Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Mobile homes may seem like an affordable housing option, but large investment companies are making them less and less so.
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  • It was Janet from The Good Place!

    Rikki SlonceRikki Slonce2 日 前
  • Sadly, these people vote against the kinds of policies that would protect and help them. Is it Socialist to want to protect your grandma who lives on $1200 a month social security from being taken advantage of?

    Joel CrowJoel Crow4 日 前
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  • This video is grossly misleading. All the businesses exist to make income. If the park owners don't come in and run a business, these will cease to exist. The residents will have to become homeless. Doing this business and dealing with extremely poor people is not fun, or easy. But they are working to provide housing to the poorest, something other businessed are not doing. Of course US is on the decline and wealth difference is growing. It is the fact. Apartment rents, housing rents, college tuition, food price, everything is going up. Government printed trillions of dollars. It caused inflation to go up, prices go up. This is economics 101. Trying to pick a particular industry and vilify them is unwise and shows lack of knowledge.

    ImranImran7 日 前
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    Forster ShultsForster Shults9 日 前
  • American capitalism it's the problem

    Edgar PachecoEdgar Pacheco9 日 前
  • Are these assholes finally losing money due to the eviction moratorium and the arrearages on the space rent never going to be paid back?

    FlashOfLightFlashOfLight15 日 前
  • That showed me a new side of D’arcy

    Dunkster 420Dunkster 42018 日 前
  • God rich people suck ass

    Dylan JohnsonDylan Johnson22 日 前
    • You wouldn’t be saying that if you were rich

      Jonathan LopezJonathan Lopez15 日 前
  • 9:40 a truly missed joke opportunity for John. Disappointed....

    Divante BrownDivante Brown22 日 前
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    Danielle ClarkDanielle Clark22 日 前
  • Thank you for exposing this.

    Traci MetcalfTraci Metcalf23 日 前
  • I live in a park full of Clayton homes. When people are evicted. They are charged for tearing down the home if it is not a new Clayton home. The park sells the home anyway. They dont tear them down.

    Traci MetcalfTraci Metcalf23 日 前
  • Mobile homes are like cars.

    Traci MetcalfTraci Metcalf23 日 前
  • After hurricane Michael, they tried to move some of the undamaged homes and they kept dropping them in the street.

    mm24 日 前
  • I have lived in mobile homes for the entirety of my 29 year life with the exception of the eight semesters I spent in dorms during college. My greatest ambition in life is to live in a home that offers even the slightest hint of shelter during a tornado or derecho.

    Emilee BakerEmilee Baker25 日 前
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    Tyler WrightTyler Wright27 日 前
  • My mother worked for company that had her repossessing mobile homes on X-mas.

    Vona KenyonVona Kenyon27 日 前
  • I just realized the person in green at 14:07 plays Janet from The Good Place.

    JPardonFXJPardonFX28 日 前
  • Surprisingly we live in a mobile home in Silicon Valley, the value of our home has actually more than tripled in 20 years to nearly $300,000. Brand new homes in our mobile park are going for up to $400,000

    Joey IgnacioJoey Ignacioヶ月 前
  • John Oliver's segments are distinctive for the fact that they are so funny, yet so incredibly depressing. Nonetheless, we need voices like his.

    Chris AlfanoChris Alfanoヶ月 前
  • Almost seems like whenever super rich people move into a housing development, things go downhill. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    MrFunnyGuy015MrFunnyGuy015ヶ月 前
  • I'm sorry but that circus joke could have been made into an A+ Robin/Nightwing joke and lowkey. I would've done it. Don't get me wrong, one of my all time favorite heroes.... but it would've been perfect.

    ElenaElenaヶ月 前
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  • I don't find this funny at all I don't live there but I don't go around making fun of poor people that have to live a mobile homes I'm not going to do it I think it's kind of like a sickening joke and that rich people get away with doing this kind of s*** to the poor and we're talkin about people that have to work two and three jobs that God damn we just to make ends meet it's got children that are actually going to be thrown out into the street have a f****** heart

    Ann DarnellAnn Darnellヶ月 前
    • Who says it‘s funny per se? They present a serious topic as funny as possible. Does not mean the issues are not serious.

