Modi: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, why he’s popular, why he’s controversial, and where things are headed for the largest democracy in the world.
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  • Our media is responsible for rise of modi. We don't hate Hindu and other relegion we love every human. We need secularism like the last guy in video❤️

    Muhammad adnan chauhanMuhammad adnan chauhan2 時間 前
  • 4:18 no students burn bus!! That thing done by RSS guys who came in protest with police and fire on students.

    Muhammad adnan chauhanMuhammad adnan chauhan2 時間 前
  • Hilariously true 😂 Just one point to be noted NO ...NO MINORITIES ARE BEING TREATED ILL . THOSE PROTEST WERE JUST BECAUSE OF THE CONFUSION AND Immigration rules regarding citizenship . ...INDIA IS A MAYHEM NO DOUBT ..A BEAUTIFUL CHAOS . And yes BJP leaders are illiterates 😂...that's how they got those positions creating confusion and speaking ill of Muslims . But hell They won't be able to do anything ..we all are friends brothers and sisters We all are Indian first ...let them bark 😂

    AdiSRIAdiSRI5 時間 前
  • Good job modi crush all their attempt to convert India from Darul harab to Darul Islam utter impunity.

    sksk6 時間 前
  • Damn John just exposed the shit out of Modi and his hindu extremist approach!

    Umer BaigUmer Baig6 時間 前
  • This was a bit tame compared to the stuff Modi is doing now.

    Solaire SolalalalalemonSolaire Solalalalalemon8 時間 前
  • I only came to see butthurt modi supporters who thought a white man was going to be praising modi endlessly.

    youaredeadlongerthanalive prepareyouaredeadlongerthanalive prepare10 時間 前
  • If Our Media were like you🙏 then modi would have left long ago

    Rahul RoyRahul Roy11 時間 前
  • Gotta give modi the credit , to keep his calm with elephant dung guy

    shawn noneshawn none14 時間 前
  • Video is quite funny, enjoyble, misguiding and misinformed...god bless u...

    Sage of six pathsSage of six paths17 時間 前
  • As a Hindu i denounce modi but fuck congress

    greg beastgreg beast20 時間 前
  • *Hindus were among the million who died during the rioting and other violence associated with the partition*

    AnuJ MishraAnuJ Mishra日 前
  • *The partition was done only to send Muslim to Separate country "Pakistan"*

    AnuJ MishraAnuJ Mishra日 前
  • Wow wow wow you are saying so much lies together buddy..... This is India, a country that haa welcomed minorities from different parts of the world. Our culture is to spread peace and love in the world and not give weapons to terrorists and ask them to fight our opponents. We don't do such things. Modi is one of the best powerful pm India ever had. No persicution didn't took place in India. Modi only brought a law that will help the peesicuted minorities from 3 islamic countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. So don't talk such bullshit about such a good man like modi.

    Vijay RajeevVijay Rajeev日 前
  • *If you don't know the complete picture then shut the fuck up*

    AnuJ MishraAnuJ Mishra日 前
  • *Fuc** *You* *(¬_¬ )*

    AnuJ MishraAnuJ Mishra日 前

      Ashwin Madapilly FanboiyAshwin Madapilly Fanboiy日 前
  • John Oliver is as ignorant kid, who is just satisfying sitting in studio and learning about India, he doesn't know anything.

    Pathati Pathat Pathanti lPathati Pathat Pathanti l日 前
  • Quoting Al Jazeera for news about India is like quoting Nazi media about Jews.

    Swaraj MishraSwaraj Mishra日 前
  • Oh my god India has founders 8:10 I didn't know that? Thankx show, it was on my feed. America knows more of India and Russia(Soviet earlier) than the Indians and Russians do.

    J Sree ramJ Sree ram日 前
    • So JPworlds censors certain words against china got a taste as I couldn't post one comment

      BhargavBhargav日 前
    • The 🍞 bread analogy was given by Tagore as an answer to a racist not our scriptures..

      BhargavBhargav日 前
    • @Bhargav Oh thank you sir but I too am a med student coincidentally and very rarely comment as I have very less digital time came to watch a chapter but this was on feed so I couldn't stop watching it but to my surprise Modi bringing the chills down the American and Islamic fundamentalist lobbyists is something phenomenal and being against throwing illegal immigrants is a as dumb and stupid as labelling anyone who disagrees with them a Nazi.

