Brett Kavanaugh: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the ongoing controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh, the sexual assault allegations against him, his Supreme Court nomination, and what that could all mean for the highest (mostly-dog) court in the land.
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  • He is the Justice of the US Supreme Court? Good Luck. I mean... good luck people!!

    Reverb FrostReverb Frost2 時間 前
  • "Have you bufed?" "That's referring to flatulence" BULLSHIT! It's actually referring to "Butt Chugging"!!! Beer bong in the butt! - Bufe

    Hack Job GarageHack Job Garage16 時間 前
  • Didn’t happen.

    Jihadi Sultans 2Jihadi Sultans 2日 前
  • Sure Brett Kavanaugh steals you the show.

    lev davidlev david日 前
  • Hey. There’s no need to do that to gritty. He doesn’t deserve that

    PineapplesPineapples日 前
  • It feels like the Almighty Gritty has been around so much longer

    Hello_ChinaHello_China日 前
  • wait wait wait wait, does he like beer?

    m1dnightm1dnight日 前
  • Has the show already chosen who to put in the animal supreme court for Amy Coney Barrett?

    _*Ale*__*Ale*_日 前
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    greg lialiosgreg lialios3 日 前
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    Terry PhilipsTerry Philips3 日 前
  • What about joe Biden

    Comarde Colonel YuriComarde Colonel Yuri4 日 前
  • #ExpandTheCourt

    Joven RamirezJoven Ramirez4 日 前
  • Automatically believing either side without hard evidence is illogical

    Lukas LambraiaLukas Lambraia5 日 前
  • More than 2 years later, Kavanaugh made a few decisions that have likely made the guy who nominated him very, VERY upset

    Declan Handley-ByrneDeclan Handley-Byrne6 日 前
  • So routine that the good Dr. didn't know who paid for it. Polygraphs tests are not admissible evidence in court cases for a reason.

    Steven DorightSteven Doright7 日 前
  • That "don't die" joke did not age well...

    Cameron JonesCameron Jones9 日 前
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    Mike FerraroMike Ferraro12 日 前
  • ridiculous. how could this creeper have been confirmed? Every confirming senator could discern this was reprehensible. Committee, this is an embarrassment beyond recond reconciliation

    Ruth ErbachRuth Erbach14 日 前
    • because he was falsely accused. There is 0 evidence and Ford couldn't even give details. And this video is laughing at him for crying or having weird answers? He's literally being falsely accused of being a gang rapist infront of his family and the entire world. Of course he'd be emotional and stressed out about it. How would you react if you're accused of raping someone, and everyone's saying you are guilty right off the bat when you never even did it?

      John WilliamstonJohn Williamston11 日 前
    • I mean, I don't think people have to be haunted forever by things they did as teenagers, but he should have admitted and apologized, not thrown a tantrum and belittled Dr Ford's experience

      Zuma ZumaZuma Zuma13 日 前
  • Is it a court or a post frat party confession session?

    Karan JosanKaran Josan15 日 前
  • Fun fact about abortion, if it goes illegal, it won't dissappear, all will happen is regressing back to tomes when women went to non-medical professionals to do it, like in the good old days of the 20's, or in our case (Romania) beforw December '89. So basically you have two choises, either accept abortion with medical supervision or with out! Or look at it this way, risk killing the mother or not.

    Dan The WatcherDan The Watcher15 日 前
  • I had to fast forward through much of this. I just couldn't hear those fn bastards again!

    Devon LockwoodDevon Lockwood16 日 前
  • "One long recap of one very long week" Oh, honey...

