maybe if the political parties and their (strangely not illegal) biased media channels didnt try to raise political points up to fight for your life, then perhaps people could actually start seeing the issues and fixing things. Sure every country has its radicals who thinks the world will end if they arent in control BUT why does it seem like EVERY party in the US is a radical party.

    MusicislifeMusicislife4 日 前
  • These cops are one step away from re-enacting the Most Dangerous Game... what the fuck kind of country are we living in?

    Sanctify SuccubiSanctify Succubi4 日 前
  • 2:00 I was about to say the same

    DarkKnight95smDarkKnight95sm6 日 前
  • Anyone who has enabled trump should be charged criminally.

    go awaygo away7 日 前
  • "the best is yet to come!"

    Naughty WurmNaughty Wurm8 日 前
    • ...well, she wasn’t wrong.

      Adam ShermanAdam Sherman7 日 前
  • I loved it when Jared didn’t fucking talk. Those were the days.

    Quirky Black EnbyQuirky Black Enby9 日 前
  • RNC organizer: Mr. Trump, how many flags do you want on stage. Trump: Yes.

    MaiAoleiMaiAolei9 日 前
  • i really just wanna say that i used to consider america a good place to live but over the last couple of years that has certainly been disproven and i don't think i will never live their

    mitch dorsmanmitch dorsman10 日 前
  • *[PART 1]* A black woman calls 911 to report that the man she has a restraining order against for sexually assaulting her in her own bed next two her two-year-old child (and, as it happens, has an open felony warrant out on him) has forced his way way into her home, stolen her ATM card, and is now looking for her car keys. The police-- who are so often accused of not giving a damn about protecting black people, and are then publicly pilloried when they do-- arrive and attempt to arrest the man. The man-- Jacob Clark, a thug piece of shit who has devoted over half his life to harming people, including multiple incidents violently assaulting people (such as the woman who just summoned the police), also including fighting with the cops, fights with three cops as they attempt to detain him...because cops always shoot black people whether they need to or not. They then open fire on him....with tasers...twice...it doesn't work. The police draw their guns and order him to stop moving, so Clark-- because we all know how black people are mortally terrified by cops 'cuz they always tryin' to shoot a brother for doin' nuthin'-- ignores them and then lunges into the vehicle he was driving...where a weapon was later found. Police open fire seven times, mortally. The media, in their typical fashion, are exemplars of journalistic integrity and restraint when they report on what happened: *"OH MY FUCKING GOD!! RACIST NAZI KLAN COPS GUN DOWN INNOCENT BLACK MAN FOR BREAKING UP A FIGHT BETWEEN TWO WOMEN, AND FOR BEING BLACK!! THEY SHOOT HIM IN THE BACK IN FRONT OF HIS THREE KIDS JUST BECAUSE HE'S BLACK!!!"* *"Witnessnes say: 'He dindu nuffin'! They just shot him for being black! He just mindin' his bidness, and the po-po's gonna just roll up on him, and yell 'FREEZE, NI^^^R!!' and shot him in the back in front of his three kids. Prolly 'cuz he black!!'"* Everyone begins losing their shit immediately. Because God knows, it's not like the news *EVER* gets this stuff wrong, incites mass rioting, then very quietly and sheepishly mentions much later...sometimes...but not always...when nobody gives a shit anymore...the stuff they got wrong. So while scores of people have the their life's work burned to the ground by violent mobs of total shitbags who are in no way personally connected by anything other than taking advantage of the license to loot, burn, wreck and steal shit, it's time to be moralized to by those paragons of moral virtue: pro athletes!!

    Greg RockGreg Rock10 日 前
    • @Greg Rock seemingly so but I don't mind them lol

      Rubaiyat MehediRubaiyat Mehedi2 時間 前
    • @Rubaiyat Mehedi Be my guest. I certainly won't mind, but other people may...you see, people often say I tend to grind on (and on, and on, and on) when I write about stuff. Can't imagine where they got **THAT** from...I'm a regular Ernest Hemingway! :-D

      Greg RockGreg Rock2 時間 前
    • I'm copying this if you don't mind:) same thing happened with Breonna Taylor she wasn't shot in her sleep and the police officers fired only after her boyfriend had mistaken the officers as intruders and fired one of the officers in the leg. They were in the hallway when they were being shot at) I agree that there were some severe miscommunication between them and those officers did a terrible job at properly introducing them to the couple and they have to be held accountable for that BUT it had nothing... Absolutely NOTHING to do with her race. This sorta brainwashing crap sickens me to the stomach

