Mike Pence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Mike Pence is much more unlikable than his pet rabbit who stars in a new children's book created by the Pence family and in a better children's book created by us. To purchase our book, visit: www.betterbundobook.com
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    Jimi XiaJimi Xia2 時間 前
  • They are so scared of f#&@ing in the ass but most men try To do it to women

    Cyn TCyn T3 時間 前
  • I mean isn't electing a republican automatically electing a racist, misogynist, homophobe

    khristien Pennanenkhristien Pennanen14 時間 前
  • all makes sense now!! Shameful. Religeous asshole strikes again

    stevebyers9672stevebyers9672日 前
  • oh boy how times can change

    Duncan McNelisDuncan McNelis日 前
  • This is one of the best things you've ever done. Reminds me of hbomberguy. Massive respect for you, my man.

    R2R2日 前
  • Man marlon just went for it and got that boy! Wish it was just that easy.

    Magic_ BatMagic_ Bat日 前
  • 5:23 literally peak comedy

    Love YourselfLove Yourself日 前
  • A review from Amazon... Same sex marriage bunnies The lack of a straight forward title or description of the real message in the book Is deceitful. the plot of this book was explained by my 7 year old son as "we can be whatever we decide we are, and its okay for two BOY bunnies to get married." NOT the Christmas night conversation I was hoping to have! I understand books can be a wonderful way to address tricky subjects, however there should be representation of that subject in the title or the synopsis of the book!!! Honestly I feel like I was scammed into bringing Bundos hidden agenda straight to my childs bedroom!

    Almost nothingAlmost nothing2 日 前
  • I'm a hoosier. Pence is gay.

    brotherbellsbrotherbells2 日 前
  • It's quite funny to see this in 2021, as even Trump's most indispensable man has turned his back on him

    José Barral 90José Barral 903 日 前

    Gray idkGray idk3 日 前
  • If you love **sus then YOU have to be pro life

    Sadik SajibSadik Sajib4 日 前
  • What a bad example if a polititian! How can someone vote in humpty dumpty

    coiso trem bao nocoiso trem bao no4 日 前
  • Many people depend on JPworlds for their income, and and the support from viewers make this possible. However, I can’t with a clear conscience use a channel that continues to platform fake news and seditionist agendas. I will therefor delete the App and only return once JPworlds has deplatformed DT and Co.

    Louis FourieLouis Fourie4 日 前
    • Do not like the content! Sorry but calling fakenews!!!!! Muuuuuuuu

      coiso trem bao nocoiso trem bao no4 日 前
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    Quintilla GallonQuintilla Gallon5 日 前
  • I really want to get this book for my son, and while most people in my country are expected to be about fluent in English by 16, he's currently 5. He knows like 4 English words. His mother and I both suck at real-time translations, and we can't find a version in our native language :(

    TheReilWayTheReilWay5 日 前
  • You are way off about Jesus didn't say that Jesus definitely said homosexuality is not permissible I don't know what you gain your information from. The other stuff is definitely funny.

  • Pence...a thoroughbred EVANGELIST.

    Juan CanalesJuan Canales5 日 前
  • There are good French or German women when you buy an Polo with libération news paper? Japonese are better? (Japonese cars?). My Volkswagen didn’t arrived to liberate me because they didn’t work when I bought this car? Why? They didn’t want to pay as a long time and politicians used when I was blocked to progress.

    Pierre LucasPierre Lucas6 日 前
  • ladies and gentlemen, our next president. he will be president for roughly two days

    colovianscolovians6 日 前
  • Mike Pence, what a bs. Never vote for Republican again.

    Erin HewittErin Hewitt7 日 前
  • any homophobe is just afraid to own up to their own homosexuality and is angry that someone else had the courage to love themselfes as they are.

    Tino JTino J7 日 前
    • He looks like he makes a Effort for not going out

      coiso trem bao nocoiso trem bao no4 日 前
  • Pence is such an idiot

    Climb OnClimb On8 日 前
  • Johns graphics are unparalleled

    Bully KillaBully Killa8 日 前
  • Do you see where your refreshments brought us? You stupid dumb ass

    Felipe ChalreoFelipe Chalreo9 日 前
  • Almost 3 years later now.... Which book sold more?

