Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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With conspiracy theories about coronavirus proliferating, John Oliver discusses why we’re prone to believe, how to distinguish fact from fiction, and what you can do to help others.
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  • I believe her this guys a tit

    Celtic CornerCeltic Corner時間 前
  • conspiracy theories aside, does anybody else's nose run when the mask goes on? For me, it's every time.

    facts about ur mumfacts about ur mum2 時間 前
  • Like I've been killing myself trying to explain to my parents that the shit on Facebook is bullshit. With data and research or even backing by experts should be trusted. Like my mum tagged me in an "article" (a joke to say at the least) with Facebook above facts in this article have been proven false. But she still goes ahead further down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. So hopefully this video helps here catch a grip on and hold things with a grain of salt especially with Facebook even saying it makes me want to puke bullshit like an allergic reaction mix with the world's strongest laxative. John Oliver, you have out it perfectly, and with the additional support great work. Plus the story of Judy if she was arrested over an actual conspiracy theory she would be in Guantanamo Bay and getting water boarder by a psychopath without seeing the light of day her story would be told by a third party in about 5 years' time (God tbf I shouldn't say she deserves it but she does for helping in the discrediting a community of people that aim to help benefit our species intellectual knowledge Brain J. Ford and every flat earther should also be sitting there getting his balls destroyed like 'casino royal' just because if the cigarettes don't give me cancer they have definitely given me brian cancer or damage they are worse than a car accident but on a global scale) not by her in person. Yeah, there is a potential for conspiracy theories even I have my doubts but I wait for the evidence to back them and people need to stop taking information that they are passed by a third-party source so likely. As a member of the scientific community, I see a lot of first-hand stuff and the majority of it is bullshit and even then half of it doesn't cover Facebook bullshit. Like scientists will bullshit for recognition and money to fund their projects further but the majority of articles on the news only read the abstract and for facebook maybe not even the title or just create from the imagination because they are sad losers in their basement. Like asking the public to have patience is like telling me an autistic to be socially normal. Some can do it but 90% are just gonna be fucked up. If you bring up MMR I will Liam Neeson you.

    Rónán McGleenanRónán McGleenan9 時間 前
  • Conspiracy theory: conspiracy theories are made up to crack down on conspiracy theorists

    Evan StuartEvan Stuart11 時間 前
  • These conspiracy theorists are total douche bags.

    Jarrod YeoJarrod Yeo14 時間 前
  • The reason people can believe contradictory theories is because we believe its one, or the other. We just know its NOT what we were told.

    infinitebombdoginfinitebombdog15 時間 前
  • John Oliver used to be somewhat funny. Now he is a plain a$$hole.

    keisreemankeisreeman15 時間 前
  • I had to look up John Cena and John Oliver's birthdays. I thought it was a bit. Both are born on April 23, 1977. They're also barely older than me, which makes me question what I've done with my life.

    Atrum AngelusAtrum Angelus17 時間 前
  • I don't know how I got here but I'm glad I stayed.

    Inevitable RagerInevitable Rager18 時間 前
  • John Cena may just be the one person who can unite us all 😗

    Rebecca hRebecca h21 時間 前
  • All these conspiracies are anti-science and laughable. A large percentage of the population seems to be as thick as mince.

    Gordon BrittasGordon Brittas22 時間 前
  • 1:44 - holy shit ... we have that level of tard in the UK? I’ve stayed ignorant during 2020 simply because I felt like Trump & Boris loving morons were making me stupid. Hopefully, in 2038 or so, when that baby grows up, he or she will be like, “what the f*** were & are you on, momma - crack?” The only 5g I care about is Terence McKenna’s recommended dose 😂

    Xbulelo - Profound PunkXbulelo - Profound Punk日 前
  • Paid programming obviously,have some forethought of your own or eat your crumpets in silence,what a douchebag

    steven cantrellsteven cantrell日 前
  • They still won't believe it. They'll just say those celebs are illuminati puppets. I've tried.

    Paul CurriePaul Currie日 前
  • Around 50% of americans believe in some form of conspiracy theory. How can that be surprising to anyone when around 60% of americans believe that the earth was created some 6000 years ago by a space wizard? Fun fact: The definition of "conspiracy theory" also perfectly describes the word "religion"

    KingQwertzlbrmpfKingQwertzlbrmpf日 前
  • And just like that John Cena is now number 3 on my pass list😥

    mzo zulumzo zulu日 前
  • Whom ever is behind all of these chaos, the spreading of lies and rumors around the world 🌎 God knows. They won't get away with it. IT WILL CATCH UP WITH THEM. They thick they have to power to control the world that they have not created.. We are God's creation, the world and they universe all belong to God. Evil 😈 never wins. They using science and technology not for the good cause to make the world a better place instead they destroying themselves with it. They sold their souls to the deceitful devil who reserves a special place for them in hell.