      Rubaiyat MehediRubaiyat Mehedi5 日 前
    • *[PART 5]* *"We have seen time and time again that wealth and fame do not protect black athletes..."* 1) OJ Simpson managed to get over after he stabbed his estranged wife and her boyfriend to death, and cut the former's head nearly clean off. 2) Letrell Sprewell took a 68-game suspension but was able to retain his contract after he attacked and choked the team's head coach for committing the egregious offense of telling him to "put a little mustard" on his passing game. When he was convicted of a reckless driving incident that injured two people, he **REALLY** got the hammer dropped on him: 90 days house arrest. 3) Micheal Vick did 21 months in a federal pen for his part in running a dogfighting ring, as well as handling book-making on wagers people placed on the dogs who were forced to viciously maul each other to death. A year later, on the day he became eligible to return to playing pro football, the Philly Eagles signed him to a five-year, $100 million dollar contract. After three years-- the first of which he was lauded with a coveted "Comeback Player of the Year Award," and one of which he was mostly on injured reserve and didn't play-- he was released from his contract. All told, he walked away $60 million richer. (I bet he'll think twice before doing anything bad again, eh?) 4) Mike Tyson has managed to do pretty well for a guy with a history of violent juvenile crimes-- which he was able to rise above thanks to his talent for punching the shit out of people until they lost consciousness-- and then continued punching people in and out of the ring: his wife, a hotel bellboy, a guy he ran into in a traffic accident, a guy he punched when the man implored him to stop manhandling a woman Tyson was accompanying, to say nothing of the woman he raped in a hotel room. He also took a bite out of Evander Holyfields' ear during a bout. 5) Former NBA player Corie Blount got off only paying $45K in fines and surrendered two cars after getting busted with 29 pounds of weed, which he hilariously tried to claim was for "personal use." 6) Former NFL player Nate Newton got busted with 213 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop; five weeks later, he got busted in another traffic stop with another 175 pounds of high-test ganja. He got a WHOPPING 2.5 years for all that. I've personally known guys-- white and black-- have eaten a lot more for much less. A black dude I once shared a basement sublet with, and who used to make money as a "mule" driving bundles of weed concealed in a car trunk up from sellers to buyers up and down I-95 (a common practice before state police agencies finally got wise and cracked down on in the early '90s) did a "nickel" in a Pennsylvania state pen after state troopers-- acting on a tip-- popped him with roughly the same amount of whacky-weed as Blunt, and nowhere near as much as Newton. The real lesson here-- besides "John Oliver is a virtue-signalling cunt"-- is that wealth and fame **DOES** help criminal athletes. That, and (in the case of my former roomie) "If your girl knows you're well-involved in the drug game, you best not let her catch you getting a little sumthin' extra on the side. 7) Numerous college teams have become notorious for helping their (mostly black) athletes avoid the consequences of their off-field peccadilloes....in many cases, a pattern that started in high school. When I was living in Knoxville, the players in the University Of Tennessee "Vols" football and basketball program became fodder for all manner of jokes related to that sort of thing. Reps for the basketball program once spared no effort gaining clemency for a local high school senior they just signed after an incident in which he insinuated himself into a disturbance call which resulted in him laying a serious whuppin' on five Knox Country PD officers simultaneously. As tends to be the case, none of the officers succumbed to the urge to put bullets in his ass, even though we all **"KNOW"** cops get their jollies shooting black people for any reason, if if the reason is "No reason at all." In ended when one officer finally tased him; this was also a stroke of luck, since many officers (including 4 of the 5 aforementioned) had not yet done the mandatory department training course, and were not yet cleared to add a Taser to their standard loadout. The one who *DID* had only just passed the cert training course...so recently he had to fetch it from the trunk of his patrol car, where it was still in the box it came in. Anyway: the kid escaped serious repercussions and went on to college, where he lived out his hoop dreams. This was no doubt largely due to the lobbying efforts of members of UT's basketball program, and his mother, on the grounds that he was an otherwise decent and promising lad raised in difficult circumstances, and should not be denied the chance to rise above it all over a a reckless youthful indiscretion (re: being 6' 6", 250+ pounds, and simultaneously beating the hell out of five cops). Not a terrible argument, and may have 100% spot-on; still, I'm rather skeptical that the UT sports gods would've have secured him such lenient treatment out of the good ness of their hearts. 8) On the other hand, four white Duke University lacrosse stars were accused, then indicted, on rape charges when a stripper-for-hire accused them of gang-raping her. The fawning media lovingly portrayed as a young, disadvantaged black woman struggling to provide for her out-of-wedlock daughter; the accused were slandered and libeled as being paragons of white supremacy and white privilege who must have been thinking that nothing they did to a lowly, poor black woman would have repercussions. They were eventually exonerated when the story collapsed under scrutiny. That was only after their names were dragged through the mud, their characters slandered, getting drop by the Duke lacrosse program, being forced to leave Duke U, and having to contend with endless threats of grievous harm and death against them and their families.

