Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
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  • I love that a "voter fraud" website suddenly become a Repository for rat furry porn

    Amatsu Kami MikaboshiAmatsu Kami Mikaboshi時間 前
  • Ok you have to do something on the insurrection.

    Darren SkjoelsvoldDarren Skjoelsvold3 時間 前
  • That guy with the "BBQ, BEER, and FREEDOM" shirt is crazier than my uncle who literally smokes crack cocaine. Most Trump supporters I've seen act just as bad. Makes you think.

    SkittleXeroSkittleXero3 時間 前
  • Like any evidence would be provided before an allegation. That the point of any allegations. Fair enough I still think the sottish referendum was libel to those allegations but "proof" was found before not even any court cases. Trump is making allegations like a 6-year-old child. Plus it's clear that internationally he was the most hated united states president and his bundle seen the need for new ideals, especially during covid.

    Rónán McGleenanRónán McGleenan3 時間 前
  • 22:51 HAHA OH BOY!

    bannana boxbannana box7 時間 前
  • Trunmp should get no protection or leniency from the government until he recognizes Biden as the legitimate president and admits he lied about voting fraud.

    Terminus EstTerminus Est7 時間 前
  • I find it off-putting that a group of people who tend to be homophobs are singing QUEEN! FREDDY MERCURY! Oh, how I want to break free.

    Matthew PopowMatthew Popow7 時間 前
  • Real vote count: Trump 100,301,691 - Biden 55,203,448 Fake vote count: Biden 81,281,888 - Trump 74,223,251 #TrumpWon2020 #FraudBiden #FraudHarris #StopTheSteal #ElectionFraud #AmericaLovesTrump #AmericaHatesObama #NewsIsTheEnemy

    Working ManWorking Man8 時間 前
    • Real vote count: Trump 100,301,691 - Biden 55,203,448 Fake vote count: Biden 81,281,888 - Trump 74,223,251 #TrumpWon2020 #FraudBiden #FraudHarris #StopTheSteal #ElectionFraud #AmericaLovesTrump #AmericaHatesObama #NewsIsTheEnemy

      Working ManWorking Man8 時間 前
  • So DRE voting machines are ok now? you know there wont be proof because DRE dont allow proof. you taught me that jpworlds.info/up/bideo/q6eoq6iUm6B_uGA

    Matthew ErnstMatthew Ernst9 時間 前
  • I asked a trump supporter why judges who were appointed by trump and confirmed by Republicans dismissed 64 cases claiming voter fraud. His answer: fear of the global califait that is running America via a shadow government. No, I'm not even joking. They ACTUALLY believe that.

    SupermanHopkinsSupermanHopkins12 時間 前
  • John Oliver professional internet troll 🤣 😂

    Scott BattisonScott Battison12 時間 前
  • Real vote count: Trump 100,301,691 - Biden 55,203,448 Fake vote count: Biden 81,281,888 - Trump 74,223,251 #TrumpWon2020 #FraudBiden #FraudHarris #StopTheSteal #ElectionFraud #AmericaLovesTrump #AmericaHatesObama #NewsIsTheEnemy

    Working ManWorking Man14 時間 前
    • nope

      Stephen2462Stephen246212 時間 前
  • I wonder where more people cought covid The entire Trump Champaign The day Trump lost

    maayan magalmaayan magal14 時間 前
  • I want to learn about octopusses now...

    Der Andere SchlüsselDer Andere Schlüssel17 時間 前
  • the only reason for guilliani to behave like he has in recent years is that he's been in trumps pocket since before 911.

    The lonely mountain.The lonely mountain.18 時間 前
  • That Raccoon bit was... interesting.

    Taylor SteerTaylor Steer23 時間 前
  • That "jobs jobs jobs" sign is so frickin southpark xD

    RealityIsPoisonRealityIsPoison23 時間 前
  • Stamina, charisma and stamina? Is she serious? Wtf has she been seeing ?

    Marie MartinMarie Martin日 前
    • bigger paychecks

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
  • Perhaps grandma got as far as she did with Klaus because, at the end of the day Klaus chose, or, more accurately, could not make the choice to break, his silence about the horriea committed by his government, for fear that his family would become very directly a part of that horror. If you cannot accept that, if you cannot understand on an empathetic level, that someone might have a harder time standing up when it is their son, their daughter, the love of their life on the line than the stranger next door, then you have no business criticizing my assertion here, because you have not done your homework. You have not put yourself in that position in your own head. You look at it only from an outside perspective. Show me something Klaus did other than protect his own immediate loved ones with his silence. Then, and only then, can you judge Grandma.