    Mirak BenMirak Ben日 前
  • Holy shit! I'm about as hetero as it gets and I put John Cena at #3 on my free pass list.

    Scott KriegScott Krieg2 日 前
  • Its funnt gow they care so much for this theories. They just have to mock them every time ☺

    Pei MeiPei Mei2 日 前
  • I’m an English barrister called Killian Garvey (Google me for proof). I’m convinced that John Oliver would make a great barrister based on his ability to communicate and argue

    Killian GarveyKillian Garvey2 日 前
  • The Alex Trebek part broke my heart

    Milky ManMilky Man2 日 前
  • It might take a few hundred Covid deaths of conspiracy theorists to convince them it's real. Saddly, it might be the only way.

    TheSimCaptainTheSimCaptain2 日 前
  • What I would do if I were a member of staff, would be to film the patients and then keep the camera running continuously to the point where I film the conspiracy theorist and hand the footage to him, so there could no doctoring of the video.

    TheSimCaptainTheSimCaptain2 日 前
  • The unaccountable oyster additionaly spill because lobster theoretically complete aside a aberrant reason. polite, warm feast

    shoup lucishoup luci2 日 前
    • this comment is gonna haunt me and im gonna love it

      sambi bambisambi bambi2 日 前
  • The real conspiracy is MSM outlets like John Oliver and HBO , have to downplay conspiracies.

    macho 1111macho 11113 日 前
  • John’s hair went grey so fast

    JaneJane3 日 前
  • My in-laws, my husband and my colleagues are hardcore conspiracy theorists. Sometimes i feel like I'm living in Marvel's world whenever i spend more two hours constantly with them.

    Shalini Tiwari's cornerShalini Tiwari's corner3 日 前
  • Normalcy theorist: "There are no conspiracies. If there were, people would blow the whistle and provide hard evidence". Whistleblowers: "We have hard evidence" Normalcy theorist: "Don't be ridiculous, your words and evidence are clearly false- if there were a conspiracy there would be whistleblowers and hard evidence! Now shut your face, conspiracy nut."

    Sam HoughtonSam Houghton3 日 前
    • in other words, never quit ur bullsh*t, these are gold. give these idiots a platform. let the loons sing. tragedy becomes art

      sambi bambisambi bambi2 日 前
    • gotta give it to ya, "normalcy theorist" would make an awesome title for a punk rock album

      sambi bambisambi bambi2 日 前
    • Ahh the delusion in this comment is astounding.

      Meme MemeMeme Meme2 日 前
  • I’ll miss you Alex.

    Ian HiltzIan Hiltz3 日 前
  • great messages but the John Cena one just distracted me 🤤

    AmatM NAmatM N3 日 前
  • Tel-A-Vision (Because it Tells a false reality- a Vision) Movie (it moves you emotionally- All good spells need emotion) Cast, casting (something cast-like a spell) Program (to program your mind) THE definition of magic, as used in this book, is: "The change in situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would, using normally accepted methods, be unchangable."^

    Lilos friends REALLY Need to be punishedLilos friends REALLY Need to be punished3 日 前
  • My personal Conspiracy theory is Jon Oliver is secretly Jon Stewart in a Full Body Costume.

    AvatarAvatar3 日 前
  • Be honest jhon you're not wearing any pants under the table. That's the only theorie I'm concerned about #JohnDoesntWearPants

    Alfred PerssonAlfred Persson3 日 前
  • You dont have to pay anyone to keep quiet if you kill them john.

    Mark DragonriderMark Dragonrider3 日 前
  • Dipsh!t45i*(×2) talked in code to start a literal insurrection, which 45i*(x2) probably can't even spell, because my measly 120 IQ from the 4th grade has been burned out but the 9th grade pot smoking. As so much I depend on this damn autocorrect! 😂😂😂😏😥 We really just about lost democracy in like 1 day. 1 DAY! I'M SURE THERE WAS MORE PLANNING AND THE POOR STEWARDESSES DESERVE HAZARD PAY NOW! George Carlin taught me how to critically think, speaking of people who have passed away in the past year. John Cena is not as hot as John Oliver because John Cena doesn't have as much critical thinking. Just saying Glass Animals and Leslie's twitter account has gotten me though 2020, also why does everyone have an orchid in their zoom background, a conspiracy theory for the ages, and should be a drinking game every time we see one. #OrchidsGetMeDrunkZoomBackgroundsGame #ZoomBackgroundsAreVeryHypnotic #Its420somewhereAZGreatJob!

