Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver takes a look at the president of Turkmenistan, a dangerous autocrat with some notably strange obsessions.
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  • the record is cool, but it just seems like a terrible waste of resources

    Anuradha JaishankarAnuradha Jaishankar58 分 前
  • You need to do one of these on Azerbaiyán

    G SG S3 時間 前
  • Delete this is video

    umit muhamedovumit muhamedov11 時間 前
  • 👹 You are the National Geographic of comedy shows, You are Batman, You are Unbelievable, shit I love you man, how in the laughable world I came to admire a British dude, it's not Sudanese at all to declare your love and admiration for the British, it's there (grand son of our Mandy graduated from Oxford U)but one should never speak of it publicly, and Batman? I must see a shrink. Adil

    Adil HamzaAdil Hamza17 時間 前
  • John Oliver needs to meet more equestrians if he thinks poems, horse shows, and horse decor are weird.

    BlueEyePhantomBlueEyePhantom19 時間 前
  • The fuck even happened with that horse?

    Charles KlassCharles Klass20 時間 前
  • This is just comical on the level of Kim Jong Un.

    Fred LandryFred Landry22 時間 前
  • He seems more colourful then all the western leaders put for your show, it's stupid and vulgar, which is more offensive then the guy you're discussing.

    Beans on ToastBeans on Toast2 日 前
  • an English barrister called Killian Garvey (Google me for proof). I’m convinced that John Oliver would make a great barrister based on his ability to communicate and argue

    Killian GarveyKillian Garvey2 日 前
  • This is now the third episode I've watched of LWT where John mentions how fuckable a horse is and I'm legitimately starting to get a little worried it means something.

    Vox CruoraVox Cruora3 日 前
  • Borat lampooned the wrong country.Turkmenistan is the real Kazakhstan!

    Asadbek MirzayevAsadbek Mirzayev3 日 前
  • 4:48 My headphones were not ready for that straight fire 🔥

    Tenchin MoTenchin Mo4 日 前
  • with all those jokes abput him fucking his horses the titel "the peoples horse breeder" takes on a entirely different meaning

    PhilipPhilip4 日 前
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    Franco CousinsFranco Cousins4 日 前
  • Another north korea in the making

    Siva PrakashSiva Prakash5 日 前
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    Ace FalettiAce Faletti5 日 前
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    Marcel RoryMarcel Rory5 日 前
  • The ultimate horse girl

    rhaenys queenthatneverwasrhaenys queenthatneverwas5 日 前
  • Kj

    Harry MHarry M7 日 前
  • 'A 9-year-old waiting to testify in family court'... so wrong that I'm laughing hysterically by myself...

    Sam PetersonSam Peterson7 日 前
  • If this guy wasn’t a tyrant, I bet he would be a really good friend.

    Virgil JerichoVirgil Jericho7 日 前
  • 15:14 This shit is 100% true. It's not hard to get set up with Guinness if you have the money for it. A couple of years ago, my mom, who teaches at a community college, organized one of these strangely specific World Records: "world's largest single serving of pulled pork". We organized it in conjunction with a local restaurant in order to raise publicity and funding for her school's food pantry. It was awesome. We were going to do another record "largest single serving of jambalaya" so that we could expand the pantry to include other essential items for students in need, such as hygiene products and basic school supplies, but unfortunately Covid made us postpone it indefinitely :-/

    big boss bob rossbig boss bob ross8 日 前
  • *On behalf of equestrians, we don’t bang horses*

    Gryffindor Equestrian GirlGryffindor Equestrian Girl9 日 前
  • "I burst out of suits like Meghan Markle." More gold right there than that shower curtain bar

    Alex VAlex V9 日 前
  • What kind of country would jail fucking activists?

    Benjamin FrazierBenjamin Frazier9 日 前
  • I'm sorry but who do you thin you are dissing my man Gurbanguly. That man sure as hell has a better track record with his music, and atleast isn't funded by people who undermine democracy. He just instead just removed it.

    F*cker With a Turtle NeckF*cker With a Turtle Neck9 日 前
  • I've just gotta say, if that bar was actually made of gold (which I'm sure it wasn't), it would be crazy heavy.

    Adam CarlsonAdam Carlson9 日 前
  • ''We were disappointed to see the false and unfair allegations about Guinness World Records in Sunday’s episode of ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.’ The piece appears to have been motivated by our decision not to participate in tonight’s show. We were asked to provide a judge to officiate the so-called world record attempt for “largest cake with an image of someone falling off a horse”. On the basis that it was merely an opportunity to mock one of our record-holders, we declined. It is our policy not to partake in any activities which may belittle their achievements or subject them to ridicule. '' Lmaooooooo

    DANNYonPCDANNYonPC10 日 前
  • There are some Guinness World Records that *are* cool. Like Colin Furze's 600 cc bumper car that was driven by The Stig at 100 miles per hour. _That's_ cool.

