Facial Recognition: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver takes a look at facial recognition technology, how it’s used by private companies and law enforcement, and why it can be dangerous.
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  • I’m an English barrister called Killian Garvey (Google me for proof). I’m convinced that John Oliver would make a great barrister based on his ability to communicate and argue

    Killian GarveyKillian Garvey12 時間 前
  • my worry with the use of facial recognition software is when it messes up. or if it falls into the hands of private citizens. especially when it comes to CSEM survivors. that's just scary…

    birdn4t0rbirdn4t0r16 時間 前
  • Girl's got a point, though; Dazzle camo does wonders against visual recognition softwares.

    MaximeMaxime22 時間 前
  • O.....livia Wilde.

    Hattie LankfordHattie Lankford日 前
  • But I like Deja Vu...

    RavenlayRavenlay2 日 前
  • Now that January 6, 2021 happened, maybe we should have a second thought about facial recognition software!!

    Svenulf SkjaldbjörnSvenulf Skjaldbjörn2 日 前
    • who needs facial recognition when those idiots post it on their own social media.

      GrombrindalGrombrindal2 日 前
  • 10:00 As someone who works in the field of computer vision, i can say this is mainly a matter of physics. dark skincolours have lest difference between skin and shadow making generating shapes with them much harder. nothing to do with racism as it seemed implied. it hs been a common thing for news media to jump and label the people who build systems like this racist but it is just a limitation of cameras.

    ry gry g4 日 前
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    tom joetom joe4 日 前
  • The unofficial motto of the united states and England. Places like China, for example, not so much.. Go back 250 years in New Zealand as a white man, you're catching a patu to the skull and a taiaha to the gut..

    BruceNJeffAreMyFliesBruceNJeffAreMyFlies4 日 前
  • Oliver AI animatronic moves with just a tiny touch of twitch.Speech is rushed...Hand gestures... Forget about it...this aint the time to be going cheap...

    Toosuna KaboomaToosuna Kabooma4 日 前
  • I like how hes adapted to not having a live audience by removing the awkward pause between jokes

    Steelis the UnworthySteelis the Unworthy4 日 前
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    David WhangDavid Whang5 日 前
  • So wait scanning crowds for people with outstanding warrants is ‘terrifying’? Yea no

    J BJ B5 日 前
  • Another good reason to not post your children's photos. You don't know where this is going. Granted this may come in handy for finding missing trafficking victims, child and adult, on porn sites, but you gotta wonder if it helps target the victims in the first place.

    Cheryl CampbellCheryl Campbell5 日 前
  • Yeah... This is coming handy now.

    FSX239FSX2396 日 前
    • glad the tech is good at identifying white men, like most of the people who broke into the capitol

      Wage RobotWage Robot5 日 前
  • Oh fuck!? They actually called it Skynet....!?

    Dr. Zippy McscootsDr. Zippy Mcscoots6 日 前
  • I bet this double talker was excited to use facial recognition for the Capitol riot. Have principles people and stick to them

    SeanSean6 日 前
    • We wouldn't need Face Rec if the police had the manpower to arrest the people at the scene.

      Wage RobotWage Robot5 日 前
  • Clearview's CEO looks like a later seasons office character that isn't very memorable but had a season long arc anyway

    puppet masterpuppet master6 日 前
    • Underrated comment

      ISupposeThis IsMyNmwISupposeThis IsMyNmw5 日 前
  • Totally not relevant now, it's funny how things change nowadays

    merridius2006merridius20067 日 前
  • A really good test of facial recognition would be the pictures of the rioters in the House Of Representatives/Senate, they appear to be largely white males.

    Steven GrotteSteven Grotte7 日 前
  • 5:10 Looking for people with OUTSTANDING WARRANTS and ARREST THEM. Very sinister indeed.

    davidocalldavidocall7 日 前
  • the weird geezer comb-over. no. just no.

    slh950slh9507 日 前
  • That's $17 a month

    Tony ParksTony Parks8 日 前
  • Ain't that stalking

    Tony ParksTony Parks8 日 前
  • #schontell

    Tony ParksTony Parks8 日 前
  • #werise2

    Tony ParksTony Parks8 日 前
  • america needs to: 1. gentrify the cities 2. kill all pets 3. reduce California taxes by half. 4. reform medicare and dental care. 5. tackle obesity, college tuition, and incarceration. 6. legalize class c drugs 7. give ubi to everyone. 8. deinstitutionalize the mentally ill. 9. also all american men should be bald no hair longer than 0.3 cm. 10. build infrastructure 11. reduce cost of day care 12. introduce gene drives.

    jarrod yukijarrod yuki8 日 前
  • this isnt last week tongiht now ure juyst making shit up boring Oh anmn! was that a joke?