    Switch Back ImageSwitch Back Image3 日 前
  • John Cena tops my list, personally

    Master NPMaster NP4 日 前
  • Rip my man Alex trebek

    Paul DinoPaul Dino4 日 前
  • Corona is bad. Also, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself

    Redstone RecordsRedstone Records4 日 前
  • Man these type of people have an IQ of a brick *sigh*

    edrick ravewottedrick ravewott4 日 前
  • Six months later, the conspiracies caught the Capitol on fire

    Greg SmithGreg Smith4 日 前
  • I can't believe people lining up to get an experimental vaccine when every doctor knows HCQ and Zinc stops the virus within 5 days. Shocking how dumb people have become.

    Kevin CampbellKevin Campbell4 日 前
  • This is where the dumbest people on Earth get their news, they literally show you how shallow and smug you are and it goes over your head, wtf

    Blu DevilBlu Devil4 日 前
  • Cena isnt on my list. But dang he pretty

    Angel DarkAngel Dark4 日 前
  • People in the comments need to wake up. Anything contradicting a one-sided, biased, compromised narrative is labelled "a conspiracy theory" Look into the creation of the Federal Reserve, and you will see that Trump and other politicians have very little influence over what happens in the world

    NDTPNDTP5 日 前
  • John Cena passively undressing is fucking hillarious

    Dylan VickersDylan Vickers5 日 前
  • Warning the People on JPworlds would everyone needs to let Jesus detox / reprogram what satan has control of us in our lives. Everyone will be in darkness and Antichrists headed to hell until we surrender to the Holy Spirit

    Sasha BowmanSasha Bowman5 日 前
  • The enlightenment sought to create a society with an objective truth based around science and the govt. This has been challenged heavily over the last 20 years in the US. To the point where the republicans don’t accept Supreme Court decisions. The US govt was made to embody the enlightenment and if the people stop following the enlightenment they’ll stop following the govt.

    Elly HarderElly Harder5 日 前
  • Well... there are serious indicators that JFK got shot by more than one person and that is actually what you call a conspiracy... Would be nice if you'd take a closer look at this case and make a episode about it. Should be really interesting

    CmonElastico PaCmonElastico Pa5 日 前
  • They always try to tell u that every conspiracy theorist believes the earth is flat in a poor attempt to make u think conspiracy theorist r all completely retarded and they r stupid enough to think that most people believe them

    bob saggotbob saggot5 日 前
  • Q is the subliminable confluence of Dueger-Krunning and Psychiatric Delusions.

    KhanneaKhannea5 日 前
  • We need a link to that cat video! 🎹🐈

    Sam GrundmanSam Grundman5 日 前
  • Conspiracy is useless. Stand back & take a look. Check if the foundations are split or not.

    David PughDavid Pugh6 日 前
  • Attention hypochondriac! Nearly every Covid mask being worn by civilians during the “pandemic” has holes that are 3 to 5 microns large, where the Covid virus is less than 2 microns in size, which is like throwing a tennis ball through a basketball hoop. Can you mumble “worthless” behind your mask without coughing? Don’t touch it! You’ll contaminate it instantly 🤣

  • Ive seen John Cena topless multiple times.... because i watch wrestling but this time felt a little weird

    ID:N/AID:N/A6 日 前
  • Here's one for you! What is one thing that we need right now and comes from China? Masks! What better way to get us the u.s.a to start spending millions of dollars on PPE? While trump trumped China's multimillion dollar operation to become global leader they needed a new way to sell us shit! Now that there barriers and wall is gone will we still have a virus? Idk but if you wanna throw conspiracies around there yo uh go

    Andrew ValdozAndrew Valdoz6 日 前
  • John, did you really think celebs telling people what to do would help the conspiricy problem😂

    delphiproductionsdelphiproductions6 日 前
  • “It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.”

    Anthony McMahonAnthony McMahon6 日 前
    • A lie can run around the world, before the truth has its boots on.

      blackcountrymeblackcountryme日 前
    • I think this is the phrase of the decade

      Sam HoughtonSam Houghton3 日 前

    Will UnderdownWill Underdown6 日 前
  • Woow look at this entire show trying to change ppls views ppl cn think watever they fucking want why are government Nd HBO forcing ppl to feel and think a certain

    Herschelle BentingHerschelle Benting7 日 前
  • This guy is isn't funny at all. He's just sarcastic in cheap way.

