China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the human rights abuses the Uighur people are facing at the hands of the Chinese government, and why those atrocities are worth our undivided attention.
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  • China uses its money in infrastructure . US uses its money on Wars & refugees creation ( mostly Muslim ? ) ....... Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Iraq , Afghanistan .... Too many warmongers in US . Is US trying to create Uyghurs Muslim refugees in Xinjiang / China ?

    barrych makbarrych mak6 分 前
  • We all know what products not to buy, that it the only way to actually not support this, sending them money you better say you support it, don't lie to yourself and others.

    BrianBrian3 時間 前
  • John Oliver makes good points but also shows himself to be a socialist hack.

    Louis AngelucciLouis Angelucci4 時間 前
  • this guy is funny

    youuf ismilyouuf ismil6 時間 前
  • Shock of yellow hair? No John that’s a SSJ 3 wig. I mean come on do some homework lol

    Jake StummJake Stumm8 時間 前
  • Also the plot of the anime Phychopass.

    lwajeeh gaminglwajeeh gaming8 時間 前
  • Thank you for this video.

    N DN D14 時間 前
  • Xi Jing Ping = Emperor Yang of Sui

    Singing BirdSinging Bird15 時間 前
  • poverty is not justice, lack of education is not justice, forcing women to be baby-making machine is not justice, under-development and lack of opportunity is not justice. The CCP is changing that, while this stupid descendent of British colonialists who cannot recognise his own privilege is talking nonsense on mainstream western media. The arrogance and the hypocrisy are really eye-opening.

    R HR H15 時間 前
  • what a bunch of hypocrites.

    R HR H15 時間 前
  • lol, westerners are making fairytales about remote ethic minorities without knowing who they are and what they are facing in their daily life. What's even worse, they are idealising religion and fundamentalist religious movement when themselves are the ones who openly against it. They probably do not know their soldiers are sent to the middle east to fight the Uighurs who are radicalised to fight for ISIS and other terrorists groups. What a bunch of hypocrites and idiots.

    R HR H15 時間 前
  • Just more CIA, military industrial complex, "WMD" propaganda. Uyghur population in China has more than doubled in recent decades. Every meaningful metric of human wellbeing on a dramatic rise, tourism to Xinjiang at an all time high and terrorism, THAT AMERICA FUNDED, has been reduced to 0, thus the neoliberal salt and relentless (and effective) demonization. They'd never call the FAR WORSE French camps "concentration camps" because France is white. GET WOKE!

    J JJ J17 時間 前
  • No Muslim country should do business with China. 💯💯💯

    Michael RobertsonMichael Robertson18 時間 前
    • lol, maybe to your surprise: almost all Islamic countries support China's policy in Xinjiang, while the ones who are against it are basically the anti-China western countries. Oh, how stupid it is, the countries who have been killing people in the middle east for years suddenly began to care about the Muslim. Westerners are just a bunch of hypocrites. They don't care about the Muslim, the only agenda on the table is that they hate China, and they will not give up any opportunities to make China look bad.

      R HR H15 時間 前
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    Amanda WelchAmanda Welch20 時間 前
  • Apparently the people flagged by the system are called "Push notification people".

    John ForbesJohn Forbes22 時間 前

    Rick ShiRick Shi日 前
  • Yeah, they are forced to work and if they don't work they don't get pay, how evil is that?

    Mak Hon KongMak Hon Kong日 前
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    Lurlene ParkersonLurlene Parkerson日 前
  • I'm totally in favor of religion dying out, but it can't be forced. It must be a natural cultural development.

    KingQwertzlbrmpfKingQwertzlbrmpf日 前
  • ☞The West neither cares nor likes the Chinese and the Muslim . But they care a lot about the Chinese living in HongKong China and the Muslim in XinJiang China.

    Amos XuAmos Xu2 日 前
  • We Chinese want to live the same life as Americans,But the U.S. government wants China's people to have democracy like the Iraqi people.

    Amos XuAmos Xu2 日 前
  • Oliver is officially fake news.

