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Facebook’s global expansion has been linked to political turmoil overseas, so maybe their ads should focus less on how they “connect the world” and more on why connecting people isn’t always the best idea.
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  • I'm not on FB as I get enough BS from youtube.

    DaleDale2 日 前
  • 18:50 vamos embora Mozambique. Facebook i matchimba 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I really enjoyed the Add

    Candido F. VilanculoCandido F. Vilanculo3 日 前
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  • My only wish to delete facebook from this world and save life from spreading hate speech

    Sujeet KumarSujeet Kumar3 日 前
  • Well, John Oliver can't complain anymore! Now Facebook censors everything you say

    Thunderbolt0.0Thunderbolt0.05 日 前
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    Donnie WatsonDonnie Watson5 日 前
  • Every time I think we need John Oliver back, he most likely has an episode on the topic, unfortunately.

    darkdragon88darkdragon886 日 前
  • its amazing to see this after the capital attacks so true facebook is so dangerous... they shoudl do a better job of stopping tis time of crap

    EveniosEvenios6 日 前
  • 14:40. Listen I attend an engineering school and we were specifically told to talk to people like we were talking to 5 years old because the vast majority of the population won’t understand engineering jargon and we have difficulty drawing the line between removing industry jargon and insulting the intelligence of our customers

    Patrick HeymanPatrick Heyman7 日 前
  • Welp, Facebook's getting sued now

    Diya GoreDiya Gore10 日 前
  • Why diplodocus, the dinosaur has way to long of a tail it would get the way. And I want to say something about the sleepy bear why do you think she is always tired.

    Hazel O'BrienHazel O'Brien10 日 前
  • 1:16 I really wouldn’t have guessed this considering that 80% of the people I have to interact with on FB are from the Middle East and don’t fucking speak English

    Famous YouTuber Noah SalmonFamous YouTuber Noah Salmon11 日 前
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    tom joetom joe11 日 前
  • not a fan of fb, but you have zero clue about software development and this video shows it

    Su0ivedSu0ived12 日 前
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    Humberto AntonioHumberto Antonio14 日 前
  • i mean i feel like john oliver is just a R34 pervert since he says "i'd fuck" about way to many none humanoid creatures

    mitch dorsmanmitch dorsman15 日 前
  • I've been shi*ed on by facebook bout a dozen times facebook don't like you makeing fun of Trump facebook discriminates against cannabis users facebook is controlled by bitc*es

    Xachary PrattXachary Pratt15 日 前
  • The Rohingyas are still here in Bangladesh; still dangerous for them to go back to their own motherland. It's kinda sad that it's not on the news more.

    Kurayami KnightKurayami Knight18 日 前
  • Got rid of my Facebook two or three years ago! very happy since!

    Ricky BobbyRicky Bobby19 日 前
  • Hateful.. Or are they literally trying to take over their country

    Ritchard ThomasRitchard Thomas19 日 前
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    Tyler WrightTyler Wright20 日 前
  • On the other hand, Facebook's reliance on local offices and user reports is very convenient when you have a bot factory at your disposal to silence certain opinion makers due to false reports of breaking the rules. Bot factories akin to what Russia has. While John voices a legit concern, I doubt that Facebook should be the moral police. Hell, I doubt any corporation should fit that role. Policing is a part of governing. Governments get elected. Nobody elected Facebook, Google or any other private company to decide what's good and what's not. Pushing them into that role is not only inefficient, it's simply wrong because it screams "abuse" - not because corporations are inherently evil per se but because since corporations are not elected, they don't answer to people and tend to cut corners whenever possible. That's normal business practice. If we really need to make Internet a better place, we should find a balanced long-term solution, not focus on shortcuts.

    Andrew MelnikovAndrew Melnikov20 日 前
  • Nobody: Hungarian national media: 17:58

    blilyumblilyum20 日 前
  • I don't like Facebook it's unsafe u provided not your data but your freedom also in positive way...... Facebook promote corporation with pollutions or environment uncertainty, corruptions negativity,terrorism or hate Love and respect from india #farmers

    sakshi Tyagisakshi Tyagi23 日 前
  • In india Facebook try to stop or delete the reality or problems or protest video content and support company and government to theft data and was provided to these two factors.... #farmers

    sakshi Tyagisakshi Tyagi23 日 前
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    Deangelo NoleDeangelo Nole23 日 前
  • This is why I go on FB so so rarely in the past 6 years!

