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As nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are met with police brutality, John Oliver discusses how the histories of policing and white supremacy are intertwined, the roadblocks to fixing things, and some potential paths forward.
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    Et ThEt Th7 時間 前
  • I understand the woman at the end of this video but I don't agree with her view point on the courses of reactions to the issues & concerns of racism issues🤔🤔🤔 What I mean is you don't react to racism w/ either violence committing crimes or force Wrong doesn't cancel out Wrong 🤔🤔🤔 What should be done when you face any form of racism is to react to it in a peaceful manner & loving way ( Unless the person of the racism is trying to physically hurt or harm you with themselves ( I fully understand support & accept the use of force in a person reaction to racism of this type) because of their racist view points and ways ( A person is allowed to both protect & defend themselves 🤔🤔) U should let your voice be heard by peaceful protests & holding Government Representatives ( Local State & Federal ) ACCOUNTABLE by voting🤔🤔🤔 Only PEACE LOVE PATIENCE ENDURANCE & CONSISTENCY BOTH W/ These things & in these things can OVERCOME & DEFEAT RACISM 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤗🤗 GOD'S LOVE BE BOTH WITH & UPON ALL TODAY & ONWARDS 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Antuan MackAntuan Mack日 前
  • Not all police officers are racist or have bad intentions in their ❤️ or upon their mind 🤔🤔🤔 But to the police officers that have these bad intentions within themselves & are racist Need to be accountable 4 whatever wrongs they commit & they need to be relieved of their duties & removed from the Police Department 🤔🤔🤔 Now with this being said if anyone or any race is committing crimes or being aggressive against the police Need to be held accountable 4 their actions ( Now with this being said the police should try to react to the situation & the person in a peaceful & responsible manner 1st & if during this the person becomes aggressive towards them ( Violent towards them by taking out a gun or weapon & try to harm the officer with it Then the officer should be able to both protect & defend themselves 1st w/o a weapon then if the person overwhelms the officer w/ either themselves or the weapon than force🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔) To all be Blessed & found w/ God's LOVE View Points Tolerance Acceptance Forgiveness Grace Peace & Mercy be found within & upon Everyone & Every Race🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Antuan MackAntuan Mack日 前
  • That woman at the end was powerful wow. Thank you John Oliver you are saying and showing things that our communities desperately need to be informed of.

    Christopher KelseyChristopher Kelsey2 日 前
  • The fact that this video is still relevant months later is shocking

    Toxictiy at it's bestToxictiy at it's best2 日 前
  • are you serious about the age-restricted this is an important issue, youtube and I can't be educated by John Oliver

    Fiachu Does StuffFiachu Does Stuff3 日 前
  • I'm picturing the 1:39 guy rehearsing and screaming at himself in the mirror the whole hour leading up to that zoom call

    brotherbellsbrotherbells4 日 前
  • I bet if the us weren't lazy in the 1800s and had black and white people working side by side, racism wouldn't either exist or be mild

    Wet P L A N TWet P L A N T5 日 前
    • ...slavery. I mean, if we ended slavery before the founding of the US, yeah, racism wouldn't be high...

      Disa PointmontDisa Pointmont4 日 前
  • Hol’ up a minute! I had no idea that when people said ‘dissolve the police’ they meant that and then reapply. I thought it just meant no police

    I’m a LlamaI’m a Llama5 日 前
  • Amen

    Awl KeysAwl Keys5 日 前
  • At the risk of incurring the wrath of youtube commentators, I'd like to voice my opposition to something that's been on my mind since this video came out. Let me start off by saying that I stand with BLM, I support the movement, and I genuinely hope that I never suffer the injustices that provokes violent response such as looting. I don't think I'm misrepresenting anything when I say that the end of this video has John Oliver condoning and justifying violence, destruction of property, and looting. I understand why it's happening, I can only imagine the emotions of those conducting it, but it's wrong of John Oliver to justify it. We should all be condemning that behaviour, not condoning. If you're not willing to do it for ethical reasons, do it for no other reason than the fact that we're in the midst of a battle of ideas, and in a battle of ideas credibility matters, and justifying looting hurts the credibility. If it occurs, then it occurs, I get why it's happening, and that it will happen, but justifying it after the fact only hurts the BLM movement. "eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" -MLK I have a hard time envisioning MLK justifying violence and looting. Let's all do better. Thanks for reading.