      Greg RockGreg Rock10 日 前
    • *[PART 4]* *"It's amazing...why we keep loving this country...that doesn't love us."* You don't love yourselves. Good parents and true friends and people who really care and love tell you want you need to hear; but you don't wanna hear it. Plenty of black people aren't smelling this load of shit you're shoveling; they would rather do the right thing, take care of themselves, and take care of their own. What they won't do is speak honestly on what's happening, because they'll be reviled by dumbasses like you. *"Yeah...exactly."* Get fucked, John. Why don't you, and Trevor Noah, and Francis Maxwell, and everybody else who comes to this country, enjoy what we have to offer, and then become multimillionaires shitting all over it follow Piers Morgan's example and just fuck o0ff back to wherever you came from. *"But then...some EXTRAORDINARY happened..."* A bunch of ignorant assholes stood in solidarity with yet another criminal piece of shit by not doing their job, and some other feckless, meaningless, attention-whoring bullshit? That's actually quite commonplace. *"They were putting a LOT on the line here..."* They weren't putting shit on the line. Once Colin Kaepernick demonstrated that a middling athletic talent who sabotages his own career will be elevated to hero status and get paid tens of millions of dollars on top of the fortune he already made for extolling the virutes of "sacrificing everything" the risk factor fell to "zero." But if you're Drew Brees-- who's only 50% less black than Kap, and who (unlike Kap) who has funnelled tens of millions of dollars into philanthropic efforts that went to help-- among other things-- majority black communities in NOLA ravaged by Hurricane Katrina and various social ills who says "I don't support kneeling for the National Anthem," you get ostracized by the media, and by your own disloyal shitbag teammates. Then he's forced to kowtow and bow and scrape to get back in the good graces of the people he has worked his ass off to help by wearing a jersey with the name of the rapist thug garbage human being you're crying about. They knew damn good and well nothing would happen. And fuck you and your "pressure of being black in America during the pandemic and blah blah blah." Anything to shoehorn in a jab at one of Trump's dumbass kids, eh? You, Trump, Trumps' sons, and these assholes you're crying about all have one thing in common: you got rich by being idiots, and will stay that way regardless of whatever stupid crap you do. By the way: you **DO** realize that not everyone on any of those teams, or who work with them, or for them, who are mucking in with this pointless gesture, is black...right? So even if the idea that they can't take a night off work because they still have to deal with the horrors of being wealthy black people wasn't idiotic, you'd still be an idiot.

      Greg RockGreg Rock10 日 前
  • Haha. Republicans calling for peaceful protests. Greetings from January 6th 2021

    Michael BugnerMichael Bugner10 日 前
  • Wow back up cotton eye joe is a banger

    Matthew D MillerMatthew D Miller10 日 前
  • Hats off to Doc Rivers

    Kyle CooleyKyle Cooley15 日 前
  • Repubs don't care about anything but money and power

    Kyle CooleyKyle Cooley15 日 前
  • Why theres so many Hitler impersonator in US nowadays?

    krepnata kadarakrepnata kadara15 日 前
  • The careful plaster connolly spare because money therapeutically jail circa a finicky step. misty, finicky business

    Nicholas ThomasNicholas Thomas16 日 前
  • As someone who lives a half hour away from Kenosha, the Midwest really is the new south.

    KoidoKoido17 日 前
  • What the f***!!! I think what that sheriff said was one of the worst things I've ever heard coming out of a human beings mouth. And he's training other cops to act like that. They are all going to breed and have children and those children are going to have children that are all going to be terrorists. See I can do the same thing. These people are terrorists!!! They are literally terrorizing our fellow Americans. This crap has got to STOP!!

    Just BJust B17 日 前
  • Ayyy Johnny anytime you need a little help writing! Always around!

    Michael WhiteheadMichael Whitehead18 日 前
  • “The best is yet to come!” Considering how much propaganda and fear-mongering was presented in the RNC, this actually sounds like Hitler. Holy shit.

    HMCosmosHMCosmos19 日 前
  • I stopped watching with “and a vigilante killed two people.” “Vigilante” implies a purposeful and targeted killing. Video shows very clearly that the “vigilante” was being chased and physically attacked. It was clearly self defense.

    daer devvyldaer devvyl19 日 前
    • @daer devvyl Thats a real tall strawman right there. Denying the rampancy of racism because people have faked racist attacks is absolutely rediculous, there have been millions of people who have called in fake bomb threats claiming they were ISIS does that mean threats from groups like that should no longer be taken seriously? I've SEEN friends and family attacked by racists, abused by police because they "Fit the discription", I myself have experienced racism multiple times throughout my life. Proud Boys are indefensible racists my friend, it doesn't matter if Enrique Tarrio isn't white, they espouse a doctrine that believes we're seeing "White-Genocide" in America they also constantly use the Confederate flag which was the flag of an insurrection that sought to maintain the institution of Slavery. You can tell me "noo, its southern pride" or "nooo, the Civil War wasn't about slavery it was about states rights" but thats bullshit because half of these Proud Boys are not from the south and the Civil War was absolutely about slavery. Mate, I've seen all I need to see in this world to form my take and it's not likely to change now. I appreciate you not making this unpleasant tho, I was kinda hesitant to engage in any kind of debate because 9 times outta 10 my experience has been basically being brick walled by people who then devolve into personal attacks.