    Chen GuoChen Guo2 日 前
    • This whole fake outrage was created on word of mouth of eight people, and a deliberate attempt to sow conflicts by an end-of-world cultist. I remember very well when the "news" broke two years ago, the Fox News message board were full of people cheering it on since no one gave a crap about Muslims. Then the MSM corrected the masses and now everyone is so woke about it.

      Chen GuoChen Guo12 時間 前
  • The chinese communist party needs eliminating. All those western companies that knew and turned a blind eye need to be held accountable for their contributions to slavery.

    Merky BeamMerky Beam2 日 前
  • Sounds familiar... this can't be like the re education thenliberals want for maga supporters...nah...

    Sora KanzokuSora Kanzoku2 日 前
  • The Red Indians in USA were almost decimated while the Uighur population is growing strongly. Fact check.

    lawrence lokelawrence loke2 日 前
  • Although china is our enemy they are smart enough not to allow their nation's bloodline to be polluted.

    RhodesianSAS1994RhodesianSAS19942 日 前

    Gelin LuoGelin Luo3 日 前

    Gelin LuoGelin Luo3 日 前
  • Thank you for sharing.

    SamSam3 日 前
  • same process has started in KASHMIR. india just started settling colonizers in our kashmir please @lastweektonight research about Kashmir and speak about us (Kashmiri's)

    Awais MirAwais Mir3 日 前
  • Commenting for the algorithm

    blue sageblue sage3 日 前
  • 你说那些劳工进工厂时那些人为啥还列队欢迎和鼓掌呢?

    zmhd1987zmhd19873 日 前
  • Fake news

    zmhd1987zmhd19873 日 前
  • Not a fucking word in the media these days, looks like everyone accepts genocide if it doesn't concern them.

    Janne NieminenJanne Nieminen3 日 前
  • Just because someone is capable of murdering someone, doesn't mean that he/she will....

    R CharanR Charan3 日 前
  • 8.5 million views, 5 months later and nothing has been done

    Moe AMoe A4 日 前
    • Because it is fake and totally western propaganda.

      yao zhaoyao zhao日 前
  • China a member of the UN is currently commiting genocide.... Let that sink in.

    Jacob FuruhaugJacob Furuhaug4 日 前
  • There can be NO freedom of RELIGION with RELIGION! Keep your beliefs to yourself and private. Dont inflict your beliefs into society. Remember that they may not believe the same and imagine if they inflict their beliefs into laws you have to follow. Religion is the base of all mayor global problems.

    xtscarface Mxtscarface M4 日 前
  • The way CCP is treating Muslims in China is the goal of how the US Democratic party wants to treat Christians in the US.

    philsipadphilsipad4 日 前
  • Maybe you should do one about native American genocide japanese internment camps slavery

    moses 1997moses 19974 日 前
  • i have a weird feeling that history is gonna repeat itself and fr now china is the new soviet union

    glued sapianglued sapian4 日 前
  • Here comes propaganda to go to war with China.

    Travis MooreTravis Moore5 日 前
  • After reading 1984 and watching Psycho-Pass; I can't believe that it's actually happening real-time in today's world

    yeet meatyeet meat5 日 前
  • the response for every comments around here will receive social points awarded by the CCP.

    Marlo York RodriguezMarlo York Rodriguez5 日 前
  • China best 😷😷

    U GamerU Gamer5 日 前
  • Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue but can you cut down on the F word and the bad language. I can’t share it because the cursing. I can’t that you are upset about the issue.

    Ahlaam OmarAhlaam Omar5 日 前
  • China is NOT secular, Secularism means to protect anyone's faith and not the bring to faith into politics. China is Maoist cult, Maoism is extremely violent form of ideology often being followed like a religion. Uyghurs are one of the most peaceful community on the planet. They have been victims of China sponsored islamic and maoist terrorism. China is the number ally of Islamic terrorist organisations including pakistan, saudi arabia, al shaabab, boko haram, taliban and hezbollah

    Anti TerrorismAnti Terrorism5 日 前
  • Uyghurs are one of the most peaceful community on the planet. They have been victims of China sponsored islamic and maoist terrorism. China is the number ally of Islamic terrorist organisations including pakistan, saudi arabia, al shaabab, boko haram, taliban and hezbollah

    Anti TerrorismAnti Terrorism5 日 前
  • And CNN trying to call Trump a dictator saying he is a dictator while not reporting about the Chinese concentration camps, uhhh yikes, THAT why no one trusts you CNN

    Homeless LukeskywalkerHomeless Lukeskywalker5 日 前
  • This is pure genocide!