    RadiumbreonRadiumbreon16 日 前
  • Hi mom

    Sally LympanySally Lympany16 日 前
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    Andy JameAndy Jame17 日 前
  • I was a victim of sexual harassment at my catholic high school. Fortunately, a football player who overheard a plot to 'teach me a lesson' came to me and warned me not to go to any parties where football players were invited. He was terrified that if anyone found out it was him who warned me, they'd beat the crap out of him. I went to the FBI on 10/1/2018 in Dallas, TX :Address: One, Justice Way, Dallas, TX 75220 to report my memories. You visited 2 years ago Phone: (972) 559-5000 I told my father about it and he came to our catholic school with a sheriff and I told Father Fred that we needed to protect my informant so he wouldn't be attacked by other football players. My report to the FBI agent in Dallas wasn't shared with the public, but I'm going to make a video and share my story with the public and provide the evidence of this injustice. If you believe in God, you better tune in to Palmer Productions.....look for a little girl with a purple ribbon and a bow and arrow. I'm God's messiah. The end is near.

    Diana BrooksDiana Brooks18 日 前
  • Still waiting for John to issue a formal apology to Gritty

    kosherrobotkosherrobot20 日 前
  • Kavanaugh was so obviously a faker, idk how people believed him.

    lethargicsaucelethargicsauce22 日 前
    • @John Williamston no it wasn't proven. They just kept asking off topic questions to Anita Hill until yhe trial and took Clarence's word.

      lethargicsaucelethargicsauce10 日 前
    • @lethargicsauce it was proven that's why he is on the supreme court right now

      John WilliamstonJohn Williamston10 日 前
    • @John Williamston prove it with evidence, or we're done here.

      lethargicsaucelethargicsauce11 日 前
    • because it never happened. He was falsely accused. Just like the democrats did to Clarence Thomas

      John WilliamstonJohn Williamston11 日 前
  • Knowledge based question and answer adding true value to the process. The process of conformation. The conformation necessary in order to secure the highest of Americans Ideals. The freedom to be able to rule thus ensuring true value of Constitutional Rights and the American Experience. As long as we can agree on the fact finding process there is no reason for major disagreement. In this case the facts seem to be completely in disagreement. in simple language: I doubt it. The ghost in the information system has become a serious hazard to all who would seek to improve their own position. These things can not be forgotten. On the other side of that argument, if by eliminating any undue acts of the nominee's past would we be cheating the process? The process needs to know. The trouble with that Concept is for any reason believable or unbelievable? Here I can safely say that I myself, know myself and I am a believable American Citizen, T. V. B. the very best for all who care about making a living in the USA. USA all hail the USA. Brian A Koller 12/2/2021

    Brian KollerBrian Koller22 日 前
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    Jake HartlineJake Hartline23 日 前
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    greg lialiosgreg lialios24 日 前
  • If it really had happened what was Dr. Ford doing all this time? I don't buy that she was so traumatized for over 45 yrs that she couldn't come up.

    Nil NilNil Nil26 日 前
  • "Don't die". Oh John Oliver, if only you were in 2020...

    Soham GuptaSoham Gupta26 日 前
  • To all watching, 5 days after the posting of this video, he started serving on the Supreme Court. #BrokenJustice

    Soham GuptaSoham Gupta26 日 前
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    alex hebertalex hebert26 日 前
  • The saddest thing about this as I rewatch it on Dec. 28, 2020 is seeing John tell the chihuhua "don't die, don't die." She couldn't last just a couple months longer. RBG's death was one of the saddest things to come out of this year, and extremely detrimental to the country. A big loss.

    travis303travis30327 日 前
  • Hu

    Aidan SukhdeoAidan Sukhdeo28 日 前
  • Yeah, but does he LIKE beer?

    TheBlackPhantom2018TheBlackPhantom201828 日 前
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    Alison ParkerAlison Parker28 日 前
  • He is now in deathed to trump and his criminal friends. His time is coming he is goin to wish, he let that job go

    Darlene NunezDarlene Nunez29 日 前
    • That's not how the supreme court works.

