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With the 2020 election underway, John Oliver explains how the Trump administration has handled asylum seekers over the past four years, why it matters, and what we can do about it.
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  • -50% of the children do not attend on-line scool -do they have internet? -no -do they have a pc or laptop? -no well its clearly their fault , they just dont want to learn

    katia alamikatia alami日 前
  • Would be great if John could cover the asylum process in Australia as well - I usually watch these videos and think 'thank fuck I'm not in America', but with this issue, it's hard to tell if our policies or the US policies are crueler. The last bit about asylum-seekers praying for Joe Biden to win is very reminiscent of at least a dozen refugees here attempting suicide when they heard our current Prime Minister won the election.

    Kaitlyn SmithKaitlyn Smith5 日 前
  • Worst nation in history of mankind .

    adil khanadil khan5 日 前
  • How has none of these guys ditch the studio and took the youtuber approach and just use a good mic and good editing

    Duck DickersonDuck Dickerson9 日 前
  • technically it is not cannibalism if the statue is not the same species as humans. So as long as it cannot reproduce with humans and it was not birthed through the reproductive system from a human male and female then it is not cannibalism for it to consume human flesh.

    VodShodVodShod9 日 前
  • Absolutely love this guy. I'm from Scotland so that should tell you all something, let's just say the Scottish and English haven't really got to the hand holding stage, but from all the videos I've watched of John Oliver (which is all of them) he has been extremely fair and very detail orientated which is a refreshing change for these talk shows, he tells it exactly how it is, wether people like it or not. Keep up the amazing work John iver and your amazing team of writers and producers. One last thing, I know he has before but not enough in my opinion, we all know there are bad police officers in America and every other country in the world but I would like John and his writers to add into these videos that there are a lot of amazing police officers and they do deserve credit considering the job and hatred they are upagainst every day.

    Jon PollockJon Pollock13 日 前
  • This is so tragic

    Morning MoonMorning Moon14 日 前
  • Grandmother seeking asylum from Not Mexico: I'm fleeing from a gang trying to force my pre-teen granddaughter into marriage, and we could die if we don't get away from them. Jesus Christ: Love your neighbors and enemies. Lift up the weak and pitiful. Give succor to the needy. White Christian conservative Americans: That's your problem. Go back to Mexico! This is OUR land, and we don't want your kind here ruining our great culture or breeding us out of existence! Jesus Christ: I don't...think you understand what it means to be my follower...

    Samuel RosanderSamuel Rosander14 日 前
    • ​@Inner Descent True. Then I'll clarify that sentiment with this: If you vote for someone who runs on the above sentiment, you are guilty of supporting that sentiment. If you do not speak out against and truly defy that sentiment, then you are complicit. If you call yourself a Christian, then exhibit Christ-like characteristics based on what Christ said and did and taught. The above sentiment is integral to the Republican party's platform, as well as Trumpism, and is strongly associated with white nationalism; if you support any of the above, then you are guilty of supporting that sentiment. You don't need to personally believe it to be guilty of sharing it. So if it bothers you, find or found a new party that you can truly believe in and be proud of, because if you don't, you will forever be included in generalizations of that sentiment because of the overwhelming support for it of others who claim those same identities.

      Samuel RosanderSamuel Rosander13 日 前
    • Hi not religious nor conservative but you're generalizing an entire group of people which is one of the things that people usually cry about when done to them.

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • America granted amos yee, a foul mouthed pedophile, asylum, but not people whose lives are legitimately in danger, because muh free speech is more important.

    LJCLJC15 日 前
  • Actually I have gone to the police for help and thrown in jail. But I'm white, disabled, and on a lot of medication I need and wasn't provided in jail.

    易红天易红天15 日 前
  • So much to unpack here . John Oliver and his crew are brilliant at pointing out the little known but obviously important problems You gotta love this guy Peace from Canada 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

    jtvalentine6jtvalentine615 日 前
    • @Inner Descent Trudeau doesn't seperate families or deport grandmothers to be executed mate

      jtvalentine6jtvalentine613 日 前
    • Hey! Love your beautiful country, not really a fan of your prime minister mate!

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • I'm gonna have to go over these, and just write out a list of issues we need addressed under this new administration while we deal with today's bullshit.

    Abby NeverAbby Never18 日 前
  • Trump making the assumption that all asylum seekers are bad people is wrong...but John seems to assume the exact opposite, which is just as wrong! Yes, some of them are fleeing danger. Can we not assume that a large percentage of them are saying whatever they need to, true or false, in order to get in the US, and are not actually in danger? Is that such a ridiculous assumption to make?