    Erik BrockErik Brock日 前
  • That guy could’ve easily answered Lemon’s question. I agree the media wasn’t helping the situation, but this is a poor example.

    Alex SantiAlex Santi日 前
  • Correction not house of cards in fact the last 4 years have been a bad saturday night live skit and it's good to know we might get snl back from the donald Trump hijacking that took place week after week for 4 exactly years

    Mr SMr S日 前
  • Rudy: "Do you think we're stupid?" ✅--> check "Do you think we're fools?" ✅--> AND check...

    Flo ReteFlo Rete日 前
  • Can't wait til Oliver covers the nazi March on the capitol (the coup)

    Lukas RiveraLukas Rivera日 前
  • Day 1 Biden signs 18 EO’s which cost 11000 jobs directly and 60-100k more jobs indirectly. Well done. Also signs orders to put more troops back into Iraq and the Middle East. Well done. Today stock prices are dropping and gas prices have gone up. Well done. This isn’t pro trump...this post is anti “what got trump elected in the first place” you’ve all been lied to and you don’t even see it because orange man bad.

    anthony domeneanthony domene日 前
    • @anthony domene He chose to NOT build further infrastructure to support the use of an energy source we as a country are trying to move away from. How exactly is it his "special interest"? I asked you to cite your source, not to repeat your claim.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462日 前
    • @Stephen2462 all he did was take a very safe and cleaner way of moving oil to a more dangerous and less safe way to move oil. Instead of using a proficient low cost pipe it instead will go by train and truck. He only helped his special interest. Hence the build up in the Middle East.

      anthony domeneanthony domene日 前
    • It is true that Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline and is instead trying to shift focus to alternative energy sources. But that is both better for the environment and will probably be of more economic benefit in the long run. Going to need a citation regarding your claim about him sending more troops. Both stock prices and gas are largely tied to speculation, so even if that claim is true, it isn't relevant. Nobody expects Biden to be an amazing president lol. We just expect him to be better then Trump, which quite frankly, isn't saying much.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462日 前
  • It annoys me a little that he spent the entire show praising the people celebrating in the street in the thousands during Covid. Those "parties" resulted in people getting sick and dying.

    BigRig JoeBigRig Joe日 前
  • James Woods is a national treasure. Nicholas Cage would steal him. He loves every piece of candy

    AleksMeetsWorldAleksMeetsWorld日 前
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    Patrick LaymanPatrick Layman2 日 前
  • when he called that one governor "governor Stone Cold" did anyone else think he looks more like Goldberg?

    freak with a penfreak with a pen2 日 前
  • "The worst thing he's ever asked his supporters to do," Trump "hold my Big Mac."

    Lisa GLisa G2 日 前
  • Spidey Fingers

    aztecray1980aztecray19802 日 前
  • John Oliver is so much better than Stephen Colbert, I'm actually laughing

    John DoeJohn Doe2 日 前
    • Colbert was much better in the Colbert Report, satirising the Reps when they were in opposition.

      William ChamberlainWilliam Chamberlain2 日 前
  • Here we are 4 days after biden was sworn in and it already feels nice having competent leadership

    Chrono BretzChrono Bretz2 日 前
    • Your competent leadership has fucked over every female athelete going into the future.

      Mr. McClassyMr. McClassy日 前
  • I really don't understand why these organizations have to work so hard to get people to vote. I'm not judging I just honestly don't understand. Why would anyone NOT exercise their right to vote, especially in the presidential elections?

    John VanderbeckJohn Vanderbeck2 日 前
  • I’m an English barrister called Killian Garvey (Google me for proof). I’m convinced that John Oliver would make a great barrister based on his ability to communicate and argue

    Killian GarveyKillian Garvey2 日 前
  • Perhaps John Oliver is the wrong person to report on an election loss for Trump because he expects too much of his civil man (ie. basic civilty) ... I’m an English barrister and agree with this video ... I just wish people believed in facts

    Killian GarveyKillian Garvey2 日 前
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    erika floreserika flores2 日 前
  • Real vote count: Trump 100,301,691 - Biden 55,203,448 Fake vote count: Biden 81,281,888 - Trump 74,223,251 #TrumpWon2020 #FraudBiden #FraudHarris #StopTheSteal #ElectionFraud #AmericaLovesTrump #AmericaHates Obama #NewsIsTheEnemy

    Working ManWorking Man2 日 前
    • @Working Man Yes it shows that he knows better then to buy into the garbage you're posting.