    NeedlesslyPedanticNeedlesslyPedantic5 日 前
    • @NeedlesslyPedantic no one justified them. It's just the fact that the rioters where overwhelmingly a political due to being poor

      Rocky CroodsRocky Croods4 日 前
    • @Rocky Croods thanks for your response. I’d like to see a source on that figure if you have one. But tbh it’s irrelevant. I have no doubt that most of the protests were peaceful, but that doesn’t address my point regarding justifying the ones that weren’t.

      NeedlesslyPedanticNeedlesslyPedantic4 日 前
    • 93 percent of the protests were peaceful

      Rocky CroodsRocky Croods5 日 前
    • I think some time in the future it will be admitted with some embarrassment that justifications like these were levelled in the very first place.

      NeedlesslyPedanticNeedlesslyPedantic5 日 前
  • at the end i can sti lsay almsot the same as she is saying against. why are you burning down stuf. she saying we dont own it so wel does the police own target does the police own the footbal hall of fame. what did ANYTHING you burned down have to do with your cause. if you want to burn osmething for the cause that is polcie killing you then go to them burning anything else is jsut making you the vilan. if i was the owner of any building that was attacked for this cause the first thing i wil think about is moving otue. so all you are doing is actualy burning down your own buildings. cuz what is left when your town got no food stores n oclothes stores or any other buisnes in your town. wel shit yoru town is dead then. so waht did yo uachieve of your protest did yo ureform the police or did you dammage yoru own comunity.

    malofmalof5 日 前
  • 12:01 I don't know if HE is. If you look really closely at his eyes, they honestly look like they are trying to communicate with each other.

    Techno LogicTechno Logic6 日 前
  • I would respect John Oliver a lot more if he can actually be unbiased or admit his liberal bias. Pretending to be impartial but end up spreading polarizing views will not win you kudos in the long term John.

    Derek WangDerek Wang7 日 前
    • He has openly admitted to having bias within his show. He ain't pretending to be anything.

      The ViewerThe Viewer6 分 前
    • @Derek Wang he doesn't

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders5 日 前
    • @Ilan Smolders exactly my point. He doesn’t have to be unbiased, but if he claims to be a non partisan (not a liberal), why he constantly shows liberal bias in this show?

      Derek WangDerek Wang5 日 前
    • Why would he need to be unbiased. :) who says he is a liberal, he never claimed to be one

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders5 日 前

    Argyle DinosaurArgyle Dinosaur7 日 前
    • Is it the swears? Is it the police brutality? Is it because of the discussion about police killing citizens? That's news, sweetheart. Since when have we been censoring the news? I watched the towers fall on TV when I was like, 7 years old.

      Argyle DinosaurArgyle Dinosaur7 日 前
  • 33:17 You know its messed up when John Oliver doesn't follow up with a joke

    Nipun NairNipun Nair8 日 前
  • People need to watch this episode again after the Insurrection of January 6th, accountability is coming back, keep those receipts.

    shindeanshindean8 日 前
  • This guy is absolute disgraceful. John is 100x worse than Trump but because he's a leftist he can say whatever he wants. Trump was impeached for using language 100x nicer than this. But this guy who says he "doesn't give a fuck about the rioting" is allowed to be on this platform? This is why I think the US needs a civil war and the expulsion of all democrats from the left.

    Far RightFar Right11 日 前
    • Last time I checked John didn't rally his fanbase to storm Capitol building.

      The ViewerThe Viewer5 分 前
    • Unfortunately, one syllable from Trump -is- was enough to mess up this world, one whole video from John Oliver won't even affect it.

      Ad1th CPASRAd1th CPASR日 前
    • @Derek Wang oh, did i offend your masculinity so easily? Definitely not a democrat to be triggered this quickly by logic

      shindeanshindean6 日 前
    • @shindean Jeez lady calm down. I’m not even disagreeing with Oliver/your politics. But whats wrong with admitting our bias? What makes it so hard to be a liberal who admits our ideology and welcomes dif voices?

      Derek WangDerek Wang7 日 前
    • @Derek Wang You're lying because democrats know what references are, and all of John's content includes them.

      shindeanshindean7 日 前
  • the look on his face and in his eyes at the end is a look of the type of empathy that we need more of from our elected officials

    pat myerspat myers11 日 前
  • How did only 1 person get shot at the Capitol? Oh right, they weren't black.

