Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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As presidential candidates continue to discuss Medicare for All, John Oliver explores how much it might cost, what it will change, and who it will help.
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  • I don't know how I've never noticed it before, but Tom Steyer looks like Mark Zuckerberg in 40 years.

    Sam MarksSam Marks19 時間 前
  • I’m here after the fraud squad refused to bring up a vote. They don’t want Medicare for all they want to endlessly fundraise for it.

    Thomas CardwellThomas Cardwell日 前
  • I'm from greece and you'll probably accuse me that we dont have the best medical system but most doctors and nurses are pretty knowledgeable in their area of expertise and really do their best to treat you. What we have is this, wait in hospitals for emergency care is usually around 2-6 hours(except those that are clearly extremely urgent which usually get treated instantly, bullet wounds(rare since guns need a license), car accidents etc.) and for normal stuff like need to see dentists or other doctors etc you setup an appointment and can take up to 4 months and will be covered by the national health insurance that you get with every job and there are ways to be included to the national health insurance if you are unemployment or not a greek citizen. There are also hospitals for poor people or foreigners that require no insurance or have any cost but those usually have lots of patients waiting so are being used less by greek citizens and more by foreigners. What in my opinion most americans fail to realize, probably because of news media lies is that the above I just wrote is the baseline for normal everyday people. If you have high salary income, despite you still have national insurance, you are also free to go to private clinics and hospitals and get better and faster treatment for your condition immediatelly. And most greeks choose private clinics or doctor coming to your house for emergency stuff from small clinics. Also according to one of your shows because I didnt know it called Patriot Act on netflix, we have the lowest prescription drug prices(especially insulin) because drug prices are being negotiated between goverment and pharmaceuticals and usually the national health insurance will cover the cost or you have to pay up to 25% of the drug price. The same baseline of national healthcare or even better treatment is being given in most other european countries esp. germany, sweden etc. It came to me as a shock when an greek american friend told me that he will come to greece for tourism and fix his teeth too. I told him my thoughts that you have state of the art doctors and hospitals why would he do such a thing. and he told me only if you can afford it you do it in the US. It's mind boggling that such an advanced country doesn't have an equal base health treatment plan for its citizens. It just doesn't make sense. ps. sorry for long comment.

    kasperghost85kasperghost85日 前
  • 40 minutes later..u just wanna try hulu? ...40 minutes later..u wanna try hbo max..2 minutes later watching Reno 911💖

    katie millskatie mills日 前
  • How much cheaper will it be without Laura Dern ?? Let's face it - she's exreemely high maintenance and the budget needs balancing.

    MikeKMikeK2 日 前
  • "my god healthcare is expensive" non american here no it's not

    Harley boricHarley boric2 日 前
  • Just ask any American who has been in the UK and needed medical treatment how they think of the NHS and i bet most will tell you they love it. i have met Americans here in the UK who state one of the reasons they moved here was the NHS. i have a friend who is Ex USAF here was stationed here with his family for 6 years when he retired from the Air Force he moved his family back here to live. his 3rd child was born here and cried when they moved back to the US even tho it was only for a few months.

    Gary FordGary Ford2 日 前
  • RBG joke in the beginning seems pretty bad now

    Michael VMichael V2 日 前
  • i like how rebuilicans say people should have choice but then are like women can not chose abortion

    christian nicholschristian nichols3 日 前
    • Wtf are you talking about lol

      J SebbyJ Sebby2 日 前
  • I'm English and I have a choice...I can go to any hospital I want if I need to. Just so happens I live pretty close to one so I can go there. I also had a choice of which doctors surgery to belong to!

    Matthew HortopMatthew Hortop4 日 前
  • The extremest form of the Right, Nazi Germany, and the extremest form of the Left, Soviet Union. The Nazis were the National SOCIALIST German Workers' Party. The Soviet Union was the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.

    Jack JacksonJack Jackson5 日 前
  • As a Canadian, we want to thank America for giving us our national identity...That we are not American.

    Fred ThomsonFred Thomson5 日 前
  • 70% of americans want medicare for all. But it will never pass. think about that.

    Darren FlemingDarren Fleming5 日 前
    • As of October 2020 support for M4A is at 53%

      J SebbyJ Sebby5 日 前
  • Americans literally come here to buy medicine because we don't scam them.

