Boris Johnson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver explains how Britain’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, has succeeded - not despite his bumbling persona, but often because of it.
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  • I don't support him, but looking at this boy did he have a plan that worked in his favour now looking back from 2021, bloody amazing how he got out of every problem , jeez scary

    GlastonburyGlastonbury日 前
  • That is more dangerous than Trumps ‘if I discredit everything in the Media as false; when something is actually true, people wont believe you and be sure it is a lie’ don’t you think? Because that confuses & questions everyone; not just one group of people...

    Kevin MillinKevin Millin3 日 前
    • The bit about faking not knowing about something; so when he doesn’t actually know about something, people believe that he actually does and he’s faking he doesn’t...

      Kevin MillinKevin Millin3 日 前
  • That tea thing was perfect.

    Alin RajbhandariAlin Rajbhandari3 日 前
  • He got a deal

    awesome boyawesome boy3 日 前
  • At least he pretends to be nice. That's more than anyone can say about Trump, aka, the Rump who does not offer T.

    Rikki SlonceRikki Slonce5 日 前
  • Rewatching this series in 2021 cements my belief that we really should have sent Lord Buckethead to negotiate in Brussels

    Lukas QuineyLukas Quiney6 日 前
  • Not working with a lot of good will at this point. I can confirm that that is a recurring theme

    Lukas QuineyLukas Quiney6 日 前
  • You guys divided India into two parts when we tried to get out of your fucking commonwealth realm. Now watch your union jack get fucked while you try to get out of the EU 😂.

    Arkajit MaityArkajit Maity6 日 前
  • The amount of outright lies and slander in this video, its honestly disgraceful that this could be allowed to air. John Oliver should be ashamed of himself and I'm glad he's decided to stay in America, we don't want him... Prawn cocktail crisps are bloody lovely.

    Jake LJake L6 日 前
  • So Northern Ireland is inappropriate is then ya god damn brit

    caoimhin gutierrezcaoimhin gutierrez7 日 前
  • Harry from Dumb and Dumber became Prime Minister of Britain.

    Zubin FallaZubin Falla7 日 前
  • Where did he even get the idea to say the EU was banning the prawn cocktail crisp? It's not uncommon for the EU to ban things.

    R GangeR Gange7 日 前

  • Briton is going to be a s**** country very very soon

    Smith VideoSmith Video8 日 前
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    Polly RichardsonPolly Richardson9 日 前
  • Twat.

    MG SparkyMG Sparky9 日 前
  • 16 seconds in and I start to here foxes mating outside my house (I don't live in kent but I do like in the uk). I wish I was joking but I'm not. :|

    Thomas AtkinsThomas Atkins9 日 前
  • Was that a model of a bus on the surface behind him during the interview (about 5 min in, he's sitting down wearing a brown jacket and a pale pink shirt), it's blurry so I can't tell?

    Susan BakerSusan Baker9 日 前
  • Cannot wait for John's return so we can talk about the actual Brexit mess

    Ali MuddAli Mudd9 日 前
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    Forster ShultsForster Shults10 日 前
  • Is there a good way to eat cremated mermaid ?!?!

    felix hamelfelix hamel10 日 前
  • Can he still say the B-word? Since he's now an American citizen and all...

    JohnJohn11 日 前
  • I remember the anchor was in Guru Pitka movie....!!!

    Mitin ChaandMitin Chaand12 日 前
  • Boris Johnson looks like if Draco Malfoy became a muggle prime minister & had an alcohol problem

    Abbie LeGrandAbbie LeGrand12 日 前
  • you talk sh#t . You do not know politics. You just read lines from a teleprompter. Making up lies for laughs to make you look funny but the truth is you are dangerous with your words because people cant seperate your jokes from the the truth. F#ck you, you d!ck.

    philip barnettphilip barnett12 日 前
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    Lamonze ParkerLamonze Parker12 日 前
  • Was table tennis really called "wiff waff?

    Ritchard ThomasRitchard Thomas12 日 前
  • Prawn cocktail crisps are disgusting. Only flavours that should be allowed are cheese and onion, ready salted and salt and vinegar.

