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As coronavirus spreads to the US, John Oliver discusses what’s being done to fight the illness, what’s gone wrong, and how to stay safe.
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  • Anybody else watching this in 2021 and remembering easier times?

    Floh RosaFloh Rosa27 秒 前
  • Wow, studio audiences. I forgot those existed.

    Andrew LinnenAndrew Linnen57 分 前
  • Remember When 2,700 Deaths From COVID-19 In A Country Was Considered Terrible?

    Collin KeyserCollin Keyser19 時間 前
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  • This is an interesting (and hilarious) watch in January 2021... John Oliver is a legend.

    gaianmonkeygaianmonkey23 時間 前
  • Wasn't Jim Bakker Convicted Of Fraud Back In The 1980's?

    Collin KeyserCollin Keyser日 前
    • No one got prosecuted in the 80’s, he has hell to to look forward to, so that’s good!!

      M DonnellyM Donnelly18 時間 前
  • Ah yes... the before times.

    Thomas SomeoneThomas Someone日 前
  • It’s 2021 and it’s worse than we could have ever imagined. Almost 400.000 Americans have died already

    Maria Carolina MantovaniMaria Carolina Mantovani日 前
  • 2021, we still fucked

    Chris DiazChris Diaz2 日 前
  • Rewatching this again in 2021. Great episode!

    fall0rnfall0rn2 日 前
  • Hmm, look at this number of views. Americans were very interested when they thought the virus was only in Asia.

    無職のメイドラゴン無職のメイドラゴン2 日 前
  • Gods, this has aged

    Shay SheltonShay Shelton3 日 前
  • The before times

    ItsMeTechItsMeTech3 日 前
  • 2021, the song and the dance still have impact

    Alejo MonasterioAlejo Monasterio3 日 前
  • In Jan 2021 now and.... welp.

    Aneetah.B. RobertAneetah.B. Robert4 日 前
  • The Bon Appetit reference aged well....

    Jared KnappJared Knapp4 日 前
  • "we have contained this" bad joke

    NeoduinoVlogsNeoduinoVlogs5 日 前
    • we have contaiged this

      VVerVVurmVVerVVurm3 日 前
  • Canada in 2021, I work behind a seafood counter at a grocery store, a customer a week ago referred to Covid-19 as the "kung-flu" and said "I bet Trudeau is f***in' in on it". We're about a year into the pandemic and I'm rewatching season 7 for a look back at where things started. Things have both changed a lot and not at all. It's depressing and the collective impact on mental health in North America has already been massive. The world will likely take decades to properly recover from the damage this pandemic causes to our global society. I'm not sure who will see this but I wish you all the best and please stay safe.

    Bowen MBowen M5 日 前
  • 2021 and shit just get crazier 😂

    FindyificationFindyification5 日 前
  • It's 2021. If only we knew what was going to happen

    Christopher ZapataChristopher Zapata6 日 前
  • 01:20 Did she really asked that question? Who is that lady and what kind of brain she has? Xd

    Gontzal STGontzal ST6 日 前
  • Almost a year later and luckily not 40-70% of the world infected.

    Lasse de VriesLasse de Vries6 日 前
  • Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!!! - With Text -

    NarrowGate And-NarrowRoadNarrowGate And-NarrowRoad6 日 前
  • Now we know its around 0.3-0.5%, so this is null and void.

    Nate91Nate917 日 前
  • All trump supporting politicians are corrupt. End of story.

    K GK G7 日 前
  • The submarine joke was gold.

    K GK G7 日 前
  • Aha fuck

    Tom is a whoreTom is a whore7 日 前
  • 1:21 please let this be a meme

    BloodWolfBloodWolf8 日 前
  • Hmm... werewolf solution huh? I'd take it

    bryceisenderbryceisender9 日 前
  • 2021 here. Binging all the 2020 episodes, feels like a bloody apocalypse log by a cracked out Roald Dahl

    AtheistIIIAtheistIII10 日 前
  • HahaHahaHahaHahaHahaHahaHahaHaha

    Sam GarifalosSam Garifalos10 日 前
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    Belial FrellonBelial Frellon11 日 前
  • Fuck me, it really hits home how much the world has changed when rewatching this.

    Sam MorrisSam Morris11 日 前
  • 2021 and it really doesn't seam like anything changed.

    Cmorris94Cmorris9412 日 前
  • end of the world is near 🌎

    Gui do Perfil de VerificaçãoGui do Perfil de Verificação12 日 前
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      Gui do Perfil de VerificaçãoGui do Perfil de Verificação11 日 前
    • @Gui do Perfil de Verificação oh NVM I just realized who jehovah witnesses are I'm going to pass on that one mate

      GabenisGabenis11 日 前
    • @Gui do Perfil de Verificação idk I'm scared of downloading it

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    • Virus?