    Spicy TunaSpicy Tuna10 日 前
  • Trump is missing with the other "dangerous world leaders" @3:02

    Dalek EaterDalek Eater10 日 前
  • arkadaki fotograftan ekranda , kudüs kubbesimi var , lan bu adam manyak , türkleri yok etmek için cok çabalıyo ama boşuna çabalıyo

    Ertugrul DoğanErtugrul Doğan11 日 前
  • Turkmenistanians stand tall behind ur leaders against western robbers. They will promise you Eldorado yet more you sell ur natural recources deeper u will sink into debt. They will do what they did in Africa last 200 years. Leave you like a Africa

    Chuka AmurChuka Amur11 日 前
  • that name though

    Mark CliffordMark Clifford11 日 前
  • ...underrated "French AA-meeting" joke X)

    Martin RufMartin Ruf12 日 前
  • Comically large fork!

    Trafalgar LawTrafalgar Law13 日 前
  • that cake looks good who else would want some?

    Jimmy BallentyneJimmy Ballentyne13 日 前
  • lewall

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    Peter WuPeter Wu13 日 前
  • 16:18 Impressive, isn't it?

    Boomer AngBoomer Ang14 日 前
  • Who is that in the bottom-right corner at 3:03?

    Andrew FeldmanAndrew Feldman15 日 前
    • Hungary's PM Viktor Orbán

      Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali15 日 前
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Мила БатыроваМила Батырова15 日 前
  • the man did it he pissed of a dictatorship and world records

    Lance Gideon DioknoLance Gideon Diokno16 日 前
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    eye guesseye guess16 日 前
  • 12:09

    Dissors DeltaDissors Delta16 日 前
  • Why doesn’t the news ever talk about Turkmenistan?

    Dark RainbowDark Rainbow16 日 前
    • 1. It's a very closed country as said in the video. 2. It's has a foreign policy of neutrality which means it doesn't have any conflicts with other countries.

      YS AviationYS Aviation6 日 前
  • "Burst out of suits like Meghan Markle"? Is this a poker joke?

    Josh BobstJosh Bobst18 日 前
  • 6,000 people offended by horse jokes or have fucked a horse

    Jermany 84Jermany 8418 日 前
  • Oh Gurb. Thank you - POTUS incited terrorists to storm the US Capitol yesterday and this video has been a source of great hope for me. Perhaps one day my country can achieve what yours has.

    Tig DTig D19 日 前
  • can we just appreciate him for getting gurbanguly berdimuhamedov right every single time

    Jack FullerJack Fuller19 日 前
  • This aged well

    Len SchwedtLen Schwedt20 日 前
  • go to sleep leftists we will win it anyway sooner or later it will be a victory for humanity over a shitty fed empire that is going to collapse in the end !!!!!!!

    To JaTo Ja20 日 前
  • This leader is really like admiral Aladin. Btw, I came from Uyghurland which is called East Turkistan. Really shame of this leader!!!

    MusicMusic20 日 前
  • “I burst out of suits like I’m Megan Markle” 😆👑

    Lukas QuineyLukas Quiney21 日 前
  • How about Turkmenistan winning something properly instead of making obscure world records that mean absolutely nothing?

    G JonesG Jones21 日 前
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    Luz RogersLuz Rogers21 日 前
  • If cracking down on journalists makes a country the worst place to live in, then Iraq was the worst place to live in during the American occupation. They have killed thousands of journalists

    Ehsan AliEhsan Ali22 日 前
  • hey does anone hafe good links to informationsurces on turkmensistan, specifically on the laws and how the law is being held up and also on how redicuous the guy is? i could really use it for my presentation in school.

    Amrei VoglAmrei Vogl22 日 前
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    trey grahamtrey graham22 日 前
  • I love this show.

    Jeremy JJJeremy JJ23 日 前
  • This guy is clearly living his best life

    NoaNoa23 日 前
  • The sports rap makes Gurbanguly sound like fucking N. Gin and I don't like it

    CMG The PersonCMG The Person23 日 前
  • "Clap for me, cyclists!"

    Owen CostOwen Cost23 日 前
  • If the barbell was actually made of gold that would be nearly 100lbs

    SpleenfaceSpleenface24 日 前
  • A hole like you want irresponsibly tore apart a small country like Turkmenistan. what you have done in the past on Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and so so forth. f off.

