Pringles Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

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With the help of viewers at home, John tries to get to the bottom of an important mystery.
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  • I really want to see what John says about the insurrection and sedition and stuff. I mean, come on the right tried to overthrow the government by smearing poo on things. If that's not the most 2020 thing ever, forgetting that it actually happened in 2021, I don't know what is.

    Darren SkjoelsvoldDarren Skjoelsvold時間 前
  • Did HBO rebuild your 2020 studio?

    Cy CooperCy Cooper7 時間 前
  • When are you coming back? I need you.

    Zizi RobertsZizi Roberts14 時間 前
  • 👍cheers!🍻

    Peter ElvidgePeter Elvidge14 時間 前
  • I really want some ready salted pringles.

    Datguy931Datguy93115 時間 前
  • How about you donate the money anyway? Hypocrite

    Tuco SalamancaTuco Salamanca17 時間 前
  • Why did no one put a shirt on him he's clearly wearing a tie????

    Mattie CMattie C日 前
  • The full body of Mr Pringles was revealed in this old 1973 Pringle’s commercial .. just sgowed up on the "could also interrest you" ;)

    TheRoidantonTheRoidanton日 前
  • Unemployed chipendales dancer 😂

    Bianca LaurenBianca Lauren2 日 前
  • You Smoldering hot sexy stuffing cake. You Muffin Cake with hot jelly filling Pancake lover

    Patrick NowakPatrick Nowak2 日 前
  • #schontell

    Tony ParksTony Parks3 日 前
  • So fun fact about that FDA assessment back in '75, it was brought on by COMPETITORS of Pringles because the crisp was seriously cutting in on their racket for over 20 years. It was a perfect foodstuff for the nuclear age; it was slim, it was svelte, and it had all the earmarks of good, snazzy product reimagining. Less mess, less grease, drier taste, and looked fantastic on a plate (plus let's face it, two chips inverted on one another held by the consumer between the lips looked like a duck bill, much to the enjoyment of children). I don't want to LAY the blame at anyone's feet, but one could be FRITO take a guess who pushed the FDA into this ridiculous labeling issue and not be wrong.

    NeoSquirrelNeoSquirrel4 日 前
  • Is it because BH are in now? Bawdy Humor? Enough. We all do it, right? That's how we hit on the planet. Who needs to see the naked pringles dude?

    Aeri HeirslingAeri Heirsling4 日 前
  • Can u please say something on Arnab Goswami, he is been hiding for fake TRP scam.

    Prakash ParmarPrakash Parmar4 日 前
  • I remember when pringles man had a body, the costume was very barbershop quartet.

    Wendy MelanconWendy Melancon5 日 前
  • I'm certain that you are tired of this compliment, Mr. Oliver, but you ARE a national treasure. A treasure which we share with your homeland, England.

    Sherry DennisSherry Dennis5 日 前
  • Look up the Mitch Hedberg Pringles joke here on JPworlds 😎

    Jakob K's GarageJakob K's Garage5 日 前
  • the octopus has to be canon because that is the only one who could actually fit their hand in a pringles can... which would explain a lot

    Barbra LounsburyBarbra Lounsbury5 日 前
  • U know the topics that pop up under a video when u scroll? Like “suggested”, “from last week tonight”, etc... “BUSINESS EXECUTIVES”???!! is under this one 😂

    Alyson StarksAlyson Starks5 日 前
  • John is the most straight gay straight person ever

    Mekumcream82Mekumcream826 日 前
  • That was bruthal. And I thought innocence can only be taken if someone has a body oO'

    MowGohhldRequiredMowGohhldRequired6 日 前
  • February!? I can’t wait. I thought about him a lot during his leave. He would have had so much content. Glad to have him back.

    Sha_na_naz !Sha_na_naz !6 日 前
  • The hermit crab one is actually really cute.

    Lizardguy NALizardguy NA7 日 前
  • If there would be a Chocolate Pringle or a Coffee Pringle, would the mascot be not cheese-white Julius but his black halfbrother Nero?

    Uwe LancierUwe Lancier7 日 前
  • And now I'm hungry.

    42427 日 前
  • How much do you get payed for propaganda of liberal democracy?

    Carol SafirCarol Safir7 日 前
  • I dunno, knowing why they call them crisps seems pretty effing useful to me...

    Lucca LadinigLucca Ladinig7 日 前
  • You guys should start a Patreon or something for those of us who love the show, support you, but will probably never get HBO...... love ❤

    Elle PElle P7 日 前
  • gosh, when did he get old

    Emily NightingaleEmily Nightingale8 日 前
  • The weird comedy only delivered by John Oliver..... and I love it

    Baback D.Baback D.9 日 前
  • this is the guy that created pringles:

    Kelly BancroftKelly Bancroft9 日 前
  • In Canada, the tube says potatoe chips

    Lua GrimmLua Grimm9 日 前
    • How does Canada have lower standards than the US? That seems impossible given the crap that the FDA allows to be marked as food.

      Nobody ImportantNobody Important5 日 前
  • While I would like to know also I'm 95% sure his canon body is just a fucking hot tumblr man, he's just gonna be humanized bill cypher and I've suffered enough I can't deal with this shit anymore

    diane knutdiane knut9 日 前
  • The only thing that made sense back in the old days was the laugh track.