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapageiヶ月 前
  • If you can't buy your own home it's the next best thing and a lot of people are out of work and a lot of people are low income it just gives them a chance to own something that then you got cities that own trailer parks that don't keep them up they take the money but they won't keep them up and then they want to go in and demolishing and throw poor people into the the gutter make them homeless because that's what they're doing because they get a bid on that land where they're going to make a lot of money so why not just do a bunch of poor people out in the middle of the street real caring people in your cities so you got to watch who you vote in the office

    Ann DarnellAnn Darnellヶ月 前
  • The stupid sounding laugh at flat jokes is so annoying.

    Bass WarnerBass Warnerヶ月 前
    • It's a live audience tho. I've been before.

      juujuuヶ月 前
  • Dave Ramsey was not referring to prefabricated housing, when he says "mobile homes lose value". When he said "mobile homes", he is referring to Winnebago's and other RV's that you drive or tow on trips. A pre-fabricated house is not a mobile home. The fact that he says it's a car you sleep in, should have been a clue that this entire video was poorly researched.

    Joseph BurkeJoseph Burkeヶ月 前
    • He did not exclusively refer to that, as he also refers to the ground you can buy. You usually don‘t buy the parking space for an RV, do you? You confuse the video, you refer to the video „Dave Ramsey‘s View on Mobile Homes“ which refers to RVs. The other video of him „Live in a Mobile Home to save for a house“ is the video they use here and that clearly refers to the kind of homes in this piece.

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapageiヶ月 前
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    Tyler WrightTyler Wrightヶ月 前
  • Enlightening. I never thought about how stuck you are in a mobile (not really mobile) home that you own and can't easily move on rental land.

    Jeffrey WilliamsonJeffrey Williamsonヶ月 前
  • I love how rich bastards don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves

    Witchy PooWitchy Pooヶ月 前
  • Nothing like truth in advertising.... I approve of that Ad at the end of the video , ***** Five Star rating for realism !

    John PJohn Pヶ月 前
  • I'd like to watch "evrithing is fine", sounds nicer lol

    Sofia PalombiniSofia Palombiniヶ月 前

    Work channelWork channelヶ月 前
  • Lessor shall have and is hereby granted a lien upon all non- exempt property of any kind (expressly including the manufactured home)found or located on leased premises to secure payment of rent due or to become due under this lease. Lessor shall have the right to enter Peacefully the premises, manufactured home, or storage facilities to exercise lessor's contractual lien. Lessee's absence from the premises for three consecutive days while all or any portion of the rentals or other sums due under lease are delinquent shall be deemed an abandonment of the premises. in order to clear such abandoned premises, lessor may enter the premises, manufactured home and storage facilities to remove and store all property of every kind found therein. Lessor may impose reasonable charges for storing seized or abandoned property and may sell the same at a private or public sale after thirty (30) days written notice to lessee of the time and place of such sale, and lessor shall have the right to become purchaser upon being the highest bidder at such sale; the notice shall be deemed to have been given at the time of placing such notice in the U.S. mails, postage prepaid, certified, or registered mail to lessee at the street or post office address hereinabove set forth sale of seizure, storage and sale and then to the delinquent rentals or sums due lessor: if any sale proceeds then remain such shall be held by lessor for lessee and lessor shall notify lessee of such surplus lien provisions of this paragraph and the procedures contemplated thereby shall be available to, and may be done by, lessor without the necessity of any prior court hearing proceeding or order. lessor shall have no liability to lessee whatsoever for any acts or actions or performed pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph This is what my mobile home is doing this month for 2021.... they make you sign away your rights and your trailer of you owe them rent for the lot your renting... this is criminal.... it wasnt in 2018 or 2019 lease papers only during a virus outbreak do they do this...

    frank Brionesfrank Brionesヶ月 前

    Jacob MotleyJacob Motleyヶ月 前
  • You know you're living in late stage capitalism when you literally cannot afford to be trailer trash

    Jazzy BeatJazzy Beat2 ヶ月 前
  • Warren Buffett also owns GEICO.

    Devil DollDevil Doll2 ヶ月 前
  • You know you're living in late stage capitalism when you literally cannot afford to be trailer trash

    Carlosdabin,6787 Carlosdabin,5676Carlosdabin,6787 Carlosdabin,56762 ヶ月 前
  • HOLY COW! Its Janet from the Good Place!!!! She cannot die so remember who you are talking to- if you fork with her she will reboot and then she will fork with you

    Mark DragonriderMark Dragonrider2 ヶ月 前
  • That ending bit is like a companion piece to SNL's "Totino's."

    t vt v2 ヶ月 前
  • Oh, good. The mainstream explanation for why landlords must go.

    t vt v2 ヶ月 前
  • Sadly it's completely true. I was a kid in our mobile home (They are glorified trailers) if it can be called that. We got lucky and the land was owned by our uncle, so our rent was managed. We also when we moved I think it was over 80% of the lots were bought by a single entity/group. So when we moved my uncle sold the lot and finished paying off everything he owned for the lot and home. I didn't notice how much that place costed until we moved into a duplex. Rent was more, but we still how more to spend. All utilities dropped, the feeling of the house was just so much better. I really do wish anyone living in the mobile home park can stay safe, but I've seen what these types of conditions can do to people and families.