      WilliamWilliam28 日 前
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    Shurlocke FederickShurlocke Federickヶ月 前
  • Gritty looks like Animal relapsed onto heroine, and I love everything about him

    Eddie HelmkayEddie Helmkayヶ月 前
  • they really tried to swoop his chance by a woman with "it was him" "i dont remember"

    Igor UkrainskiIgor Ukrainskiヶ月 前
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    Polly RichardsonPolly Richardsonヶ月 前
  • I'm sorry. Were you saying you liked beer?

    Prakash KalluriPrakash Kalluriヶ月 前
  • Love gritty and how is this douche bag now on the Supreme Court

    M DonnellyM Donnellyヶ月 前
  • Nice... When's the Tara Reade video coming out?

    ChrisChrisヶ月 前
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    Femi OyeFemi Oyeヶ月 前
  • ☘️This guy never ceases to amaze me, I'd listen to him all day☘️In fact, i have been listening to him all day.☘️ Whatever the topic may be, Oliver has a knack of grabbing your attention - & keeping it. He relates even the most boring subject - in an interesting & hilarious way. Also, one of the few to give credit to the show's other writers✍️👏

    stella marisstella marisヶ月 前
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    keit mccraykeit mccrayヶ月 前
  • Honestly I trust Gritty to be a Supreme Court Judge more than I trust this guy

    Rancid PrinceRancid Princeヶ月 前
  • Andy Rooney Syndrome: They're mixing a New World 'Giants' game with cars. They build giant skyscrapers. There are very few inside scoops in there. Do you really expect me to care about the 'Giant's' game? They were to regular and irregular for the Medieval dirty work, or something so they fled on boats. American genetics is based mostly on them. They're mixing giants with tree huggers. It's very opposing weirdness. I have very little interest in this game. If there's a giants, heyday they can have it. It's a strange mix is all. I come from many big regular people. There are very few appropriate spots for them. There was a certain immaturity in the period. I just think it was too heavy for regular Joes.

    Four Books UnknownFour Books Unknownヶ月 前
  • can sombody tell me howmany money this persoon ,,gets"" a year? Thanks from holland

    Marcel van SMarcel van Sヶ月 前
  • Oh god loser must be fired. Mister fake...This is a judge No wonder The most priseners in the world. (aldo this has nothing to do with this poor behefjer but frustration from my part)

    Marcel van SMarcel van Sヶ月 前
  • A total disgrace,and thats what judges other ppl,couldnt be more disgusting. Old stories ,while drunk,raping women

    Parris PriceParris Priceヶ月 前
  • And now Gritty is a national treasure for all the 2020 election memes.

    aroihkinaroihkinヶ月 前
  • Plz make video about how UK is covering up imperial history

    Aditya SinghAditya Singhヶ月 前
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    Anjel LimaAnjel Limaヶ月 前
  • I watched Clarence Thomas' hearings, where FOUR women testified about his sexual harassment, and were obviously telling the truth, and he was still confirmed. Kavanaugh was confirmed. Coney-Barret, from a fanatical religious cult that called women Handmaids, was confirmed.

    Gordon FornowGordon Fornowヶ月 前
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    Nick BarnesNick Barnesヶ月 前
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    Garcon HartsGarcon Hartsヶ月 前
  • Other than the first part, this was good enough to see again.

    Jess ZJess Zヶ月 前
  • You wasted way too much time on Gritty or whatever the name is. After denying same.

    Jess ZJess Zヶ月 前
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    Sanders MckowenSanders Mckowenヶ月 前
  • What a disservice to Gritty. Sure, he's an insane monster. But he's beautiful and charming compared to Kavanaugh and never deserves to be compared to that shitstain.

    Pauly BeefsPauly Beefsヶ月 前
  • Why was Kavanaugh getting emotional? Well I don't know John...maybe it has to do with the fact that he's being falsely accused of raping a woman and being treated as if the allegations have already been proven.

    UndertakerU2berUndertakerU2berヶ月 前
    • @MMD maybe you should pay attention now that you have your stimulus should be able to afford to. Sexual assault is rape. He is innocent and that is why he is a justice.