      Micheal Jackson's Aborted SonMicheal Jackson's Aborted Son5 日 前
    • @Micheal Jackson's Aborted Son This is a VERY long comment. Sorry about that. In the last several years: • a black racecar driver mistook a rope for pulling his garage door closed for a racist attack on him • a black man put up rope swings in a California park for kids to play on, and then a black woman saw the rope swings and mistook them for a racist symbol • a blind girl was walking her dog and couldn’t find a garbage can, so she left the bag of crap in front of a building so somebody would find it and throw it out. It happened that the building was sime sort of headquarters for a diverse students organization, so this was mistaken for a racist attack • Jussie Smollett faked being attacked by white guys in MAGA hats who yelled “this is Trump country” in downtown Chicago • several vandalism crimes have occurred with racist messages, usually with references to Trump and the KKK, and then the victim was found to have done it themself. This includes a church (with all or mostly black members) which was burned down and messages involving Trump were found. A black member of the church was arrested. • several prominent nonwhite politicians and journalists have received threatening racist messages, again usually making reference to Trump and the KKK but then it was revealed that they sent it to themself. • in two cases I can think of, attacks on Muslim girls were reported where the perpetrators tried to pull off her hijab. In one case a group of white boys were reported to have pulled off her hijab and cut her hair. Both of these incidents were hoaxes. • a group of Catholic teenagers were reported to have mocked a Native protestor. When the whole video came out, it became clear that the teenagers were actually the victims of harassment and racist insults from not only the Native protestors, but a group of black people who believe they are the “true Jews” from the Bible. • a woman was called racist for calling the police to report a family barbecuing with charcoal in a park in a location where that is against the law. Obviously she must have tried to reason with them before calling since they were already filming her as she called. It never occurs to anybody that she may believe that people should obey laws designed to prevent fires. • a Starbucks manager was called racist for refusing to let people use her bathroom or sit in the shop without buying something. I am mostly white and certainly white in appearance and I’ve been told that bathrooms are for customers only. This is not a concept that only applies to nonwhite people. • I was accused of racism because I refused to open the security door of my apartment building for someone I didn’t know who happened to be Asian. I was repeatedly told that I would have opened it if he had been white. This was from somebody who had never met me before. I am sure that in each of these cases, the offended people would have said that they were victims of racism (on that occasion) but they weren’t, or at least there’s no evidence that they were. People see what they expect to see. If you believe that there are large numbers of white people who hate you, of course every situation will be interpreted in that way. In every one of those situations, racism was one explanation for what happened (except the one involving me.) But the media never stopped to consider other possibilities and stated it as fact that these attacks happened (except for one that happened to me.) Several years ago there was a police shooting in New York City. Immediately two people went to the media to tell what they had seen. A man said that he had seen an officer chasing a man into the street. “The man looked scared, like he was just trying to get away.” And then the officer shot him in the back. A woman who had been riding a bicycle said she saw the officer shoot a handcuffed man. Later that day, security footage from a store was revealed. It showed that the suspect was chasing a female officer and swinging a hammer at her head. Her partner, a male officer, saved her from being bludgoned to death by shooting the suspect. Then he called for an ambulance and put cuffs on the wounded suspect. The New York Times ran an article about how unreliable witnesses are. Psychologists will tell you that every time you think about a memory, you actually are remembering the previous time you remembered it, not the actual memory if that makes any sense. So if there are gaps in what you saw, you’ll fill in the gaps with what you THINK happened. You’ll think “it must have happened this way” and imagine it happening. Then next time you think about it, you remember you’re imagining of it and think you actually saw it. The two witnesses both said things like “You just hear so much about police hurting people that I thought it was what must have happened.” And the media plays a big role in shaping people’s perceptions. In the last several years, there have been many attacks on Jewish people in New York City and New Jersey. The perpetrators in most of these attacks have been black. The New York Times hasn’t reported most of these attacks. Their editorial board said that they didn’t report them because “they didn’t fit into a narrative.” Meaning that crimes which confirm the view that white people are racist get reported, but crimes which show that nonwhite people can be racist as well do not. By the way, it is generally assumed by the media and politicians that the Proud Boys are a racist group, but I’ve never seen any evidence of that. Lots of their leaders and about half of their members aren’t white. So where does the idea come from that they’re white supremacists? As far as I can tell, it comes from two things. First, they believe that “western culture” is better than other cultures. Because “western culture” has been practiced mainly by white people, this is seen as code for “white people are better.” But as their membership shows, you don’t have to be white to be a member of western culture and proud of it. The other reason they’re assumed to be racist is that we’re in a weird time when just calling someone a racist is enough to get lots of people to assume that it’s true. It’s strange, but if you call someone a racist, lots of people (mainly college students) will repeat the claim mindlessly like zombies. I was watching a video once of a protest at a college where Ben Shapiro was going to be speaking. They were calling him a white supremacist and a Nazi. The interviewer talked to several people asking them what Shapiro had said or done that would make him a Nazi, and none of them could give an example. They just said that’s what they’d heard. One girl was shocked when the interviewer told them Shapiro was Jewish.