      GabenisGabenis11 日 前
  • Who else here in 2021

  • Wow and the US managed to shit the bed worse than anyone

    Buddy HancockBuddy Hancock12 日 前
  • 13:00 the funny thing is that if Trump had been more serious about covid, you would be doing a segment about how he was fear-mongering and being an alarmist. because if he hadn't downplayed it originally, the roles would be completely reversed now. the Trump Supporters would be like "well, i don't like it, but if Trump says we gotta wear these masks as our patriotic duty, then anyone who doesn't wear one is unamerican and probly a commie too!" and the Democrats would be holding anti-mask rallies, claiming that it was an overreach of his authority and Trump was a fascist dictator, saying that masks went against "the science", and calling people bootlickers for wearing one. and don't try to deny it, because i come from an alternate timeline and this is exactly what happened there.

    Unpaid ShillUnpaid Shill12 日 前
  • If people seriously, and i mean SERIOSULY thought, or think; that gargling with bleach will help then i say let them. Their genepool was clearly in need of some disinfectant as it were.

    MalkavianScreamMalkavianScream12 日 前
  • Watching this in 2021 just to hear a crowd laughing.

    IxchelPerezIxchelPerez13 日 前
  • Im from the future. Its January 2021. The virus is alive and well. But America is bored with it so.... basically it will be around for a while.

    Arianne NicoleArianne Nicole13 日 前
  • And People Complain About US Lockdowns. Try Protesting Lockdowns In Wuhan & See What Happens.

    Collin KeyserCollin Keyser13 日 前
  • still going strong in 2021

    Shockx OnlineShockx Online13 日 前
  • ...well say this aged like milk is an insult to milk.

    onequartercanadianonequartercanadian14 日 前
  • It’s 2021 now and it’s still here

    MrHistory808MrHistory80814 日 前
  • 1:13 heh. That’ll be funnier later.

    Pre Leisure RecordsPre Leisure Records15 日 前
  • Currently 2021. Still not over.

    Charles ChoateCharles Choate15 日 前
  • happy 2021, america's been fucked up for a hot minute lmao

    Megan SendatchMegan Sendatch15 日 前
  • i am convinced that april never happened

    IAmSeamonkeyIAmSeamonkey15 日 前
  • I’m literally watching on January first of 2021 Sense this the pandemic go so much worse

  • Watching this at the end of the year with everything that is happening and has happened since, is truly ironic. A public figure that claims he had corona virus, only to emerge 3 days later to say "meh I had it, it wasn't that bad, don't worry everyone"... *Huh I could have sworn I read about that somewhere* The Virus being "under control" and "almost airtight". *nervous laughter* The Virus dying out in April. *dripping sweat* 15 cases going down to 0. *looking at recent death and infection numbers, then collapsing on the floor* It is high time this orange excuse for a human being gets thrown out of the White House, replaced, charged for his crimes and then probably put in a mental asylum.