    Shane St. PierreShane St. Pierre9 日 前
  • HAHAHAHAHA yoou are all of a sudden telling me nothing but fabricated bullshit.... wtf is this\

    Shane St. PierreShane St. Pierre9 日 前
  • The guy who made the clearview ai looks like the human embodiment of the word “simp”

    Momento MoriMomento Mori9 日 前
  • When he said "yea that is the difference" the tone of how he said that tells me that he had a "are we the baddies" moment.

    Duane CraigDuane Craig9 日 前
  • Love how white guys are still being bashed

    Gearoid CollinsGearoid Collins9 日 前
  • Dan Campbell

    Bob SmithBob Smith9 日 前
  • You knew this was going to happen, the Big brother reference 1984 is on its way.. the future is here mentioned in the past ...

    amber m andersonamber m anderson9 日 前
  • This is the worst video ever on this channel. You spend the first half getting us worried about the inconsistencies of facial recognition software, and spend the rest of it arguing against a facial recognition system that is highly accurate. WTF you want? Accurate facial recognition or no facial recognition? You're just playing both sides to make a 20 minute video

    Ivan KohIvan Koh10 日 前
  • John we need you more then ever

    Michael PazMichael Paz10 日 前
  • This has aged *remarkably* well.

    011angelfire011angelfire10 日 前
  • yall use this for the Capitol riot, not a lot of them wear masks so I guess it will still recognize their face.

    Daniel SantosDaniel Santos10 日 前
  • Holy shit that obvivious idiot in that coffee shop stalker app commercial thing was creepy af and just downright crazy dangerous. Creepo vibe at max overload for daaammmnnnn sure.

    Kevin RayKevin Ray11 日 前
  • Plus with masks now this seems redundant

    Kemal SadikogluKemal Sadikoglu11 日 前
  • I think using face recognition to find people with warrants in a protest a GOOD thing!

    Kemal SadikogluKemal Sadikoglu11 日 前
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    Ker LozKer Loz11 日 前
  • This software might be used rn to identify the terrorists who stormed the Capitol so something good came out of it imo

    Hugo ZielińskiHugo Zieliński11 日 前
  • Well now that the world is in the middle of a pandemic and people have face masks, all you need is a hat and sun glasses and you're set. pooof goes facial recognition.....LOL

    TwstedTVTwstedTV11 日 前
  • But now, as they use it to identify the "Mongol Horde" that has "Raped" the Capitol, they adore facial recognition. fkng cnts.

    Hellis ForsorcerorsHellis Forsorcerors11 日 前
  • The Chinese sky net guy is annoyingly nerdy-cute 🥰

    Ethan O. McBrideEthan O. McBride11 日 前
  • That Russian impression was cringe

    Hector PerezHector Perez12 日 前
  • Wow crazy an accurate laugh to pun ratio for once, and I fucking love fucking puns like my life depended on it, interesting piece though

    Hector PerezHector Perez12 日 前
  • Pplllppl

    Calmest Bullet16Calmest Bullet1612 日 前
  • I wonder how many people from the January 6, 2021 Capitol building riot didn't care about this when it was happening to BLM, but suddenly care now...

    Alexis RiveraAlexis Rivera12 日 前
  • Gait,Stride,Height,limps etc.....the face is just the start......The ultimate Gestapo tool.

    Brian FordBrian Ford12 日 前
  • Hey, they using this to catch them Capitol rioters and nobody seem to have a problem with it.

    Youyang ZhouYouyang Zhou12 日 前
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    Eva MakarskiEva Makarski13 日 前
  • Call the President PHONE NUMBERS Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 TTY/TTD Comments: 202-456-6213

    m wongm wong13 日 前
  • As of Jan. 11th, 2021...happy this exists?