      daer devvyldaer devvyl5 日 前
    • @daer devvyl I don't think anyone has the notion that the KKK itself is running around unchecked, but racism is very much rampant, but i totally understand why you think it isn't. Unless you're Black, Brown, Asian, Jewish, or other why and how would you have experienced any kind of rampant racism? While the KKK may not be running around commiting crimes the number of white supremacist hate groups has grown by over 50% since 2016, and continues to grow. Things like the rise of the Q-Anon conspiracy theory which has some heavily anti-semitic overtones, groups like Proud Boys, almost the entirety of the Parler platform and idk if you saw but several members of the mob who raided the Capitol Building last week were wearing "6m was not enough" and "Camp Auswitz" shirts. Also in my opinion Donald Trump IS a racist whether he knows it or not. Side note: to my knowledge Antifa (which has no actual power structure or leadership so i would scarcely even call Antifa a group) and BLM have never gone out with the intention of violence, it may very well happen and thats wrong but like i said, when the immediate response to protests about police brutality is more brutality what exactly is expected?

      Micheal Jackson's Aborted SonMicheal Jackson's Aborted Son5 日 前
    • @Micheal Jackson's Aborted Son Anyway, I wasn’t trying to say that racism doesn’t exist. But I see no evidence that it’s rampant. There’s this idea that the KKK is everywhere and committing huge numbers of crimes, and it’s simply not true. The truth is that white supremacists are a very small, but extremely dangerous group of people. Leftist groups like Antifa and BLM attack more people, but usually use bats and similar weapons, so it’s rare for someone to get killed. It’s like comparing one nutjob with an AR-15 to 50 thugs wielding bats.

      daer devvyldaer devvyl5 日 前
    • @Micheal Jackson's Aborted Son I was just curious about exactly how stupid the people were who were calling you names. I was kind of hoping you were going to say you were Chinese or something, so we could all point and laugh at the silly racists instead of being worried and angry about the racists who at least got your race right.

      daer devvyldaer devvyl5 日 前
  • I also think we should lock criminals up

    minichief 1994minichief 199419 日 前
  • Free kyle

    minichief 1994minichief 199419 日 前
  • It's wired for me to hear Jarid without Gilbert Godfry's voice

    Garrett HochmuthGarrett Hochmuth19 日 前
  • Lol as a Black Southerner I would 100% stand up for the Cotton Eye Joe

    Quirky Black EnbyQuirky Black Enby24 日 前
  • Also Larry kudlow really tried to tell us the trump administration actually did something and treated the virus like it’s in the past... I feel sorry for the ppl who voluntarily get lied too, how do u do this to urself

    itsawrapentitsawrapent24 日 前
  • “THE BEST HAS YET TO COME!!!!!” The biggest Lie of the night!

    itsawrapentitsawrapent24 日 前
  • Hey can you do more pauses betwenn the scatches and maybee add some fake laughter. This would help. Thx

    Denyo YenyoDenyo Yenyo24 日 前
  • John is passionate in this show proud of the former brit

    stephen tarrstephen tarr24 日 前
  • How does a 17 year old get access to a fucking ar 15 and then get away with murder

    normboynormboys worldnormboynormboys world25 日 前
  • Suburbs are racist

    normboynormboys worldnormboynormboys world25 日 前
  • I have an issue with that sheriff's statement. He is acting all genocidal for 5 people accused of theft. Thankfully, he's not as low as... let's say Arizona's Joe Arpaio, but that is nonetheless disgusting for someone with a damn badge to say such crap.

    Edward Jones IIEdward Jones II26 日 前
  • that guy literally advocated for concentration camps

    Elai KehlerElai Kehler27 日 前
  • Bravo!!!

    H WILDH WILD28 日 前
  • This was his best rant.

    W DuaneW Duane28 日 前
  • The mature diaphragm overwhelmingly snore because bill ophthalmoscopically burn forenenst a industrious acknowledgment. romantic, few fierce patch

    Ca CaCa Ca29 日 前
  • the things that that sheriff are absolutely horrifying. it's not the primary reason (it's just morally disgusting) but i'm from austria and uhm... quite aware of our country's history

    J HJ Hヶ月 前
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    Lesiqa JeniLesiqa Jeniヶ月 前
  • Let me qualify this first by saying I’m a complete lefty, but I really don’t appreciate the disingenuous and intellectually dishonest point that’s made here that the police interaction with the kid from Kenosha and the guy reaching into his truck for some unknown reason as the cops had the guns on him, are anything like equivalent. When you go buck wild in front of the cops, you’ve created an enormously dangerous situation, that shit is on you. Did they ever figure out why the hell that guy was doing what he was doing? Not that the Kenosha kid is any less of a douche bag, but the behavior in the moments they were dealing with police directly is completely a different story, and you guys suck for portraying it this way. I agree with you about 99% of the time, but this is bullshit and your head is up your ass on this.