      J Sree ramJ Sree ram日 前
    • Sir why don't you start enlightening us through SM as I didn't know about temples in UAE and Islamic states becomes compassionate to Indians and built temples and award him their highest civilian awards . I recently heard he(Modi) is even honoured by US highest civilian award is it true anybody? Even I too can't talk more as I'm a med school student

      BhargavBhargav日 前
    • @J Sree ram You are right and when Indiraji (Nehru's daughter and ) was the PM she conducted a strike with Isreali intelligence Mossad to destroy Pakistan from becoming nuclear state but this bloody US agencies then with its agents as ministers in India destroyed it . That's why I say irrespective of political party if a leader stands for the nation he will be respected. But her family a flag bearer of nepotism in indian politics until recently , destroyed a lot of our country but that doesn't become a factor to deny good work as told by Atal bihari vajpayee the then Foreign minister in 1977 and later India's prime minister when India became a powerful nuclear state and able to defend itself by its powerful Military. Today US has come to such a stage that it cannot lose India's trust as it faces a dreadful enemy China that exported the virus and taught US a lesson(here I refer to lobbyists and my thoughts go for normal citizens who suffered uncertainty), but unfortunately the entire world due to its meglamanoic ambitions is suffering.

      BhargavBhargav日 前
  • In India there are 130 crore people so if there are 10 lakh people50 50 lakh people making protests and it doesn't seems to a very big protest

    fAcT GeneratorfAcT Generator日 前
  • Don't why don't America give refugees from Mexico citizenship

    fAcT GeneratorfAcT Generator日 前
    • The democrats in the USA want full mexican citizenship and more immigration relaxation

      RoWnIk SaRkArRoWnIk SaRkAr21 時間 前
    • They do, years later, it is because of the republicans

      RoWnIk SaRkArRoWnIk SaRkAr21 時間 前
  • India is not founded by Mr Gandhi and Nehru

    fAcT GeneratorfAcT Generator日 前
  • Well, you are ill informed.

    Naman LakhotiaNaman Lakhotia2 日 前
  • Fuck modi lol

    PD2001PD20012 日 前
  • John Oliver should do a show on Sri Lanka and Mahinda Rajapakse

    thilina jayasunderathilina jayasundera2 日 前
  • I’m an English barrister called Killian Garvey (Google me for proof). I’m convinced that John Oliver would make a great barrister based on his ability to communicate and argue

    Killian GarveyKillian Garvey2 日 前
  • This guys don’t even know 5% of ground reality, haven’t lived 1 month in India , and talking about india . NRC he talked about was all bullshit . If you want to know truth NRC then go to government site.

    HealerHealer2 日 前
  • I am not an admirer of Modi or Trump; but would like to give you Non-Indians some points to think over. 1) Jews are just some few hundreds and Parsi community have around 200 Thousand of population in India; who have their roots in Iran (before the Islam invades Iran). They never says that, we are a minority and unsafe in India. But 220 Millions of Muslims are enjoying the status of Minority for last 72 years. Why? 2) Why any Islamic countries are not welcoming a single syrian refugee? 3) Why you people don't raise the same question when Poland, France, etc. are taking decisions to preserve their culture? Seems that KKK and White Supremecy don't have any problem with non-white people in USA

    BhaaratiyaBhaaratiya2 日 前
  • John Oliver is misinformed. He does not know Indian history or politics.

    Dilip BhagatDilip Bhagat2 日 前
  • Gandhi and nehru, founders of modern india???? haha!!! you must be bullshitting. Thanks to them, rural and even parts of urban india dont have basic amenities. Thats exactly why i said, get your facts right in the first place. nehru was a 1st rate debauch and he and his descendants further went on to fleece and swindle the nation to no bounds. We still have a lot of so called educated illiterates who are totally blinded to this. We are atleast 50 years behind China and thats all thanks to the Nehru family.

    Priyanka PriyankaPriyanka Priyanka2 日 前
    • India was already poor before it became independent. And it’s not because of nehru(and definitely not Gandhi) it’s because of British rule in India.

      Kevin VataliyaKevin Vataliya2 日 前
  • you need to get your facts right. this is hear say rubbish.