    Jason TuftsJason Tufts2 ヶ月 前
  • It's so weird hearing laughs in the background now

    Pinksparkles1511Pinksparkles15112 ヶ月 前
  • I want so much to afford a place of my own, I feel like I've gotten to that age where it would probably benefited me. I looked into getting a mobile home. I could totally afford it and have a place to myself, but the lot rent is literally 3x the price of the mobile home. If it was the same price of the mobile home, I'd be fine, but I can't do that. Also, I can't even afford a shitty apartment where I live. There's nothing wrong with living with roommates, but it would be nice to have a place of my own that I could actually have friends or a boyfriend over (post-pandemic) and somewhere for me to study when I go back to school. BTW, fuck Dave Ramsey. When you find about the real him, he's just as bad as the people he talks shit on.

    ythoytho2 ヶ月 前
  • If he forces you to leave the property... burn the f***er to the ground and leave him with the bill.

    LL2 ヶ月 前
    • @ParagrafenPapagei only if they can find you.

      LL8 日 前
    • Dumb idea. You go to jail and lost your property.

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapageiヶ月 前
  • 15:19 me

    Dodcio ChallengerDodcio Challenger2 ヶ月 前
  • Where I live, mobile homes dominate the surrounding neighborhoods... Some simply are smart with money, and their homes are about the most beautiful little ramblers I've ever seen, but others are in legitimate poverty. This neighborhood also displays the only actual homophobia I've seen in Washington, with an openly gay man's home spray painted with the F slur, and now 3 of his cars torched...

    Kyle MaddalenaKyle Maddalena2 ヶ月 前
  • I just bought in a park that has been family owned for over 50 years with the fourth generation coming in now. But I knew the risks. It's an assurance policy in case my mom, 100 miles away, is unable to drive. In the meantime, it will be a rental by the month. The park across the street was just bought by Cove Communities out of Phoenix. Before the sale, the lot rent was between $1100 & $1200 per month, almost double my lot rent. It literally takes two social security incomes and a part time job to live there. If one spouse dies, the other is stuck in a house that they can't sell sitting on a lot that they can't afford. It's sad. P.S. They are both 55 and over parks.

    Anne-Marie AAnne-Marie A2 ヶ月 前
    • @Khan Man Got it. It's terrible, really.

      Anne-Marie AAnne-Marie A13 日 前
    • @Anne-Marie A I meant people who take advantage of people who are going thru difficult times

      Khan ManKhan Man14 日 前
    • @Khan Man ?

      Anne-Marie AAnne-Marie A14 日 前
    • @Anne-Marie A that is disgusting. How can people who do this live with themselves

      Khan ManKhan Man14 日 前
    • @Khan Man Yes, the park across the street is an elder trap. People who should be enjoying their retirement are having to go and work for minimum wage to pay their lot rent.

      Anne-Marie AAnne-Marie A14 日 前
  • 5:20 If you’re taking out a loan to buy a TV you probably shouldn’t be buying a TV at the moment.

    Joe H.SJoe H.S2 ヶ月 前
    • True, you should save up the money instead of wasting it on paying interest.

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapageiヶ月 前
  • Damn that shampoo and water comment, that really be me

    Yoscelin Perez OrtizYoscelin Perez Ortiz2 ヶ月 前
  • I learned this lesson the hard way. 15 years and thousands of dollars down the drain.

    Jennifer JohnsonJennifer Johnson2 ヶ月 前
  • Janet!!

    E Katherine ZackinE Katherine Zackin2 ヶ月 前
  • Founding fathers roll in their grave... "Land of the free- to leave their property and go somewhere else!"

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez2 ヶ月 前
  • I think people need to also notice that George Bush is associated with the carlyle group. Once again proving high-ranking republicans are sociopathic people with HORRIBLE ideas.