    NatsuNatsu11 日 前
  • Farva!!!!!

    L SL S11 日 前
  • Holy- can we talk about the contrast between this and the attack on the Capitol. They were taking photos with the *white* protesters. Where as here its bullets blood and bangs.

    kukyo nullkukyo null11 日 前
  • I feel like the best police precinct is Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. I know it’s a fictional one

    ADRgmanADRgman11 日 前
    • Y'know what's sad? I watch a LOT of police shows and Brooklyn 99 - a comedy with 20 minute long episodes - is by FAR one of the most nuanced in how it depicts the police. There are no bones made about the fact that there is institutional bigotry - they *namecheck* the racism, the homophobia, the sexism. It's most obvious when talking about Holt's history on the force, but all acknowledge that however things may have improved, rot remains. Corruption remains. Most importantly, (and honestly, how rare this is in TV is fucking *sad*) there is an understanding that wariness and mistrust that the characters encounter from members of the public may well be for good reason. The episode where Terry is racially profiled and arrested - however well or poorly you think they handled the issue - is incredible to me simply for the fact that when discussing lodging a complaint with Holt, Holt immediately and matter-of-factly recommends against it because "it's going hurt your chances of promotion in the future". And the show doesn't try to prove Holt wrong, or claim he's paranoid, or that things are "different" now. That's the reality; Terry's decision to lodge a complaint, though he does so with Holt's support, may impact his career in the future.

      ThepanpiperThepanpiper11 日 前
  • Can someone tell me why that tree was racist? I have no idea.

    Liam YungLiam Yung11 日 前
  • John Oliver for President 🙏

    Joseph HilleryJoseph Hillery12 日 前
  • Let me tell you something the feds have been involved in some controversial shit. At one point they had an aspergers dude go and put himself into bomb making all at the guidance of the fbi. Would he have done that otherwise I fucking doub it. He got off. Glad to say. So let’s hold the feds accountable for some shit

    DanDan13 日 前
    • Glad it got a like. I am straight forward. People are people and just because they work for law enforcement some think they have a higher status than the rest of us. Well actually they are good to a higher standard. If that higher standard breaks what do they have? Nothing.

      DanDan10 日 前
  • That olive garden joke didn't age well. 😂😂😂

    Jeremy ParsonsJeremy Parsons13 日 前
  • Yet, what happened in Washington, D.C.? Nothing at all! Why, because they are “white nationalist!” Wtf

    Miguel AngelMiguel Angel13 日 前
  • Who is here after the capitol riot and complete double standard for the skin color of protesters

    David WDavid W13 日 前
  • For liberals, burning, looting and destroying are normal, but If conservatives do it, its bad and POLICE has to stop them.

    Ștefan AlexandruȘtefan Alexandru13 日 前
    • One group is protesting unjustified police violence done against a certain group, the other was throwing a hissy fit that their favorite racist orange can't ruin the country anymore and tried to storm Capitol Hill.

      The ViewerThe Viewer2 分 前
    • Well, one wasn't attempting a literal fucking coup.

      AA610AA6108 日 前
  • I see the US Capitol Police have decided to go with allowing white "protestors" to voluntarily taser themselves in the balls & die.

    Kiani FrancisKiani Francis13 日 前
  • Can someone please illuminate the context of that issue with the Christmas tree decorations? I am watching this from abroad and don't know the significance of these items.

    MaiAoleiMaiAolei13 日 前
  • John you need to do a segment on the insurgency at the white house. Dan Rather, a trusted news source mentions that he thought Trump was unstable...

    2019inuyasha2019inuyasha13 日 前
  • After the DC riots, right wing outlets, politicians, and their cult following are claiming hypocrisy at the coverage and response to the BLM protests vs the DC riot and other similar events across the country in state capitols. That is what happens when people are brainwashed over generations by right wing ideology and thinking. No capacity to compare and contrast, no interest in truth.