    Jack ItalixJack Italix9 日 前
  • you, John Oliver, are a freak.

    j vj v10 日 前
  • Hey man, I got my friend’s HBO password and I still choose to watch it here

    Ash RuckerAsh Rucker10 日 前
  • Apparently the hair on top of his head is actually his eyebrows. Tragic.

    Quirky Black EnbyQuirky Black Enby10 日 前
    • this comment had never the attention it should.

      madewmadew8 日 前
  • John Oliver is a lazy SOB. He thinks because he is so good he can take the Riot's off. This is ridiculous. Work more John.

    Joseph DouglasJoseph Douglas10 日 前
  • The way Pringles are made it shouldn't be hard for them to make a keto version out of cheese, califlower and MTC oil. That's for you, Pringles. It's a freebie. No rights reserved!

    Colleen ForrestColleen Forrest10 日 前

  • ingredients not qualifying pringles as potato chips - this is the concerning thing about this whacky dialogue...

    CateCate11 日 前
  • 2:46 No John, that's an Octopringle

    Hatem TeirelbarHatem Teirelbar11 日 前
  • Jesus how did I miss this update till now? Something about those drawings of Julius Pringle were fucking hilarious. That shit was so funny. The whole bit was great. Thanks John, I seriously can't tell you how long is been since I've laughed like that. Months and months for sure. Anyone besides me need this pick me up from Oliver as much as I did??

    Charlie HustleCharlie Hustle11 日 前
  • Pringles actually did answer this in a tweet with a brief video. It's a random guy with just a mascot head on.

    TsrielTsriel11 日 前
  • OMG I have to wait until FEBRUARY?! John, the world needs you! Anyway, the collapse of the U.S. aside, this-- " ... a hard-boiled egg disguised as Tom Selleck..." --is brilliant. As for the rest of the Pringles man, some mysteries make the world a better place.

    LeavingIt BlankLeavingIt Blank11 日 前
  • Did anyone see he has lost his hair????

    Addie SAddie S11 日 前
  • Hermit Pringle is my favorite

    chris cregerchris creger11 日 前
  • If many of you guys are seeking for people like John that explains things in great detail with things going on such as the capital riots. Check out Bryan Tyler Cohan & David Pakman. I highly recommend

    Xavier RoblesXavier Robles11 日 前
  • I will give you 1 pringle, to come back and talk about the two last weeks... please.. i beg you.

    Snowman GamingSnowman Gaming11 日 前
  • The pringles guy looks like Joseph Stalin

    Roach DoggJRRoach DoggJR12 日 前
  • The very first mainstream normie tv show that showcases fanart...

    Roach DoggJRRoach DoggJR12 日 前
  • i'm just surprised that he didnt get HBO to get his show going early with then insurrection on the capitol, i want to her his side

    Andrew BeauchesneAndrew Beauchesne12 日 前
  • Robert Saleh

    Bob SmithBob Smith12 日 前
  • Kick ass, John!! Can't wait to hear what you got on the attempted coup and all the other bullshit going on. Blessings to you, your family, and all the crew of the show. 2021 will be better. I can only be better, right?

    BigBrotherThink1BigBrotherThink112 日 前
  • where are you ?

    Carpe OmniaCarpe Omnia12 日 前
  • Dude, make a special episode about what's going on now. i miss you more than ever at this moment

    Plastic PippoPlastic Pippo12 日 前
  • wowie the first episode back is gonna be a doozy

    Mike MetcalfMike Metcalf12 日 前
  • When are you making a video on the US Capitol siege?

    Murli MohanMurli Mohan12 日 前
  • When is he coming back :(

    Miss RaeMiss Rae12 日 前
  • Well I sure am looking forward to the next episode

    Jacob Aasø SæderupJacob Aasø Sæderup12 日 前

    Jason TjahjonoJason Tjahjono12 日 前
  • Holy. Crap. He missed a lot.

    Bardock ObamaBardock Obama13 日 前
  • Feels like its been a year since this video. I cant even imagine what the next episode will be like. The fact we still have weeks between now and them is staggering.

    K PK P13 日 前
  • John, we need you back. Come lead your people

    Tabi NelsonTabi Nelson13 日 前
  • Hello us capital was stormed that is a little bit more important than chips.

    hajus tuggmunhajus tuggmun13 日 前
  • Your here from the tik tok

    Grinding flickGrinding flick13 日 前
  • John, since you've been gone I missed LWT so much that I took it upon myself to write an article covering the Covid-19 relief bill, in a way that I think you'd appreciate... But I couldn't talk about something like the coup, this is saved just for you. WE NEED YOU!

    Coral MizrachiCoral Mizrachi13 日 前
  • I need your wisdom John. With all thats happened, looking form the outside in, you are still one of the best sources of info on America from the inside. GIVE US MORE!

    RockstarRockstar13 日 前
  • did this show get cancelled?