    Cyrus LiCyrus Li24 日 前
  • I lived in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan for a year. A very, very, very bizarre experience. The people were great! Can't say enough about their demeanor and hospitality. Those white marble clad buildings are basically completely empty since none of the people can afford to live in them.

    Fox 2Fox 224 日 前
  • One fun fact about him that you forgot: he was the dentist of the previous dictator and was chosen because the previous dictator said his son is to useless to become president so he pict his dentist😂

    Brog ?Brog ?24 日 前
  • ok owning 10% of a specific horse is weird but i have a teacher who owns several percent of the worlds volvo t-5r and is the most knowledgable person about the car to the point where volvo calls him up asking "how do these cars we once made work again?"

    mitch dorsmanmitch dorsman25 日 前
  • Still Turkmenistan has GDP per capita of $10k 😂😂. I'd rather have Berdimehmedov than the half witted right wing loincloth sniffing addicts ruling my country today (India). Berdimehmedov is a champion of sodomizing right wings tho. I respect em just for that.

    xxxdieselyyy2xxxdieselyyy225 日 前
  • I love this show and this man it so funny just what I need in 2020

    Lily PadillaLily Padilla25 日 前
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    Nick BarnesNick Barnes25 日 前
  • This show would be so much more entertaining without the fake laugh tracks playing at every irrelevant interval

    MongoliumMongolium25 日 前
  • John Oliver is fucking amazing!! His Crew must be as well!

    WTF FTWWTF FTW25 日 前
  • In the next life I hope he is a horseshoe fly! John hire me

    Michael WhiteheadMichael Whitehead27 日 前
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Arman MusaievArman Musaiev27 日 前
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Arman MusaievArman Musaiev27 日 前
  • 5:08.... uhhh... what?

    Rob JohnsonRob Johnson27 日 前
  • This is why I love this show

    ZaneZane27 日 前
  • plz give the cake

    Alex SheachAlex Sheach27 日 前
  • I am Turkmen👀...(My reaction during the whole video is just.. something..)

    Merjen OrazmammedovaMerjen Orazmammedova27 日 前
  • Sounds like America

    Reshma AktharReshma Akthar27 日 前
  • Классный мужик живёт как хочеть!

    Hitman 18Hitman 1827 日 前
  • Wait, how did I miss that - I am only seeing this again thanks to YT. I am guessing this comment will never be seen but that fire pit at the 0:57 mark, that's not a fire pit. It's a gas fed natural fire hole that is called the Gates of Hell and has been burning since 1971. I have also seen it referenced as the Devil's Anus but that might just be a someone being clever. But you completely skipped over it here as a 'fire pit'. You can look it up on Google Maps!

    Andrew BAndrew B28 日 前
  • I love this show

    Theo DillonTheo Dillon28 日 前
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    Cedrick HoneycuttCedrick Honeycutt28 日 前
  • God bless HBO, never let go of John Oliver for as long as hes passionate in this work.

    Geisister achuchuGeisister achuchu29 日 前
  • The writer's room of this show must be so crazy! Oh what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall there...

    Maithili DesaiMaithili Desai29 日 前
  • In the world of wierd leaders, this guy is still quite normal compared to Trump

    BulldozerBulldozer29 日 前
  • Stupid shit !

    Bryan BroomeBryan Broome29 日 前
  • i can't believe this idiot with canned laughter is still on.......?????????????????????

    Salmo JackSalmo Jackヶ月 前
  • This guy is a legend!

    Danger DoveDanger Doveヶ月 前
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    Franco CousinsFranco Cousinsヶ月 前
  • Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

    Canh NhuCanh Nhuヶ月 前
  • Damn, that cake uses more floor area than my apartment lol.

    Alvin YapAlvin Yapヶ月 前
  • Omg the ending was crazy!

    Sumukh BhupalamSumukh Bhupalamヶ月 前
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    Jarrod SteveJarrod Steveヶ月 前
  • I think that rap he did is strange, but encouraging health is a good thing, even if it is for propaganda. I'd be impressed that he's willing to embarrass himself like that, but he probably thinks that everything he does is perfection.

    Henry PotterHenry Potterヶ月 前
  • Iya ya Allah.

    No ThuNo Thuヶ月 前
  • I like how we criticize other countries for not allowing Free Speech when we're slowly heading in that direction...

    Dane EndlyDane Endlyヶ月 前
  • The ultimate horse girl

    Storm KStorm Kヶ月 前
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    heid showsheid showsヶ月 前