    Lazzar LLazzar L7 日 前
  • It would’ve been nice that instead of mocking these misguided people we listened to them. I can’t help but think that this behavior is in part because people were simultaneously processing a pandemic with losing their livelihoods homes and any hope for a future. But yeah. What a bunch of poor dumb idiots amirite

    James ReeseJames Reese7 日 前
    • @Mandy H exactly. It’s not like they’re bad people, they believe they’re taking down pedophiles and restoring the constitution. Sure they may be severely misguided and believe they have more effect than they do. But bad people don’t try to save kids, I just don’t believe they’re evil or deserving of contemptuous sneering.

      James ReeseJames Reese4 日 前
    • I absolutely agree that we need empathy. Enough fear can make normally sane, stable people believe anything. There was a time that I suffered from severe panic disorder and believed I was about to die every time I had a panic attack---and NO calming reassurance or scientific knowledge could convince me otherwise. I thought there had to be a legitimate REASON why I was so afraid, something major HAD to be causing the fear, therefore I definitely must be dying. I think conspiracy theories must be similar to that. People are terrified, and that terror needs an explanation, no matter how far-fetched it is. It's only after gaining a thorough knowledge of how anxiety disorders affect the brain, along with support from friends and family, that I am in control of my anxiety and live in reality once more. So I do think there's hope for conspiracy theorists with support and education.

      Mandy HMandy H5 日 前
  • My friends father said it was a hoax and said people shouldn’t wear masks and it was all bullshit. He died from covid two weeks ago and so did his elderly father. Nobody should ever say these conspiracy theories are harmless.

    Robert ScannellRobert Scannell7 日 前
  • Conspiracy theory is Conspirator's favorite weapon.

    StrayStray7 日 前
  • No shame

    Said OuarariSaid Ouarari7 日 前

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav7 日 前
  • Do not take the vaccine Do not kneel to the government Do not wear masks Do see your family Do love not fear.

    I Know who you areI Know who you are7 日 前
  • to paraphrase Mark Twain, if you always tell the truth, then you don't need to remember what you said

    Tom MorgantiTom Morganti7 日 前
  • The biggest conspiracy of all time is "you cannot live without money, so work in the idol factories to get some now". Jesus said work for God, love instead of money and He will provide for you. Matthew 6, this way you can breakthrough the system and become really free Jesus also said nobody is a Christian unless they forsake all, everyone and their lives for Jesus, so the churches and religions do not classify as real Christians at all. Luke 9, 11, 12, 14, 18 In the future there will be a mark to the right hand or forehead as the only way to use money, and that is the Mark of the Beast. Anyone who takes it will go to the lake of fire to suffer God's unmitigated Wrath eternally. Revelation 13 and 14..... Does the USA resemble the Babylon in Revelation 17 and 18????

    The name isThe name is7 日 前
    • That's kinda cringe ngl

      RintjeRintje6 日 前
  • Keep drinking coke and eating McDonalds, lets see what will happen to you in couple of decades 😂

    Елизавета ЩигирёваЕлизавета Щигирёва7 日 前
  • RIP Alex....he really did look handsome in that video. He hid his illness well and he was a true warrior.

    Suzanne SherrodSuzanne Sherrod8 日 前
  • As an entertainment retailer, we have often been presented with conspiracy theories by some customers. Sometimes it’s humorous, and sometimes it’s downright frightening what some people will accept as truth. Perhaps those few have delved a bit too deeply into, and too often indulged, their wild FANtasies. 🤔

    The Comics ClubThe Comics Club8 日 前
    • What is an entertainment retailer?