    Priyanka PriyankaPriyanka Priyanka2 日 前
    • Hear say? He showed video footage. Or are you a hindu fanatic?

      youaredeadlongerthanalive prepareyouaredeadlongerthanalive prepare10 時間 前
  • I love my country. I really love Hinduism too. I am a Hindu. But my Hinduism is not everyone’s Hinduism. There is NO ONE FORM of Hinduism. Whoever who preaches that fundamentally misunderstands it. The fact that it is being politically slung like dung breaks my heart every day. It is hard to stay positive for things to get better, when you know that there is virtually no opposition at the national level.

    Arjun MenonArjun Menon2 日 前
  • Idiots like you who havent read the bill talking shit and showing al jazeera an left wong portal . By the way govt said if you dont have documents then provide 3 people as proof idiots

    hariom jhahariom jha2 日 前
  • Came here to see how much shit John Oliver can spew in 18 minutes. Got to say, man is the biggest turd ever. Not one correct citation, not one correct fact and claims to be upholding the truth, while being far from it. I wonder it the Cambridge analytics cheque was worth it you twat.

    yash singhyash singh2 日 前
  • Nehru and Gandhi were partly reason Bangladesh and Pakistan was created on religion basis. Nothing is perfect not even Gandhi and so is Modi. All we need is tolerence and let destiny work alone. Peace!

    Aquarish GamingAquarish Gaming2 日 前
    • @Kevin Vataliya Bro where are you from?? I've learned from history that it was Gandhi and Nehru who gave the permission to form Pakistan so that there will be no clash between the two religious community and we never wanted to give a big chunk of land to form Pakistan. If Pakistan is formed for Muslim as they are majority then India is for Hinduism that it. And one more thing our culture is hurt, first from mughal then from British. We are currently called the Israel of South Asia. If our culture and traditions will be hurt we will beat hell out of them like Israel did to middle East. I'm not being rude I just can't control my sentiments when I look at the blunders invaders did to our India.

      Aquarish GamingAquarish Gaming2 日 前
    • If u think Bangladesh and Pakistan were created(partly) due to nehru and Gandhi then u have been learning wrong history

      Kevin VataliyaKevin Vataliya2 日 前
  • Fuck it off 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • i am studying hard to become😢😔 doctor so i could move to US......i luv my country but corruption is destroying it......

    Albus DumbledoreAlbus Dumbledore2 日 前
  • he's a funny dude

  • Modi is a machiavellian with fascists as his think-tanks and hooligans as his followers.

    Shalini Tiwari's cornerShalini Tiwari's corner3 日 前
  • Modi won not because he is a good leader But because his opponent Rahul Gandhi is not a good leader 🙏🙏

    Neeraj NagarNeeraj Nagar3 日 前
  • Rubbish n ill informed

    Pratik GuptaPratik Gupta3 日 前
  • Modi is the teacher of Donald trump, but I think the student is not that good as his master, he loss ultimately. I really miss the contents that trump give.

    Taraknath GhoshTaraknath Ghosh3 日 前
    • So for you trump was a comedian?

      Neeraj KumarNeeraj Kumar3 日 前
  • The CAB is specific for muslims because the interesting neighbors of India are Muslim majority states. And i think everyone knows about our neighbors and the threat they pose.

    Ayush AnandAyush Anand3 日 前
  • Little do the Americans know about nehru and Gandhi.

    Ayush AnandAyush Anand3 日 前
  • The gabby yak thermodynamically notice because software phytochemically hate unlike a hurried mascara. abaft, aromatic ray

    Tyler WrightTyler Wright3 日 前
  • Fuck you

    Utkarsh JindalUtkarsh Jindal3 日 前

    mishra suvigyamishra suvigya3 日 前
  • after watching this video, i really refreshed the page to see if it got banned even now!

    mishra suvigyamishra suvigya3 日 前
  • You do not know the background facts because of which Modi did not give prior information to people before demonetization. There was a lot of counterfeit money pumped into the country by Pakistan's ISI. In addition to this there was a lot of unaccounted black money in the economy. The system had to be cleaned & prior information would hv defeated this objective.. Further, before you comment on the religious divide, pls look within at how you treat the blacks in the US. The whole world saw the cold blooded murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis that sparked off nationwide riots in the US.