    ShpaolinMusicShpaolinMusic6 日 前
  • Wow. Its almost like modern America has forgotten what a communist government actually is. Well you do prop up the chinese communist party by allowing your companies to invest in China because capitalism. Good one.

    Insomniac TomInsomniac Tom6 日 前
  • all Chinese dickeiiders with the 11k dislikes..

    Mathew JamatiaMathew Jamatia6 日 前
  • ok but after all of this, where are the links to start petitioning and emailing and TAKING ACTION? we're aware thanks to this video and others, but now it's time to actually DO something.

    NewOldObsessionNewOldObsession6 日 前
  • Why is everyone hating on the Chinese? That’s very racist and anti Semitic

    Alibi HabibiAlibi Habibi6 日 前
  • Can we do something about this since trump's gone and the western world can do something besides love trump or hate him.

    Phillip SherbrookPhillip Sherbrook6 日 前
  • The roasted caravan coincidently cause because question outstandingly pinch barring a xenophobic mole. political, puzzled iris

    tito hotrodtito hotrod6 日 前
  • "some people, before they commit murder, already show they are capable of it. Should we wait for them to commit a crime or prevent it from happening" PRACTICALLY ALL OF HUMANITY IS "CAPABLE OF MURDER" YOU NERDFACED DOORKNOB

    George TsirosGeorge Tsiros6 日 前
  • China is doing nothing wrong.

    Shivam ChatterjeeShivam Chatterjee7 日 前
    • It's doing everything wrong.

      SonderkraftfahrzeugSonderkraftfahrzeug6 日 前
  • DO A PART 2!

    Jordan WongJordan Wong7 日 前
  • Let’s remember America’s prison system allows for corporations to use prison labor

    Pierre MLGPierre MLG7 日 前
  • When talking about "reeducation" we need only look at our own country. Erasure of slavery from k thru 12 education, native Americans being sent away to conditional schools and being rounded up to be adopted by white families, to our TV programs about "idealic" American life (mind you many foreign countries view them and people think this is a great place until they get here and reality sets in). I learned not until adulthood that Hitler and his leaders learned from American books how to round up Jews into Ghettos and poison opinions about them among other things before the war even got started. China seems to have more recent advant reeducation programs. Where did their idea to start this come from and the use of technology to help their cause? It is a slippery slope we live on. Be careful

    Mo BobMo Bob7 日 前
  • China is worse then the nazis ever were

    Chairman MeowChairman Meow7 日 前
  • political correct is so ...,i don't like it,and i don't like religion,people should believe in science ,not god,people who believe in god must get educated

    hi hihi hi7 日 前
  • The Uighur letters debacle was just another humiliation for the US. UN received letter criticising China's alleged treatment of the Uighurs with only get 22 signatory countries. China decided to send UN letter praising it's treatment and they had 37 signatories. When the US tried to get countries to choose they chose China.

    Kulin nationKulin nation7 日 前
  • Its sad and unfortunate but how else are you going to combat a dangerous Islamic ideology that has no empathy...People need to understand a simple reality, radical Islamist will blow up a school filled with children, with no remorse. So, I don't blame china's course of action or methods. Any one who disagrees, I encourage them to come visit my home country Somali and see how Islamic extremist operate. Complete destabilisation of a country.

    Rakim AliRakim Ali7 日 前
    • @Wikipedia - I understand and agree with what your saying bud, but how are we suppose deal with radical fundamentalist groups who embed and hide themselves inside the larger population. Its close to impossible....the whole country is literally experiencing hostage situation.