    TyDie85TyDie852 ヶ月 前
  • Yea, funny how shitty corporate businesses wanna raise prices on the poor but GOD FORBID they get an increase in their taxes. Fuck them in ALL their asses, seriously.

    TyDie85TyDie852 ヶ月 前
  • jo co

    Adam RyšánekAdam Ryšánek2 ヶ月 前
  • I feel like buying mobile home lots and gifting them back to the renters is now on the list of things I’d do if I had an exorbitant amount of money

    Emma BonnEmma Bonn2 ヶ月 前
  • You know i am always amazed by the "poor" americans shown in shows like these. The woman who couldnt afford the rent hike was driving an oversized SUV that costs her twice than a normal car would and she eats for 5 people. She in particular could certainly afford the rent given that she is already affording everything else.

    StrazdasStrazdas2 ヶ月 前
    • @ParagrafenPapagei Does used cars consume less gasoline? And If all cars are cheaper, the argument stands, it still costs her twice as much as two normal cars.

      StrazdasStrazdasヶ月 前
    • I don‘t know if you‘re an American or not, but cars not as expensive in the U.S. as in other places. Used car market is much larger than in other industrialized nations and the cars are also cheaper in pricing than in other nations. So that SUV argument is pretty much worthless.

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapageiヶ月 前
  • A home that is not mobile is not called a mobile home. In fact i dont think you have shown even a single actually mobile home in this video.

    StrazdasStrazdas2 ヶ月 前
  • Calling a manufactured home a mobile home may not actually be legal. These are different categories and have different legal requirements.

    StrazdasStrazdas2 ヶ月 前
    • @ParagrafenPapagei Nope, merely being able to move and reassemble the house does not make it mobile. Mobile requires it to be able to move on its own power or be towed, such as trailers.

      StrazdasStrazdasヶ月 前
    • No, they are also called mobile homes and are legally marketed as such because they can placed in a different spot than the one they are constructed at. So a normal house is not mobile because it is built where it stands. A mobile home is built in a factory and then moved to its future location. That‘s what makes it mobile. And some mobiles homes can in fact be moved after installation. But not all of them.

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapageiヶ月 前
  • John and @LastWeekTonight team, what can we do to combat this issue, this is truly terrible. Can you imagine spending your time working hard to earn enough to purchase what you think is a safe place for your and your family, only to be forced out due to some greedy prick raising your lot fees? Is there any current legislation we can support to prevent this immoral practice?

    JungzJungz2 ヶ月 前
  • Living in mobile homes. The wealthiest country. I am sorry, is it 2nd great depression?

    Martina SkupinMartina Skupin2 ヶ月 前
  • “Pull your self up by your boot straps” I can’t because I’m chained to this Waffle House booth

    IsengromIsengrom2 ヶ月 前
  • Lot rent where I live is now nearly the same as renting an apartment. I am not affected by it, but I was thinking about buying a mobile home for cash to have cheap housing and found out that lot rent kicks that idea in the balls.

    Casey VeeCasey Vee3 ヶ月 前
  • This report feels like it came before Trump took office.

    kilroy987kilroy9873 ヶ月 前
  • You people are fucking morons

    Zachary HendersonZachary Henderson3 ヶ月 前
    • @Liz D you're welcome.

      Zachary HendersonZachary Henderson3 ヶ月 前
    • Thank you for wafting in to spread your wisdom.

      Liz DLiz D3 ヶ月 前
  • You start by saying "perfected by humans, but invented by snails." I think this piece basically prooves that statement to be false.

    SZRLMSZRLM3 ヶ月 前
  • If love to get a Skoolie or Tiny Home some day

    Mike RoseMike Rose3 ヶ月 前
  • Janet!!

    Allison LeeteAllison Leete3 ヶ月 前
  • I feel for those people. And don’t call them trailer trash every time you talk about them. Just because it’s not taboo doesn’t mean it’s not fucked up to denigrate poor white people.

    Tejas NairTejas Nair3 ヶ月 前
  • I love how honest that owner was. It's how democracy should work.

    AntherAnther3 ヶ月 前
  • Man it’s so fake and off putting to listen to live studio audiences now

    SamanDroidSamanDroid3 ヶ月 前
  • That saxophone is something... links please

    King NsengiyunvaKing Nsengiyunva3 ヶ月 前
    • It's a 50yr old piece of music

      Zachary HendersonZachary Henderson3 ヶ月 前
  • aprently i havent sufer in my 16 years of my life

    el gato reportroel gato reportro3 ヶ月 前

    AquaticAquatic3 ヶ月 前
  • "Janet are mobile homes a good investment" should just redirect you to this video 😂

    Anime ArgonautAnime Argonaut3 ヶ月 前
  • Goddamn, that last bit was nightmare fuel

    Column VColumn V3 ヶ月 前
  • Of course... where there's a chance at human rights violations and profit, two types of people will be there: A Feminist and a Capitalist, both with the exact same goal to destroy your entire life.