    CrazyInsanelikeafoxCrazyInsanelikeafox13 日 前
  • Well BREXIT has happened, the fuckening is occurring… [although wait till the financial services part of the Deal is finalised - that's right, they haven't negotiated that part yet]. So it's going to be on the short list of early episodes in 2021. After the coup attempt. And Trump's arrest.

    casbottcasbott13 日 前
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    Adrean tejAdrean tej13 日 前
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    Елена СавиноваЕлена Савинова14 日 前
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    Humberto AntonioHumberto Antonio15 日 前
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    Nick BarnesNick Barnes15 日 前
  • John, you wanted to see one of his busses? There is one on the shelf at 7:25

    Kirk DillabaughKirk Dillabaugh15 日 前
  • Britain Trump

    WallStreetBossWallStreetBoss16 日 前
  • With the benefit of hindsight, 2019's "catastrophic implications" seem adorable by comparison. Please don't let this comment be relevant next year.

    shawny2scrawnyshawny2scrawny16 日 前
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    kim minhkim minh17 日 前
  • Boris Johnson is either a lucky idiot or the most cunning and clever performer in the history of politics anywhere. I’m American btw

    Virgil JerichoVirgil Jericho17 日 前
  • I come from the future and those 100 days to find a deal have just been over, it was 100 days from a planet with a way slower revolution than us.

    DeadbrotherDeadbrother17 日 前
  • He’s an evil genius.

    Thor van HegheThor van Heghe18 日 前
  • walkers prawn cocktail crisps are strong tbh he should have the seabrook ones, they're better imho

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingers18 日 前
  • I'm sure never going to be able to look at the Starbucks logo again...

    Khadijahr6Khadijahr619 日 前
  • well 18 months later we finally have a "deal", shitty one but it's "done" ...

    jerome banajerome bana19 日 前
  • .... and He did. Mission accomplished.

    Karl RamsayerKarl Ramsayer19 日 前
  • I’m British and I actually think I enjoy you more calling prawn cocktails stupid than calling your own president an idiot lmao

    The greatest ChigoneThe greatest Chigone20 日 前
  • Yet he turned out to be as socialist as the next guy. How socialist does Oliver want the UK to be? That nut.

    Randomfully WonderfulRandomfully Wonderful21 日 前
  • you think he's got no discipline. he's been slowly working on one thing since the 1980s

    Sid ArthurSid Arthur21 日 前
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    Joseph HerbertJoseph Herbert22 日 前
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    Tsbbss RuddhjTsbbss Ruddhj22 日 前
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    Lamonze ParkerLamonze Parker22 日 前
  • So what do you have to say now, John?

    Paul FurnissPaul Furniss23 日 前
  • Oliver gets everything wrong because he can't see past his own leftie tosser politics, he just never reads the mood, Boris won a landslide picking up 80 yes 80 Labour Seats, Britian voted for Brexit, Scotland didn't gain Independance, Oliver offered to pay for Trump to run in 2016, He couldn't get shit more wrong on purpose, He should do some study, read a politics book maybe.....Its ok to be a Left Wing Tragic but it makes for an awful political commenter, Whatever he predicts just go with the opposite, Still he's likely quite the hot thing at Hamptons Dinner Parties and Brunch's, Don't take you're politics to work dude, How's that Hillary Tattoo you were getting going.

    Chaiyapoon TangChaiyapoon Tang24 日 前
  • Prawn cocktail crisps are peng. Absolute delicacy

    Gavin BurnesGavin Burnes24 日 前
  • To be honest I hope Boris messes up Brexit because if he badly fucks up, Scotland is outa here.

    Thegreatestgeeks AdventuresThegreatestgeeks Adventures25 日 前
  • Tbh, calling the French turds would have only gained him votes

    Benjamin HadenBenjamin Haden25 日 前
  • I gotta be honest , boris is admirably intelligent

    dark shadowdark shadow26 日 前
  • What a star player.. Not - ''prime'' minister my arse : BORIS Johnson is caught up in yet another diplomatic scandal, after he was reported to have said "fuck business" when asked about fears over Brexit.

    paul warrenpaul warren26 日 前
  • Boris Johnson is the real life persona of the "Jar Jar Binks is a Sith lord" theory

    MarcusMarcus26 日 前
  • Way more charming than trump

    Lara PalmaLara Palma27 日 前
  • He offered them TEA John

    Lara PalmaLara Palma27 日 前
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    Eva MakarskiEva Makarski28 日 前
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    Reyna HernandezReyna Hernandez28 日 前
  • Who is here after Boris cancelled Christmas in the UK?

    Chronicler OfTheDeadChronicler OfTheDead28 日 前
  • Yeah this guy might be from Britain but he quite clearly knows nothing about it.

    yo yoyo yo29 日 前
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    erika floreserika flores29 日 前
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    truonson nguyentruonson nguyenヶ月 前
  • Prawn cocktail crisps are a national delicacy. How dare you.