    Samuel RosanderSamuel Rosander13 日 前
  • January and people have decided to again feign action. "Oh, we gave you your month." "Oh, there are more important matters right now." "Oh, all of America is in trouble now." Just... fuck that. Last Wednesday was horrible for all Americans, yes. But every day is horrible for black Americans. It might be, given the persistent state of things, that calling black Americans "Americans" is incorrect. We don't treat them like Americans. We barely treat them like people. We almost don't treat them like humans. I have no faith that change will happen. I have no faith that my 4 and 3 year old mixed black nieces will grow up in a country that loves and accepts them as much as I do. I have no faith that their two brothers who are also mixed black won't wind up shot for doing no wrong. The struggle of black Americans doesn't affect me, a fucking white man, personally. It affects my family pretty damn directly, though. Oh, but keep wearing that BLM hashtag on your twitter bio and doing nothing else. Spreading the word has turned to preaching to the choir, everyone knows that Black Americans don't have rights. We all know that, but nobody wants to act anymore. We're all content to just wait for the next black death on our streets by the hands of the "Protect and Serve" before we do anything again. There's no justice in that, though. You can't save a life by waiting to see it snuffed out before you act. So fuck it. And if you're not doing anything, fuck you. And if me saying "fuck you" made you mad fucking do something. If you do then it won't apply to you anymore.

    ZodiacPrinceZodiacPrince14 日 前
  • I gotta give John credit for ending the segment with a very somber, to the point, "that's our show. goodnight." He made a clear choice to make sure the last word was effectively hers. No reaction, no closing joke, not attempting to upstage such a powerful speech in any way.

    Ryan PRyan P14 日 前
    • @Christopher Bolanos oh is it

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders5 日 前
    • This entire video was bullshit lmao

      Christopher BolanosChristopher Bolanos7 日 前
  • Watching this after the insurrection in the capital it really makes you think.

    N_amesR_emain A_nnonymousN_amesR_emain A_nnonymous14 日 前
  • It would be great if, in the midst of this discussion, some time was allocated to the 19,000 people who were murdered by their fellow private citizens in 2020 - 3,000 more than in 2019. When the cops are away, the criminals will play. Consider yourself warned.

    lawman3966lawman396614 日 前
  • It would be interesting to have a district-by-district vote on police reduction/defunding, and to re-assign officers from some districts to others based on the wishes of each district's population. The anti-crime districts would happy to have any cops not wanted by the anti-cop districts.

    lawman3966lawman396614 日 前
  • The 32k dislikes are fucking disgusting on this video.

    ALF 452ALF 45214 日 前
  • Here after terrorist invaded the capital. Now that we have visual proof that police CHOOSE who they shoot can we please, at minimum, acknowledge that POC specifically Black people have not been crying wolf. We are simply asking them not to shoot us the way the didn’t shoot them. Thank you 🙏🏾

    TheCutBeautiiTheCutBeautii14 日 前
  • right at the end he looks like he had just been personally scolded by that lady

    Mama RobinMama Robin14 日 前
  • If you think the terrorists of Capital (1/6/2021) has been treated better than the Black Lives Matter protesters in the summer of 2020?

    Kiki JasimineKiki Jasimine14 日 前
  • Newsflash: John, in Denmark you are not white!

    Rita TaylorRita Taylor14 日 前
  • “You broke the contract so I get to do whatever I want, including hurt innocent people and that wouldn’t be enough.” Jesus. That sounds like someone that wants revenge against people that aren’t even the cause. Anyone that lives in America, it’s time to leave. Seriously. There’s too much hatred on both sides and it won’t be around for very long. A civil war between race and gender is likely coming. It’s time to leave. I did years ago, and I’ve never been better. I hope the rest of you can find peace as well, but I unfortunately can’t say it exists there.

    Moon MoonMoon Moon15 日 前
  • Here we are many months out from defunding the police...NYC, Minneapolis are in hell right now, as just a few examples.

    Chi GurlChi Gurl16 日 前
  • I have never seen such an emotional yet simultaneously cold end and it really does show how a lot of use feel about this

    danny delaneydanny delaney16 日 前
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    Craig SimpsonCraig Simpson17 日 前
  • Rewatching this after the treasonous act on the Capitol, and I am more furious than ever.

    firey171firey17117 日 前
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    Joshua LeeJoshua Lee17 日 前
  • I don’t understand why people are saying that the clip at 14:40 is racist, I’m not saying it is not I just don’t know, can someone tell me?

    OllieRaptorOllieRaptor17 日 前
  • Here after the D.C. Riots and I noticed that the same energy from the summer of 2020 wasn't in the nations capital.

    Mr. Dr0boTMr. Dr0boT17 日 前
  • thisringssotruertoday with the captial shooting..where were the police?