      Rakim AliRakim Ali7 日 前
    • Bro, That's Really Unfair! Islamic Terrorism Is NOT Race Or Religion, its a separate ideology. Trust Me, Most Muslims I know Don't Support Islamic Terrorism. Don't be PREJUDICE!

      WikipediaWikipedia7 日 前
  • The left is a Chinese sellout.

    Geralt of RiviaGeralt of Rivia8 日 前
  • Why would a forced abortion be horrific? It's just a clump of cells right? Like a tumor, or a parasite....

    Cody VCody V8 日 前
    • What is wrong with you?

      Julian rJulian r7 日 前
  • Boycott volkswagen and Nike.

    TemmyWaveTemmyWave8 日 前
  • Btw, they have a very beautiful musical culture. I've just realized that our bassist of The Diplomat / Wai Xiao Band when in Taiwan has Turkish father and Shin Xiang mother. Lost contact with the band, so can not ask him on this.

    Paul S WangPaul S Wang8 日 前
  • who the hell disliked that

    • So you people like propaganda?

      yao zhaoyao zhao日 前
    • It's fucking fake news. Why not disliked that.

      yao zhaoyao zhao日 前
    • Tankies

      Henery McGregorHenery McGregor7 日 前
  • If the millions of people they are imprisoning were so dangerous, why weren't these millions of people committing crimes and terrorism before they created that authoritarian police state which is when they would have had the opportunity to do so

    CasperianCasperian9 日 前
  • Sadly, when this comes to America, half of the population will cheer it on thinking they are imprisoning "domestic terrorists" when in reality, these "terrorists" will be nothing more than conservatives who believe in the Constitution. It's already being ramped up

    CasperianCasperian9 日 前
  • I'm surprised Mr Oliver didn't praise China for its genocidal campaign.

    ShredwardWizardhandsShredwardWizardhands9 日 前
    • @Julian r because people think if you side with the certain political ideology that means you believe everything they say

      DSS SinghDSS Singh6 日 前
    • Why would he?

      Julian rJulian r7 日 前
  • Don't wear masks folks. You're supporting slavery.

    ShredwardWizardhandsShredwardWizardhands9 日 前
    • Just get masks made in India or France or Singapore Wear masks just don't get them from China...

      SonderkraftfahrzeugSonderkraftfahrzeug6 日 前

    Seljuk EmpireSeljuk Empire9 日 前
  • You still owe as an episode about Eyelashes. lol

    Inro LavilInro Lavil9 日 前
  • Uncle Roger and Mikey Chen brought me here

    Nocchi ZNocchi Z9 日 前
    • @AZ N He probably pretends this doesn't happen because he doesn't want drama.

      Julian rJulian r7 日 前
    • brilliant

      kudi mkudi m7 日 前
    • Where did uncle roger mention this. can you give me a link?

      AZ NAZ N9 日 前
  • So this is what militant atheism looks like

    Patoren 3gouPatoren 3gou10 日 前
  • #JusticeForZaraKay #JusticeForZara #StandUpForZaraKay

    Aidan BensonAidan Benson10 日 前
  • @/justiceforzarakay @/justiceforzara @/standupforzarakay

    Aidan BensonAidan Benson10 日 前
  • BTW, there have been reports of forced sterilisation, making it officially a genocide. But i'm sure there will be no problem with an economically powerful authoritarian regime committing mass genocide as that has never happened before...

    Daniel MasonDaniel Mason10 日 前
  • It's not your business

    宋昊伦宋昊伦10 日 前
    • Why not?

      Marek VincíbrMarek Vincíbr4 日 前
  • He is not an ordinary man. A man of great conscience.

    Wasey Hasan KhanWasey Hasan Khan10 日 前
  • Need to ask, where do these clips and images come from ?

    James MJames M11 日 前
    • All the clips are watermarked with their sources.