    Ryan RobertsRyan Roberts19 日 前
    • @BenJamin Croft Another brainwashed one from the "awakening circle-jerk"...If you are done with Q, you can maybe move to R and hopefully end up with s...hit

      zengara11zengara1140 分 前
    • @BenJamin Croft Where are you pulling these percentages from? Your ass?

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
    • @BenJamin Croft Obviously somebody has a reading comprehension problem.

      Ryan RobertsRyan Roberts18 日 前
    • Yes it is a ridiculous assumption to make. Because the odds are not in your favor. There is less than a 12% chance that their claims for asylum are legit and fall within the parameters of what the laws stipulate in order to qualify for asylum/refugee status. The other 88% are using it as a get-out-of-jail-free excuse. Assumption is the mother all fuck ups.

      BenJamin CroftBenJamin Croft18 日 前
  • Why is this in the tabs playlist?

    Patrick JardimPatrick Jardim19 日 前
  • So you have it waht know quote from 2pak (i see no changes), even you John don't see us too. and just talk about us people are poor and have nobody ,he laugh at me because jokes on me 😂😂😂

    BOB BrightBOB Bright21 日 前
    • @Inner Descent exactly

      BOB BrightBOB Bright13 日 前
    • Uh....what?

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • Imagine if you had cash and where white, And was asking for Asylum, I wonder 💭 how it would go?

    kerry nichollskerry nicholls24 日 前
    • I didn't know white was a location

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • Some of this sounds like US could be convicted for crimes against humanity for such conduct. Bravo USA, you have taken your meddling and coups to next fucking level. Greatest country on earth my brown arse.

    ankur mishraankur mishra24 日 前
    • @BenJamin Croft Actually US had been commiting crimes against humanity as explained in this very video? Let me explain it totality. simple: People go to the border, but before they can get a interview or talked to by anyone, Trump has set up police to imprison them, and split them up child/parent. People usually go to the border, then they check you up, (you are in the system, what you have done etc) interviews you, and usually you get kicked out again. I feel like I have to tell you that a MASSIVE majority of these does not get to get further from here and that people who stays are neglible numbers, extremely low to none existing (because they know where you are, or have located you)......What Trump did was put (for some dumb reason) the police inbetween them, so whenever you come to ask for asylum, they split you up, they do not ask who you are, write papers or anything along those lines (obviously why it is hard to find the parent now). They literally just instantly split you up from any family members. If he had to focus on anything, it would be the people whom overstays their visas (66%of illegal immigrants I think?) . So it is levels of stupid

      zengara11zengara1129 分 前
    • @ankur mishra Then what is the U.S. doing?

      BenJamin CroftBenJamin Croft18 日 前
    • @BenJamin Croft yeah whatever makes you sleep at night buddy

      ankur mishraankur mishra18 日 前
    • The USA is not committing any crimes against humanity when dealing with illegal aliens.

      BenJamin CroftBenJamin Croft18 日 前
  • this seems... dire

    MeiMeiMeiMei25 日 前
  • Biden has alrimers how is he gonna help

    Matt GreleMatt Grele26 日 前
    • Man... don‘t disparage Biden when you can‘t even properly spell your insult.

      ParagrafenPapageiParagrafenPapagei7 日 前
  • Great piece, love your work! John let me help you make some episodes

    Michael WhiteheadMichael Whitehead26 日 前
    • @BenJamin Croft Oh I'm certain they won't do that and will just continue consuming and regurgitating things they learned at face value. No one really ever fact checks any of these shows nor do they research the subjects themselves they just eat up anything that's put out like the cookie monster. Om nom nom

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
    • This a comedy show hosted by a comedian, generalizing information read from a teleprompter, in order for it to fit into his comedic act. I like this show too, but it seriously needs to be taken with a gran of salt. Believe in only half of what you see, and nothing you hear.

      BenJamin CroftBenJamin Croft18 日 前
  • Those people grading children in a hotel, how do we know Tharp they are not being molested

    Hairy LegsHairy Legs26 日 前
  • I was in a safe state (California), but as one who remained unconvinced that Joe Biden would be a better promoter of liberal values than Donald Trump, I did not vote for him. Glad I didn't, because his recent decisions have revealed him to be even worse than initially expected.