    Darren FlemingDarren Fleming5 日 前
  • Meanwhile, in Sweden, we enjoy having free health care and free education. But I guess having to pay for having the greatest military in the world demands sacrificing neat stuff.

    Shadow PandaShadow Panda5 日 前
  • Perhaps just let the states handle it?

    Mustaf SeyeMustaf Seye5 日 前
    • Absolutely. That is the it is supposed to be.

      Bobby WiseBobby Wise日 前
  • Everytime some uneducated US moron says public health insurance is socialism/communism Otto von Bismarck spins so hard in his grave, the grave stone lifts of the ground.

    Matt_91Matt_917 日 前
  • One thing I will say is as far as America not being socialist, we already are: WIC Food Stamps Welfare Medicare CHIP LIHEAP SSI TANF etc. The problem is those programs only go so far. Families need to be able to get out of their financial situation so that they don't have to rely on that anymore. Otherwise, if these government programs only help when a person is making so little that they can't get out of their current financial situation, what's the point in investing more government money into a situation that just creates a deeper hole?

    renegade637renegade6377 日 前
  • 4:52 The fact that we don't know the long term ramifications are what make me nervous about even trying it. I'm all for it. But, we need more information before I'd be willing to try it.

    renegade637renegade6377 日 前
  • Americans complain about everything. They don't complain about their healthcare system so there must be nothing wrong with it.

    Sukhbir SekhonSukhbir Sekhon7 日 前
  • M4A would give me 1 choice for healthcare, but right now I have 0, so yeah, I'll take it M4A might mean waiting, but right now my wait time is functionally infinite, because I can't go at all, so yeah, I'll take it

    A form of matterA form of matter7 日 前
    • What do you mean you have 0

      J SebbyJ Sebby7 日 前
  • i don't understand the jobs point. its not like the government wouldn't need people to run a healthcare system. losing 1.8 ceo's from insurers... i am kinda fine with that.

    Tino JTino J8 日 前
  • Let us pause and reflect, if for only a moment and wish, for the world is in chaos and reeks of drugs and crime, death and disorder. But, in the depth of secrecy a full-scale war has already been launched against factions worse than ever before seen and is run hidden by a shadowy government faction of heroes. Soon, they will launch phase two of an all-out war. One only need look to the sky and see it beginning! A struggle for humanity begins an all-out war! A draft is taken of well-defined lines for the elite in its cause! Hooray! I believe this current criminal element is as big as a third World War. Why not start up uniforms? What? Am I measuring funny? We deserve a fighting chance and well-defined lines beyond a police call! How about a world crime ultimatum with uniforms?

    Belial FrellonBelial Frellon8 日 前
    • Look up and see what? I would like to know what to look for? Who is the enemy in this war?

      Bobby WiseBobby Wise日 前
  • The average American is fucked over by the health system and US health professionals and insurance companies tend to be rich. There may be a connection.

    Sean MitchellSean Mitchell9 日 前
  • Who knew Pete Buttigieg would turn out to be a corporate hack

    DracoDraco10 日 前
  • The conservative argument is well yeah but we’d rather have shitty choices over a successful health program

    DracoDraco10 日 前
    • Um - no. Its not

      J SebbyJ Sebby9 日 前
  • Schwarzenegger is wrong. Rand Paul went to Canada for surgery.

    Ladybug LaffLadybug Laff10 日 前
  • Strongly recommending Dr alamale on JPworlds healed I was from his medication...

    Madeline SarahMadeline Sarah11 日 前
  • How much more did it cost to build a useless border wall? Was it more or less than the spending required to ensure everyone was getting the healthcare they need for a couple of years?

    Bill AdamsBill Adams12 日 前
    • Protecting our borders is a role of our federal government. All international issues are a role/power of the federal government. Health care is not a role/power of the federal government. It is certainly a right of each state to provide healthcare if it wishes. I don't know what state you live in but I get the impression it does not provide healthcare for its citizens. So my question is why doesn't your state provide healthcare for its citizens?