    Matt McDonaldMatt McDonaldヶ月 前
  • Living in Kent I completely understand the whole fox thing

    VilldyrVilldyrヶ月 前
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    Eberle TylerEberle Tylerヶ月 前
  • boris obnoxiously insisting that the reporters "gets the detail right' only moments before getting schooled gives me such second hand embarassment

    kate bkate bヶ月 前
  • The EU is one of the most corrupt organisations in the world, their accounts have never been signed off on because of the gangster ruling class stealing billions of Euros every year, FUCK THE EU and fuck you John.

    stripymccatpussstripymccatpussヶ月 前
  • Americans got rid of Drumpf, unfortunately in the UK we are never getting rid of Johnson.

    Altair 007Altair 007ヶ月 前
    • He’ll be out when labour gets a good candidate. The UK citizens have gone against Milliband and Stalin, I mean Corbyn. Boris is not gonna lose to a Bolshevist antisemite but could lose to Starmer.

      Imonsay CkimmayImonsay Ckimmay21 日 前
  • Go figure the UK is still there

    A FiaccoA Fiaccoヶ月 前
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    Lawrence Hereford LawrenceLawrence Hereford Lawrenceヶ月 前
  • One takeaway from Boris Is that you need to be able to laugh about yourself

    North American Intercontinental GPNorth American Intercontinental GPヶ月 前
  • And we still doin brexit

    Kamila LipmanKamila Lipmanヶ月 前
  • please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting

    Saniya 666Saniya 666ヶ月 前
  • nobody Boris Johnson: You want some tea ?

    Tre’Quan BrownTre’Quan Brownヶ月 前
  • What’s with the random hatred of prawn cocktail crisps? They’re not even fishy, at all.

    Lee ALee Aヶ月 前
  • Johnson has the freshest trim yall.

    Benito the ChitoBenito the Chitoヶ月 前
  • I like Oliver's politics and comedy, but he's a food snob. He doesn't like Mountain Dew Code Red, McDonald's or prawn cocktail crisps. He's one of those skinny-jean-clad dudes who eats quinoa and kale all day. Who doesn't like cherry flavor? Setting that aside, he denigrated "The Big Lebowski." That's unforgivable.

    Christian FinkbeinerChristian Finkbeinerヶ月 前
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    Tyler WrightTyler Wrightヶ月 前
  • Boris is truly sinister: not even born in the UK and with a not-too-distant mid-European ancestor who was lynched for sedition. Could he be a 5th-columnist/quisling tasked with destroying the UK? He is close to success, having engineered Brexit and the probable failure of any economically favorable future for the UK. If he is not a deep-cover agent in the pay of a foreign power, he is certainly doing a good impression of one.

    David FisherDavid Fisherヶ月 前
  • So in conclusion Boris Johnson is if Trump was smart and British

    Robby BlowersRobby Blowersヶ月 前
  • The imitation of hugh grant is priceless :D

    eric Trudeleric Trudelヶ月 前
  • That horse looked so adorable.

    AngryAngyAngryAngyヶ月 前
  • the Hugh Grant impression is so spot on

    Lucia HartrayLucia Hartrayヶ月 前
  • Hey John: Britface 😂

    Bosanac SopranoBosanac Sopranoヶ月 前
    • HEY! Take that back! ;-)

      AppleJuiceAppleJuiceヶ月 前
  • Loser/dork

    GonnamakeituglyGonnamakeituglyヶ月 前
  • It’s Floyd from dumb and dumber

    Connor McGrathConnor McGrathヶ月 前
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    Miesha LindsleyMiesha Lindsleyヶ月 前
  • You could have saved 21 minutes and just said “he’s a Tory cunt”

    djtomoydjtomoyヶ月 前
  • Boris is clearly manipulating with his goofy outfits and persona. I remember someone - was it Chomsky? - saying that GW Bush played a similar game, but I gotta say, it was not nearly at the level of Boris!

    Gordon FornowGordon Fornowヶ月 前
  • Dude prawn cocktail crisps are the shit

    Nicholas BodimeadeNicholas Bodimeadeヶ月 前
  • Why stupid like him to become minister of UK

    ary Snazaary Snazaヶ月 前
  • I would have taken that cup of tea for sure lol

    On Couch ArrestOn Couch Arrestヶ月 前
  • Boris IS russian spy!

    Tuomas MattilaTuomas Mattilaヶ月 前
  • Really could do with an update on the absolute shit show good old Boris has bestowed upon the UK as prime minister.

    John MiltonJohn Miltonヶ月 前
  • Is it sad that I’ve never noticed the arrow?

    AlienlordgaminAlienlordgaminヶ月 前
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    Jazzy BeatJazzy Beatヶ月 前