      Stephen2462Stephen246211 時間 前
    • @Ian Tkach

      Working ManWorking Man14 時間 前
    • @Working Man "AmericaLovesTrump"? Cool, I guess I'll call up Gallup and let them know that their polling method for presidential approval rates - which Trump set record lows in - is apparently completely bogus.

      Ian TkachIan Tkach日 前
    • So desprete lol

      Stephen2462Stephen2462日 前
    • Evidence? Trump's 2017 voter fraud commission headed by Kris Kobach was disbanded having found no evidence of fraud, much less the 3 to 5 million illegal votes that Trump alleged. 60 court cases after the 2020 election dismissed for lack of evidence. 3 vote recounts in Georgia that showed a Biden win and no voter fraud. That's evidence of NO voter fraud. Where's your evidence? You don't have any bc there is none.

      BeQuickBeQuick2 日 前
  • Real vote count: Trump 100,301,691 - Biden 55,203,448 Fake vote count: Biden 81,281,888 - Trump 74,223,251 #TrumpWon2020 #FraudBiden #FraudHarris #StopTheSteal #ElectionFraud #AmericaLovesTrump #AmericaHates Obama #NewsIsTheEnemy

    Working ManWorking Man2 日 前
    • Real vote count: Trump 100,301,691 - Biden 55,203,448 Fake vote count: Biden 81,281,888 - Trump 74,223,251 #TrumpWon2020 #FraudBiden #FraudHarris #StopTheSteal #ElectionFraud #AmericaLovesTrump #AmericaHates Obama #NewsIsTheEnemy

      Working ManWorking Man2 日 前
  • To anybody interviewing congressional republicans: first ask them if, in one word, they accept the results of the 2020 election. If they say anything other than yes, cut their mics and end the interview. Better yet, find out ahead of time and don't have them on at all.

    OculusQuestFunOculusQuestFun2 日 前
  • Perhaps say it is not who we want to be???😳😳

    E. WardE. Ward2 日 前
  • They pretty much suck at leading trespassers out of the Capitol.

    J VCJ VC2 日 前
  • Idiots

    SmoovBRadioSmoovBRadio3 日 前
  • The tRump campaign would pull some BS out of their ass, and the judges often GOP judges appointed by tRump would say "your evidence"? Crickets. Nothing. They could produce NO evidence at all in court. Now what can account for this????? They throw your ass in jail if you lie about that sort of thing under oath.

    Robert UnderwoodRobert Underwood3 日 前
  • 15:49 this clip is gold. He essentially just told us to send rat **** to the fraud thing. This man is something else.

    James WardJames Ward3 日 前
  • The Trump minions ruined that song forever

    Charlie Crews-LawCharlie Crews-Law3 日 前
  • One Nemo, that's it....it is really over

    Ramon NgRamon Ng3 日 前
  • Kamala harris is prbly a fan of modi smh

    Milan SidhuMilan Sidhu3 日 前
    • lolwut

      Stephen2462Stephen24623 日 前
  • 15:48 damn master splinter been getting it in

    Milan SidhuMilan Sidhu3 日 前
  • The biden crime family is going to be a natural disasters for u americans in a week or two soldiers are getting shipped lol smh

    Milan SidhuMilan Sidhu3 日 前
    • Punctuation needed.

      BeQuickBeQuick2 日 前
    • So you claim he's going to be as bad for America as Trump has been? I highly doubt that.

      Stephen2462Stephen24623 日 前
  • God this feels like 365 days ago now...

    Matt FarmerMatt Farmer3 日 前
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    Latchman MangraLatchman Mangra3 日 前
  • “The united states government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the white house.” Boy that didn’t age well...