      Bobby WiseBobby Wise日 前
    • @Bill Adams well its not finished lol. But border crossings have plummeted in areas where new border walls have recently been placed. This shouldn't be a divisive issue - and the divisiveness that arises should be blamed on the people who have a problem with it. They're the ones to blame for causing divisiveness. Not the wall itself or the people who support it. Plenty of countries have border walls. And no - it hasnt fallen down anywhere

      J SebbyJ Sebby11 日 前
    • @J Sebby ​ @J Sebby Really? What has it proven to be good for, so far? Seems like a spectacular, divisive and expensive waste of time from where I'm standing, and it clearly wasn't as well-built as the Great Wall of China -- parts of it have already fallen down, while the Great Wall of China has stood for centuries. Not the sign of "Made In the U.S.A. branding" that I suspect qualifies as a glowing endorsement.

      Bill AdamsBill Adams11 日 前
    • @Bill Adams well the wall is a good endeavor.

      J SebbyJ Sebby11 日 前
    • @J Sebby Ah -- but think how far that funding could have gone toward a much better endeavor.

      Bill AdamsBill Adams11 日 前
  • ridiculous.

    Colin All CreativeColin All Creative12 日 前
  • Tommy Douglas was the father of Canadian Medicare and the Grandfather of Kiefer Sutherland. :)

    Alex KilgourAlex Kilgour12 日 前
  • but the whole US population gets covered rather than just a few with great insurance cover, most inadequately insured and millions more with zero coverage. Even if Medicare For All cost more it needs to be remembered everyone gets good coverage.

    John MaddinJohn Maddin13 日 前
    • 1. A lot more than a few people have great insurance though. 2. If its coming from the government it won't be good coverage lol. And most importantly nobody has even remotely come up with a way to pay for it

      J SebbyJ Sebby12 日 前
  • Americans need to wise up and take a look at what happens in the rest of the developed world. If Canada, UK, Germany, and France can offer universal healthcare then so can the US. The level of propaganda in the US against these health care systems is scandalous. It is the health care and pharmaceutical industries who are lobbying to keep the status quo and to keep their obscene profitability. The US is a developing country masquerading as a developed country.

    Kaiserbill99Kaiserbill9913 日 前
  • I'm French and I'm sure you're aware of French history, but if we were denied healthcare because insurance sharks bribed our politicians, millions of people would burn down the parliamentary building within hours and those politicians would flee the country on their bare feet. We literally closed every single street in Paris a couple of months ago because the butter prices were too high. I will never understand the amount of shit the Americans can take from their government.

    Raleigh RRaleigh R13 日 前
  • *Yeah get Medicare for all and advance to the 1950s.*

    Warren NZWarren NZ13 日 前
  • An inhaler in the US 100 Dollars. In India. 3 dollars. You morons will never learn.

    Anthony ColeAnthony Cole14 日 前
  • My uncle in law from Boston comes to Malaysia for his dental work... As its 350% cheaper here and its the same product quality and standard as the US.... Yay Shithole countries

    Nicholas ChanNicholas Chan14 日 前
  • We already wait FOREVER in emergency rooms like 5 to 6 hours

    Black EmpathBlack Empath15 日 前
  • Could really use your voice right now #ForceTheVote.

    Nick TomkinNick Tomkin15 日 前
  • Looking at the english NHS is the worst example ever look at the french health care system

    Cormac BroganCormac Brogan15 日 前
    • I wish Australian governments would stop looking at the US for examples to copy and look at France, Germany and the Nordic countries

      Anthony CorriganAnthony Corrigan13 日 前
  • How is it your fault if others allocated the wrong surgeon to save your life 😠😠😠😠😠

    Stephen KeyStephen Key15 日 前
  • haha healthcare go brrrrr

    XrsrXrsr15 日 前
  • The UK has had universal healthcare since 1984. Canada and Australia have had since the late 1960s. It amazes me that the country that is always telling us it is the greatest country on the planet doesn't have healthcare for all.

    Keith McKeith Mc15 日 前
    • The UK had it in 1948, they decided to utilise that to help keep full employment after the war. Tony Benne did a great interview with Michael Moore on it

      Anthony CorriganAnthony Corrigan13 日 前
  • I do lines under tricare all the time. I waited 3 months for a vasectomy (20 minutes procedure).

    mike garciamike garcia15 日 前
  • In Canada we just go to the doctor or hospital and they treat us. No payment required. Yes we pay for some prescriptions but no one ever went bankrupt from medical bills.