    EveniosEvenios17 日 前
  • Who is better at spitting insults Gordon Ramsey or John Oliver

    kirbzcitkatzkirbzcitkatz18 日 前
  • If a cauntry has the government treat people, who protest the murder by police peacefully, worse than neo-nazi protesters... Well. You know what kind of cauntry you're in.

    PainfulldarksoulPainfulldarksoul18 日 前
  • How I wish he's here today (6th January 2021)to speak about the day's event

    LuciferLucifer18 日 前
  • So so relevant to today, the mfs at the capitol were greeted and given visitor treatment when BLM protestors were brutalized

    Ani G.Ani G.18 日 前
  • This is such a great video

    man with pen around neckman with pen around neck18 日 前
  • Hi does anyone know who that wonder women was at the end of this video ????? Thank yo

    man with pen around neckman with pen around neck18 日 前
  • Hey prick that summer of love was heavily involved in helping to shine a massive fucking light on the crimes aimed at repressing the black community

    man with pen around neckman with pen around neck18 日 前
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    Ker LozKer Loz19 日 前
  • Yes, it's systemic :-(

    Joe CsekoJoe Cseko19 日 前
  • Damn target killed them?

    cody collinscody collins19 日 前
  • OMG, the woman at the end ... Perfect ending!

    Ahmed ElagaliAhmed Elagali20 日 前
  • All of us White folks need to realize that Silence is Violence! We need to speak out against racism,inequality, and injustice! take a stand and tear down the fascist regime!

    Hack Job GarageHack Job Garage20 日 前
  • I disagree with so many of johns statements in this video. He seems to be one of those people that has never seen a police bodycam and how dangerous it is for a cop. Him complaining about police being well equipped at about 12 minutes really pissed me off. When every man woman and dog in America has an assault rifle police need to be armed with military grade equipment just to stay alive. SMH. FYI as well the body cam for George "the meth head home invader" Floyd has been released and it shows him resisting arrest right up until the point he passed out. F him he was a P.O.S

    CryptCrypt20 日 前
    • "it shows him resisting arrest right up until the point he passed out" That doesn't carry a death sentence, you fucking bootlicker.

      AA610AA61014 日 前
    • About 70% of US population doesn't have a gun. Out of the ones who do, obviously, most don't carry it around. So the police are fairly safe, but I get your point: taking away the guns from both the police and the citizens would make an improvement. However, the optics are important too: the police are seeing their jobs as something hands on, violent and "badass", while they should actually be thinking of themselves as night club bouncers with some deescalating skills.

      Zuma ZumaZuma Zuma19 日 前
    • That doesn't mean police officers can be judge jury and executioner on the street are you fucking insane? So much for your precious constitution. Police need serious reform in America, more training for a start. It's ridiculous how little they receive and how quickly they resort to violence. Pathetic

      OrWeLLianOrWeLLian20 日 前
  • When do we have to stop pretending how blatantly obvious it is that certain colors or groups of people are in fact more likely to commit a crime, and, as a result, are more likely to interact with the police in a bad way? The map of covid hotspots follows the map of 5g coverage, because both also follow population density, but reasonable people understand 5g is not causing covid. Reasonable people understand police are concentrated in certain neighborhoods for a reason other than colors.

    Ryan RobertsRyan Roberts21 日 前
  • Biden’s argument makes some sense though. I totally think that they should not be shooting people, but if they are going to, currently it is my understanding that police are only supposed to aim to kill, while there are some times that may be necessary, in most cases when a gun is going to be pulled, the answer is don’t kill the person

    A GA G21 日 前
  • Officers need to earn respect of their communities by protecting and serving well, the community shouldn't have to earn their safety.

    Andrea RobynAndrea Robyn21 日 前
  • Wow. Great show, John, maybe the best of all-time. THanks for being brave enough to talk about this stuff.

    Adam BlevinsAdam Blevins21 日 前
  • No wonder its so toxic in the police force...its like a good cop bad cop boiling pot....the filthy bad apples cannot be eradicated and are spreading the rot to green vulnerable young men new to the police

    Stephen KeyStephen Key22 日 前
  • Sonic the hedgehogs nemesis has a new job...that damn egg

    Stephen KeyStephen Key22 日 前
  • Hmm, defunding education but trillions thrown at poverty had no effect. 🤔 considering the indoctrination camps that school and college are becoming, I have no problem with defunding education if this is what I'm getting for my money. What did you learn in school today, Timmy? "I learned the 800 genders and that communism is good." Who won the Civil War, Timmy? "I don't know? Germany? And don't call me Timmy. I'm Brynnifer now. Like my dress?"