    MCPunk55MCPunk553 ヶ月 前
    • Wtf have feminwts to do with this?

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapageiヶ月 前
  • Is that girl in the green from the good place 🥰

    madi bendymadi bendy3 ヶ月 前
  • Janet? Still so wise.

    FifteenFifteen3 ヶ月 前
  • Actually the homes themselves don't necessarily lose value, mine didn't...depending on the economy. It's now worth twice whatI paid but I made improvements, had a nice big lot with a good view not too close to neighbors windows and kept it looking nice and repaired. Just the same, one year the appraised value was 1/4th what I paid. However, the lot rents go up every year. It's now 1/2 my income and they add new fees all the time. The park has been sold 4-5 times since I moved in. Everyone lives off the sweat of the poor.

    Nunna YrbznzNunna Yrbznz4 ヶ月 前
  • john oliver explores such important topics . why aren't these kind of stories in the news all the time? very suspicious.

    sigis sigissigis sigis4 ヶ月 前
  • America has become much like the Europe my grandparents left over a hundred years ago, with a hereditary aristocracy ruling over a mass of peasants. But there's no escape anymore, no place like America to which one can emigrate, work hard to build a family business and make a better life for their children.

    T HT H4 ヶ月 前
  • Los departamentos suelen estar en torres con accesos exclusivos, lo que te da más seguridad, además de que los vecinos suelen conocer a las personas que viven dentro de la unidad o desarrollo y así se genera un mayor nivel de seguridad entre los habitantes.

    Marco Antonio Rodríguez SánchezMarco Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez4 ヶ月 前
  • John Oliver, brother you have the most hilarious take on some of the most ridiculous bull shit I have seen in 50 years thank you for sharing it!

    M. SingletonM. Singleton4 ヶ月 前
  • All the houses are now manufactured they put them together on small piece of land in only a a few weeks and charge way to much Back in the day it took years to build a actual house Those days are over Either way manufactured homes or mobile homes its all a complete sham for the greedy to get richer

    F ZF Z4 ヶ月 前
  • This show truly exploits some topics some people including myself would not other wise would know.

    Octavio Morales GuerreroOctavio Morales Guerrero4 ヶ月 前
  • 15:08 POV: you’re the meme.

    Scrimmy BingusScrimmy Bingus4 ヶ月 前
  • I called that commercial's phone number.. It is every scam- EVER! Car warranties, health care, and a $100 "gift" just for calling... Oh! A pest control plan. Oh, she just let me know my cable bill is OUTRAGEOUS! (I was still on the phone while commenting.) If you just keep pressing # it will send you to another scam.. and another. Smh....

    Kayla SpenceKayla Spence4 ヶ月 前
  • Proudly own my own mobile home dump like seriously its bad but i bought the land so i figure we will live in this depreciation station until we cant and build a house behind. Beats 900 a month for rent

    Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner4 ヶ月 前
  • Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo You Brit! You just hate us Yanks because we broke away from your decrepit British Empire. Now go take your bull and shove it where the sun don't shine.

    11B Retired11B Retired4 ヶ月 前
    • So pointing out what is wrong in America is attacking you? That is pretty sad.

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapageiヶ月 前
    • Take it easy there Soldier. Take it easy, he might be a double agent;^D. Listen, he's actually telling the truth about what is happening with the mobile home parks here in America, the Land I Love. Don't worrie, I will not allow another British invasion but he is right about the situation with mobile homes, even tho his humor does suck! I have first hand experience being forced from My Home again and again and enough is enough so get ready for the War. Why do ya think your Cities are Burning? They Drew First Blood

      arctictimberwolfarctictimberwolf4 ヶ月 前
  • hi

    Hassan RazzaqHassan Razzaq4 ヶ月 前
  • I just sent Frank Rolfe from MHU a very nice email.

    C.J. DavisC.J. Davis4 ヶ月 前
  • 5:00 But what are the post tax earnings? Those are the ones that matter.

    Gregory BogosianGregory Bogosian4 ヶ月 前