    John KimJohn Kim23 日 前
  • This sounds like a problem with humans, not a problem with Facebook

    A GA G23 日 前
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    Michale OlsinMichale Olsin24 日 前
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    Oliver StJulienOliver StJulien24 日 前
  • I don't think Facebook owed anyone anything! It's just a platform to spread whatever u want... People are just dumb and full of shit so they use it for violance and anus pics... Thats on us not on Zuc

    Ruslan LRuslan L25 日 前
  • Facebook isn't bullshit, people are bullshit. It's easy to blame Facebook and harder to accept that most people are just fundamentally assholes.

    EPEP26 日 前
  • I only use facebook to talk to friends, relatives and looking at cat pics

    you're a shitty personyou're a shitty person28 日 前
  • When I lost my old fb account and I didn't have any reason why, people were like "why, ohmigod was it hacked" -"Dunno, but this is my new profile" "How do I know you're him?" -"WHO THE F WANTS TO BE ME LOL"

    Johannes RautioJohannes Rautio28 日 前
  • Haking food

    somi parksomi park29 日 前
  • 나의 해킹범

    somi parksomi park29 日 前
  • Two things that will remain true no matter where you go: 1) Facebook is the worst 2) Everyone hates Muslims for no legitimate reason

    WJS ProductionsWJS Productionsヶ月 前
  • In Filipino, "salamat" actually means "thanks".

    H17 바이러스H17 바이러스ヶ月 前
  • So whats the solution. Even if its not fb is gonna be another social netwrok, the technique is there already.

    Gent JashariGent Jashariヶ月 前
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    Lawrence Hereford LawrenceLawrence Hereford Lawrenceヶ月 前
  • I love your show and agree with everything you have ever posted on this channel (that I've watched). However you are the king of the straw man argument and I would like it if you worked on that. Thanks G.

    Aaron AllenAaron Allenヶ月 前
  • The bus service in my town only posts notifications on Facebook. Apparently, they assume their riders all have smartphones to, for example, find out that the bus is not running today due to road conditions while waiting at a stop for a bus. Waiting in zero degree weather without knowing if the bus is late or just not coming is not pleasant. The info cannot be gotten even by calling the bus office. They never answer and take a day at least to get back to the caller. I do not use Facebook, but it is our community message board in most ways, so I never know what is happening in my own town.

    Gordon FornowGordon Fornowヶ月 前
  • I always thought funshine bear would be the one who fucks 😂

    katie millskatie millsヶ月 前
  • I can't believe a buddhist monk is saying that. Buddhism is about non-attachment, peace, harmony and letting go of yourself. Shows that any religion can be perverted by hateful individuals.

    Jessica WallaceJessica Wallaceヶ月 前
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    Pam MartinPam Martinヶ月 前
  • D:

    Josiah SuarezJosiah Suarezヶ月 前
  • “I can gather information from Facebook” -that’s backwards. Facebook gathers information from you

    Maxwell BlackMaxwell Blackヶ月 前
  • Dec 8th 2020, today, I have finally caved in, a made a Facebook account. It is solely for better commination with friends, but I'm being cautions about this. Here is to hoping all my worst fears of, hates for, and reason for avoiding this site don't come back to bite me.

    Garrett HochmuthGarrett Hochmuthヶ月 前
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    Shurlocke FederickShurlocke Federickヶ月 前
  • ummmmmm it's called a kaliphate and they DO want to take over your countries. make religion taboo or your faith justifies their actions

    Riccardo StellaRiccardo Stellaヶ月 前
  • 18:20 hey, that guy is Argentino! And that is a pretty good example of the tipe of comment you would recibe if you live here haha.

    Gastón MelchioriGastón Melchioriヶ月 前
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    Nick BarnesNick Barnesヶ月 前
  • Just like sourcing from "professional" news sources, you find information that you want to find and requires people to use their judgement if they're getting the full story or not. This is not facebooks fault.

    Goran PujicGoran Pujicヶ月 前
  • Facebook is like a creepy old uncle...you don’t really want to visit it, but you still do it sometimes...

    Antonella CastroAntonella Castroヶ月 前
  • Gimme ur data ~ The Zucc

    Lucille CookLucille Cookヶ月 前
  • Wow, I have got to be one weird dude. Am I one in only a few who has never been on facebook? Scary, I thought I was just a common guy in America. Now, I'm some thing else.

    Gregory SGregory Sヶ月 前
  • Is that Thomas Middleditch narrating at the end?

    Zack VernonZack Vernonヶ月 前
  • Gimme ur data ~ The Zucc

    katey kilmerkatey kilmerヶ月 前
  • Oh dear. No good has come after the words "I get my news from Facebook".

    chris phamchris phamヶ月 前
  • I love the whole Facebook controversy (aside from the security and privacy issues). All Facebook has really done is show the world how awful human beings can be and then they catch the flack for it. And don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of facebook as either a social media platform or a company, but I just find it very interesting nonetheless.