    NomNom17 日 前
  • Ehhhh this didn’t age well

    Bob SantosBob Santos17 日 前
  • Coronavirus und Bekanntgabe eines Heilungswunders ohne Impfstoff und Medizin. Imam Nasser Mohammed El-Yemeni 24 - Rabi' al-Akhir - 1442 AH 09 - 12 - 2020 AD 09:01 am (Nach der offiziellen Zeit von Mekka-Mutter der Städte) Coronavirus und Bekanntgabe eines Heilungswunders ohne Impfstoff und Medizin. Im Namen Allahs des Gnädigsten, des Barmherzigen. Von Allahs Diener und seinem Nachfolger Nasser Mohammed zu allen Menschen, oh Menschen, ich bin Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed, ich bin nicht nur der Khalifa Allahs über den Jemen, sondern Allahs Khalifa über die ganze Welt , bei Allah, für mich gibt es keinen Unterschied zwischen einem Jemeniten und einem Chinesen. O Entscheidungsträger, Führungskräfte und dessen Völker in allen Ländern, und jeder der die Volljährigkeit erreicht hat, von den Arabern und Nichtarabern, Muslime und Ungläubige , hört und überlegt mal was ich zu euch sagen möchte ,es ist eine wahrheitsgemäße , ernsthafte und ausführliche Fatwa: ich schwöre bei Allah dem Einen, dem Allgewaltigen es gibt keinen Impfstoff und keine Heilmittel für die Strafe Allahs , was in den Brüsten ist - Coronavirus - ausser dass ihr zu Allah wendet und ihn mit dem folgenden Bittgebet ohne jegliche Arroganz gegen den Kalifen Gottes Al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed anfleht : „Unser Herr , wir haben uns selbst Unrecht getan . Und wenn Du uns nicht vergibst und Gnade erweist , werden wir bestimmt zu den Verlierern gehören." dann nach ihre Reue sollte jeder Allah anflehen mit folgendem : „O Allah, ich bin dein Diener ,ich rufe Dich bei Deinem Namen, dass Kein Gott Außer Allah gibt , ich rufe Dich bei deiner Barmherzigkeit die Du dich selbst vorgeschrieben hast, und bei Deiner höchste Glückseligkeit und Deiner Wohlgefallen, die größer ist als die Glückseligkeit deines himmlischen Gartens, dass du mich von deiner Strafe des Coronavirus heilst oder es von mir fernhält, wahrlich ich glaube an den wahren Rufer von Dir, Oh Allah entferne deine Strafe von allen Seiten von uns, sodass wir dem wahren Weg der Wahrheit folgen und mach uns Standhaft damit wir was Dir versprochen haben treu bleiben. O, Allah , der zwischen den Menschen und ihre Herzen tritt, wir vertrauen nur auf Deine Barmherzigkeit die Du bei Dich selbst vorgeschrieben hast ,wenn Du sie uns nicht erweist und uns vergibst gehören wir gewiß zu den Verlierern, oh Allah, du hast in deinem entscheidenden Buch gesagt: (Bittet ihr Mich, so erhöre ich eure Bitte. ) )(Ghafer) 40:60 Oh Allah, von meinerseits ist das Bittgebet und von Deinerseits ist die Antwort. Du brichst nicht Dein Versprechen, erhaben bist Du Dein Versprechen ist doch wahr, Du bist der Barmherzigste aller Barmherzigen. Oh Allah, mache uns standhaft, sodass wir unser Versprechen einhalten können, Allahs globalem Rufer, Khalifa auf Erden , Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed El-Yemeni zu folgen. Oh Allah, sende ihn als Gnade für uns und nicht als Strafe gegen uns, weil wir uns von seinem wahren Ruf (zu Allah) abgewandt haben." Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed El-Yemeni

    عابد رضوان اللهعابد رضوان الله18 日 前
  • Covid-19 Şarkısı ---

    Erman TürkeliErman Türkeli18 日 前
  • Don't be complacent, and don't be a fucking idiot. Words to live by.

    Phoenix EdenPhoenix Eden18 日 前
  • It's now 3.4 death mortality rate

    Liiam MillerLiiam Miller18 日 前
  • Yet do they know

    Justin WojciechowskiJustin Wojciechowski19 日 前
  • Watching this in December, 2020..... oh how naïve we were then.....

    Jodie Lynne DevineJodie Lynne Devine22 日 前
    • and the chinese warned us back in May...........but we laugh at it....

      Desperado ShaoDesperado Shao18 日 前
  • Remember when there was just a few dead

    schwedi-boischwedi-boi24 日 前
  • LOL 😂 🥰🇺🇸

    Priscilla DominicciPriscilla Dominicci25 日 前
  • How naive we were. End of December 2020 323k dead

    Jimbo ThompsonJimbo Thompson25 日 前
  • December 2020. I've caught COVID 3 times due to my mom being a nurse in a local health station here in Brazil. Our president was an absolute idiot throughout the entire year and that lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths and 9 million cases. But at least the vaccines are coming soon.

    PachekoPacheko27 日 前
  • 300,000 deaths later

    My Movie reviewsMy Movie reviews27 日 前
  • Dear Sir/Madam, im raising money for SOS Children's Villages, so that children will have masks and water. Please help. My GoFundMe page:! Thank you very much.

    ryoid 8885ryoid 888527 日 前
  • Spoiler update from Dec 2020: 3,000 deaths per day in the USA... three thousand!

    GSGS27 日 前
  • 250,000 deaths later....

    Alex PurcellAlex Purcell27 日 前
    • 1.7 million is the World.

      Peter LangdalePeter Langdale27 日 前
  • This is aging sooo well!

    guns and kithesguns and kithes27 日 前
  • Geez, what are we going to do about America? What are we going to do about a declining superpower where it's okay to just wander about outside during the worst outbreak of viral pneumonia in a hundred years and then have business travel and tourist travel between that country and the _civilised_ world?! The Canadian-US border is just about the only thing that separates us from their pestilent utopia.

    Andrew MarxAndrew Marx28 日 前
  • A totalitarian and violent Goverment like the Chinese Communist Party is NOT part of the civilized world. I have nothing against the chinese people, but the CCP is barbarian.

    AccountNameAccountName28 日 前
  • Robots will be watching this news segment in US History classes 50 years from now! and will ask "What is a human."