    1842videos20021842videos20023 日 前
  • Form india bro and your are fact is 101% right

    Sonu NirwanSonu Nirwan3 日 前
    • rip english

      Narendra ModiNarendra Modi日 前
  • Trump: calls Modi the father of India Gandhi: Am I a joke to you?

    • @Aakash Rai Shiva is a South Asian deity. India was created by the British Raj. The father of the state of India were leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

      Sarfaraz Hussein MerchantSarfaraz Hussein Merchant2 日 前
    • And gandhi is not a father of india

      Aakash RaiAakash Rai3 日 前
    • Father of india is shiva not any norml human

      Aakash RaiAakash Rai3 日 前
    • Well, pacifists and socialists have been exiled from this world since Fascists and Stalinists are on thrones.

      Shalini Tiwari's cornerShalini Tiwari's corner3 日 前
  • Symbol of hate. I am searching the comments from the BJP it cells. 😂

    unkahe baatunkahe baat3 日 前
  • We are going in this direction because we are tired of peacefuls , they are the real threat to country and taking our attention away from development , Europe is facing same thing now

    S VS V3 日 前
  • India is secular in only pages and this is true in present and past (before Modi too). I believe in Atheism. As you can see and as Indian I can also say that yeah Modi govt is good for Hindus or upper caste Hindus but this is not first time ,we have 29 states and people according to religion choose govt like West Bengal ,Hyderabad , Bihar and many southern part govt totally support muslims.As you have seen 2002 case where Muslim were killed because before that Hindus were killed. When Indra Gandhi died many Sikhs were killed because a Sikh shot her. Maharashtra totally do biased things for the poor people from other states. Jammu Kashmir muslims in Congress govt time put to flight lakhs of Kashmir pandit(Hindus) and now in the present time of BJP they are having some worst time of their life. I can guarantee if BJP govt lose and any Muslim supporter party win same thing happen to Hindu too. We have north east people too where if you fly from central India to that part you will feel you were in other country because neither Muslim neither Hindu govt care about them and neither they care about that how things work in India and it's worst. Only thing good in India is if you have money you can do whatever you want and people praise you and that's what everyone want by any means.

    AviAvi4 日 前
  • Badass insulting.modi is an international insulting...........🤣😅😂

    syed sahilsyed sahil4 日 前
  • 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Siba MandalSiba Mandal4 日 前
    • Oke koeli

      Mr PepeMr Pepe3 日 前
  • 13:46 guess you haven't read the CAA.Typical.

    I agree with youI agree with you4 日 前
  • 6:39 you are listening to the news of an anchor who didn't even know what is the difference between a fake and an authentic call

  • Dogs always bark in back of elephants 😂😂 Le modi : who the hell are youuuuu??? Bloody unpopular person 😂😂

    Parthesh PandyaParthesh Pandya4 日 前
    • @Arindam dutta wtf are you talking about. Ur ugly long rant doesn't make any sense. U r asking what's ur concern. I didn't say I hv a concern. Can't you read my previous replies.

      darsh andarsh an4 日 前
    • @darsh an if u came here on behalf of that un intellectual journalist with the response of PM.... what did you expect ....yeah he is right you are a libraundu for our much knowledge u have on journalism....but you are well aware of his frame but don't know or finds the dispute of that journalist arguments....I want know what are your concerns...ajja beta tera aj kahe k lung mai...

      Arindam duttaArindam dutta4 日 前
    • @Parthesh Pandya Be proud of something you did. No one choose the country they were born in. If you were born in Pakistan you would hv hated India. And I'm no intellectual. You are probably more intellectual than me.

      darsh andarsh an4 日 前
    • @darsh an I am not here to argue with the soo called intellectual people like you . But I can't afford , any cheep foreigner tray to be funny by making this nonsense on my country's PM. You don't have a problem it's your choice. But as a proud Indian I have fully proud on my country and my PM 🇮🇳 🇮🇳🚩

      Parthesh PandyaParthesh Pandya4 日 前
    • Fighting like school children calling eachother sanghis and librandus. What is the name for leftists?? May I know

      darsh andarsh an4 日 前
  • It's time to make another video on Arnab Goswami. 😂

    Deselk StudioDeselk Studio5 日 前
  • I just can not believe western left media is busy portraying modi as a fascist, and RSS as some organization similar to KKK , without even doing some research.and that is the reason why people are pulling down some extremely credible presidential candidates like tulsi gabberd just because she is a hindu and has good relationship with modi, guess what , who else admires modi Barack Obama,now you can even call him a fascist 🤐

    Harshit SHarshit S5 日 前
    • @darsh an well if you are talking about his book "A promised land " then i think only 1st part of the book is realized in which he documented events till year 2012, so obviously modi was not mentioned in it .The second part of the book will realize soon in which events of later years were documented and i am sure modi will be mentioned more than 1 times in that book.