    Cecilia FalkCecilia Falk9 日 前
  • Who's back here after Pence finally turned his back on Trump?

    Hank3666ableHank3666able10 日 前
  • Mike Pence, the Judas ass kisser of our time, selling out Trump to Zionism and the corporate elites.

    Watchman For TruthWatchman For Truth10 日 前
    • A guy who screen name is watchman for truth saying lies and conspiracy... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      coiso trem bao nocoiso trem bao no4 日 前
  • [Jan 6, 2021] \\\\ TIME TO Avoid going the Ur and Biblical 12 Tribes Fates at the door, TIME TO Abolish 50 Different States'-Laws, 50-Supreme-Courts, 50-Electoral-Dividing-Rules; TIME TO GO "UNITED AMERICA", "ONE STATE UNDER GOD", ONE LAW, MAJORITY VOTES, ONE NATIONAL ELECTION //// Enough Said.//

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or11 日 前
  • The Oma Rosa bit 😂

    MickeyMickey13 日 前
  • I mean.... Clearly Mike is still in the closet

    a ba b14 日 前
  • John oliver says the homosexual agenda isn't real, but as a homosexual I can most definitely comfirm that it is.

    Lyric FeagueLyric Feague14 日 前
    • As a homosexual comrade, I can approve this message.

      Kai BunyakKai Bunyak5 時間 前
  • if you decide to opt for j Biden, corruption will become the norm in the U.S.A...........................!

    Kopogka PamelaKopogka Pamela15 日 前
  • lying liar and the lies they make from michael moore

    melody marksmelody marks15 日 前
  • Every time John Oliver says "or..." some shit is about to go DOWN!

    Jekyllstein GrayJekyllstein Gray16 日 前
  • So focus on the family and conversion therapy are to gay people what Autism Speaks and applied behavioral analysis are to autistic people.

    Jekyllstein GrayJekyllstein Gray16 日 前
    • @coiso trem bao no What's the difference?

      Jekyllstein GrayJekyllstein Gray4 日 前
    • @coiso trem bao no ???

      Jekyllstein GrayJekyllstein Gray4 日 前
    • Really !!! That is just absurd

      coiso trem bao nocoiso trem bao no4 日 前
  • The left has been stuck in snl mode for 50 years. Gets old.

    David EricksonDavid Erickson16 日 前
  • This is a beautiful book.

    TheBlackPhantom2018TheBlackPhantom201817 日 前
  • Look cheating happened that’s not a lie

    jimmy costiganjimmy costigan18 日 前
  • "homosexuality is incompatible with military service" ancient greece has left the chat

    IAmSeamonkeyIAmSeamonkey18 日 前
  • did john oliver ever pay the campaign cheque to Donald Trump??what a fucking fool

    Andrew HarmanAndrew Harman19 日 前
  • 12:15 For some reason everybody in the room is white.

    Soham GuptaSoham Gupta19 日 前
  • I don't think that was the one thing you like about my pants it was a one thing you like about the rabbit thank you

    Ramou MangumRamou Mangum20 日 前
  • The man is a quack, what is wrong with, yes / no. I bet he think he and is family are the only ppl goin to Heaven.

    Darlene NunezDarlene Nunez21 日 前
    • Hucksters like that are usually smart enough to know heaven is BS

      President ObummerPresident Obummer20 日 前
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    Nerta ThorstenNerta Thorsten23 日 前
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    greg lialiosgreg lialios23 日 前
  • My parents love Focus on the Family, my mother actually saw working at their headquarters as her “dream job” while in college. Needless to say, I ended up keeping a lot of secrets in my teenage and college years.

    JD 2JD 223 日 前
  • So at this point John has bought like 50 websites in the span of 7 seasons of television

    Creeper InvasionCreeper Invasion25 日 前
  • When your so homophobic that Trump thinks your top homophobic, you’ve got some problems to work out.