    Aatu HelminenAatu Helminen13 日 前
    • Should be back in febuary

      RockstarRockstar13 日 前
  • Damn, John would be perfect right now with all this nonsense going on with trump and his lemmings

    Gianni SchettiniGianni Schettini14 日 前
  • Yeah so uhh, there’s another month before you guys return but as I’m sure you’re aware, like always, a lot has been going on. So if it’s at all possible for John’s return to just be an hour of him screaming “This is not normal” while pictures of hamsters in speedos flash by at nauseating speeds, that would be great. I could use that.

    PlagueOfWaspsPlagueOfWasps14 日 前
  • We need new content. I know this video was the last episode of the season but .. with everything that has happened since this episode was aired, new content is needed 😅

    Diablita AngelDiablita Angel14 日 前
  • John Oliver, you are one go to dudes for online comic relief from the Trumpocolypse, and a beacon of reason in times that can only lead one to despair for the world's future, but I just have to say, getting a better scope on just what kind of bod the Pringles guy possesses merits an intra-season interlude, but a sitting president inciting an armed insurrection on our nation's Capitol is left in complete silence?!!! I personally loved Monty Python's Life of Brian, but perhaps there are some things YOU can't bring to a humorous light? Really?!!!

    Edward FoleyEdward Foley14 日 前
  • Um Oliver? You might not want to find out the answer to that question. I’m gonna get a stiff drink (anyone wondering why, you’re either an innocent soul, you’ve just joined the internet, or you’re goddamn blind)

    William MillerWilliam Miller14 日 前
  • Pringles are delicious you ridiculous man!

    Thomas takes a toll for the darkThomas takes a toll for the dark14 日 前
  • Oliver is a circus clown ! I hear he used to clean up after the large circus animals, at a run down British circus...He should return to that job ! People would have much more respect for him, if he did that job ..

    Michael B.Michael B.14 日 前
  • John! We need you back already!!!!!

    Chris CChris C14 日 前
  • Zomg John Oliver come baaaaaaaccckk, we need you to take a Big Dump on the Trumpster fire going down rn

    Jon-William MurphyJon-William Murphy14 日 前
  • Hey John Oliver, get your head out of your backside and make a video about how big tech is destroying the first amendement right now and turning the USA into China 2.0.

    joschyluxjoschylux14 日 前
  • i love you john, but why does your cover screen claim that there is hope for all of us just because you went from looking like a less pointy version of yourself?

    Meg WalterMeg Walter14 日 前
  • A) ollie’s looking old B) the lack of a live audience or canned laughter really shows how unfunny he is. Oof

    Apathetic GodApathetic God14 日 前
  • John simply vanished at the worst time. Sadge

    just a docjust a doc14 日 前
  • Last week? Pfft, more like last Month 👎

    LilNutzack1LilNutzack114 日 前
  • John oliver, america needs you..

    jlpMedia1jlpMedia114 日 前
  • God I need to hear your jokes about the last few weeks..... We all need to laugh.... Somehow

    Ryan HaggettRyan Haggett14 日 前
    • We do need a laugh..Too bad, he's not funny, and never has been !

      Michael B.Michael B.14 日 前
  • John will have an uneasy task at January

    BetonoszlopBetonoszlop14 日 前
  • Where are you.... There's a lot of people out there that could use some enlightenment and you have a way of explaining things that people understand. Please, after the insurrection, speak up. They're going to be hitting all 50 state capitols... because they didn't get their way and they follow a cult of personality. They can't be wrong so a whole lot of innocent people will be dying soon. I hope LEO is well prepared but do we really have faith in the system anymore? Stay home and stay safe!

    J LafoJ Lafo15 日 前
  • But I like Pringles.

    HoneybunchHoneybunch15 日 前
  • I expect Jon to leave us with a precise accounting of how things stand as well as what we should be watching out for all done in a very intelligent and funny way

    malted milkmalted milk15 日 前
  • dont forget the yellow turtle

    The Last DracoThe Last Draco15 日 前
  • If I were Pringles, I'd send back a photo of John Oliver's body with Mister Pringles' face slapped on top.

    ManoredManored15 日 前
  • February can’t come soon enough 😩

    Elizabeth SimenstadElizabeth Simenstad15 日 前
  • With all that's happening, I really miss him.

    just a docjust a doc15 日 前
  • Please keep this format. The laugh track episodes are pretty fucking annoying.

    BoydyBoydy15 日 前
  • "Hi There, and welcome to the show that unfortunately, had its season finally before shit got really fucked."

    Monoxide 9567Monoxide 956715 日 前
  • Every time John leaves us, this country spirals into utter chaos.

    esornsinesornsin15 日 前
  • I'm gonna be honest here, Pringles response to this video was lackluster and lazy.

    shyfangirlshyfangirl15 日 前
  • John Oliver died along with the little spirit America had left.

    California BoiCalifornia Boi15 日 前
  • I have pet hermit crabs, that one is definitely my favorite 🤣.

    Carnivorous PianoCarnivorous Piano15 日 前
  • John Oliver I just want you to know that everything that has happened in recent days you can't just give people a nice British sense of logic and order only to strip it away from us at such a critical time.

    MrCupcakemongerMrCupcakemonger15 日 前