    Justin BenjaminJustin Benjamin27 日 前
  • Asylum like every other government program can be manipulated. Look at PPP, Katrina Relief Funds, and the 9/11 fund. If you make the statement you can be allowed in and if released waiting for trial and just disappear. Mexico is a free country, unless you are fearful of Mexico, under UN rules you apply for Asylum in Mexico.

    JT BJT B29 日 前
  • 1:59 yeah cuz being a rough looking dude is enough to stop a bullet from an AK-47

    Pastor NezukoPastor Nezuko29 日 前
    • WTH are you talking about? How did you bring an AK-47 up?

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • I read from multiple human rights reports that many detention facilities were spraying industrial-grade chemicals (Undiluted HDQ-Neutral) in thirty minute intervals onto basically every surface and inevitably onto the actual people. They do this under the pretense of basically melting away all contagion, but they're basically killing the detainees. People have continuously complained of bone pain, burns on skin and mucus membrane, and bleeding from eyes, mouth, nose, and from other sores. It's extremely fucked. The photos are just human chainlink kennels that they cram everyone in, they literally poison them non-stop and ignore/suppress complaints. Also written was the fact that under Trump's administration was the biggest spike in detainee death counts in like ten years (if I remember right) and a staggering amount of them were from suicided. People would just hang themselves inside the communal cells.

    GreatoraintGreatoraintヶ月 前
  • I'll give him that facial tattoos are inherently "trashy" in the same vein of "tramp stamps" are also trashy, but face tattoos aren't scary. More just like "oh, this person is probably a slut or a drug addict"

    GvazGvazヶ月 前

    Gregory BrumwellGregory Brumwellヶ月 前
  • Face tattoos dont mean scary, they mean stupid

    Zero11Zero11ヶ月 前
    • shut up yourface

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders27 日 前
  • The fake asylum seekers from the northern triangle get their asylum when they escape to Mexico. No need to enter the U.S.

    ph1984colph1984colヶ月 前
  • This made me cry....😢

    Fiona HainesFiona Hainesヶ月 前
  • Loved the Cookie Monster bit!

    good ideagood ideaヶ月 前
  • i myself am an asylum seeker right now waiting for the interview. wish me the best of luck !

    volavolaヶ月 前
    • Yes I wish I can do more

      volavola18 日 前
    • You got this easy

      Be quietBe quietヶ月 前
  • The video is very amazing and very action

    Fredi KrugerFredi Krugerヶ月 前
  • Cilantro of the human race 🤣🤣🤣

    Dana ToddDana Toddヶ月 前
  • "The asylum program is... a scam. Some of the roughest people you've ever seen... they look like they should be fighting for the UFC..." ...who come to you, Donald, and you tool them up with almost no training and send them after blameless refugees. I agree, it's a scam.

    kdisleykdisleyヶ月 前
  • This breaks my heart 💜

    Alicia GearyAlicia Gearyヶ月 前
  • This pisses me slick off.

    Alicia GearyAlicia Gearyヶ月 前
  • People should not be criticising drug cartels, they should be criticising the police and army and other pro-regime drug warrior forces (including mercenaries) trying to kill, torture or cage cartel leaders and incinerate their product and seize their cash. Any person who materially cooperates with DEA or local equivalent deserves all the "fear" in the world, and no mercy from those whose community they seek to harm. #exterminateratsandroaches

    Alice MooreAlice Mooreヶ月 前
  • Not giving this a thumbs up because of the suggestion that a "narcostate" is a bad thing. Free El Chapo, Jesus Malverde protect the narcotraficantes , dope fiend global revolution!

    Alice MooreAlice Mooreヶ月 前
    • Yeah because the power vacuum that illegal drugs has created is such a great thing...

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • So you are saying no one applies with fake cause

    Leo TLeo Tヶ月 前
    • falacy there. not what they said

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders27 日 前
  • Legalise cocaine to stop the violence in Mexico

    False-SetFalse-Setヶ月 前
    • @Inner Descent 100% agree! A lot of people think drawing the line at heroine makes sense, but everywhere that's decriminalised heroin has had astounding results, people can get a legal pure medicne that gets them through the day and they mostly hold down jobs, have a great family life and aren't criminals just because their medicne is taboo. I used to be addicted to cigarettes, would stress out like mad without them, they are worse for you than pharmaceutical heroin... we shouldn't judge people on what compound works for them, everyone is different, most people rely on a drug of some sort to get them through the day, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, cannabis ect. Time to stop the stupid laws!