    Creeper InvasionCreeper Invasion25 日 前
  • When my father passed away, he was nearly 70, and lived a hard life. He was a pack-a-day smoker since thirteen, an alcoholic, and was heavily involved in the drug culture surrounding rock music. He died of lymphoma that had metastasized to nearly every part of his body, and was practically a skeleton when he finally died. I could have lifted him, and I am not a strong person. Now, why did I say all this? Because, even then, he looked younger than Mike Pence does.

    Abigail PulliamAbigail Pulliam25 日 前
  • So Focus on the Family and conversion therapy are basically like Autism Speaks and ABA, but actually recognized as a hate group by the majority of society.

    Political NerdPolitical Nerd26 日 前
    • @coiso trem bao no What's the difference? There's both horrific ways of attempting to change harmless behavior that deviates from social norms.

      Political NerdPolitical Nerd4 日 前
    • No , they are not the same thing not by a mile...

      coiso trem bao nocoiso trem bao no4 日 前
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    truonson nguyentruonson nguyen27 日 前
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    Ca CaCa Ca28 日 前
  • Dobson is the same person who Ted Bundy granted an interview to right before his execution.

    Sarah LindsaySarah Lindsay28 日 前
  • Those lying eyes man, those lying eyes look kind but I know and I think most people who have dealt with pious mother fuckers know the only kindness they have is for themselves

    Cat RossCat Ross29 日 前
  • I'm a *very* moderate conservative and let me tell you of mike pence ever got the GOP nomination I'd vote for the ghosts of Karl Marx and Hugo Chavez out of spite And I'm far from the biggest fan of communism so You know how much of a steering indictment that is coming from me

    Patoren 3gouPatoren 3gouヶ月 前
  • Hoosiers do believe in discrimination. They overwhelmingly voted Trump.

    Traci MetcalfTraci Metcalfヶ月 前
  • He calls his Old Lady, Mother! I would snack my Old Man if he called me mother.

    Traci MetcalfTraci Metcalfヶ月 前
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    Елена СавиноваЕлена Савиноваヶ月 前
  • Oh, and I've got stories about Focus on the Family too, both personal interactions as well as having their BS shoved in front of me constantly.

    Valentin AnghelescuValentin Anghelescuヶ月 前
  • Have I already told the story here about how my mom met James Dobson? Quoted his rhetoric all through my childhood? Made me feel the need to hide my true personality behind fake names on the internet? Yeah.... she's a major reason I searched for the specifically NOT Christian therapist, because I didn't want anyone similar to her to be helping me heal from various trauma she caused. (Nothing against Christians, I am one, I personally just don't think religion should be the foundation for therapy. Or medicine.)

    Valentin AnghelescuValentin Anghelescuヶ月 前
  • I aspire to be as petty as John Oliver lol

    Nicholas ZiembaNicholas Ziembaヶ月 前
  • Michael Peninsula

    Music ManMusic Manヶ月 前
  • please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting ..

    Saniya 666Saniya 666ヶ月 前
  • Rite on John in America 5g gamer I can't download uber power goes out to half state pretty funny to cold to try

    Jeffery AndersonJeffery Andersonヶ月 前
  • I wish we had a show like this in holland

    Marcel van SMarcel van Sヶ月 前
  • No, family and marriege are very important. We need to keep em healthy.

    Gent JashariGent Jashariヶ月 前
    • Family and marriage are important, but allowing members of the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ to be happy in marriage is not doing anything to damage it.

      Kai BunyakKai Bunyak5 時間 前
  • Update: Mike's book sold 26,000 copies John's book sold 400,000 copies

    Eshita ShuklaEshita Shuklaヶ月 前
  • Gay bundo was number 1 on Amazon and on nyt list. The original was 7th. Also gay bundo was number 1 on audible.

    Rafael OdaRafael Odaヶ月 前
  • Pince might be hiding the fact that he's gay 🤔 😳 lol.