    Terrance PhillipsTerrance Phillipsヶ月 前
    • @miss Massey We were describing and discussing the interaction the two men had with the police directly. You pipe in with something that happened before the incident in question. This is the same intellectually dishonest bullshit as when somebody gets shot by the cops for pulling a gun on the cops after being stopped for speeding, and people say “guy gets shot for speeding”. You have added nothing to the conversation.

      Terrance PhillipsTerrance Phillips12 日 前
    • @Terrance Phillips Yea I know who he is.

      the storytellerthe storyteller12 日 前
    • Let me be blunt..... The African American man did not have a gun and was travelling with his children in the car. The White teen was walking around with a military grade gun (after curfew) and he shot two people... But somehow the african american dad is shot 7 times and the white teen is given water and asked if "he's okay"...... DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?????? DO YOU???

      miss Masseymiss Massey12 日 前
    • @the storyteller I suggest you check out Donut Operator’s JPworlds channel. He goes in depth on as many police interaction videos he can. He is a former officer and he is highly objective. I can’t remember a single instance where I found him to be full of shit. 🙂

      Terrance PhillipsTerrance Phillips13 日 前
    • @Terrance Phillips Again still mostly agree, but all guns have a safety. And also don't Officer's have options for non lethal tools.

      the storytellerthe storyteller13 日 前
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  • please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting.

    Saniya 666Saniya 666ヶ月 前
  • please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting.

    Saniya 666Saniya 666ヶ月 前
  • The Sheriff's speech was INSANE. WOW!

    Irina TaveraIrina Taveraヶ月 前
  • I once heard a southener say in a video that the Confederate flag isn't a symbol for racism but that it represents a part of American history. Well if that were the case than a german could say "Oh no, I don't think the Swastika is a symbol for racism, for me it just represents a part of german history." See how absurd this reasoning is?

    Silvan Van Der HorstSilvan Van Der Horstヶ月 前
  • Now John, in the interest of being fair, Trump did not say that Biden promised to tear down the wall. Trump said Biden was talking about it. To be fair, since you said “he promised none of those things”, you did cover yourself but you also did (perhaps unintentionally) imply that Trump was stating that Biden promised to do those things. Based on the clips shown, it was never stated that Biden was promising to do that. I know that you are a Democrat-leaning tv host, but in the interest of fair journalism, as you have touched on in the past, it is important to show both sides of the story. I would not be surprised if Trump said that Biden promised to do those things, but the clip shown did not say that he was promising to do those things.

    Zane TaylorZane Taylorヶ月 前
  • I found voter fraud and here is the proof. Www.Loser.com. Telling people to vote 2 or 3 times.

    stickersadd20hpstickersadd20hpヶ月 前
  • That kid rittenhouse was being chased down. One guy he shot was carrying a pistol and the other tried to grab his rifle. Its self defence. He was a scared kid. Those peotestors were really bordering on riotus.

    Icarus FallingIcarus Fallingヶ月 前
  • Jared The Demon needs to STFU. The average WNBA player is well paid, but far from rich. The average salary in the WNBA is about one ninth the minimum salary in the NBA. NBA players can work for three years and be set for life, but WNBA players will probably need a second career.

    David FortierDavid Fortierヶ月 前
  • I've had this is my "To be watched queue" since August. I just couldn't bring myself to watch it for a long time. I'm a Kenosha resident and those events happened not far from my home. I've ridden a bicycle through the area where Jacob Blake was shot, as well as where the protests were held. Since then, I've ridden past the rubble and along streets that still have protective boards on their windows, although I'm glad to say that many of them do have #BLM slogans painted on them by the store owners. Sheriff Concentration Camp there does NOT speak for me, not for my family, nor for anyone I know, really. That's not to say I'm unaware of people that support him; he had plenty of those in the last election where he was up. Trump yard signs are still up more than a month after the 2020 election, so we have quite a few Nazi's in our city. Wish I had something positive to say, but best I can say is that I did see a few people remove Trump flags from their homes in September and not replace them. Anyway, thank you for the story. Amazingly well done on something that I wish had never been needed.

    Fred McDonaldFred McDonaldヶ月 前
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    Joshua LeeJoshua Leeヶ月 前
  • ...This is the first time I've ever heard Jared Kushner's voice

    Dick BongDick Bongヶ月 前
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    Poor PeoplePoor Peopleヶ月 前
  • Cue the Imperial March after Kimberly Guilfoyle’s speech

    Devin DerianDevin Derianヶ月 前
  • Yet we all laughed at Dave Chapelle's piece when he said the only piece of advice he gave Barrack Obama during his presidential run was, "Keep your head down and run in a zig zag." . .

    ben mungaiben mungaiヶ月 前
  • I mean, the RNC is a propaganda piece, and everybody there are liars.

    danis kdanis kヶ月 前
  • Let's be grateful they are not having big children that would be a mess!