    Cameron RogersCameron Rogers16 日 前
  • “The stupidity, selfishness, and greed make unpatriotic & hypocrites stand against the interests of their own people - It means against Medicare for all & free college education for all. It seems that those bad guys don’t want American people to be more healthy & intellectual… We should have plans that make both ends meet - Don’t forget, America has had a lot of scientists and experts of public services on this Earth.” Tidbo - e.q. - PUBLIC CITIZEN - 1600 20th Street, N.W. Washington DC 20009 - Public Citizen in Washington D.C. said: “By eliminating the health insurance industry, we save $350 billion a year in administrative costs and profits.” - eq. It means we will save 3 trillion and half in 10 years for this society…

    At PNguyenAt PNguyen16 日 前
  • I will keep my universal healthcare any day of the week over what the us has. Yes I pay more in taxes because of it but you know what I have no problem with that. You know a easy way to pay for it cut you milltery budget by half you will have no problem paying for it. I live in Canada and can tell you that wait time argument is complete bs. If it a median emergency you don't wait period.

    sean holtsean holt16 日 前
    • @sean holt i mean - they can. Nobody is stopping them. Theres no law that says you can't get healthcare

      J SebbyJ Sebby15 日 前
    • @J Sebby not in the us they can't

      sean holtsean holt15 日 前
    • @sean holt its about cost. Everybody can get healthcare already

      J SebbyJ Sebby15 日 前
    • @J Sebby of everybody gets healthcare then use you are fixing it.

      sean holtsean holt15 日 前
    • @sean holt then we arent really fixing anything

      J SebbyJ Sebby15 日 前
  • :30 I just realized, Warren has ALWAYS sounded like an elderly woman.

    Charlie The CockatooCharlie The Cockatoo16 日 前
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    Lim TangLim Tang16 日 前
  • شسط

    AhmadAhmad16 日 前
  • I don't understand how this multipayer system isn't viewed as illegal. It's basically forcing people to make decisions under duress.

    Mike RiveraMike Rivera16 日 前
    • Not to say it fucking murders

      Kronos The PhoenixKronos The Phoenix16 日 前

    Christopher WilliamChristopher William17 日 前
  • In Germany I needed to go into an MRI and as a not privat covered patient I got a appointment next Day. The check for me was 0€

    AllleexAllleex17 日 前
  • That RBG joke did NOT age well.

    TheJuggTheJugg17 日 前
  • How can i donate to this family

    Omar MorsyOmar Morsy17 日 前
  • 11:24 That's just called a Tuesday for Piers Morgan.

    ghostgunner11ghostgunner1117 日 前
  • "How you gonna pay for it?" Cut the defense budget in half.

    Georgia OverdriveGeorgia Overdrive17 日 前
    • That still doeant pay for it lol - not even close

      J SebbyJ Sebby16 日 前
  • Waiting in line? In Canada? Never! Not if it's a serious, live threatening problem. I'm 73 and living in Québec. I've had a heart problem and broken a couple of bones in the last few years and never ever have i waited for an unreasonable length of time. This system has a few problems but it really does work well. Just do it. The rest is just bs.

    Andrew James HendersonAndrew James Henderson17 日 前
  • Boy, the American at the beginning got me. 'The rich, famous and powerful all come to America to get their treatment'. Kind of says it all about the US system: If you're poor, you die.

    Limedick AndrewLimedick Andrew18 日 前
  • Beyoncé wasn't born rich. Far from it.

    pleappleappleappleappleappleap18 日 前
  • “We can’t afford Medicare for all” is an outright lie. In the UK the cost per capita for healthcare is far less than in the USA...

    wkruitwkruit18 日 前
    • Except we can't afford it

      J SebbyJ Sebby16 日 前
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    Humberto AntonioHumberto Antonio18 日 前
  • If only Biden had seen this segment. Who am I kidding he doesn't care about people and wouldn't be swayed by this.