      Harshit SHarshit S3 日 前
    • @Harshit S Thank god, Obama's book is available online. If it was something else then you would hv said it's "uR oPiNioN".

      darsh andarsh an3 日 前
    • @Harshit S lmao. You said he praised modi in latest book. That's a lie. Now you are trying to get away with it. Just accept it.

      darsh andarsh an3 日 前
    • @darsh an I think you are just following left media,because if you had followed neutral media you should have known that he praised modi's foreign policies and his leading capability in regards of Paris environment treaty,so first check your facts before calling facts "shit".

      Harshit SHarshit S3 日 前
    • @Harshit S Don't tell shit and call it ur opinion.

      darsh andarsh an4 日 前
  • Modi is shit

    Neelavathi MandaNeelavathi Manda5 日 前
  • Hitler’s paintings were pretty good to

    Amy BickettAmy Bickett5 日 前
  • Thnku for telling the truth v r actully facing in india..atleast smbdy in west just realised who Modi basically inhuman murderer

    jannat e kashmirjannat e kashmir5 日 前
  • Stupid Liberandu.

    Soubhik BiswasSoubhik Biswas5 日 前

    Ajay AryaAjay Arya5 日 前
    • fuck modi

      Niranjan kumar SinghNiranjan kumar Singh5 日 前
    • 2:47

      Prince RajPrince Raj5 日 前
  • So sad to see the most "peaceful" religion Islam being persecuted everywhere :(

    Rakshith MRakshith M6 日 前
    • Yup. In China, India, Muslims are being treated as third grade citizens

      Niranjan kumar SinghNiranjan kumar Singh5 日 前
    • Duniya power 💪⚡ se chlti hai modi ko america ne 2005 me ban kr diya india ka pm banne ke baad america chaatne lga invite kiya modi ko jaanta hai iska asar kya hoga usa britisher hi hai looters... Dhire facebook whatsapp ka bamboo hoga

      Prince RajPrince Raj5 日 前
  • 8:06 India's founders? Excuse me?

    Rakshith MRakshith M6 日 前
    • @Rakshith M Imma write again :D

      Niranjan kumar SinghNiranjan kumar Singh5 日 前
    • @Rakshith M Are you reporting my comments. Well if yes then expected.

      Niranjan kumar SinghNiranjan kumar Singh5 日 前
    • @Niranjan kumar SinghReligious disunity arose only due to "some religion" wants to enforce their "personal Law" in this country . Only Hindu majority is preventing that from happening

      Rakshith MRakshith M5 日 前
    • @Rakshith M He might be good for me, he might be bad for ya, but he was definitely a 1000% progressive.

      Niranjan kumar SinghNiranjan kumar Singh5 日 前
    • @Rakshith M So, do you think Nehru wasn't progressive huh? A constitution regarded as one of the best in the world. Founder of 90% IITs, AIIMS, ISRO, DRDO, IIMs wasn't progressive. Nice joke. For your info. No IIT or IIM or AIIMS has been completely been constructed under NDA rule.

      Niranjan kumar SinghNiranjan kumar Singh5 日 前
  • 6:40 Glad to see Harvard Professor!

    Rakshith MRakshith M6 日 前
  • Thanks

    Soumil AroraSoumil Arora6 日 前
  • This video is just amazing

    Prakhar BaranwalPrakhar Baranwal6 日 前
  • Talk about misleading by spicing things up. Such a shame dude. Modi was claimed innocent by the Supreme Court, you mean you are better than the Chief Justice of India. Pathetic.

    TruthbeSpokenTwice TruthbeSpokenTwiceTruthbeSpokenTwice TruthbeSpokenTwice6 日 前
  • Fuck Gandhi, Modi is rightly a Fatherly Figure for whole of India.