    J DoleJ Dole13 日 前
  • Which is why I use a lovable cup of coffee instead of a profile pic!

    Laura GLaura G13 日 前
  • The only thing I’m getting from this is that facial recognition works better on fish than on black women

    Remember To Log OutRemember To Log Out13 日 前
  • china's light years ahead of the west

    Dan OkeroDan Okero13 日 前
  • these skynet computers are bound to be hacked. some hacker with the help of AI hacks onto the system and tells it to build Terminators. or just launches a Nuke a far more likely scenario.

    2019inuyasha2019inuyasha14 日 前
  • @bilenium

    bileniumbilenium14 日 前
  • I'm going to start wearing a Richard Nixon face mask everywhere I go.

    John KleinJohn Klein14 日 前
  • use this on the people that sacked the capital

    Maafa ELMaafa EL14 日 前
  • MAGA

    Clarence McGregorClarence McGregor14 日 前
  • After the attempted coup on Wednesday, I'm very happy that such technology exists; I hope they use it to its fullest extent to find the perpetrators.

    Shahid KhanShahid Khan14 日 前
  • Omg.

    Tranthien PhuoclocTranthien Phuocloc14 日 前
  • Why does Hollywood always add sound effects to PC's loading a programme? When does this ever happen and what would be the benefit of it?

    G JonesG Jones15 日 前
  • Properly lighting really dark faces for portraits is also quite challenging.

    PieterPieter15 日 前
  • MOB BOSS Mob Have Previous Arrests ???

    Joe WeisJoe Weis15 日 前
  • John, are you serious? This is a great tool for law enforcement to, uh, you know, catch criminals. Do you know how many gay bashers were caught using this technology? Hundreds!

    andyiswonderfulandyiswonderful15 日 前
  • This week a lot of people will be facing felony charges after having been identified via facial recognition.

    Joke AssasinJoke Assasin15 日 前
  • This should be used on trump's rioters.

    ShadowxxPandaShadowxxPanda15 日 前
  • Say what you want but this is the reason why Wuhan was able to have people out and celebrate New year's this year. It works but only for emergency purposes like you know saving millions of lives from the pandemic. Also they don't need their party to mandate mask use. Citizens will wear it themselves cause they're they don't want others to get sick. How about that white people? Can you be unselfish like that? I don't fucking think so.

    Ayang AAyang A15 日 前
  • I've heard that facial recognition software change tricked with juggalo makeup.

    Stuart SmithStuart Smith16 日 前
  • Would be interesting to see the Republican party divide into three new parties. The MAGA cult, traditional corporate establishment and an ideologically conservative party. Perhaps that could also incentivise movements within the DNC to create parties of their own, shaking up the awful two party system. Although as long corporate donorship remains as important as it is, it's going to be hard to do anything as a non-corporate party.

    IxnatifualIxnatifual16 日 前
  • Facial recognition is such an anthropocentric idea. I believe we could do better with assial recognition.

    Vivian TristesseVivian Tristesse17 日 前
  • Maybe the Capitol Police can use FindFace to find some of the terrorists who stormed the Capitol.

    Justin TorresJustin Torres17 日 前
  • 😂 😂 Thank god in africa we are too poor for such things

    S P LitS P Lit17 日 前
  • They should shut down skynet.

    daniel memandaniel meman17 日 前
  • Skynet did start off good in Terminator

    Brett RockBrett Rock17 日 前
  • I literally cannot think of a group I'd trust less with facial recognition than law enforcement

    A form of matterA form of matter17 日 前
  • The British Guy getting a fine for wearing a face mask over his nose 🙈😂😂😂

    SimonSimon17 日 前
  • 4:30 Timnit Gebru was fired by google 6 months later (on 2nd December 2020) for raising inconvenient truths about the ethics and flaws of AI and facial recognition.

    NebulousWebNebulousWeb18 日 前
  • This is hyperbolic and it assumes that the technology is corrupt instead of those employing it. There is no problem one, if the people getting their faces captured have no reason to hide their identity and two, if those who use the tech are not abusing the power. If there is more oversight and accountability then hey, more jobs and fewer risks of the power being corrupted. You can tell when your point is thin after you bring up skynet as a fear of facial recognition.

    AFantasticCatAFantasticCat18 日 前
  • The joke, "Burn it all down". Aged well didn't it?