    Robert BruceRobert Bruce28 日 前
  • This feels like a fever dream

    Victor BlazeVictor Blazeヶ月 前
  • I use silver for pressure sores on my ankle I have low blood flow in my leg and it causes the sore to keep from healing silver kills infections

    Steven BoykinSteven Boykinヶ月 前
  • The vaccine came quicker then John oliver does during sex

    CcouchmasterrCcouchmasterrヶ月 前
  • Obsessed with how John says "princess"

    TTヶ月 前
  • Ü oo \__/

    Ducky GuyDucky Guyヶ月 前
  • Me watching this in December 2020...

    Balletomane MBalletomane Mヶ月 前
  • ‘We have contained this, I won’t say air tight but pretty close to air tight’ Honey Sweety No, no you haven’t. Just no

    Erika .SErika .Sヶ月 前
  • I was board one night and watched this and wrote a hand wash song... thanks for the inspiration John Oliver

    Jordan SeitzJordan Seitzヶ月 前
  • "they staged it so they can tell people i got it and it's not serious", hmm, iran or trump...

    刘翔刘翔ヶ月 前
  • i simply cant watch this at all. its too weird and real- we didnt fucking know

    Janie McAllisterJanie McAllisterヶ月 前
  • please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting

    Saniya 666Saniya 666ヶ月 前
  • First death coming just yeaterday oh boy if he knew what is gonna happen.

    Munjal ThakurMunjal Thakurヶ月 前
  • I asked a doctor when they think this virus will end. He said how should I know, I'm a doctor not a politician.

    False PositiveFalse Positiveヶ月 前
  • "Officials tried to silence and punish medical professionals who tried to raise the alarm" Gov't of Folrida: write that down, write that down!

    RakshasaRakshasaヶ月 前
  • I can’t even go and get tested just in case because if my sister’s job finds out that I’m so much as just getting tested for it then she has to inform them and stay home until the test comes back. So unless I get an actual fever or something I could easily become an asymptomatic carrier passing it along to each and every inconsistently masked person coming through our fast food drive through who has to interact with me to buy their food

    Izaya OriharaIzaya Oriharaヶ月 前
    • @M Donnelly where’d she get the test at? I was considering using the Rite Aid one a while back

      Izaya OriharaIzaya Oriharaヶ月 前
    • My wife got tested 3 weeks ago, free one, still not heard the results,

      M DonnellyM Donnellyヶ月 前
  • Hello, December here! Almost 300k deaths with 16.2M cases.

    Christina Z.Christina Z.ヶ月 前
  • laugs in december

    Emil BrodersenEmil Brodersenヶ月 前
  • This video showed up my recommends ... I totally forgot there was a live audience for the show. 😳

    C M RC M Rヶ月 前
  • Watching this in mid december 2020.... somehow the jokes just arent funny anymore :( Also weird to hear a studio audience at all

    Nico's Bad at Video GamesNico's Bad at Video Gamesヶ月 前
  • I was wrong. Back in February when Trump was saying it would be all over in 14 days I said if the USA had 1/10th of the deaths of Italy based on population there would be 200,000 deaths. I got a lot of flack for that saying things like if that happened then there would be rioting in the streets and civil war. Well there was rioting but not because of Covid-19.

    tlpNZtlpNZヶ月 前
  • Jesus...

    Foribus The FoxForibus The Foxヶ月 前
  • It's a little weird for me to see Covid spread this year seeing how back when I was a teenager I had an interest in the Spanish Flu and did quite a bit of research on it.

    JustinJustinヶ月 前
  • みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を51x52262

    Teresa KelleyTeresa Kelleyヶ月 前
  • Here at Christmas with Coronavirus... This video is so cute and innocent. I'm really scared for them, because Spoiler Alert- It gets a while lot worse.

    Jacob HumphreyJacob Humphreyヶ月 前
  • Still feels like March

    4Heed Indeed4Heed Indeedヶ月 前
  • It’s December 7th now. The US death toll is currently 283k+ and rising fast, so we really should have followed China’s lead on forced home arrest.

    Operation FUBAROperation FUBARヶ月 前
  • It's chilling watching this now

    cHaNcEcHaNcEヶ月 前
  • So here is where the Adam Driver bits started 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Rubén Pérez RiveraRubén Pérez Riveraヶ月 前
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    Akhere JohnAkhere Johnヶ月 前
    • Go fuck yourself.

      Blane LightfooteBlane Lightfooteヶ月 前
  • Who would have thought 8 months after this episode aired that 280,000+ Americans would be dead from the virus.. And about a third of Americans still believe it's no worse then the flu and refuse to take even the minimal of precautions like wearing a face mask.

    Dale JonesDale Jonesヶ月 前