    Tiger474Tiger474ヶ月 前
  • FB was created as a misogynist "fuckable or not" register. Why have we conveniently forgotten this??????? Fratboy garbage. And fir the record... Zuckerberg: NOT fuckable.

    Global WarmhugsGlobal Warmhugsヶ月 前
  • The thing about facebok giving celebratory ballons when people typed "survive" is just stupid. Seriously, who cares? Yes, it's inappropriate, but if facebook giving you some stupid inappropriate animation is your biggest problem then you haven't had a worry in your life.

    KingQwertzlbrmpfKingQwertzlbrmpfヶ月 前
    • The biggest problem here is genocide

      take 36take 36ヶ月 前
  • Me while I sit here drinking Boba tea. 😳

    JennzOrsJennzOrsヶ月 前
  • in slovenia some nw corona virus facebook rules ,if anyone speaks against the government first strike 50 euros fine 2 nd strike 1500 euros and blocked for a month 3 rd strike 1,5 years in prison,thec country that its goverment did not knew which country to suck up ass to ,sadly switzerland dotn want them and they are very sad ,while the slovenian population some live wonderful others live in their own worlds,also these rules seem mighty familiar with the china communist leadership hope chinese didnt bought slovenia because if so then we are fucked like never before

    Jan KomposJan Komposヶ月 前
  • Holy crap. The rest of the world is finally realising what I figured out about a year after Facebook was created. Congratulations world your only several years behind.

    UltimateVenom GamingUltimateVenom Gamingヶ月 前
  • I kinda feel mainstream media are in a all full head-one war with social media starting with Facebook

    CydreCydreヶ月 前
  • I remember when facebook first started it was for college students only. haven't used facebook in years. It has become a trash app.

    Y LeeY Lee2 ヶ月 前
  • Damn just two years ago i was also part of some hindu nation group which was full of baseless facts and hate speech against Muslims and non Hindus , cause of that group i also gave my first vote to a nationalist party who won the election, It feels so cringe and stupid how some random groups can make you vote for a fascist government

    say cheesesay cheese2 ヶ月 前
  • Oh my god, I have an amazing cartoon theory: Rose Quartz starts with an R!!!

    שחר אטדגישחר אטדגי2 ヶ月 前
  • What if I photograph MYSELF with my nose as an anus? I’m not a public figure, but it’s ME posting it, so…

    שחר אטדגישחר אטדגי2 ヶ月 前
  • 7:52 He must’ve hated this

    שחר אטדגישחר אטדגי2 ヶ月 前
  • 6:51 This joins amazing discoveries such as: Forks are a useful way to cut food without hurting your finger, blankets are a useful way to heat yourself, and McDonalds meals are a useful way to feel guilty about being fat

    שחר אטדגישחר אטדגי2 ヶ月 前
  • Wait, people in Myanmar can’t send or look at pictures on Facebook without paying?!! Are you discriminating, Mark?

    שחר אטדגישחר אטדגי2 ヶ月 前
  • This hits differently in 2020.

    BrittanyBrittany2 ヶ月 前
  • "Facebook shows me that my life could be better." Thats not a good thing, that's horrible.

    MforMovesetsMforMovesets2 ヶ月 前
  • Complete toilet

    Alan GriffinAlan Griffin2 ヶ月 前
  • that Myanmar/Gorbatchov bit was comedic genius!

    Alexa AlesAlexa Ales2 ヶ月 前
  • and now you a a shit place named after you...

    William CrandellWilliam Crandell2 ヶ月 前
  • Holy fuck I jumped out of my chair when the people behind the ice cap were speaking in my native language (Icelandic)

    DarkDewDarkDew2 ヶ月 前
  • Please make this available in Australia

    take 36take 362 ヶ月 前
  • That monk is the least Buddhist Buddhist in the history of Buddhism.

    DistractedDingoDistractedDingo2 ヶ月 前
  • If you aren't paying for the product, you ARE the product.

    Silky TpSilky Tp2 ヶ月 前
  • For French speaking people, there is a documentary called au secours, mon patron est un algorithme. Shit is even more fucked up with Facebook content moderators, they went undercover for such a job and apparently the stuff you have to moderate is shocking and will haunt you for life

    Mara BumbucMara Bumbuc2 ヶ月 前
  • Facebook is my hero Facebook is the way of the future Facebook terms and conditions Facebook made mistakes Facebook is trying Facebook is growing Facebook is changing

    Christina NicholsonChristina Nicholson2 ヶ月 前
  • I disable Facebook whenever I get a new phone

    Zoren WolfeZoren Wolfe2 ヶ月 前
  • Sounds like what’s happening in the U.S.