    Aiden ParkerAiden Parker4 日 前
    • The fact that it happened only a few months this aired is painfully ironic

      PramkLuna KrishnanPramkLuna Krishnan5 時間 前
  • its odd listening to these without the audience, but honestly i'm glad they didn't throw in a laugh track that would cheapen the jokes.

    Maxwell DangerMaxwell Danger4 日 前
  • Oh John...John...John...January is saying to your November self full on, "Hold my beer."

    Spark LightSpark Light4 日 前
  • John, I know you are familiar with "Redacted Tonight". Why don't you go full reveal? Pull off the veil? Is it because you won't have a forum from which to speak (self conscious English teacher forcing correct syntactical sentence structure (American English)? If so, how many dark censors limit our access to facts? Not "fake news" - propaganda - lies! "Fake news" is newspeak.

    Catherine CorneliusCatherine Cornelius4 日 前
  • 17:45 😂

    Jose MumozJose Mumoz4 日 前
  • John Oliver es bueno! ☝️🤓👍

    Ruben MendozaRuben Mendoza4 日 前
  • Now this guys gunna lose money because he’s not gunna be talking about trump anymore

    Honda guy buys housesHonda guy buys houses4 日 前
    • @Stephen2462 Yep, plenty to talk about in Obama's last two years, and there will be plenty to talk about for far too long, because the show is ultimately about shining light on issues in and involving America and there are a lot of those.

      QuintinohthreeQuintinohthree4 日 前
    • He's been big since long before Trump was a serious candidate. So I highly doubt that.

      Stephen2462Stephen24624 日 前
  • Watching this in January 2021 is so very INTERESTING. The attempted coup, the tidal wave of turncoats, the attempted rug-sweeping, the inauguration...

    ShadespeareShadespeare4 日 前
  • When first watching this in November I used my thirty seconds just repeatedly saying the Philadelphia slang word “jawn”

    Noah FriedmanNoah Friedman4 日 前
  • I miss the crowd laughing

    Jihadi Sultans 2Jihadi Sultans 24 日 前
  • “That wouldn’t even be the worst thing Trump asked his followers to do” *laughs in insurrection*

    iron duckiron duck4 日 前
    • Real vote count: Trump 100,301,691 - Biden 55,203,448 Fake vote count: Biden 81,281,888 - Trump 74,223,251 #TrumpWon2020 #FraudBiden #FraudHarris #StopTheSteal #ElectionFraud #AmericaLovesTrump #AmericaHates Obama #NewsIsTheEnemy

      Working ManWorking Man2 日 前
  • 😀😀😀😀

    Chrissie BawnChrissie Bawn4 日 前
  • "Beat that meat!" YAAAAS QUEEN.

    Bella H. RayneBella H. Rayne4 日 前
  • Get Out garden party guest omg I'm gonna use that one

    seeyouspacecowboyxseeyouspacecowboyx4 日 前
  • Rewatching this again because yt keeps queuing it up. Id just like to point out how absurd it is that you people celebrate a person being elected not because of any of their policies which you neglect to ever touch on but because of the colour of their skin, gender or who they choose to sleep with. Its a fucking joke

    Alex FieldsAlex Fields4 日 前
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    Tyler CheungTyler Cheung4 日 前
  • Maybe... the white supremacist in the middle wouldn't have happened if the other candidate had been a better choice.

    Sean LewisSean Lewis5 日 前
  • wow, some parts of this aged like milk in 2021. Can't wait for the first episode of season 8, that's got a lot of work cut out for it

    lazy Perfectionistlazy Perfectionist5 日 前
  • "... The US Government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.” Well that statement didn’t age well.

    Sophie Amanda Leiton ToomeySophie Amanda Leiton Toomey5 日 前
    • But that was the Capitol, not the White House. And they did escort them out eventually. After escorting them inside in the first place.

      Snacks256Snacks2564 日 前
  • >mfw I'm on an independent news playlist and the google algorythm plugs in this ''autoritative'' corporate trash and thinks I won't notice.