    Edwards FloresEdwards Floresヶ月 前
  • I wonder if Pence ever thought about the sin of this administration and felt even a smidge of shame?

    ForeverMe543ForeverMe543ヶ月 前
  • Pence is definitely repressing something! He really likes that dick head Trump!

    Northern Irish ManNorthern Irish Manヶ月 前
  • Just got the book for my birthday!

    Justin StinnetteJustin Stinnetteヶ月 前
  • His daughter, who technically wrote the book, said she loved the better bundo book

    A GA Gヶ月 前
  • Oh I found some . Fuck you Pence!

    Curtis FranksCurtis Franksヶ月 前
  • I have no words!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Curtis FranksCurtis Franksヶ月 前
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    Frazier MilakFrazier Milakヶ月 前
  • He does a SPECTACULAR job of spending HBO's money. Just fantastic.

    Christopher PhamChristopher Phamヶ月 前
  • Quick question. Was Pence ever in the military?

    Winnifred ForbesWinnifred Forbesヶ月 前
    • No...he is against gay in the military so has a man of his word...

      coiso trem bao nocoiso trem bao no4 日 前
  • Great!! A regret: Oliver promoting Amazon? Why?

    Sam TellerSam Tellerヶ月 前
  • Even when Trump was president elect, he was still crying voter fraud. He is jusr a lousy person.

    Coletha AlbertColetha Albertヶ月 前
  • 🌟🌟🌟

    Coletha AlbertColetha Albertヶ月 前
  • Hilarious. Well done. 🙌

    Kristina HKristina Hヶ月 前
  • It should be obvious Pence hates Mulan, because that movie definitely supports LGBT: L- Let's G- Get down to B- Business T- To defeat the Huns

    Riley AdamsRiley Adamsヶ月 前
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    Chester SimsChester Simsヶ月 前
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    GP LacesGP Lacesヶ月 前
  • Liberal bias is disgusting - it is the cancer of our society. John Oliver is idiot.

    Iliyan IlievIliyan Ilievヶ月 前
  • "Homosexuality is incompatible with military service." I guess the Spartans and Samurai missed that memo.

    Kodai KodaiKodai Kodaiヶ月 前
  • what would a homosexual agenda even be? like we just want equal rights and to be respected

    Fred OliveiraFred Oliveiraヶ月 前
  • what would a homosexual agenda even be? like we just want equal rights and to be respected

    John DoeJohn Doeヶ月 前
  • Sad sad sad pathetic man

    Steven []-[]Steven []-[]ヶ月 前
  • Imagine thinking a Disney movie was too radical...

    Reginald BarclayReginald Barclayヶ月 前
  • Don't Buy my Films! This Black Friday weekend, I'm giving them away: the Great American Farm Tour, Permaculture Chickens, Permaculture Pigs. No Pitch afterward either ;) abundantpermaculture.lpages.c...

    Jarrod SteveJarrod Steveヶ月 前
  • They edited out the part where John said “What the fuck is a Hossier?!”

    Tony RomeroTony Romeroヶ月 前
  • i love jo but this entire episode i cant help but think...who cares? worrying about other peoples sexuality is literally the most pointless thing u can do lol

    SonnySonnyヶ月 前
  • Love all John's shows , and we have your book, keep at 'em John while giving us a lot to laugh about. Totally agree with Waffles XX

    Mary LawMary Lawヶ月 前
  • Holy fucking shit I listened to a radio program from Focus on the Family for yearssss as a child. Adventures in Odyssey it was called. Not gonna lie to was awesome as far as I remember. Nothing anti gay as far I remember

    NozakatsuNozakatsuヶ月 前
  • Not completely on point but I recently saw a post where someone was arguing against feminism, saying that his mum was in the army and actually doing something for society. It didn’t click for them that without feminism, his Mum wouldn’t even be able to be in the military.

    Haven PriceHaven Priceヶ月 前
  • "Is this legal, yes or no?" tilts head "George..." Every single time.

    Rainbow VicRainbow Vicヶ月 前