      False-SetFalse-Set13 日 前
    • Legalize everything! I completely agree, it would stamp out the power vacuum that has been created.

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting.

    Saniya 666Saniya 666ヶ月 前
  • John, you are being FARR too hard on Trump! It's not HIS fault the migrants don't look like Melania!!!!!!! Who, by the way, isnt really all that good looking anyway. But I guess she makes up for that by being a genius in her field, eh?

    James McCarteJames McCarteヶ月 前
  • Miller looks like a fucking zonbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is probably redundant, since he IS a Trump appointee!

    James McCarteJames McCarteヶ月 前
    • What's a zonbie? Also, are you sure you know what redundant means 🤣

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • What is REALLY sad is that the Trumpies use the acts of the gangs in other country as proof that the migrants shouldn't be allowed in. Cause, like, we KNOW that the US doesn't have a gang problem, right? Speaking of which, the Republican Party should be classified as a GANG!!!!!!

    James McCarteJames McCarteヶ月 前
    • @Inner Descent No, a group that relies on violence to achieve their ends is a gang. Until the Capitol Hill riots, I considered them simply as a group with what I consider dumb policies. But now they are using the same tactics that gangs use. My post has nothing in common with Stalinist Russia

      James McCarteJames McCarte13 日 前
    • Yeah because a party you personally disagree with should be marked as a gang 🤣 we're moving into stalinist Russia level thinking now.

      Inner DescentInner Descent13 日 前
  • Canada has a "safe third country agreement" with the US. Immigration advocates here now say we should cancel that agreement because, under Trump, the US is no longer a safe country for immigrants.

    James McCarteJames McCarteヶ月 前
  • Asylum program? I know one person who should be in one.............his top is orange!!!!!!

    James McCarteJames McCarteヶ月 前
  • I feel so sick at heart that you would forward colonialiities and not talk about NATIVE issues.

    Iron Tribe IssuesIron Tribe Issuesヶ月 前
  • Why is this in the tabs playlist?

    Noah CunninghamNoah Cunninghamヶ月 前
  • I’m white and majority of the times I’ve called the police for help I get charged. Like one time. Two dudes in masked kicked my door in and robbed all of us. Trainee Cop tased me and they tried to arrest us for pot.

    vivamus vitaevivamus vitaeヶ月 前
  • The comment 15 minutes in coming directly from the man who used to work with the Cookie Monster.

    Alexandar Hull-RichterAlexandar Hull-Richterヶ月 前
  • The biggest problem (in the UK at least) is that we don’t assimilate immigrants properly. We need to invest more in mechanisms to help migrants (and especially refugees) fit in here and contribute to society)

    Jake ChongJake Chongヶ月 前
  • God bless you, John Oliver, sincerely; truthfully, in Jesus Christ's living, holy, sovereign name. All is well, content and full of joy in Christ. We love you. Merry Christmas. I thank God for everyday He gives you. God is love. God bless, save, protect, empower and have mercy upon America, in Jesus Christ's returning, wrathful Judge name. Fear not. Fear God only. Psalm 117 1 O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. 2 For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Mark 1:3-4 3 The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. 4 John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins. John 3:16 Authorized (King James) Version 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Gregory BrumwellGregory Brumwellヶ月 前
  • 2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in the truth. 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3 John 2-4 Authorized (King James) Version

    Gregory BrumwellGregory Brumwellヶ月 前

    Gregory BrumwellGregory Brumwellヶ月 前

      Gregory BrumwellGregory Brumwellヶ月 前
  • I used to work at a Hampton hotel

  • why is this in the landfall totally accurate battle simulator playlist

    Cedar VircksCedar Vircksヶ月 前
  • Landfalll why is this and how is this related to Tabs...?

    Hmm HuhHmm Huhヶ月 前
  • Not that John Oliver will hear this way down at 13k comments but, I've listened to you for years. Satire is the only way to get serious news sometimes but hell man, you going overboard with the trump hate. I don't like the guy but your so one sided you look like more of an ass than he does "sometimes" ;D

    Andrew RobsonAndrew Robsonヶ月 前
  • Gorge Soros is behind this, everyone knows this!👎🏾😎

    Crossman blue VCrossman blue Vヶ月 前
    • lies are not things everyone knows

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders27 日 前
  • US citizens aren't welcome abroad.

    JohnJaggerJackJohnJaggerJackヶ月 前
  • Around 4:30, the children in hotel rooms is blatant child trafficking. They are evil, and the q anon has the trolls believing the creep in the Capitol is a warrior against it. Crazy.