    Just another AtheistJust another Atheist6 日 前
  • 3:56 look how the turntables have turned

    Pratik MahapatraPratik Mahapatra6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav6 日 前
  • Lmao. I'm an indian n I still find this funny

    Chintan ahireChintan ahire6 日 前
  • what happened to Kashmiris?

    Tom JerryTom Jerry7 日 前
  • I think this is just biased and just wanted to do show that how bad is India like all other global media house do .

    Bhanose NakulBhanose Nakul7 日 前
    • @Romit Kumar yes bro very well said

      Bhanose NakulBhanose Nakul6 日 前
    • These nationalist far right bigots have fed everyone bullshit about how every global media house is lying about the many underlying problems and human rights violations that are happening in India are just made up and people like you believe them. Have you ever thought that they might be the ones who are lying?

      Romit KumarRomit Kumar6 日 前
  • Not to mention the torment he has inflicted upon my farmers and LGBTQ brothers and sisters. However I have not heard anything about the detention center so I would not bash him for that.

    Rudra BakuRudra Baku7 日 前
  • John Oliver missed one thing for the religious tension in india.... British

    rockyrocky7 日 前
  • You are just awesome india needs your thoughts

    The SayaThe Saya7 日 前
  • Meanwhile me watching this after there so called elections ... seriously 😂😂😂😂😂 lolzzzz the shit they are I relized .....the oldest democracy sucking in such big scale .....hey mr anchor go get ur self some air 😂😂😂🤷🤷🤷

    Pt DivyaPt Divya7 日 前
  • I m an Indian and u are 90% correct regarding this, human rights and expression are almost over in uttar pradesh under yogi adityanath fascism.

    Utkarsh soniUtkarsh soni7 日 前
  • I really want y'all to cover the latest news of arnab goswami.. Whatsapp chats..

    s kaurs kaur7 日 前
  • Foreign media are shit man how can they lie enough

    it's meit's me7 日 前
    • Have you ever imagined that it might not be the foreign media that is lying but the far right supremacist bigots in government?

      Romit KumarRomit Kumar6 日 前
    • When its the truth... It'll hurt

      shivansh sharmashivansh sharma7 日 前

    Ishtiak SakibIshtiak Sakib7 日 前
  • Now Ravish Kumar git his award

    Mohd AbuzebMohd Abuzeb7 日 前
  • Modi and Amit Shah basically Hitler and Hitler's Himmler.

    Ayanavo LahiriAyanavo Lahiri7 日 前
  • It is too easy for a man of rich country to laugh on us but we are trying hard for our country

    Vishal guptaVishal gupta7 日 前
    • Trying hard by oppressing whole sections of Indian society. Riiiiiiiiiight.

      gFantasmosgFantasmos7 日 前
  • We need more AGGRESSIVE LEADERS like Modi

    GalaxZ ForeverGalaxZ Forever8 日 前
    • @Romit Kumar lol here i am fighting for economy of India but yet knowing I cant even have the age to vote

      GalaxZ ForeverGalaxZ Forever4 日 前
    • @GalaxZ Forever yes. That must explain how India managed to keep growing during the 2008 economic crisis while many other countries went into recession and countries like Greece and Iceland got completely destroyed. Not because of the qualified economist who knew how to handle it, but Sonia Gandhi.

      Romit KumarRomit Kumar4 日 前
    • @Romit Kumar u support Manmohan Singh lol. That dumb machine ran by Sonia Gandhi. First learn what are politics imao. See BJP 2024 election win is guaranteed. Congress is already dead.

      GalaxZ ForeverGalaxZ Forever4 日 前
    • @GalaxZ Forever I don't know if you know this, but the the GDP growth rate has been shrinking by 1% per annum since the current government took power, falling to 4% even before the pandemic, while the previous government left it at 8%. And no, I don't support Pappu, I support someone like Manmohan Singh, meaning someone who is actually qualified to run a country.

      Romit KumarRomit Kumar6 日 前
    • Look at the bright side Our GDP IS GROWING Army is taking missions against terrorism Setting foreign relations Etc Are u pappu follower lol

      GalaxZ ForeverGalaxZ Forever6 日 前