    Alec WoodruffAlec Woodruff18 日 前
  • "I lived in England. Nationalised health care is a disaster. When rich, famous people get sick, they don't fly to Canada, they don't fly to Cuba, they come here, because we have the best medicine in the world." What is this idiot babbling on about? Why would a "rich, famous person" bother flying to another country to use their NHS hospital when they could just pay for a private hospital? I'm curious - do Americans think that millionaires here in the UK use the national health service? Pfft, no - they pay for the expensive private hospitals. We have those in the UK as well, you know. If you don't mind paying, you can go to a private hospital/doctor rather than an NHS one. I don't understand why Americans are so against the idea of having a national health service, you guys act like you seem to be under the impression that if you have nationalised government-funded hospitals then you get rid of the private payed-for hospitals - which is just not true, you have both.

    TheFriendlyBeeTheFriendlyBee19 日 前

    joseph zimblerjoseph zimbler19 日 前
  • look how a county treats the less fortunate it speaks volumes about them , I think the USA is the only country in the western world that does not have some form of universal health care

    Milo HenryMilo Henry19 日 前
  • We need universal healthcare period. This is not a debate.

    kaz kkkaz kk20 日 前
  • mmm Bud Lite!

    Matt ErbstMatt Erbst20 日 前
  • My brother was diagnosed with a dilated aorta on a Tuesday. He was in for pre op testing at a speciality heart hospital on that Thursday and in Surgery that Saturday. Cost was only for a room upgrade so he had some extra luxuries while recovering. Don't believe the lies about our single payer system. I gladly pay a little extra in tax knowing everyone doesn't have to die for being poor.

    Hip FanHip Fan20 日 前
  • The insurance companies have the gov't by the balls. They all take pharma money. They are gonna fight like hell to keep Med4All under wraps.

    Fred GarvinFred Garvin20 日 前
  • The NHS costs every Brit approximately $350 US a month. That's even for those whose total interface with medicine is an annual checkup. So, yes, if you have some horrendous medical problem then the NHS pays off. If you die in reasonably good health, you lose. Otherwise, it's a crap shoot between if you paid more while not using it and how much the cost of your care is when you need it. I also have a Scottish friend whose husband broke his back and had to wait 12 weeks for the necessary surgery to fix him up. So, let's not hold out the NHS as the shining example.

    Joel ColeJoel Cole21 日 前
  • Oh btw in the latest stimulus bill, which didn't pass, Congress attempted to more than double the amount of money going to a clinic that treats members of Congress.

    Joseph LaundryJoseph Laundry21 日 前
  • Do people in the US actually "shop around" for insurance rather than picking the one that provides the most coverage within their budget? I can't see anyone in their right mind choosing something that doesn't cover as many potential problems as possible.

    Mike ReesMike Rees21 日 前
  • The only positive thing of not having medicare is Breaking Bad and nothing else.

    Fragged by GrandmaFragged by Grandma21 日 前
  • that Ruth Bader joke didn't age well dammit

    Steve SmithSteve Smith22 日 前
  • Wait times?! Just talk to anyone who's sat in the ER waiting room with a broken arm for 36 hours!

    Lapis LazarusLapis Lazarus22 日 前
  • All my medications cost approximately $8 each and my doctors visits cost about $15. In addition after I spend more than a specific amount on doctors, medications and tests in a year everything becomes 100% covered by Medicare here in Australia. I looked it up and my 4 medications would cost over $2000 per month in the USA. How does that seem reasonable or fair for regular people? That's over $24,000 a year or put another way more than a typical American minimum wage job pays someone working 38hrs a week.

    Luke KLuke K22 日 前
  • Wait times going up because poor people can go to the doctor is a risk I'm willing to take. But that might be the Canadian in me speaking 🤷‍♀️

    streamoflilliesstreamoflillies22 日 前
  • To control the vast masses it's best to do so by overcomplicating language designed to scare and alarm, especially if it sounds intelligently factual.

    Mat3 NPCMat3 NPC23 日 前
  • I'd like to hear that cow in the orange dress defend what she'saying heer against her government spending 740 million (or billion even) on the military whilst regular people are starving and getting evicted !!

    Zaraki KonZaraki Kon23 日 前
  • John Oliver, why don't you support #ForceTheVote. Enough lip service and obfuscation.