    Olivia GreenOlivia Green2 ヶ月 前
  • I mean that ad at the end should just be for the internet in general. As a kid in elementary school in 2000 we taught this to ourselves by sending literally the worst sites to each other as pranks.

    Ari The Dota NewbAri The Dota Newb2 ヶ月 前
  • Where did find [black] John Stossel

    A PA P2 ヶ月 前
  • Ah good ol fedbook and mark sucksaturd.

    Albert PayneAlbert Payne3 ヶ月 前
  • It makes sense that Burmese people trust everything they read on Facebook. They have millions of karens.

    Haroen EissaHaroen Eissa3 ヶ月 前
    • @MOF 137925 en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_people

      Haroen EissaHaroen Eissa2 ヶ月 前
    • They do?

      MOF 137925MOF 1379252 ヶ月 前
  • The really sad part with Facebook is that a persons gesture don’t mean anything unless you post it on Facebook. I had a friend that passed and I ran into a old friend in the store & said they thought me and the deceased was friends, I replied yea we are & this person said I didn’t think so cause They didn’t see a post from me on Facebook. No I called & went to see the family ... like a normal ( irl firms would)

    Official_KingG 26Official_KingG 263 ヶ月 前
  • Ok not use Facebook now to check my memories. I don’t don’t check notifications or my timeline

    Official_KingG 26Official_KingG 263 ヶ月 前
  • 7:00 man, bubble tea is really good dammit...

    り尺ムムのん乇ム尺イん乃レム乙乇り尺ムムのん乇ム尺イん乃レム乙乇3 ヶ月 前
  • Congratulation!

    Antonio ScaldaferriAntonio Scaldaferri3 ヶ月 前
  • its not true in the case of the Philippines John

    Albert MagcalasAlbert Magcalas3 ヶ月 前
    • @take 36 I do not oppose your view on whether Duterte is the devil incarnate or the spawn of Satan. You can believe what you want. I was responding to the article that you posted as a reply to my comment. Also, I do not need you to wish me luck with regards to Rappler because what I said were facts. Your response does not engage my reply to you. You are not addressing the issue that I raised which is the wrong information that John Oliver said in his show. You can have all the hatred towards Duterte as much as you want but let us stick to the facts. I do not like some of his ways and his principles as well, but this was not the issue of this comment thread. The issue is the validity of the information being spewed out.

      Albert MagcalasAlbert Magcalas2 ヶ月 前
    • @Albert Magcalas if you believe Rappler is spreading misleading news, good luck to you. Duterte is a horrible person like the Buddhist bin Laden.

      take 36take 362 ヶ月 前
    • @take 36 While there are "duterte aligned social media pages" that exist it is not right to quickly link it to the govt or to the president himself. It is Facebook's fault for not being able to fact check these sites for misinformation. There are also anti-govt. pages that exist which has support from opposing political parties that spread misinformation as well. An example is Rappler, an internet-based news media that is funded by foreigners is notorious for publishing if not misleading, slanted news. They claim that they are professional journalists and yet they spread misinformation in their reporting. Look for Pia Ranada's reporting about Senator Bong Go's alleged involvement in Chinese relations wherein a photo of him having a casual chat with the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines was quickly used as "evidence" without even presenting enough proof. John Oliver's claim that there were 12000 people killed in the drug war is entirely false because this information came from the vice president who released this information in her video to the UN without even conducting a thorough investigation of the numbers. These killings were comprised up of other crimes and not connected to the drug war. This is also why the vice president does not enjoy a favorable satisfactory rating from the people. The information that the US receives comes from the news propagated by news networks that are against the govt. While the Duterte administration is not perfect and has its flaws, the reputation that it has outside the country has been smeared with so much misinformation. I do admire John Oliver very much and I can't blame him for having that kind of information because that also came from people who are against the govt. What they don't report to the US are the govt. officials involved in the drug trade.

      Albert MagcalasAlbert Magcalas2 ヶ月 前
    • "During Mr. Duterte’s 2016 campaign, his allies flooded the social media platform with misinformation about his opponents and laudatory stories about him." www.nytimes.com/2020/09/29/business/rodrigo-duterte-facebook-philippines.html

      take 36take 362 ヶ月 前
  • How did Facebook start? Enough said.

    EnSerio71EnSerio713 ヶ月 前