    Afghan Rug DealerAfghan Rug Dealer5 日 前
  • they are all liars and cheats as is the Media...so we lose

    The Maggie DressThe Maggie Dress5 日 前
  • Sensationalized Media...on a very serious subject

    The Maggie DressThe Maggie Dress5 日 前
  • You know rewatching this, and after the coup earlier this month the phrase”the White House is very capable of removing trespassers by force” lands slightly differently

    Baffled PancakeBaffled Pancake5 日 前
  • Thank God we have a president now who doesn't sniff like he's a coke addict

    EK BlackwellEK Blackwell5 日 前
  • 17:27 goodness me, a bunch of Trump babies singing a song not only sung by, but written by a gay man, handsome Freddie Mercury himself How deliciously ironic 😏🌈

    JurassicSmackdownJurassicSmackdown5 日 前
  • A bunch of conservative red blooded traditional Christians singing a song from Freddy Mercury makes me giggle

    Sean ViklündSean Viklünd5 日 前
  • I am disturbed but also amused to see a bunch of homophobic racists singing a song written by a LGBTQ+ singer and musicien British of Persian origin. Not that I think half of them know it, but still.

    LiliLili5 日 前
    • I'm just enjoying the irony in it

      Lauri Mäki-KojolaLauri Mäki-Kojola4 日 前
  • "Trump is the current and future leader of the GOP" are you sure about that?

    John Kitto IVJohn Kitto IV5 日 前
  • yeah so biden is president now this feels nice

    makiiavelymakiiavely5 日 前
  • Hi John, we miss you.

    Klay KetelleKlay Ketelle5 日 前
  • this feels so long ago.

    Julio RodriguezJulio Rodriguez5 日 前
  • Watching this on 1/21/21 and hearing his first words.... glorious. Please don't let a future person say "I'm from X date, and boy do I got news for you!"

    shdw787shdw7875 日 前
  • 22:54 "the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House" But what about the Capitol tho...? This aged bad ngl

    Nil MatisonNil Matison6 日 前
  • Who’s here after Inauguration Day?

    RedPenguinRedPenguin6 日 前
  • Democrats stole the election by giving the vote to every illegal immigrant in sight. Pandemic stopped Trump being the greatest President in US history. Last year Trump was more popular than Obama.

    Bill SmithBill Smith6 日 前
    • Guys this is clearly someone's ghost account for spreading misinformation. Just look at the channel it's a void. Gotta love these scumbags trying to inflate their voices.

      razorburn645razorburn6453 日 前
    • You don't need to advertise your ignorance by reiterating baseless claims.

      Lauri Mäki-KojolaLauri Mäki-Kojola4 日 前
    • I'd like to see the evidence saying trump is more popular than obama

      ososmisterososmister5 日 前
    • Man, I really wanna know what dope as shit you smokin.

      Prashant WasonPrashant Wason6 日 前
  • Hehe living after January 20th is good rn

    cHaNcEcHaNcE6 日 前
  • 17:35, these are the people who always scorn the "participation ribbon" doing a sing-along victory lap after they lost 🤔🤔🤔

    Stew DrawsStew Draws6 日 前
  • But wait, I thought Trump wzs bringing those things *TO* government, how can Biden bring them back if they never existed until the last four years... 🤔🤔

    uneedh2ouneedh2o6 日 前
  • 22:55 That aged poorly 😃

    Saturn RisingSaturn Rising6 日 前
  • john oliver sucks, last video i am watching of his

    Nick ClaytonNick Clayton6 日 前
  • Not used to seeing it in color 😂

    catladycatlady6 日 前
  • 13k Maga's were smart enough to figure out the downvote button

    Ekron VultureEkron Vulture6 日 前
  • "... the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House ..." oof, that aged poorly

    Casper JonesCasper Jones6 日 前
  • Oh yeah, remember when trump had a twitter?

    Bethany ScarbroughBethany Scarbrough6 日 前
  • Lara got a mention but Ivanka didn't. Oof.

    fizz113fizz1136 日 前
    • @fizz113 doesn't ring a bell

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
    • @Ilan Smolders Ivanka

      fizz113fizz113日 前
    • who

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders日 前
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    David WhangDavid Whang6 日 前
  • Can you name one white supremecist in history who is not antisemetic??? so full of crap John What happened to you????

    Barry LichtensteinBarry Lichtenstein7 日 前
    • 1st question: No 2nd question: Nothing

      BeQuickBeQuick2 日 前
    • the fuck? What the hell are you asking?

      DJCosmicDJCosmic5 日 前
  • Who else is rewatching this the day of the inauguration?

    OzpinOzpin7 日 前
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    Benicio MoranBenicio Moran7 日 前