      Kathryn MyrickKathryn Myrick3 日 前
  • RIP Alex

    M DonnellyM Donnelly8 日 前
  • 'The Desk' in the Economic Drivers: 'Happy birthday, Nicky' -Conrad van Orton, 'The Game' Why do people strive for the middle-class and marriage so they can just do dishes their whole lives? They buy meaningless stuff, they live off of informational trickle, they live for retirement because their life has no meaning. This world is about understanding the truth. It's frustrating to see so many imbeciles who barely cracked the surface. That is the most shallow and reprehensible cop-out to life I've ever heard. They try to fulfill socially determinative lack with events like teenagers and only understand bland forward mobility. They become mid-life crisis. There is no such handshake that imparts success and success is a philosophical argument that favors other recipes. Personally, I glad about a dwindling Kafkaesque dilemma in America and the middle-class is the biggest chunk of it. There has to be something more inside people or they'll be headed for a nervous breakdown or worse. I don't like the economy feeding off of mindless sheep. It's creepy! Take your lives and run! You're that creepy person we strive to create in graphic design. In essence, politics created the 40 hour work week and graphic design inflamed the situation by provoking excessive spending as though it were normal. There is an insanity in careers, PHD programs, and credit lending but it supports big business to make quick profit. Listen to the ad-man, listen to the ad-man. Oh, and 'give me the elixir.' The truth is that we create a dream because of various progresses. That doesn't mean you have to buy in to it. It's the same where they sell you a house as a wise investment. There is an illusion that money grows on trees, my friend, and when everyone buys in to that we begin having issues. Conspiracy? I think not. Social Neuroscience was the biggest hidden investment party since CERN. Subliminal marketing is rarely understood by the public, and computers now have machine learning software. These techniques cost millions.

    Four Books UnknownFour Books Unknown8 日 前
  • Or what about the Thalidomide, or the Montreal Experiments, or the Tuskegee Experiments, or the Holmesburg Program, or DuPont covering up years of dumping what they new to be a toxic and deadly chemical PFOA, commonly known as Teflon, into the Ohio River? If you are going to talk about WHY there is fear, panic and mistrust in the news and within society you can't treat us like ill-informed dumb-dumbs that just fell for click bate articles. There is a reason for conspiracy and I'm left disappointed in your coverage.

    xmaniack2xmaniack28 日 前
  • but are you sure the death numbers are not being exaggerated? i mean i live in germany and here they definitely are. to be clear before im getting flamed, i follow the rules, i wear a mask and i do social distancing for personal reasons (i love it tbh) and ofcourse i believe corona exists and im taking care cause my parents old and if they get a strong cold they might die, so im really taking care, BUT shouldnt all the capitol raiders die if everything about rona is true? i believe its dangerous but not to that degreeee

    ZAToM teh GozuZAToM teh Gozu8 日 前
  • Wait, wait, wait hold on Jon, let's not throw the British conspiracy baby out with the bath water. The fact that the government DID lie and engaged in a cover up damaged their credibility and opened up the possibility for conspiracy to grow. "In a once-classified internal report that became public in 2014, the spy agency’s in-house historian acknowledged that the CIA had engaged in a “cover-up” (albeit a “benign cover-up”, he insisted) to hide evidence from the Warren commission and later government investigations." Philip Shenon, The Guardian 26/10/2017 Also, though less wide spread you're not going to tell me no one on your staff has ever heard of the conspiracy around John Hinkley Jr. and the Bush family connection? Rob Brotherton's claim here is actively untrue. If we are to discuss conspiracy lets at least discuss it, not gloss over it and let Academic psychologists rewrite the facts. True or not true this conspiracy is out there, dismissing it makes your argument of conspiracy dismissive. As you move on to news reports on Science and continue to be dismissive. Let's talk about When in 1926 the the government required that the industrial manufacturers of alcohol add a lot of poisonous chemicals into their alcohol knowing that it would kill people who drank it. According to my source Deborah Blum, not a Psychologist but the Pulitzer Prize-Winning science journalist and author. Or what about the Thalidomide, or the Montreal Experiments, or the Tuskegee Experiments, or the Holmesburg Program, or DuPont covering up years of dumping what they new to be a toxic and deadly chemical PFOA, commonly known as Teflon, into the Ohio River? If you are going to talk about WHY there is fear, panic and mistrust in the news and within society you can't treat us like ill-informed dumb-dumbs that just fell for click bate articles. There is a reason for conspiracy and I'm left disappointed in your coverage.

    xmaniack2xmaniack28 日 前
  • Theres also the conspiracy theory that Johm Oliver runs illegal shops that make counterfeit condoms..called "Spartans" which fail at the l last moment in a spectacular last stand

    Solo SkipperSolo Skipper8 日 前
  • John Cena for President 2024!

    Landon MasseyLandon Massey8 日 前
  • I just searched flat earth 🌎 on JPworlds want to see their expertise

    Actual TrumpActual Trump8 日 前
  • I love that John Cena is not only aware that he's a meme, but also that he embraces that fact

    Nicholas ZiembaNicholas Ziemba8 日 前
    • @Sgt Baker Oh I'm well aware! The dude has been a huge Make-A-Wish contributor and has given the most wishes (over 650!)