    Necessary EvilNecessary Evil22 日 前
  • Defund the thought police first

    Necessary EvilNecessary Evil22 日 前
  • Read the book Slavery by Another Name please before you comment or come to a conclusion on topics you have heard about in this video. It will connect your thoughts to actual occurrences. I am a cop and father to a mixed child. Therefore my unique take on all these topics have a lot of bearing on laws I choose (using my discretion permitted to me by law ) to enforce. The job can be done in a peaceful and empathetic way. Policing is a small part of the problem however it does need reform more than defunding. Defunding has been misinterpreted by legislators as lowering the salaries of police officers who are now through demographics becoming more diverse. In short meaning politicians are lowering the salaries of minority officers who are trying to make these changes masking their efforts with a defund the police narrative to their citizens. The problem can be addressed and resolved but all parties from all sides need a voice and dialogue must be received with an open mind and heart.

    Edward LesterEdward Lester22 日 前
  • excessive rioting needs excessive force.

  • Why was he only mentioning anti-police stuff and not the importance of why I please have some gear. You can argue that they don't need a bearcat or some type of military vehicle, but the military rifles serve of vital importance in the modern world of policing

    Gene ThompsonGene Thompson22 日 前
  • 4:36 holy shit true

    Firefly 707Firefly 70722 日 前
  • 🗣Fxk the Police (us).

    Carl PelzCarl Pelz22 日 前
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    Ronchetto KandissRonchetto Kandiss23 日 前
  • I just bought Kimberly Jones book I am Not Dying With You Tonight. Also the full video is searchable and available on youtube. She is Kimberly Jones.

    P RibbonP Ribbon23 日 前
  • That woman at the end, I have tears in my eyes and I’m speechless. She’s 100% right.

    Angela BrownAngela Brown23 日 前
  • I don't condone excessive force and believe that firing a weapon should be a last resort. But 24:00 is so misguided and giving people the wrong perspective. In the military and police, officers and soldiers are trained to aim at center mass (i.e their chest), as it is the largest and easiest target to hit. Hitting another area such as their arm, shoulder, leg, etc. is not as easy (and you run the risk of missing your target entirely). Life is not like an action movie where you see the protagonist snapping to their target in a moment's notice and hitting the target perfectly 100% of the time. Not to mention, who knows if/where/who that bullet will make impact with. Anti-gun users/democrats make it seem to be so easy, but fail to consider a dangerous perp is attempting to flee or is attacking the officer which may make it difficult to subdue the target by 'shooting their leg'. I'm generalizing the conversation in regards to police brutality in this sense, so please don't spout statistics or comments about social injustices. When talking about a sensible officer who is NOT out there trying to be a piece of garbage. Additionally, the number of racist cops is actually a small minority but you only ever hear about it because that's what the media wants to show you. I would agree with the premise that unions should not be protecting these pieces of trash. But one bad cop does not make them all bad. The media doesn't want to show you the good officers and the effect they have on their communities.

    Grizzly AdamsGrizzly Adams23 日 前
    • I think you missed the point of my argument. Like I said, firing your weapon should be a last resort, if there is no peaceful way to detain a perp, or is an immediate threat to the officer or general public. But that is the primary argument liberals make when it comes to the lethality of guns/officers. "why don't they just aim for the leg, arm, etc." It's not that simple or easy to do under pressure.

      Grizzly AdamsGrizzly Adams19 日 前
    • I don't understand why they shoot at all. Of course it's hard to hit a leg, but is it that hard to not grab your gun all the time?

      Zuma ZumaZuma Zuma19 日 前
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    Gsuwuhwhd FsuwjwjhwGsuwuhwhd Fsuwjwjhw23 日 前
  • Thank you John Oliver for reminding us Americans that we have been racists throughout history and Donald Trump is emphasising it.