    Michael RMichael Rヶ月 前
  • With the black athletes on strike sports are gonna get real boring

    James GeorgeJames Georgeヶ月 前
  • one isse about kyle shot pepole who tried to kill him sooooooooooooooooo

    funny like treesfunny like treesヶ月 前
    • @Mvtito huh I’m trying to talk to you but your just being a asshole man if you have things that go against what I’m saying I’ll agree can we get common ground that Kyle should be arrested for the gun if the the shooting because we’re never gonna agree on that

      funny like treesfunny like treesヶ月 前
    • @funny like trees im sorry bud but when you spout bullshit and repeat what the Russians and trump are spouting, it automatically ends the conversation.

      MvtitoMvtitoヶ月 前
    • @Mvtito see you just made your point null and void if you won’t read my stuff then fact check me so we can talk like humans how do you know I’m making stuff up

      funny like treesfunny like treesヶ月 前
    • @funny like trees im not reading all that. Stop making up shit, just like the president

      MvtitoMvtitoヶ月 前
    • @Mvtito but it’s not 2 we’re hitting him one with a skate bored one with their fist and the third one pulled a gun on him did not get a shot off should he be jailed because of the shooting no the gun yes he should not had that gun I agree with that but it was self defense if he did not start the fight he’s good dose not matter if you insult someone till they hit you then you hit them back your in the right it’s that but on a bigger scale

      funny like treesfunny like treesヶ月 前
  • this was a long ad from Joe Biden, but yeah still good tho.

    Kaiser MayhemKaiser Mayhemヶ月 前
  • Me when I heard that cop's plan (sarcasm): Oh yeah people would love to go shopping at their local concentration camp, just as much as they would love to shower in the nearby gas chamber.

    JustinJustinヶ月 前
  • 6:00 y’know I wanted to be a lawyer once upon a time. Know what disillusioned me from the entire field, when I was working as a clerk/office manager in a law firm? Was getting to work with a personal injury attorney for the first time. Soulless husk of a human being.

    Bruce MorrisBruce Morrisヶ月 前
  • When Biden is your "extreme left" you know your country went waaay too far to the right

    Galaxia7Galaxia7ヶ月 前
  • I like when the little toucan man swears

    Justin DavisJustin Davisヶ月 前
  • The Republicans chose to put gun-waving extremists in their video (not even trying to cover the other events this video covered) and yet over 70 million people chose to vote for their incompetent candidate! What the fuck is wrong with you people!

    Shraddha KangutkarShraddha Kangutkarヶ月 前
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    Gary BranhamGary Branhamヶ月 前
  • These are the rare glimpses we get of a truly pissed off John Oliver. I love it

    B Y MB Y Mヶ月 前
  • He didn't call white supremacist"very fine people"

    marien idodomarien idodoヶ月 前
    • @Mvtito @Mvtito @Mvtito @Mvtito I'm not a trumpeter dude I'm Nigerian, if you had any reading comprehension you would see my argument but let me try again. Trump had a press conference which I linked in my comment above - please watch for yourself before you make any further comments - which he made the argument that not all the people protesting were white supremacist and said ' they were very fine people on both sides' skip to 10:55 to see for yourself. In that same press conference he even condemned the white supremacist on multiple occasions example is at 7:33. But here John Oliver is alleging trump called white supremacist very fine people which is factually incorrect

      marien idodomarien idodoヶ月 前
    • I'm quoting you ' he didn't call white supremacists very fine people ' and now you're saying he did? See how stupid you trumpsters are?

      MvtitoMvtitoヶ月 前
    • @Mvtito why are you moving the goal post? I was the one who linked the video of him saying very fine people on both sides so what's your point exactly?

      marien idodomarien idodoヶ月 前
    • @marien idodo cool story bro but there's video of trump saying VERY FINE PEOPLE on both sides.

      MvtitoMvtitoヶ月 前
    • @Mvtito two wrongs don't make a right, in defeating a monster be careful not to become one. Trump is a serial liar but stating factually incorrect statements about him doesn't help discredit him but makes you as bad as him in that aspect and gives legitimacy to his fake news media allegations

      marien idodomarien idodoヶ月 前
  • 'Warehouses' That's a new euphemism for concentration camps I wasn't expecting today...

    bayla sosabayla sosaヶ月 前
  • Masks PROTECT YOU THE WEARER plus everyone around you!

    Roger SledzRoger Sledzヶ月 前
  • I just caught this video.. That sheriff is terrifying.. He wants camps for innocent people who have lots of children? Just lock them up. My grandma had Nine children and I know many people had very large families..and they wanted it that way.. So is he only saying only white families can have as many kids as they want? I wonder if he's a Christian pro lifer.. Which makes him a Hypocrite..and a Massive Dictator.. I'm sorry with that kind of thinking that dude needs not to be in a place of power and control.. That community needs to go get his Ass fired.. I hope that more people think that is Bullshit in a hand basket..