    Jason AblahJason Ablah23 日 前
  • Greed is killing poor Americans

    Mark JamesMark James24 日 前
    • @Mark James In Canada there's no private. It's illegal. I just really don't get why people are hailing public systems so much. There's literal horror stories where someone had to amputate their leg because their treatment was on a waiting list for two years and the disease reached a point where they had to cut it off. It's not 'life threatening' by their definition. Same with chronic illnesses which is the biggest type of illness but often the most detrimental. Ugh people just don't understand... There's so many cons man

      Honsol0Honsol023 日 前
    • @Honsol0 I have to agree with you on there choices 🤣😂🤣 I'm surprised as I thought Canada has the same system as us in the UK. Yes we have waiting but it is priority first, if its life threatening you jump to the top and get seen instantly, none life threatening some specialist takes a week otheres takes a month or so, but we also have the option of private if we choose

      Mark JamesMark James23 日 前
    • No, poor choices are killing Americans. Diet choices. Living choices. I'm living in Canada, and the system here sucks. The wait times are months to see a specialist where in America its literal days. By the time I saw one, the care sucked and was useless. What John Oliver said about long wait times being long only for non-lethal stuff is utter bullshit. I asked to get a family doctor and the shortest waiting time was 8 months. At the end of the day, people need to realize that health is your own responsibility. Even the things people say are 'out of control' you can take action. Take cancer for example. You can prevent it by fasting, or minimizing carbohydrates. What people need is education, not this overpriced system. Also anything government run is highly inefficient, and doesn't foster innovation, and highly regulated. I asked Canadian doctors about different treatments, and if they go off the book whatsoever, they're scared of malpractice.

      Honsol0Honsol023 日 前
  • We in England get NHS. Without doubt the best health care in the world and it’s free. No bankruptcy for fainting . Your health care is only good for the rich our health care is good for everyone.

    Mark JamesMark James24 日 前
  • sign for M4A

    Addrok GarveyAddrok Garvey24 日 前
  • I only hate the reaction of the audience and john when they see americans going to mexico for medicines. Maybe is a surprise for americans who think we arent real people but Mexicans also need medicine, I dont get why is a surprise seeing someone go into tijuana to buy medicines. Thousands of mexican americans who work in california already have houses and property in tijuana and every so often come back to buy medicine and/or medical procedures. We dont have nice houses but at least almost no one in mexico is pleading for money to strangers on gofundme for their medical expenses.

    Erick TellezErick Tellez24 日 前
    • Because they're racist corporate Dems. At least the right wingers don't hide how they feel.

      Jason AblahJason Ablah23 日 前
  • The NHS is LOVED.

    Northern Irish ManNorthern Irish Man25 日 前
  • Honestly the whole “long wait times” thing means that they have never been to the ER in California on a Friday.

    Cute UnicornCute Unicorn25 日 前
    • @Cute Unicorn yeah definitely agree with you with respect to cost. I think in general health care is overpriced and it sucks. In terms of solutions, if health care was a truly free market I think it would solve it. There's no reason why a test should cost $400 when all they do is run a machine that anyone should be able to buy. If there was just more competition and less barrier to entry, prices would undoubtedly go down and bad doctors/companies would be removed because customers simply won't buy their care/products

      Honsol0Honsol022 日 前
    • @Honsol0 this is discounting the number of Americans who are underinsured, or simply don't have the money to pay for copays or out of pocket medical costs. of which there are many. the issue is with the COST of things here. I apologize for not elaborating on that. Insurance and drug companies drive prices up the wall leading people to put off medical care, insurance, or not. every system has flaws but the US is ranked one of the lowest in more developed nations for healthcare, and need I even bring up how many views medical science in America due to the pandemic. people will cross the border to Mexico to afford insulin and other medications. every system has flaws, but our system specifically has more issues that could be solved by changing or regulating things. I never said that I was for a completely public system, I just want people to afford the medications they need to survive. also saying that our medical system is broken is not an insult to doctors when many of them are the first to point out what specifically is broken, its a system not something that they can change or control as that is up to our legislators to draft laws to regulate things.