      Jay ThomasJay Thomas2 日 前
  • Their country is NOT part of #china they invaded like tibet xinjiang is east turkistan i believe(the name isnt very common because china doesnt allow the name used in media)

    anonymous anonymousanonymous anonymous11 日 前
  • 1:23 This makes Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union look more accepting than their Chinese counterparts

    athausand dollahsathausand dollahs11 日 前
  • Thanks China for made me racist

    Modu ShanyuModu Shanyu12 日 前
  • Free Uyghur

    Modu ShanyuModu Shanyu12 日 前
  • 1:57 It isn't based on religion, it's on the bases of rebellious Uyghurs in Xinjiang, if you're a Muslim in Beijing then you're fine, if you're a radical in Xinjiang you're not fine.

    Vladimir LeninVladimir Lenin12 日 前
  • Like when your country is so economically powerful it can kill, kidnap, brainwash, surveil, and torture its people without any worries about having any repercussion.

    DGLDGL12 日 前
    • Right? It's not just China, these superpowers think can just swing their big dicks around without fear of any retaliation.

      Julian rJulian r7 日 前
  • Western medias love talking shit

    Andrew HuAndrew Hu12 日 前
  • 8: 07 baaaars

    Gnida ПупырчатаяGnida Пупырчатая12 日 前
  • Wow, the hypocrisy of western countries and media is well demonstrated here. Westerners don’t like Muslims and have killed so many of them, yet they love Chinese Muslims. How ironic. Do you westerners even know anything about China and Xinjiang? Do you even know that there were many terrorist attacks in China in the last decades led by religious separatists who wanted to make Xinjiang a separate Islamic country? Do you know how many Chinese people have died because of these separatists? China is just trying to assimilate those people so that they could eliminate terrorism. What did the US do because of “anti-terrorism”? They bombed civilians in the Middle East and slaughtered innocent people. Why don’t you guys condemn them? Also, almost none of these news reports is true because western media loves to demonize China.

    William ZWilliam Z13 日 前
    • @William Z Why would it? My country was colonized, granted independence and then some states seceded from us. And probably the only anarchy came from communists in the jungle with support from China, which ceased after our leaders form diplomatic relations with them. As far as I understand it, people didn't get reeducated, just won over. And the people who seceded from us? They are doing pretty well, better than us even. Good for them!

      Julian rJulian r6 日 前
    • @Julian rwow, you blew my mind. If states of countries can secede freely, this world would be in chaos. Are you some kind of anarchist? Hippie?

      William ZWilliam Z6 日 前
    • @William Z If a state in my country wants to secede, I wouldn't mind. Clearly they want to forge their own future, and they should have the right to do so. No one should be forced to endure another's presence just because they have a big stick.

      Julian rJulian r6 日 前
    • @Julian rwdym “lands that don’t belong to them”? Xinjiang is a province of China. What’s wrong with handling terrorism and social unrest within the country’s territory? Leave them alone? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If they were really left alone, Xinjiang would be a separate country. How would you feel if parts of your country want to secede?

      William ZWilliam Z6 日 前
    • @William Z ​ @William Z Well the best way is to just leave them alone. The US wouldn't have suffered 9/11 if they hadn't meddled in the middle east. Likewise China wouldn't have suffered what little terrorism they had had they just not push their way to lands that don't belong to them, to people who do not agree with their ideology.

      Julian rJulian r6 日 前
  • Im from a country that was in the soviet union and this is literally trying to do the same thing. The similarities between ssrs and China cant be ignored. As I see it, they might try to rule the world.

    LBR 69LBR 6913 日 前
  • This is atrocious

    Our Small MajorityOur Small Majority13 日 前
  • 💝💝💝

    Fox AFox A14 日 前
  • Good on you for covering this!

    superbadgerdoomsuperbadgerdoom14 日 前
  • When Muslims are being wronged and harmed the world become blind and deaf.... With today's technology and so called "civilization and awareness" to humain rights and freedom, this is worse than the holocaust!

    Lamis Ouenassa BerhailLamis Ouenassa Berhail14 日 前
  • Wow posted 5 months ago thank god the free world liberated these people

    pat62pat6215 日 前
  • The best way to fool people is to put half truth with fake news. This is so twisted.

    Victoria YVictoria Y15 日 前