      WonkaWonka18 日 前
    • @BA DeCo Do you really think someone wouldn’t be outraged that people are spreading lies about them being a rapist around the country? This was character assassination at the highest level of the legislative in our country. There was another Kavanaugh accuser that cracked under pressure, Judy Munro-Leighton, who admitted that she lied about her rape accusations in an attempt to stop him from being confirmed. You can keep throwing childish insults at him and call him a “crybaby”, but he’ll always be a US Supreme Court justice. Also, fact check: he was never found to have lied under oath.

      UndertakerU2berUndertakerU2berヶ月 前
    • When was he accused of rape lmao. Go read the definition before making stuff up. learn to listen. I don't think any of this was false. He looks like a massive douche. Anyway, fuck you :')

      MMDMMDヶ月 前
  • 27:37 didn’t age well.

    littlehooch94littlehooch94ヶ月 前
  • Remember Brett Kavanaugh? Yeah this guy is still lifetime appointed to the supreme court. Let's hear reality for a moment, shall we?

    Benjamin WhiteBenjamin Whiteヶ月 前
  • as a philadelphian, watching the gritty discourse has made me die laughing. we love gritty in this house

    Megan SendatchMegan Sendatchヶ月 前
  • I would rather have Gritty on the SC than that human garbage

    storgsstorgsヶ月 前
  • I am not from the US. Can somebudy tell what happened after this?

    Gastón MelchioriGastón Melchioriヶ月 前
    • @Matt D shit... Well that sucks.

      Gastón MelchioriGastón Melchioriヶ月 前
    • He was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

      Matt DMatt Dヶ月 前
  • This feels like it happened 10 years ago.

    Angel LezayAngel Lezayヶ月 前
  • “Plaintive spoken word cover of Mambo no. 5” I’m dead 😂😂😂

    Patty GPatty G2 ヶ月 前
  • Gritty didn't deserve this.

    Marmalade CinderblockMarmalade Cinderblock2 ヶ月 前
  • Can we please get a majestic mustache on John Oliver? It looks like he’d be able to grow a fantastic mustache.

    scott zimmermanscott zimmerman2 ヶ月 前
  • I have a feeling that he doesn't like beers at all..... Has he ever tried a Hoegarden for fucks sake

    aditya gabaaditya gaba2 ヶ月 前
  • Here for RBG

    aditya gabaaditya gaba2 ヶ月 前
  • 8:50

    Annus UnusAnnus Unus2 ヶ月 前
  • 27:35 come on I’m gonna cry now

    Shrekky DevitoShrekky Devito2 ヶ月 前
  • I can't be the only one who finds it extremely ridiculous, if not a little concerning, that we are delving into the teenage years of people to find wrongdoing. Even if every allegation is true, as stated, the guy was 16 at the time. He is 55 years old now. The man was 53 when he had his confirmation. At some point, it becomes absolutely ridiculous to bring up someone's youth as a point against them. Yeah, maybe the guy got drunk at a party and did something inapproprate at 16, but now he's 55. nearly 40 years have gone by, and in that time he has done a lot of other great things. Are we so petty as a society that we will hold crimes against people their entire lives, painting them with the scarlet letter, no matter what they do with the rest of their lives? I should hope not, because although most people may not have done something seriously bad, I guarantee you that we all have skeletons in our closets. Everyone has done something that, by today's standards, would be unacceptable. Now, an objector might say to this "well, he should own up to it if he did it!" I don't know that I agree. On the one hand, yes, it would be nice if he took responsibility and admitted to it and said he was sorry. On the other hand, this is A. not any of the public's business and should not even be under consideration by Congress, and B. wouldn't do him any good. If he admitted to it and apologized, publicly, what would happen? He would be tarred and feathered. No one would care that for the last 40 years he's apparently been a model citizen and has done amazing things. All that would matter was that one night when he was 16. He'd be judged for it, without context or consideration to the fact that he is not necessarily the same person he was back then. No, it would be viewed as if he, the 55 year old Brett Kavenaugh of today committed such an offense just yesterday. He'd have lost everything. Probably be disbarred, they'd try to remove him from the bench, and he'd be treated as a complete monster. And that is just not fair. We have got to learn, as a society, to forgive. We have to learn that redemption is possible. There is no reason that someone who did something wrong decades before, when they were a bloody teenager, should be prevented from holding office. Kavenaugh had every right to be angry about it because it really is unfair. He wasn't being debated on merit- no one was questioning his chops as a judge. He was being judged on his actions as a teenage boy. Anyone would and should be angry at that.