    Sylvia HaikSylvia Haik23 日 前
  • Seattle, WA: WA is the most difficult state in which to hold a police officer accountable for their brutality. It must be proved that the cop acted with malice. Guess how that works.

    honora lovallhonora lovall23 日 前
  • I wouldn’t call the protest peaceful, I can’t think of a riot where police haven’t tried to calm people down

    Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem OsasUvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osas23 日 前
  • The pepper spray has been banned by the United Nations since the first world war. I'm a 73 yr.old white woman and this and worse was done to me. Think what then happens to black people.

    honora lovallhonora lovall23 日 前
  • Of course it's the fault of law enforcement for creating the impression among clueless, misinformed ignoramuses that they are "militarized" because they keep using "military equipment" and "military tactics" to disperse rioters. But what can I possibly expect from entities that can't tell the difference between a "peaceful protest" and a riot. Maybe if they don't wanna be perceived as "rioters," maybe they should stop coalescing into angry mob that destroy property, loot and burn businesses, and leave the city leadership to foot the tab for property damage and police overtime. See that? Works both ways...except my version makes sense.

    Greg RockGreg Rock23 日 前
  • I don't know what troubles me more: that anyone would devote a lot of time and effort to put together a narrative based on pretenses that only a moron could take seriously, or that there may actually be enough morons in this country who take this bullshit seriously to justify making it in the first place. For fucks' sake: 45 seconds in, and already i feel like I'm being bukkaked with bullshit: *"...devolved into stand-offs with police using military style tactics: flash-bangs..."* ...something the military only ever uses in a small fraction of operations of a highly-specialized nature where minimizing casualties is a prevailing goal. Those of the sort that law enforcement entities tend to use them for. But let me be clear: I am both sickened and outraged-- yes, **OUTRAGED!!!**-- that police officers in America are not afraid to disperse mobs of rioters that are creating chaos, wrecking millions of dollars in private property, and assaulting people by deploying "military-style weapons" of the sort that briefly disorients people while making their ears ring. What savagery. [actually, I have no idea why anyone would be outraged by that...not unless they were just being contrarian douchebags. Oh, well...it won't be much longer before we stop hearing about stuff like this. That's because whether he, Rudy Giuliani, or Tucker Carlson thinks so or not, Tweedledee is on his way out of the White House, and the vacancy will be filled by Tweedledum. Then, we won't be hearing about all the egregious brutality by police visited upon timid, peaceful protestors who think the path to social justice is paved with arson and home electronics looted from Walmart. I mean, it'll continue happening, of course...we just won't hear much about it, since the incoming POTUS is a Democrat who used to be Barack Obama's sidekick] *"...teargas..."* I spent four years in the Marine Corps, and was deployed into direct combat during the Persian Gulf War. I think I speak for the lopsided majority of veterans when I say my experiences with teargas were limited almost entirely to a couple of times I was obliged to stand in a room full of that shit, or getting hit with it a couple times during field exercises, for NBC warfare training. Yeah, it fucking sucks; you gag, you cough, your eyes, lungs, and nostrils burn, and you end up with two-foot-long strands of snot dangling out of your nose. If you don't know better, and start rubbing your eyes or splashing water on the affected areas, it prolongs the misery. That lasts for about twenty minutes, less if you're not sweating and/or have a stiff breeze you can run into...and then you're okay. As with flashbangs, teargas has extremely limited military applications as an offensive weapon. on the rare occasions it **IS** used, it's in non-combat situations involving tactics and doctrine that the military develops by consulting with law enforcement agencies. Tear gas is **NOT** a military weapon used by police, it's a police weapon that's sometimes used by the military. To anyone who might be reading this and thinking about pulling a "gotcha" by quoting whatever treaty or convention governing chemical weapons that supposedly says teargas is a banned weapon: don't bother, because you're wrong. But still...TEARGAS!! OOOOOHHH!! how terrible. I suppose that American police departments should just go back to the goold old days of wading into crowds wailing away with batons, or just shoot into crowds of people that refuse to disperse and even become violent. Personally, I'm still stuck on reconciling how using a chemical agent that military service members get subjected to all the time becomes a crime against humanity when cops use it to break up a violent mob. *"...rubber bullets..."* Not a "military weapon," dickhead. *"...helicopters..."* *OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!* THEY'RE USING **HELICOPTERS?!?!** I assume that these copters-- being deployed in a manner that aligns with military warfighting doctrine-- were flying around, strafing crowds of protestors with machinegun fire, and maybe a few 2.75" rockets for good measure? Or were they just flying overhead, getting a birds-eye view of whatever situation was unfolding, and feeding intel to police officers on the ground? Because if that's the case, I don't know how I'm going to tell Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch that some of my local network news affiliates have been regularly using "military-style tactics" to assess the state of rush hour traffic on the interstate. *"...armored vehicles..."* Contrary to what a lot of really, really, **REALLY** stupid people think, there is nothing at all sinister about police departments possessing the means to transport teams of police officers from Point "A" to Point "B" without exposing them to gunfire or random objects hurled at the, by...*"peaceful"* protesters. P.S. Why don't you fuck right off, John Oliver. I swear, it absolutely grinds me that "Last Week Tonight" has been going the way of "The Daily Show," from a genuinely witty and sometimes insightful take on current events to little more than a purveyor of bed-wetting liberal rhetoric, dogma, virtue-signalling, and polemics. I keep thinking I ought to have gotten to a point where this kind of thing no longer bothers me, but it does.