    Stuart CurtainStuart Curtain18 日 前
  • Start using it to target white supremacists and as soon as police officers faces start showing up then it will be banned.

    Michael SyviusMichael Syvius18 日 前
  • And Timit has now been fired from Google for telling the truth.

    2006glg2006glg18 日 前
  • So now we have this tool to get us found anywhere Even worse with the CCP virus

    Iann VezeauIann Vezeau18 日 前
  • So Clearview has a lot in common with Cambridge Analytica. Definitely needs limits on Clearview. You need a court order to get DNA and fingerprints, so why is facial recognition not included in the requirement. How can we get the law amended?

    Brighton BabeBrighton Babe19 日 前
  • I am soooo basing a dumb d&d npc based on the clearview guy.

    A Curious WitchA Curious Witch19 日 前
  • I fuck'n love you john!!

    Darryl MartinDarryl Martin19 日 前
  • 2:50 so being a progressive it isn’t racist to use a Russian accent to explain how a stalker sounds.

    Right HandRight Hand19 日 前
    • Cause the ad/news piece was Russian You wanted a French accent?

      Steve SmithSteve Smith19 日 前
  • 2:35 "Now you're already looking at her profile" Sure, but *she* put that profile up there. *she* is putting all that information online. All the app does is match the image *she* put online to the image taken by the app. Yes it's creepy but the app does not reveal any information that is not already put online... by the person who owns that information. This is the stupidity of today's world; everybody wants to put their life online and then complans when people can find it. The real problem is that people put all their data online. And it really doesn't take facial recognition, that's just a trivial problem that the privacy-idiots like to wank about. If you have a facebook page and you post something like "going on holiday next week", burglars are watching for that, they'll be sure to check your house next week. (No, tey don't stake out your house because there is something worth stealing, they choose a random house that's easy to get into, preferably unoccupied beause the idiots who live there told the world that they woud not be there for a week) If you don't want the wrong people to get access to your profile, then DON'T PUT IT ONLINE.

    vinny142vinny14219 日 前
  • 14:23 2020 R.I.P human brain

    TheGreeny490TheGreeny49019 日 前
  • Just saying if the face recognition website used by the law was hacked into, all the data would be leaked where someone could see where everyone was and what the do and where they visit most. (Bored pls someone talk to me about scenarios)

    Itz EvanItz Evan20 日 前
  • Okay... Just something something about racist facial recognition software not recognizing melanin+ folk likely has to do with the shitty cameras and poor contrast recognition and shitty lighting in the test centre. They'll fix it, I'm sure lol

    broke_AF_ Gamesbroke_AF_ Games20 日 前
  • Do you really believe that anyone that can make money on this tech will not do it

    Ruger ShooterRuger Shooter21 日 前
  • I'm all for ending hatefulness in our country but the major issue with that software appears to be a matter of brightness and contrast. You can better see this issue if you watch a multiracial video in black and white. Don't get me wrong. I live in Texas. I know racism and discrimination are quite real. All I'm saying is that if we want a real solution, we're going to need to put higher resolution requirement on the cameras used for facial recognition, along with having artistic women work on the development team because they are more likely to see nuance within the darker shades of skin.

    J HitchcockJ Hitchcock21 日 前
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    Jeremy ClarkJeremy Clark22 日 前
  • Yeah I am not a fan of having so much camera activity it’s to the point where you can’t even pull over on the side of the highway and go to the bathroom without being see because you will probably be photographed by Google maps I think we need to start asking ourselves what is your privacy worth and in this day and age can we even have privacy? Are we going to allow the place to be able to violate our fourth amendment without even us knowing it the constitutional amendment that protects for unlawful search and seizure specific and that it states that your personal or your papers so nothing about you on you Or with you can be searched or seized without first obtaining a warrant and presenting it to you but if they can just use the camera to run your license plate and seeing your face without you even knowing it innocently sitting at the first time what happens in the system missidentifies you for someone else

    Christopher GrantChristopher Grant22 日 前
  • The Nashville Bomber's girlfriend told the police "He is making a bomb out of his RV." weeks before he committed the terrorist attack. The police said "We would check it out, but it is in a fenced yard."

    angryhairpeiceangryhairpeice22 日 前