      Nicholas ZiembaNicholas Ziemba6 日 前
    • He's a wonderful person in real life.

      Sgt BakerSgt Baker7 日 前
  • 5G tower amount MAP vs COVID numbers follow each other nicely. Not related to population numbers in countries. You have not given any scientific evidence that 5G do not increase the risk. Just saying the same crap as ...o wait...'trusted' news sources.

    Wick van SchalkwykWick van Schalkwyk8 日 前
    • @Hype_Domi buddy I work with this kind of tech and have a very good understanding of science. Keep to the subject if you are educated and leave politics to politicians. Here, go educated yourself That is what the reverse of 5G do to human bodies.

      Wick van SchalkwykWick van Schalkwyk8 日 前
    • "You have not given any scientific evidence that 5G do not increase the risk" clearly you don't know how science works, also correlation does not mean causation. a lot of idiots are trump supporters, does that mean that being a trump supporter makes you an idiot? no, but numbers follow each other nicely, right?!

      Hype_DomiHype_Domi8 日 前
  • As a hotel clerk I had that same conversation 3 or 4 times. Even though it wasn’t the same brand of hotel.

    Cerberus9 GatesCerberus9 Gates9 日 前
  • It blows my mind that conspiracy theorists spent years telling people there was gonna be a pandemic and when it finally comes they're like "nah this ain't it"

    Steezus ChristSteezus Christ9 日 前
    • Actually the scientific community have been saying for decades not 'if' there will be another but 'when' there will be another.. Conspiracy jerks only took that to mean it will be a deliberate action by an 'unseen' cabal of elites who are, apparently, so stupid in the planning & security of it that the dumbest people on the WWW 'discovered' it ! 😒

      Sean HoareSean Hoare2 日 前
  • John Oliver is just another paid mouthpiece from the propaganda machine of mainstream media owned by corporations who own government. You are being lied to on all levels from media and government.

    glen gilbowglen gilbow9 日 前
  • PolitiFact is funded by the Poynter Institute. The Poynter Institute is funded by ... Facebook(Zuckerberg), Charles Koch Foundation (yeah, those Koch's), Open Society Foundations(George Soros) etc etc ... basically a bunch of billionaires you've heard of and some you have not

    Wolfgang Von ZubazWolfgang Von Zubaz9 日 前
  • I cant wait til ur back after this last week.

    ashley laughterashley laughter9 日 前
  • Are most people toxic and programed?

    Wake UpWake Up9 日 前
  • My question to conspiracy believers is always: "How do you know that your favorite conspiracy, isn't part of a another conspiracy to trick you?"

    resistance is futileresistance is futile9 日 前
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      Hanson WHanson W9 日 前
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      jones jackjones jack9 日 前
  • It's a disgrace that some other qualified people feel they can express non-mainstream opinions on this pandemic... Surely we need to leave all major global medical decisions to the experts of PC operating systems?

    Derek JamesonDerek Jameson9 日 前
  • Tge beach helps me heal my allergies tho thanks to the salt water hahaha

    DaveC2B3DaveC2B39 日 前
  • covid came from 5g

    • ........ How? One is a radio frequency, and the other is a self assembled nano particle that has a long and ancient lineage with the human race.

      Seth BrittonSeth Britton9 日 前
  • Nothing was ever debunked though lmao.

    dhhd sjjcdhhd sjjc9 日 前
  • this video is always so bizarre for me to see cause the hospital in that clip is the one i go to

    Becquerel BBecquerel B10 日 前
  • i wrote conspiracy and this pups up .. thanks youtupe im happy to see we still have good brains out there

    S S D DS S D D10 日 前
  • The future

    Camilo CardenasCamilo Cardenas10 日 前
  • The voracious offence assembly love because yugoslavian simplistically unlock pace a uncovered asphalt. elated, fragile gas

    Lucille CookLucille Cook10 日 前
  • This show just a youtube review channel now? Lol without the laugh track it really falls flat.

    theofficialmascottheofficialmascot10 日 前
  • But this is on the internet... does that mean I shouldn't trust this logical breakdown of why covid conspiracies are fake? I'm so confused... no not really I"m not an idiot I know the covid shit is insane.

    Paranormal EncyclopediaParanormal Encyclopedia10 日 前
  • I know this was recorded during COVID-19 restrictions/shutdowns, but I can't help being distracted by John's hair. He looks like this pic of Mr. Rogers:

    janiefkjaniefk10 日 前