    Greg RockGreg Rock23 日 前
    • @Joe Taylor Wasn't talking to you.

      Greg RockGreg Rock23 日 前
    • Didn’t ask

      Joe TaylorJoe Taylor23 日 前
  • I've always thought that if there was a realistic possibility that a situation could've been resolved without violence, and the actions of a police officer led to it ending with violence, then they are a failure.

    Paul MahoneyPaul Mahoney24 日 前
  • Riddle me this: would you want to live in a country where 46% still support trump and the GOP after everything they did after this? After BLM? After Covid? Say what you will, but the united states should not be one country anymore. There are too many racists and sympathizers who will never be a significant minority either in the house or the senate. We should balkanize instead of coming to "compromise" over things that should be a given like human rights. You say compromised bill? I hear "watered down by racists to appeal to voters outside urban areas" You cannot compromise on human rights and the right to survive! This shouldn't even be a debate at this point! Yet here we are...

    aara555720aara55572024 日 前
  • Jeez who you gonna call when your rights are infringed upon stop bashing the bravest among us.

    Sinox TritonSinox Triton24 日 前
    • What you're describing is called racketeering: paying for protection by getting hurt.

      Zuma ZumaZuma Zuma19 日 前
    • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

      AA610AA61024 日 前
  • Colorado got rid of Qualified Immunity this year, might be one of the few good things to come out in 2020. RIP Elijah McClain, you'll never be forgotten here in Denver you'll always be loved.

    T DT D25 日 前
  • John talking about the Po Po! Hire me let me let’s go go! and I will help you make the show show!

    Michael WhiteheadMichael Whitehead25 日 前
  • Holy shit Even Postal 2 cops are WAY more sane and reasonable than these pigs

    Unknown 3032Unknown 303225 日 前
  • Wait a fucking minute. As an ex serviceman why don't we just make the police a federal position under the DoD? And then we could move junior law enforcement and leadership around which would make it harder for them to stage shit like this.

    RaviRavi25 日 前
    • States rights

      Hayan ImadiHayan Imadi25 日 前
  • Burn it all down because my anger reigns

    Sanyo NazyinSanyo Nazyin25 日 前
  • Celebrities have tremendous influence. Every major movement can be linked to a celebrity cause and their trickle. Computers are a rage so you can bet about the Homebrew Club and Alan Turing having influenced since the 1980s. Hitler, Einstein, Darwin, all the biggest names, even still Charles V will have dissipation. Hell. There is still Newton and Roger Bacon around waning out. They say the Greek trickle ends empires. Aryabhata. Copernicus. Pythagoras. Thoth. Galileo. Archimedes. Da Vinci. Seth. Jesus. Alberti. Brunelleschi. Quintilian. Homer. Shakespeare. Goethe. Musashi. Liberi. Marx. Britten. Pericles. Jenney. Etc. Sorry. Metalsmiths enjoy the darkness. Presidents aren't allowed this kind of influence for a reason, yes.

    Four Books UnknownFour Books Unknown25 日 前
  • It you shoot a suspect in the lag there’s a big chance you can hit and artery and the suspect bleeds to death.

    General Роман БарковGeneral Роман Барков25 日 前
    • And that's why it works so well. It's still catastrophically bad and a change that while making the situation marginally less bad does nothing to actually hit the root of the problem

      Paul MahoneyPaul Mahoney24 日 前