    Cheryl CampbellCheryl Campbellヶ月 前
  • Thank you for bringing attention to the migrant crisis.

    vicki harringtonvicki harringtonヶ月 前
  • The real criminal here is Stephen Miller. I don't like to admit this, but if there is one person I'd want to see locked up, it's him, the evil, sniveling snake of a human being.

    Tenshi2AkumaTenshi2Akumaヶ月 前
  • Trump makes me sick - he is the only person I'd cast a deadly spell on and break the Wiccan Rede

    Madzie 2000Madzie 2000ヶ月 前
  • "Are you police?" "Don't worry about who we are." Sounds like Gestapo training 101

    Lewis FraserLewis Fraserヶ月 前
  • the fact that Trump is making that speech about asylum seekers at a *jewish* coalition meeting is just fucking bananas

    iansteelmathesoniansteelmathesonヶ月 前
  • I know this is an American-centric show but if you could roast the shit out of Australia for their treatment of asylum seekers then that would be dandy. The lack of political willpower on either side of Australian politics means there is currently no one to vote for to fix one of Australia's greatest shames and a long standing human rights violation.

    PriceopolousPriceopolousヶ月 前
  • This is ridiculous. This nation was founded on immigrants, many of which were fleeing religious persecution. This is stupid.

    Blits RiderfieldBlits Riderfieldヶ月 前
  • The private security clip was chilling. Some guys using force and not identifying themselves to keep everyone out of a hotel floor

    TerminalCarrionTerminalCarrionヶ月 前
  • Narrow tie this time, so stoned, love that tie

    Christopher WillhoiteChristopher Willhoiteヶ月 前
  • Damn, way to bring back schoolhouse rock or whatever it was called

    ZamanoidZamanoidヶ月 前
  • The cookie monster eating cookies has nothing to do with cookies, and everything to do with his emotional state. He's just a sad hungry boy, who eats to feel better, and his snack of choice just has to be crunchy and full of chocolate. Any snack that fits that criteria will do. It doesn't have to be cookies. *IT HAS TO BE COOKIES GIMME THOSE FUCKING COOKIES THOUGH*

    SupaDanteXSupaDanteXヶ月 前
  • I'd like to see you put your money where your mouth is. This virtue signalling is cool and all, but are YOU willing to pay for them? Because I'm not

    Flubadubdub The GreatFlubadubdub The Greatヶ月 前
    • don't worry you probably don't make over 400k per month the tax raise wont affect you

      Ayden ChongAyden Chongヶ月 前
    • Pretty sure Oliver is for raising taxes for those in his tax bracket. Also, you deserve every bad thing that happens to you in your life.

      Nocona RoubideauxNocona Roubideauxヶ月 前
  • I’m an asylum applicant waiting for court. John is completely right, most of asylum applicants down make enough to cover lawyer expenses nor any other legal representation. And regarding Trump comments. No I do not have tattoos or scars in my face, I didn’t come to the us to steal jobs or rob people, I’m a educated immigrant who’s trying to run scape national “ security “ from Venezuela. I was harassed. shoot at, tear gas, and saw friend getting shot dead in front of me. I’m trying to establish myself as a helpful and productive member of US society. I’m not asking for free money or any special benefits. I just need the opportunity to reside here and chase the American dream like so many people did before me thought history.

    Alejandro PerezAlejandro Perezヶ月 前
  • You sure have. You’ve bled your ability to be nonpartisan

    David BourassaDavid Bourassaヶ月 前
    • who says he wants to be something ineffective

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders27 日 前
  • What the is wrong with you Americans? Why can't you just fix you country?

    Lana KnutsonLana Knutsonヶ月 前
    • Ok. For starters building a wall and improving our immigration system would be a good fix.