    Lisa M FloresLisa M Floresヶ月 前
    • I feel like you’re missing the point: he’s advocating for Eugenics for shoplifters. And he’s doing all he can to not mention their skin color

      Maallos334 MiMaallos334 Miヶ月 前
  • 12:15 I'm not sure if Wolfenstein: The New Order is fiction any more.

    Andrew MelnikovAndrew Melnikovヶ月 前
  • If a 17 year old comes to your town to help out, don’t give them a machine gun. Give them a water bottle, a health kit, and tell them to stay away from the crowds. It will cause less deaths.

    Chronicler OfTheDeadChronicler OfTheDeadヶ月 前
  • Kenosha Police Officer: Hey, did you hear? There was a car accident. Some officers chased down five people who stole some clothes from a mall. Sheriff David Beth: Were they all Black? Kenosha Police Officer: Yeah. Sheriff David Beth: They’ve gone too far. Everyone: What?

    Chronicler OfTheDeadChronicler OfTheDeadヶ月 前
  • Kyle Rittenhouse paid for the gun he murdered 2 people with using money he received from the Covid-19 stimulus package.

    Evan SmithwickEvan Smithwickヶ月 前
  • John oliver was the voice of zazu, and this is the greatest news I heard all day

    that one guy with the voicethat one guy with the voiceヶ月 前
  • You can tell how John gets progressively more angry each week

    chris phamchris phamヶ月 前
  • You ARE history’s greatest Zazu, though!!

    שחר אטדגישחר אטדגיヶ月 前
  • It's so hard to choose to accept what Mike Pence said regarding police and African Americans when he's the same jackass that signed a state bill in Indiana to protect every day Karens and Kens of their religious freedom (as we all know he is as homophobic as Epstein was to likely have not killed himself).

    Ginger GoliathGinger Goliathヶ月 前
  • 7:22 Barbie over here rocking some solid trigger discipline...

    Jack BlacktoseJack Blacktoseヶ月 前
  • So let's get something straight. Blake was in the process of violating a no-contact order for domestic abuse (why the cops were called), stealing a vehicle, and kidnapping his children and when he was shot, he was reaching into his vehicle, possibly for a weapon. In each instance when Rittenhouse fired his weapon, he was acting in self-defense.

    Matt ColeMatt Coleヶ月 前
    • ... let me guess, your source is the Kenosha Police station wasn’t it? And you’re just going to ignore the fact that police needlessly escalated the situation instead of doing their jobs and trying to deescalate it? Like their jobs are to prevent deaths, not cause them?

      Maallos334 MiMaallos334 Miヶ月 前
  • You seem to be less funny as you become more conscientious. Nonetheless, it makes me like you even more!

    ashish pantashish pantヶ月 前
  • That a-hole spokesperson for Trump claiming that Trump handle the virus swiftly and efficiently is PATHETIC. Trump claimed it was a hoax and that asking people to wear masks was an effort to make him look bad demonstrates how twisted Trump and his followers are. We handled the virus WORSE than any other country in the world according to the World Health Organization.

    bjbell52bjbell52ヶ月 前
  • It’s not politically 1940’s germany, it’s 1910s-1920s United States. Hitler was strongly fond of american eugenics and native genocide.

    Emmet HarriganEmmet Harriganヶ月 前
  • yoo wtf u gotta warn me before u play that "the best is yet to come" speech. scared the shit out of me.

    yayyayヶ月 前
  • Yeah, he's a lil off the hook but heres something ya gotta remember, whatever he said, he got re-elected.

    popsucks13popsucks13ヶ月 前
    • He got reelected. Sooooo... might be somethimg to it. Note just south of Milwaukee is americas murder capital.

      popsucks13popsucks13ヶ月 前
  • He didnt say children as in two yaknow. Most dudes in Milwaukee prison have more than two kids as in 9 by 4 women...

    popsucks13popsucks13ヶ月 前
  • Look how puffin boy pre-convicts the shooter. Prejudiced much?

    popsucks13popsucks13ヶ月 前
  • Those are defensable points. Im sure someone as sheltered as yerself never lived in all thise places yerself but, try being tried for murder after killing the junky son of a democrat state legislator trying to mug you with the help of two slightly less suicidal muggers.... enjoy that shit. Fk you.

    popsucks13popsucks13ヶ月 前
  • True pense does look better than you but you both dress exactly the fking same save for glasses.... like catholic catamites out for business.... almost a point there

    popsucks13popsucks13ヶ月 前
    • Guess why he didnt get the nomination?

      popsucks13popsucks13ヶ月 前
  • 5:30 Hold on there puffin boy, so is he making the distinction that pigs are less American too then?

    popsucks13popsucks13ヶ月 前