    vonkäuen Theforbiddenvonkäuen Theforbidden2 ヶ月 前
    • @TrailersFromHell not supposedly. He lied. The devil's triangle isn't a drinking game. Why would he lie? Is he trying to steer clear of all topics related to his sex life back then? Hella suspicious. What else is he lying about then? what we should be asking

      Zuma ZumaZuma Zuma13 日 前
    • @BA DeCo investigation based on what? And which old friend?

      TrailersFromHellTrailersFromHellヶ月 前
    • @Zuma Zuma lol, supposedly lied about drinking more than 30 years ago!

      TrailersFromHellTrailersFromHellヶ月 前
    • I agree with you: if we were all denied jobs based on what stupid shit we did when we were 16, this would be a sad world. But only because of the assumption that we are a lot smarter now than then, and that we don't still stand by that stupid shit. However, does this assumption hold with Kavanaugh? We don't know. A proper investigation was never allowed, so we don't know if he actually did what she said he did. And he was too incoherent to figure out what his own position was on that behaviour. So, we don't know if he did it, but if he did, he clearly isn't regretting it and hasn't owned his mistakes. And we know he lied A LOT during the interview: for example, about Renata alumni, and the so-called "drinking games" which anyone with internet knows aren't at all drinking games. And that is very much relevant for the job, because that reflects him as a person TODAY, not at 16.

      Zuma ZumaZuma Zumaヶ月 前
    • ​@Sam Mckeen Lol, you obviously haven't read SHIT about the case because Leland Keyser 1) did not know Kavanaugh, 2) did not remember attending the party, 3) Later stated that she felt coerced to change her statement to make it seem like Ford was telling the truth.

      TrailersFromHellTrailersFromHell2 ヶ月 前
  • "Don't die" hits harder nowadays. RIP RBG, the world is a darker place without you

    Agent SheenxAgent Sheenx2 ヶ月 前
  • “Good dog, don’t die” Oof.... that made me feel pain.

    DonVR 19DonVR 192 ヶ月 前
  • at some point one tends to ovelook the fact that this guy is a nomanee to the supreme court. would you want him there considering his background and the apparent drinking game lie?

    ron elitzurron elitzur2 ヶ月 前
  • 24:37 its in a pickle jar, it's a pickle... 24:50 lindsey graham seemed to view kavanaugh with even more ReLiSh. i see what you did there...

    sophia ssophia s2 ヶ月 前
  • The Same People Who Have Condemned Brett Kavanaugh Ignored Tara Reade When She Accused Joe Biden Of Sexual Misconduct.

    Collin KeyserCollin Keyser2 ヶ月 前
    • The difference between leftists and liberals :)

      BFWRarestBFWRarestヶ月 前
  • I still think it's hilarious that someone tried to accuse Gritty of sucker punching his kid during a game. I kinda wish it was legit just so I could watch the footage of it happening

    Space cadetSpace cadet2 ヶ月 前
  • “I’m starting to think men are too emotional for the Supreme Court.” YAS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Petite ChaosPetite Chaos2 ヶ月 前
  • "You have been accused of a heinous crime... if I were Kavanaugh I will be desperate to prove my innocence" ... is the presumption of innocence defunct as well?