      BenJamin CroftBenJamin Croft18 日 前
  • Well we know now. Apparently I was reading today where the govt finally released the contact info for some 628 children that were separated from their parents. But alas, all of this, all of it just proves how racist and deplorable the current President and his cronies are.

    kd1skd1sヶ月 前
    • Technically, during the zero tolerance effect the Trump administration actually separated an estimated 4,368 children. So far more than half of them, around 2,184, were in government custody and deemed eligible by the courts to be reunited. As for the remaining children not in government custody and were later found, around 1,556, only about 550 of them either can not find their parents or the courts deemed unelligible to be reunited with their parents. Due to the fact that the courts still can't determine their familial relationship, couldn't determin if the child/children may be at risk with the parent or legal guardian, the parent or legal guardian is referred for criminal prosecution, there was reason to suspect the purported parent or legal guardian of human trafficking or smuggling or trafficked by unrelated adults posing as a “family” in an effort to avoid detention, the alleged parent or legal guardian poses a safety risk to the child (e.g. suspected child abuse), the alleged parent or legal guardian has already been deported, the alleged parent or legal guardian waived unification, ect, ect,. (Number of separated children under Trump) (Remaining separated children under Trump) But this number pales in comparison to the 90,000 children indirectly separated under the Obama administration's unilateral intimidation tactic against illegal aliens.

      BenJamin CroftBenJamin Croft18 日 前
  • Can’t the American armed forces help with the drug dealers?

    Laney AllanLaney Allanヶ月 前
  • John seriously English food isn't all that bad its better now with foreign spices and seasoning and also Irish food is way more bland then English food seriously it is peace

    King KillerstripeKing Killerstripeヶ月 前
  • He's poor but honest. Sad but true Conjunction Junction

    Leonard WeisfeldLeonard Weisfeldヶ月 前
  • After watching America burn for the last four years, who could think that America is any kind of safe. Three times a day your cops murder innocent citizens. You kidnapped children from refugees and put them in cages to die.

    billy leebilly leeヶ月 前
    • Can you prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that these children do in fact belong to them and that their actions and claims for asylum fall within the parameters of what the laws stipulate?

      BenJamin CroftBenJamin Croft18 日 前
  • Yeah, they look like they’re fighting For the ufc, but in actuality, they’re fighting for the ability to FLEE FOR THEIR LIVES!!!

    שחר אטדגישחר אטדגיヶ月 前
    • Can you prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that their actions and claims for asylum fall within the parameters of what the laws stipulate?

      BenJamin CroftBenJamin Croft18 日 前
  • Also what happened to that lady is she okay or is she still in danger ?

    ragnorock cookieragnorock cookieヶ月 前
  • Yo cillantro is the holy grail of ingredient for soups and other recipes, Never insult my favorite herb.

    ragnorock cookieragnorock cookieヶ月 前
  • There is a serious issue with asylum seakers who walk across all of Mexico to seek asylum in the USA and not Mexico..... (unless they are from Mexico). This is not discussed. There is a serious issue of someone seeking "political asylum" vs someone seeking economic asylum. How do you differentiate?

    Mark PlainMark Plainヶ月 前
  • Abolish the border. It's anti-freedom

    Militaires Sans FrontièresMilitaires Sans Frontièresヶ月 前
  • Wow. I guess this has become a leftist show. Im tired of "Trumps dumb" and then ONE EXTREME example to make an often invalid point.

    sean askewsean askewヶ月 前
  • Thank God I don't live in America. What a fucked up country?

    GiveThatManPantsGiveThatManPantsヶ月 前
  • So the rest of the world saw the idea of America has a bastion of freedom and morality and judged it hollow and the republicans just decided to lean into it then? Like, how do you find yourself in a hotel preventing what are essentially kidnap victims from speaking to a civil rights attorney and not think "wait are we the bad guys?"

    Dec FairlightDec Fairlightヶ月 前

    d cd cヶ月 前
    • of truth

      Ilan SmoldersIlan Smolders27 日 前
  • We should also highlight that big UFC-Fighter-like people are allowed to be scared of gangs, war and political retribution. If you fear for your life and seek asylum in a democratic country you should be allowed entry regardless of how you look

    Alexa MojoAlexa Mojoヶ月 前
  • 16:48 I'm surprised they managed to get footage of North Korea.

    RakshasaRakshasaヶ月 前
  • Trump has declined less South Americans than Obama. I hate them both equally, so google it if you think I’m wrong.

    G FOXG FOXヶ月 前
  • Y'know, I wouldn't be surprised that the grandparents of those Jews will have more than a few harsh words for them when they get to the other side.

    Alina WaterstraatAlina Waterstraatヶ月 前
  • Surprised I can watch this in Australia.

    Sarah Jane SmithSarah Jane Smithヶ月 前
  • I immigrated from the US to Canada. it took years and thousands of dollars just to get residency.

    random personrandom personヶ月 前
  • This is the most heartbreaking story.

    Sheila BushSheila Bushヶ月 前
  • Can we reboot the world?

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  • great video

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