      Cute UnicornCute Unicorn22 日 前
    • @Cute Unicorn First of all, its not MOST people. It's a minority. 'An estimated 27.5 million people, 8.5% of the population, went without health insurance in 2018.' Most people you know have access to health care and idk why people overexagerate this number. So many people keep on saying 50% of the population or some ridiculous number cant access it which is absolutely false. Second, when it comes to emergency care: 'Federal law mandates that emergency room staff must provide care for all patients'. So no, people don't die because they won't get an ambulance. Another huge fallacy. Yes you will be billed at the average cost of $1000-2000 for an emergency visit, but thats why people should have rainy day funds. Idk where people are getting these ideas from. Its not fundamentally broken. its just a private system. And like any system in the world, theres pros and cons. A public system has tons of cons, from insanely long wait times, decreased quality of care, increased government regulations that hinder innovation, inefficiency cause it's government run, flooding of the system because everyone goes sees a doctor for even the most minor of issues, higher price, the list goes on. Like sure, the american system has problems like every other system, but to say it's broken, is an insult to all the hard working doctors and medical staff in the country, and I have no idea where people get these radical ideas from.

      Honsol0Honsol022 日 前
    • @Honsol0 that’s the issue with American health, most people don’t have the money. People will die because they won’t get an ambulance and put their families in debt. People ration their insulin because it’s to expensive. People put off things that mean something because they can’t afford it. The American healthcare system is fundamentally broken and people die every day because of it.

      Cute UnicornCute Unicorn22 日 前
    • @Cute Unicorn I mean, if you we're willing to pay more, I'm sure you could have seen a neurologist MUCH sooner, same with getting a CT scan. In Canada, its simply illegal. I can be suicidal because of my disease but I would need to wait months to get treatment even if I had a million dollars. And thats just one part of it. There's tons of cons to a public system. The level of care goes down. Government slows down everything. Regulations everywhere which hinder innovation. Everyone goes sees a doctor cause it's free and it floods the system. But anyways, the wait times are much longer in a public system and what John Oliver said about long wait times only if it's life threatening is utter bullshit

      Honsol0Honsol023 日 前
  • Well hey guys, thank god you all voted for Joe Biden, the guy who doesn't give a flying fuck about any issue enumerated in this entire presentation. Well done guys, now let's all go back to pretending Obamacare is actually good for 4 years.

    SSky06SSky0625 日 前
  • France has a much better healthcare system than UK or Canada. It's not really single payer.

    Nicholas ANicholas A26 日 前
  • That RBG joke has aged fiiiiiine. 😐😬

    Jayden WhiteJayden White26 日 前
  • Damn right we love our NHS here in the UK. From the cradle to the grave.

    Ruth IrwinRuth Irwin26 日 前
  • "Its not only people on the right saying this but also some democrats" yes, because democrats are not on the right...

    kettenschlosskettenschloss26 日 前
  • HOT SEX 18+

    Voi NhoVoi Nho27 日 前
  • Oh well, it is America that we are talking about, how could something this good ever happen?

    Weifeng ZhouWeifeng Zhou28 日 前
  • "Ruth Bader Ginsburg's inevitable successor"... yeah, we fucking wish

    Z OzzyZ Ozzy28 日 前

    Davey JonesDavey Jones28 日 前
  • Englishmen here, national health care isn't a disaster, we all pay tax and national insurance which comes out of our paychecks. All health care is then free, you get sick doctor sorts you out it's as simple as that, I can't imagine being charged for being Ill the concept just seems like a piss-take from my perspective. We do get charged for medication, which costs £9 per prescription but most pharmacists will give you a few months worth so you only have to pay once.

    Justin WebberJustin Webber28 日 前
  • The America is like Neandertaler seeing fire for the first time. Mediccare vor all should be in every Countries agenda....if you got any problems creating the laws for it just ask Mrs. Merkel. In Germany we know everything bout that theme.

    Johan KramerJohan Kramer29 日 前
  • *Cries in South American* Having free healthcare for us means we're gonna die or probably won't even attend us.. Not because is expensive, is free. But don't expect to find a good or even decent service when your having an emergency or even expect to get an ambulance to came fast 😐 1 or 2hrs is almost the wait you can get when you call an ambulance.

    FernaddictFernaddict29 日 前
  • 5:33... I really wish your researchers/writers would have mentioned where the money was going to come from. Uncle Bernie's idea for funding the program would come from a teensy-weensy percentage of Wall Street mega-trillions. NOT more taxes.

    Research0digoResearch0digoヶ月 前