    Markov AntonovMarkov Antonov2 ヶ月 前
  • "You have been accused of a heinous crime... if I were Kavanaugh I will be desperate to prove my innocence" ... is the presumption of innocence defunct as well?

    Marco A. EscobarMarco A. Escobar2 ヶ月 前
    • he wasn't charged. Presumption of innocence only works when you're charged for a crime by the state.

      Zuma ZumaZuma Zumaヶ月 前
  • Normally I would be against something you did in High School being used against you, but we're talking about the Supreme Court.

    Ariel SassonAriel Sasson2 ヶ月 前
    • @Zuma Zuma And like, can we make sure that someone appointed to the supreme court has a clean background. We're talking about the highest judicial position in the the US. A job that's SO important. How can we trust him with decision regarding women, especially after wtaching him here. Like John said, why this particular asshole? There are plenty of conservative judges to choose from :/

      MMDMMDヶ月 前
    • @Zuma Zuma Good point.

      Ariel SassonAriel Sassonヶ月 前
    • @Zuma Zuma idiot, that presumes what she claimed was true

      TrailersFromHellTrailersFromHellヶ月 前
    • it's not what he did then, it's whether he has changed and rectified his mistakes, if the allegations are true

      Zuma ZumaZuma Zumaヶ月 前
    • The evidence?

      TrailersFromHellTrailersFromHell2 ヶ月 前
  • Kavanaugh looks like his own impersonator for SNL.

    Raph ArreazaRaph Arreaza2 ヶ月 前
  • That Orrin Hatch looks like he ran out from an episode of the Muppets Show XDDDD

    Miguel Angel ParraMiguel Angel Parra2 ヶ月 前
  • Imagine effectively being on trial and then flipping the question on the prosecutor. Imagine.

    Grant SobotkerGrant Sobotker2 ヶ月 前
  • Ya know I can never get enough of this particular show of Oliver’s. & NOW 11/12/2020 all I can say is FUUUCK YOU REPUBLICANS! FUCK YOU IN THE ASS UP AND DOWN FRONT AND BACK, FUCK YOU TILL YOU BLEED AND PUSS POURS FROM YOUR ASSHOLES! The comments stating how hard “we believe you we just don’t care” hits them, are dead on balls accurate & I watched this used tampon of a “judge” w this entire situation 2 years ago, & I can still remember telling myself THAN, they may have gotten away w this for now! But come 11/03/2020 I will STILL be remembering this! This will be yet one more main reason I vote for ANYONE as long as that person isn’t trump! & I firmly believe that Biden was placed there as a stepping stone for Harris, & it’s about fucking time! Bc no one is more fair than an older black woman! Just watch Marlon Wayans explain why that is in his stand up. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! 4 years ya piece of shit! That’s all it took for you to fuck it all up! & for all you “race card rejects”... I’m a 40 year old white woman!

    mandy mooremandy moore2 ヶ月 前
  • Real sad John never did an episode on Coney Barett so we could see the current state of the Dog Supreme Court.

    NoEsUnYoutuberNoEsUnYoutuber2 ヶ月 前
  • I hate our country I hate our country I hate our country I hate our country I hate our country

    JaneJane2 ヶ月 前
  • So... kavanaugh is in. RBG is buried. Corona virus has killed 240,000 + Americans and trump won’t concede.

    C. WrightC. Wright2 ヶ月 前
    • And a partridge in a pear tree

      Michael AbbottMichael Abbott2 ヶ月 前
  • Orin Hatch was pleased.....creep

    Danita CrouseDanita Crouse2 ヶ月 前
  • Unfortunately, that fuckwad is currently a supreme court justice

    Sweet 6T9Sweet 6T92 ヶ月 前
  • I was on a review board for a Frat related incident at a college, and while all of them were guilty as fuck, the college kids in that frat held themselves with more professionalism than Kavanaugh did here.

    thecloverpatchthecloverpatch2 ヶ月 前